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yere off ovre lord god м'ccccclj I syr will'm bee clarke and su'teme a professet brodere of the monastery of montgrace1 And nowe a bydyng at newcastell upon tyne of a hole mynde and perfyte me'brance makeste thys my testamente and last wyll in manere of forme folowyng. ffurste and pryncypally I be quythe my solle vnto Almyghtye god my makere and to the holy prayers of the most gloryous vyrgen mary the blessede mothere of owre most mercyfuyll sawyor chryst Jehu the wylbe lowyd sone of god the father almyghtty and also to the holy prayers of all the blessede santes in heuene and my poyer body to be buryede In sante nycolas churche yarde as nere be fore the est ende off the churche as may be and I wyll that syr Robert wood and syr leonard hall make for me a dyryge and com'unyon wyth note in the day off my buryall and I wyll that euery preste that syngys wyth in the peryche churche of sante nycholas haue vjd. And I wyll that the sayme day that I shal be buryede xiij. iiij. be geuyne to by wheyte brede and yit to be delt vnto poure peple to pray for my powr sole And I be quaythe vnto master bartholewe bee my best syde gowne off blak poke Also I be quaythe vnto Jenette elwold my second syde govn off london tavny Also I be quayth vnto Will'm elwold my best wyrset dublet aud my furyet froke wythe blake lame To thomas elwald my best clothe Jacket To elesybeth elwald my best brase pane and on lytell payn and thre pottegers It' to Agnes elwald on posuet and on lattyn ladyll and iij It' to henry gybsone my second wyrset dublet and the Iron Ranche and on Iron shull on pore on bryg of Iron It' to alyson gybson my secund bras payn and ij lytell payns v peuder dysses and on peuder pece It' to dorothe Ryddell on fryen pan w on scyls of iron It' to mastres sutheryn my rostyn Iron It' to Robert hunter wyffe on cresset of Iron It' to John be of brady hall on blake wyrset Jaket and on pare of gret tonggs Item to master John dony of sesa In yorke shyre on sylver spoyn persell gelt It' to master Robert aske3 on sylwer spon wyth on wrytyn boke It' to S Robert wode my sersenet tepet my best vylvet cappe my best veluet bonet my best short gown


1 The Priory of Mountgrace, in Cleveland, was founded so late as the year 1398, by Thomas Holland, Duke of Surrey. Every memorial of the dispersed inmates of our religious establishments is interesting.

2 John Dawney, of Sessay.

3 Robert Aske was the chief promoter of the northern rebellion, generally termed the Pilgrimage of Grace, in 1536, the object of which was the re-esta blishment of such monasteries as, being under the yeariy value of £200, had a few months before been dissolved by act of parliament. The rebellion was soon suppressed, and Aske was pardoned. We have here an affectionate bequest to him by one who was grateful to him for his exertions, although they had been unsuccessful.

ij short bode clothes and my hatte It' to Sr Robert marshall on tepet of blak pewke lynet wt werset & on wyrset heod and iiij yeardes and iij querters of tavny werset to the vse as I ded show hym be fore teym It' to Sr leonard hall my cloke my lantyryn on sad tawny tepette lynynde wt worsset wt all my bokes both here and at walkfeld wych I left w St edward wood in wrytten and my forrede pylche wt my secunde wyolet bonet and my secon'd welwet bonet wt on wyrset typet It' to the father of the mount grace' two pare of spektacles of sylu' It' to S. Edward wood It' to katryn medylton xija It' to gane bee xijd the Resdewe off all my goodes vn legat I geue to the poure peple whom I make my executores and yf it forton yt my goods wyll not extend to thys my lasst wyll that I haue mad then I wyll that Sr Robert wod and S leonard hall my sup'vysors of thys my last wyll shall demynyshe aftere ther dyscrecyon and yff my goods extende to a greter svm'e I wyll it be dist'butit for the wyll of my poure soll thays wytnesss Sr edvard sieff S' will'm heart henry gibson It' to eu'y on off my professed bretheryin' off mouantt grace xijd.

Debita quæ debentur will'mo bee clereco. John' styll marchauntt In lentt money ij'. Dame watson in saynt nycholas kyrke garth x. [Pr. 1551.]

INVENTORY dated 6 Apr. 1551. One side goun off blake powke legat [bequeathed] xvj. One blak side goun legat x3. One Russet froke lyned & purset wt blak lam legat vjs. On schort gown legat iiijs. One cloke legat vj3. viijd. One blake worsset jaket legat vs. One clothe jaket legat iijs. iiijd. One wyrsett dowblet legat iijs. iiijd. One old wyrsset doublet legat xxd. One leder dublet one old fustyn doublet ijs. viijd. Two schort burdclothes legat ijs. iiij. lytel lynyng towells ij hardyn towells xvj. iiij lyn nopkyns iij hardyn napkyns xijd. One fether bedde on bowster xiij. iiijd. On mattres iij. vij coode pyllovers iiij. iiij cou'lettes x. iiij blancketts viijs. On stand bede iij. iiij. Two payer of hoose iijs. iiijd. On lytell stuyll xvjd. On lytyll almerye ij. ij lytell chestes ijs. ij lytell haynynes xij. On candyll steyke vjd. v pewdr dyssis iij sawsers iij pottergers & on pewd pecey legat iiij. v teppetts and iij legat iij. iiijd. Two weluet boneth ij vylet bonetts on hate and on hood vj. viijd. On coweryng off on bede x. iij codds ijs. On fryng payn on slysse xija. A Rostyng yron on droppyn payne xijd. DEBITA [ut supra]. Summa totalis omnium bonorum vij'. ijs. xa.

1 Probably the last Prior.

2 Many of them, perhaps, previously mentioned by name in this will.


In the nam' of god Amen I John Lynne hole of mynde will make this my laste will and testamente the xxviij of Jvly in the yere of ovr lord god 1551 firste I beqveth my sovle to god and to all the holy company of heven and my body to be bvried as ney my late wyfe Mary Lynne as mayebe firste I beqveeth vnto my wife Elysabeth Lynne the one halfe of my goods with the house wch I new dwell in dvring hir wedohede all SO I geve hir my Salte pan wch new is in the taner of Robert Car also after 2 years be paste wch ij yeres I give the profite ther of to my welbeloved ante thomlyngsonne I will that my saide wife shall have my yeres in the saide far molde dvring her wedo hede wth me and yf she mary wth any other man then I will from my Ante Thomlynsonne 2 yeres be pased that the saide farmold shall come vnto John Linne and george gibsonne my sister sonne and the yerely profete therof to come vnto their hands Also I will if my Ante Thomlingsonne dey befor the saide 2 yeres be expyred I will that it shall come unto my wyfe during her wedowhed of me as before is mensoned provyded allways if my wyfe be thus contented wth this that I have sett her for her full portion of all my goods or els not falling she that she may not be so contented as befor is mynsoned she to have as the law will admyt Allso I geve unto my father in law Roger Mytford x'. in money wth my govne fased with forde tall Allso geve vnto my mother x marks in mony & to every of my wifes sisters xls a pece Allso I geve vnto John Mytforth xl. and to oswold mydforth xl. in mony Allso I geve to my brother benet chersye my brake gone faced wth bovge and xl. in money Allso I geve rychard snawdon and Jenet his wife x'. and my govne wth chamlet I geve to Jennet Lynne xx'. towards her marriage I geve my sister gibsonne xx nobles and hir doughter v marks I give to nell sheraton vl3. I geve to Thomas Johnsonne my s'vant xl. and my browne gowne lyned wth conny I geve to Rychard harborne xl. and my old blake govne lynned wth bovdge Also I geve to my cossinge Margaret bvtler xls. I geve to steven Kitchen xl3. and my foxfored goune I geve to Rychard bensonne xl. condicinally that that he paye all wch feys wth collets mo'ny as I am behende sence ester laste as appereth by my boxe I will that the mo'ny that steven sotheran owe me be not demanded befor whitsondaye com' a twelmvth and be not demanded till then to be demanded and paide and taken I for geve John galley xls and I for geve Rober Galle xxx'. and I geve him xxx. I geve

to bertrame orde xls. and I geve to xp'ofor covke and John Chater iiij'. so that they Kepe covenante wth my execvtors as consarning the promys wch they made wth me concarning my lese of the stobe cloce and for all the rest of my goods legases and debts paid I give to John lynne and george gibsonne who I make my hole executors and if channce either of them to dye I geve to the other if channce them both to dye I geve to the next of blvde I geve to master koveH xls. Allso I geve barterem Andersonne my beste geldinge and my best govne Allso I will that the ij boyes be at the rewl and custodie of my trustie and welbeloved bartrame andersonne and to my ante thomlingsonne and they to have the kepying of them and their goods tell they come to the age of 21 yeres and make Master Andersonne and my Ante thomlingsonne the supervisors of this my last will and testamente In witness wherof Rychard & Roberte galley and Jane galley Roberte atkinsonne [Pr. 1551.]



In Dei nomine amen. I John Carr hoill of mynd and in good memorie maks my will & forme folowing. First I give my soulle to Almightty God and to all the glori body to be buryd wherre it shall pleasse God to call me to his mercy & hartely welbelovid bedfello Vrsula Carre the x'. in Horton Grange and possession of the same during her lyf. And also I gyve in my said bedfello my parte of the leace of the p'sonag' of Fellton during hir lyfe, (entail upon sons Cuthbert, Johne, Thomas, Robert,) my son Thomas Carre of Fwrd - my brother Collyn To my doughter Elenor Carr iiij.- my father Vmfrey Carre I desyre my sones w to tak an order and agrement with the Lady of Cessfurd

furd trustye

I had of the Lard of Cesssones who is my executores & all youe my of my will to be good to my hartelye be

1 John Carr, of Hetton, in the parish of Chatton, and father of Thomas Carr, who, by his marriage with Elizabeth Heron, grand-daughter and heir of Sir William Heron, of Ford Castle, became possessed of Ford and other large estates in Northumberland. This marriage caused much commotion. The Herons of Chipchase, Meldon, &c., pretending that the Ford estates were entailed upon male heirs, proceeded, not by law, but by open violence, to eject Carr from pos session. In a skirmish, arising out of this quarrel, Robert Barrow, Mayor of Berwick, lost his life under the walls of Ford Castle.

2 It is very probable that the Carrs of Northumberland, and the Kers of Cesford, in Scotland, were one and the same family.

[blocks in formation]


ye give hir all such thinges as I present booke yf the goods. Aug. Anno Regis Edwardi vc. lj yers before thir records Carre Edward Collyngwood my

moore owynge to me for the thirds of horsses' as ye planlyer heare in the p'nt booke.

of a horse wan in Lowdian [Lothian] x3. third of a horsse sold to Thomas Care xx3. wche the said Herre wan in Lowdyam x". a horsse wan in Lowdyan xx3. horsse xiijs. iiija. Brownfelds xvjs.

mes xxs.

horsse the third of

the thirdes of a
horses won in

the third of a blake hors that was Stevyn Lowdyan xiij'. iiija. Lord Home

for the third of a bassond hors

for the third of a curtell hors xiiij.

the third of a horse won upon Fawns Mowr xxxiij3. iiija. of a gray horsse yt was won at Daulketh xx". worthe and Johne Rychardson wthe ther butty fallows [booty fellows] of ij horsses of Ade Glendynwyngs xx. thirde of a lyart horsse that Wyll'm Haighe has x3. third of ij horses the one Wyll'm Dixson wan at Kyllum & the other one Angelis won aboue Ancrom Bryg xl3. other horsse wher they of Hwme was taken at Rydenburne xiij. iiijd the third of Tru'bylls whit horsse xiij. iiijd. S'm (of debts due) vxx v. iiijs. DETTS Owynge to me John Car layt Capitan of Warke

aft' followethe


money to Johne Oggyll of Thomas Claveryng

Twyssill iiij olde crouns of gold xx3.
money to Raphe Car when he was
London xxvj. viija.
the Capytin

eyt at for the said Raphe that I payd to for his ransom x crowns of weight v1. eworthe of warke for the third of muney to St George Ratleyff he came fro' the New warke x. Greffen vs.

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liijs. iiijd.

sanders ransom night that

lent money to John

Edward Butler for a bruche of golde for a coyt of mayll as dothe apere by lent money to Mr Horssemendyn money to Cuthbart Gylpyn xv". for the third of Thomas Thompson's ransom xx".

a bill of hande xx'. in Hathryngton xx3..


The Captain seems to have had a right to a third of the booty taken in Scot

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