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profitts therto belonginge during hir natiue life and after the discease of the said Jeyne to remayne to my heyre for euer. It'm I giue and bequeathe to my sonne Cuthbert Ogle1 all and singuler the lands tenements within the towne and feildes of North middleton with all commodities profitts therto belonginge duringe the natiue life of the said Cuthbert. It'm I giue and bequeathe to the aforenamed Cuthbert Cockell parke with the tower and fourte part of hebburne which I haue now in occupation during the natiue life of the said Cuthbert after the discease of my wife Jeyne And after the discease of the aforsaid Jeyne and Cuthbert then to remaine to my heyres. It'm I giue and bequeathe to my sonne Thomas Ogle all my singuler lands and tenements within the towne of lourbattell with all commodities profetts therto belonginge during his natiue life of the afornamed Thomas paying therto to thomas Ogle now of lourbattell vij1. vjs. viijd. by yeare during his natiue life out of the same towne and after the discease of the said Thomas now of lourbottell then to remaine to my sonne thomas duringe his life And after the discease of the forenamed Thomas to remayne to my heyres. It'm I gyue and bequeath to my young sonne John Ogle all and singuler my lands and tenements within my towne of flotterton during his life natiue and after the discease of the afornamed John then to remayne to my heyres. It'm I gyue and bequeath to my doughters Margerie, Jeyne, and Margaret, thre hundrethe marks out of the towne of Mickletosson and witworth vnto tyme the said thre hundreth markes be fullie complete and runne of the aforenamed townes and places and after the same be paid of the afornamed townes and lands then to remayne to my heyres. It'm gyue and bequeath to my brother Oswyne Ogle all and singuler the lands tenements that belongeth to the towne of twysele and the stone howse with all manner of commodities profitts therto belonginge during his life natiue And after the discease of the said Oswyne then to remayne to my heyres It'm I gyue and bequeath to sir John widdrington and my father in lawe Sir Cuthbert Ratcliffe all and singuler my landes and tenements in the townes of Piggesworthe Shiluington duringe the tearme and space of thre years next cominge whils thre score poundes be paid that I am owen for liuerage which two the said Sir John and Cuth


His eldest son by his second wife, eventually Lord Ogle.

2 Full brother to Cuthbert and the husband of Isabella, daughter of Sir John Grey, of Horton.

3 Wife of Gregory Ogle, of Chappington, attainted in the Rebellion of 1569. 4 Married Robert, third son of Sir John Widdrington, Knt.

bert is bound for by wrytinge and after the dayte of this Summe then to remayne to my heyres. It'm I gyue and bequeathe to my brother Lewes Ogle bastarde fowre poundes by yeare out of my towne of heppell during his life natiue and after the discease of the said Lewes to remayne to my heyres. It'm I ordeyne and make my wife Jeyne and my two sonnes Cuthbert & Thomas my full executors and I make superuisors of this my last will my Cosin Sir thomas Hylton knighte my brother in law Sir John widdrington and my father in lawe sir Cuthbert Radcliffe Knightes and my cosin George Ogle of the hirste and Sir Thomas Burton Clarke and Commissarie and they to see my will executed accordinge to this my deade and wyll and my sowll healthe. It'm I will that Jeyne my wife shall gyue to my doughter Annas Ogle bastard to hir marriage twentie head of kye and oxen. It'm I will that my said wife shal be good ladie to my trustie seruant John Skalle and to see that he be honestlie kepte for the true seruys that he hath done to my wife and me.*


[Extract by Mr. Surtees, from the will proved at York.]

John Bulmer of Serayingham-6 May 1543-my daughter Agnes to have to her portion ij oxen tow kye tow stirkes vj yowes wth their lambes and x hogges one great cauldron & one arke one credell with one girdle & then she to be furth wth her portion. Elizabeth my daughter one girdle-Isabel my daughter one pair of beades-my youngest daughter xs because she hath neither girdle nor beades


In ye Name of God Ame'. I Annes Horsley beying off p'fyt reme'brance and holle in my body wtowtte seknes feryng deth be cause my housse ys infecte wt ye plage maks yis my last Wyll before my Curate Sr Thomas Browyne ye xxvjte day off August in ye yere off of Lorde 1544 fyrst I yewe my sowll to Almythy god my body to be buryd were yt shall plesse hy' to take yt Also I wyll yt Mawde Horsley my dother schalle selle one cowe and cause messe and derige be song fore my sowlle my chyld'ns sowlls and all chrystyne sowlls ye rest of yt cowe to gyffe yt to pure pepyll to pray for me all ye resedewe both movabyll and unmovabyll I gyeffe to Mawde Horsley qwome I

make my solle excextrix to disposse yt for the helth of my sowlle and her most advantage. The INVENTORY off Annes Horsley praysyd ye xxixte day of Julij in ye yere off or lorde 1545 by iiij honest me' John Rede Thomas Donkyng John Chylton Raffe Wyttslayd. In p'mis vij key and y' calfs xvj. apece ix'. xij. In twinters xxiiij. ix Oxen xviijs apece viij'. ij. vij pece pudr iij3. iij potts iij panns vj. a rostyng yron ijd. a bassyng a Chawfyngdish xijd. ij Salts v candylstyks & brassyng morter vj. viij. ij bedds w all thyings yr to belong xiijs. iiijd. one coffer iiijs. one Yron some iiij yoks ayllpluch iiij. a cowter and a Soke xijd. a long burde iiij. Sm' xxj'. xiiij. DETTS y' Annes Horsley dyd owe inter alia Imprimis to ye lorde Lumley for farm v'. vjš. viij. It' to my lady Layton ix. iija. Sm'a x'. xvj3. va. De claro ix1. xvj3. vijd.


[Recited in the Inq. post mort. 38 Hen. VIII. tempore TUNSTALL.]

In the name of God, Amen. The zere of o' Lorde God a thowsand five hundrethe fourtye fiue the 111 day of July I Thomas man's whol of mynde & remembr' maiketh this my testament and last will in man' & forme followyng Fyrst I bequethe my soule to God Almyghty whyche dyd redeme me wt hys p'cious bloude to the holye & blyssid V'gin Marie his mother & to all the celestiall companye in hevyn & my bodie to be buryd in the quere of the Churche of Holye Elande of the befor the glas wyndows wher my father & mother wt all other my p'decessors doythe lye wt soulle messe & derege the daye of my buriall for my soule and all Christen soules and my coat armoure to be sett apon my gravye for remembrans wyche ze shall cawse to be made wt blewe & yelewe colors of canuess viz a Rede bare a bow in the sant thre thre swerells thre salmonds & a owe and if God caull Jone my wyef to his m'cye yt she be buryed as nere my gravye as maye be & I will that ther be for hyr soulle mese & derege Also I wyll yt Thomas Man's my son be heyre of all my lands & faylyng of hym & issew of his bodye lawfullye begoten then to return to my son Alexand' (his sons Oliver Henry & George next in entail in succession & failing them and their issue) then to returne to suche isschewe as it shall pleese God yt myn bedfellowe & I shall haue & faylyng

1 Thomas Manners, of Cheswick, in Islandshire, Esq., descended from a younger son of Manuers, of Etal Castle, ancestor of the Duke of Rutland. The Testator seems to have quartered the arms of Cresswell and Orde.

of all my isschewe laufullye begotyn then to remayne to my brother Will'm Man's (&c) & fayling (&c) then to remayne to the next trewe dissent of linage Provided alweis yt if it shall pleise God y myn wyef do leyve aft' me I will yt she have the therd part of my lands & goods to bryng Also I will yt my broth' Will' man's & myn broth' in lawe George Carr shalbe sup'visors of thys my last myll & testament for the well of my soulle ye puttyng of myn childr to goode order Also I wyll yt the Ladye of Cornhall be payd vj. viijd. my my madyn nores xjd. and I will Janet be pay iij. vjd. & yt my brother Will'm be paid ij crounes (the rest illegible) Ob. 6. Jul. 36. H. 8.


In Dei nomine Amen the xx day of October and in the yere of or lorde god M.CCCCCXLV, and in the xxxvijte yeare of the Reigne of Most Sou'aigne lorde King Henry the viijth King of Englande fraunce and Ireland and in the erthe Sup'me head of this churche of England and Ireland imediately under god I Robert Goower of Barwicke in good mynde and remembrance do maike this my last Will and Testament in this man' as hereafter foloweth. ffyrst I bequethe my soule vnto god Almyghtye and my bodie to be buryed where it shall pleas God. Fyrst I bequethe to my Master Sir Edwarde Goower xij'. It'm I geve to my brother Francis Goower xv. It'm I geve to Vmphraye Thomson x3. It'm I geve to Recherd Byrd vs. It'm to Thomas Hall xo. It'm to Rawff Lawraunce xo. It'm to Peter Baxter x3. It'm to Robert Wardale x'. It'm to Nycholes Lowson x. It'm I geve to Robert Rygbe x'. It'm to George Brygham vs. It'm to Rycherde Pats vs. It'm to John Percy xs. It'm to bartell Dayll vs. It'm to Thomas Rycherdson vs. It'm to my kep' John Marshall xx3. It'm to be given in Almus in the Pareshe Churche at Teryngton to be prayed for my soule xx3. It'm I geve and bequethe to my maister Thomas Goower whome I do maik sup'visor of this my last Will and Testament xiij'. and all the rest of my goods not geven nor bequethed I do geve to my brother Edwarde Goower whome I do make and constitute my hole Executor Will'm Marshall capella' Thomas Hall and Rawff Lawrance [pr. 1545.]

An officer in the garrison at Berwick, of the great family of Gower of Yorkshire.

2 Terrington is not far from New Malton-" Moritur et moriens dulces reminiscitur Argos."



In the name of god Amen The yere of o' lord god A thowsand fyve hundreth xlvj the xxviij day of Apprill I Lanslet Claxton of Wullay Jentilman of hole mynd and memory dothe make & ordayn this my testament and Last Will in man' and forme foloyng. fyrst my sowll I com'ytt to Almyghtie God to or lady and to all the company in heven my body to be buryd win the p'is churche of Brauncepethe wher my ffather doth lye wt my mortuarys dew & accustomyde. It'm I gyff to the reprac'ons of the ssayd churche xx It'm I gyff to Rauff my son a fedder bedde & all that belongs therto And in defaut of hym I gyff yt to my next son. It'm I gyff to Elsabz my dowghter a wortston in the melke howse And ij sylver sponys withe angells on the knoppes gyltyd It'm I gyff to the sayd Elsabz a brayng morter of marbell blew. It'm I gyff vnto my son Xp'ofer sylver sponys wt knoppes of the befor next Elsabz sponse It'm I gyff unto Katheryne my dowght ij sylver & a Wortston stondyng in the Kechen It'm I gyff to Yssabyll my dowghter a qwye sterk & a calffe or els with a caffe at her fott. I gyff v yoves or els v gym'ars hoggs. It'm I will that xx1 in monye be gevyn incontynent after my dyscess to ye powryst howsholders win Braunespethe p'ischyng at the discricoune of my Curats. It'm I will yt preste & clark mett me the day of buriall at Westwod for ther payns syngng mass & derige eu'y preste to have xij. and also eu'y skoler yt hath a surpless jd. Als do declare and testyffye that I have s'tan guddes of Elsabez my dowghters both schep & nowte as my wyffe & s'uands knowys well that ar forkyt on bothe erys which I well that she have besyde her barn p'te of gooddes. and in case she dep'te or sche come to lawfull aege that I well yt the said goodes be equally p'tyd amongs the Reste of chelderyne It'm I will have A tryntall of messis done for me in casse that I causyd not to be done my selff and alway that in case any of my chyld'nn dep'te or thay com to lawfull aege then I well barnes p'te of goodes be equally dep'tyd among the reste of my childer as lewyng any of them be lewyng & so from one to A nother. Also I well that all they yt taks penys wt me in ye day of buryall haue a hones dyn Also I wel be brought

1 Of the family of Claxton, of Winyard, Old Parke, &c. The Testator desires burial in Brancepath Church, near his Father. There was there, a few years ago, in the south aisle, a brass plate, commemorating a person of this name who had been in his day Constable of Brancepath Castle, and, perhaps, the ancestor of the Testator.

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