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to, and affecting the titles to, lands in our Territory that have come to the knowledge of the Superintendent, together with the U. S. Statutes governing the survey of, and obtaining title to, the Public Lands under the provisions of the Pre-emption, Homestead, Military Bounty, Mining, Coal Land, Timber and Town Site laws.

It is confidently believed that this feature of the work will be of great benefit to our citizens generally; as it will be the means of disseminating useful knowledge on these important subjects to those who most need it and whose opportunities for obtaining such information from the revised statutes are few, compared to what they will be in this work.

Especial pains have been taken in preparing the index so as to relieve the reader, if possible, from having to read any portion of the work unnecessarily to enable him to arrive at correct conclusions as to the provisions of the law on any given subject.

Messrs. T. J. Webster and W. G. Provines, Esqs., have acted as clerks of the joint judiciary committee of revision and assistants to the undersigned in compiling, annotating and publishing this volume, in all of which positions they have discharged their duties with fidelity and ability.

To the Hon. G. W. French, Secretary of Wyoming Territory, and Major ITerman Glafeke, publisher of the work, I frankly acknowledge myself indebted for valuable aid and gentlemanly deportment throughout the labor involved in its preparation and publication.

To the people of our Territory and members of the legal profession, for whose benefit and convenience it was made, I hope I may be permitted to

I say that, should the work thus made meet the expectations and requirements for which it was designed, no person will derive more pleasure therefrom than the undersigned.

J. R. WHITEHEAD. Superintendent.


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