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Seite 74 - marched with spiked infants on their spears instead of colors; they sawed asunder the male prisoners, and violated the females on the dead bodies of their husbands.
Seite 91 - Heart. (Just published.) Two volumes, paper cover. Price One Dollar ; or in one vol., cloth, for $1.25. Planter's Northern Bride. Beautifully Illustrated. Two volumes, paper cover, 600 pages. Price One Dollar; or in one volume, cloth, 'or $1.25. Linda. The Young Pilot of the Belle Creole.
Seite 23 - How various and innumerable Are those, who live upon the rabble ? 'Tis they maintain the church and state, Employ the priest and magistrate ; Bear all the charge of government, And pay the public fines and rent ; Defray all taxes and excises, And impositions of all prices ; Bear all th...
Seite 43 - existing rights should be respected," and will be by the United States, they owe it to their own "safety and interests" to announce, as they now do, " that no future European colony or dominion shall, with their consent, be planted or established on any part of the North American continent...
Seite 35 - It chills my blood to hear the blest Supreme Rudely appeal'd to on each trifling theme; Maintain your rank, vulgarity despise, To swear is neither brave, polite, nor wise; You would not swear upon a bed of death: Reflect!
Seite 92 - The Wanderer. Complete in two volumes, paper cover. Price $1.00 ; or in one volume, cloth, for $1.25.
Seite 28 - the best of cut-throats': — do not start: The phrase is Shakespeare's, and not misapplied: War's a brain-spattering, windpipe-slitting art, Unless her cause by right be sanctified. If you have acted once a generous part, The world, not the world's masters, will decide, And I shall be delighted to learn who, Save you and yours, have...
Seite 16 - Publications by the most popular and celebrated writers in ihe world. They are also the most readable and entertaining Books, and are printed for the " Million," at very cheap rates, and copies of all or any of them will be sent by Mail, free of postage, to any person, on receipt o* the advertised price.
Seite 96 - PETERSON'S" are the only complete and uniform editions of Charles Dickens' Works ever published in the world ; they are printed from the original London Editions, and are the only editions published in this country. No library, either public or private, can be complete without having in It a complete sett of the works of this, the greatest of all living authors. Every family should possess a •ett of one of the editions.
Seite 88 - The wine cup, the wine cup bring hither, And fill you it true to the brim, May the wreaths they have won never wither, Nor the star of their glory grow dim ! May the service united ne'er sever, But they to their colors prove true ! The army and navy forever, Three cheers for the red, white and blue.

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