The Pictorial History of the American Navy: Comprising Lives of Its Distinguished Commanders

Nafis & Cornish, 1850 - 440 Seiten

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Seite 302 - Confiance one hundred and five. The enemy's shot passed principally just over our heads, as there were not twenty whole hammocks in the nettings, at the close of the action, which lasted without intermission two hours and twenty minutes.
Seite 26 - He was therefore reduced to the necessity of sinking, as he supposed, or of calling for quarter; and he preferred the latter. All this time the Bon homme Richard had sustained the action alone, and the enemy, though much superior in force, would have been very glad to have got clear, as appears by their own acknowledgments, and...
Seite 27 - Alliance, the leak gained on the pumps, and the fire increased much on board both ships. Some officers persuaded me to strike, of whose courage and good sense I entertain a high opinion. My treacherous master-at-arms let loose all my prisoners without my knowledge, and my prospect became gloomy indeed.
Seite 27 - ... and commanded by the brave Commodore Richard Pearson. I had yet two enemies to encounter, far more formidable than the Britons — I mean, fire and water. The Serapis was attacked only by the first ; but the Bon Homme Richard was assailed by both...
Seite 28 - Richard afloat, and, if possible, to bring her into port. For that purpose the first lieutenant of the Pallas continued on board with a party of men to attend the pumps, with boats in waiting ready to take them on board in case the water should gain on them too fast. The wind augmented in the night and the next day, on the 25th, so that it was impossible to prevent the good old ship from sinking.
Seite 26 - Richard, there being the most essential difference in their appearance and construction. Besides, it was then full moonlight, and the sides of the Bon Homme Richard were all black, while the sides of the prize were all yellow.
Seite 31 - That the thanks of the United States in Congress assembled, be given to Captain John Paul Jones, for the zeal, prudence, and intrepidity with which he has supported the honor of the American flag ; for his bold and successful enterprises to redeem from captivity the citizens of these States who had fallen under the power of the enemy ; and in general for the good conduct and eminent services by which he has added lustre to his character, and to the American arms...
Seite 28 - ... a person must have been an eye-witness to form a just idea of the tremendous scene of carnage, wreck, and ruin that everywhere appeared. Humanity cannot but recoil from the prospect of such finished horror, and lament that war should produce such fatal consequences.
Seite 325 - At the instant every officer and man repaired to the quarter deck, when the two vessels were coming in contact, and eagerly pressed me to permit them to board the enemy ; but this I would not permit, as it was evident from the commencement of the action, that our fire was greatly superior both in quickness and in effect.
Seite 24 - ... manoeuvre. It was my intention to lay the Bon Homme Richard athwart the enemy's bow; but as that operation required great dexterity in the management of both sails and helm, and some of our braces being shot away, it did not exactly succeed to my wish.

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