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whereof he is paid in canves-and besydes at the calling downe of ye money I dyd les at his hands x. the which he sayd he would allow me as reason wold. To John Smythe of Cottinggham vjs. viij. The some of my debtts which I owe knowen ïijx, xiiij'. xiij3. vjd. More I owe to John Myller of the Spyttleye som of lj. x. [Proved in 1555.]


The inventorye off all Suche goods and cattell as app'teyned to Syr Robert Bowes knight being at Barwicke the day of his death viewed and praysed by John layton gent. Charles Johnson of Richmond m'chante Thomas smythson of th'yll and bryane Smythson of couton grange yowmen the xxv day off Aprill Annis Regnorum Philippi et Mariæ primo et secundo.

Ffyrst in two kasketts in A bagge in golde of Seu'all coynes xxiij. In his bagge in golde of Seu'all coynes iij'. v3. In an other kaskett in money off Seu'all coynes xl'. In Robert Siggyswick hands fore defraynge his servants costs iiij'. Money in his purse xxxij. One cheyne of golde weinge xv vnc' xxxviij'. cix'. xvij. APPL. One blacke velvet gowne faced wth Rowghe vellet viij'. One black satten gowne faced wth martts x'. One old black clothe gowne ffurred wth black conye liij. iiij. j Coote of tawnye vellet wth p'chement lace of gold iiij'. One Coote off black vellet xl. j Cassock of wrought vellet wth p'chement lace of golde iij1. vj3. viijd. iij black Satten dowbletts iij'. ij payre of hosen xv. j olde cloke garded with vellet x3. vij sherts xxviijs. One kirchyffe iij hande kyrchyffs vj. viijd. Two payre of Buskins iiij. ij payre of vellet shewes iiij. One payre of vellett slyp's ij. j Reyde skav'pe vs. ij broyde velett cappes xiij. iiijd. Two strayte cappes vs. j payre of m'tts xiij". iiij. One hatt vs. j swerde vj. viij. One dagger v. j gyrdle wth a purse iijs. iiij. One payre off bootts wth Spures iiijs. Two ffoote clothes xxvj. viijd. A clothe secke wth a clothe Secke coveringe x. One payre off trussinge Coffers v3.--xlj'. xij. Horses Geldings Rydden xj xxxvj. xiij. iiij. S'ma ciïïjxx viij'. ij3. iiija.

1 Sir Robert Bowes, Knight, son of Sir Ralph Bowes, of Streatlam Castle, and younger brother of Sir Ralph Bowes, who was knighted after the battle of Floddon in 1513. Sir Robert Bowes was more than once an Ambassador in Scotland and Warden of the Marches. In this latter capacity, he compiled two very elaborate surveys of the Borders, the former (in which he was assisted by Sir Ralph Ellerker) in 1542, and the latter in 1550. Both are printed in Hodg son's NORTHUMBERLAND.




In the name of God Amen. the xxx day of the yere off oure Lord God MCCCCCLV I Roger tempest of Norton seke of body & holl of mynd & good remembraunce makes this my testament and last wyll in man'er & fyrme folo fyrst I gyfe my soul to god o'ipotent owr blessyd Lady Sanet mary & to all ye celestiall company of hevne and my body to be buryd wth in the churche of Norton Also I geve to the hye alter for forgotten tethes xij. I geve to Elen Tempest iij'. vj3. viija. It' I geve to Dorete Tempest xxxiij. iiijd. It' I wyll that soull masse & derige be songe and a honest dyner the day of my buryall. It' I geve to Robert Wedowe Janne Wedowe & Alison Wedowe my wyfe cheldren to ev' on of them hoge. It' I geve to Stevene Wedowe my best Jacket. It' I geve to Wyll'm Schepert all my workeday rament and on whye ij yers olde. It' I wyll that ev'y cottage house of Norton have on pany in mony or els in bred. It' I geve to ev'y god barne iiij. It' I geve to St Thomas Boweton curet all my bookes & ijs. to pray for me. It' the rest of my goods, my debts & legacy fulfyllyd & payd I geve to Anne Syme my doghter and to Roger Syme hyr sone wth the rest of hyr chelder, that god schal send of hyr body, whome I make my full executor of pour goods to ordeine & dyspose for my soull as they schall thenke good. Also I wyll that Wyll'm Jeffrason and Henry Bordon be sup'visors of this my wyll & thay for thar pans & labor to have iij. iiijd. a pece. wytnesse herof St Thomas Boweton curet ye day & yere above.


In the name of god Amen the xiiij day of september the yere of ovre lord God MCCCCCLV I clemet red of the havld tovn sek In my body and holl of mynd makes my last woll and testyment In manere and fovrme followyng: fyrst. I. geve my sovll to god almeghty and my body to be bered w'in my pareche cherche of elsden wt my duties thereto belongen It' I make my son thomas red and my son Archebald red my exsekeutors It' I geve to my son thomas red all my steden In the hovld tovne And I well that he be gud to hys breder In his steden that he maye for goye so long as thye and he dothe gre It' I geve to my son thomas red my two dauhgters It' I geve to my daughter Janet red xij ky and oxson and I woll that my son Arche red be

pait and the rest of my gudys not legeset I geve to my son thomas and edward and to my yongest doughter It' I mak gawyn red and James foster supervisors to se my woll perfurmet mad the day and yere above sad before thes wetnessys Will'm hall Clerke clement colson curet of elsden Jhon red lord of trowen robart red of ye same gawyn red of corssensyd James foster of clowys feld & peter red.—[Pr. 1582.]

An ENVITORI of the gudys of clement red prased be Jhon red of trowen and roger red of the hoold tovn. fyrst vj oxson pris iiij povnd It' vj ky pris iiij povnd It' iiij stotys pris xl It' iiij ky pris iiij mark It' iiij yong novt pris xxvj. viij. It' inseth gere x3, 1

CXIV. ROBERT collygwod, of eslyngton, esq.2

In Dei nomine I Rob't Collyngwod off Elsyngton in the Countie of North'mberland Esquier calling to remembrance the short co'tnwan'ce off this transitorie liffe of ma' here apon th'erth and as I remayne y'to most depelye bounde rendering most humble thanks vnto God for his holly hand of vesitac'on wt seiknes of body most m'cyfully extended vnto me therby the rather to induce me to the contempt off this miserable transitorie worlde and to long for the fruic'on of his ev'last' m'cye and joye prepared for his elected and chosen in heven do make my last will and testament this twelyft day off June & in the yere of our Lord God a thousand fye hundreth fyftey and sex in man' & forme followinge. Fyrst I co'mytte and com'end my soull into the ev❜lasting tuysco'n and defenc' of Almight' God our etarnall Creator and Redemer of all mankynde for whos m'cy the raither to be extended unto me I most humble beseche &

1 The Will and Inventory, valuable specimens of North Tynedale English at the period, are both in the same hand-writing, either that of the Testator or of the Curate of Elsdon, one of the witnesses. The name of William Hall Clerke is an interlineation. The Reeds were, and are still, a numerous clan in the parish of Elsdon. The Testator appears to have lived nearly thirty years after his will was made.

2 The chief of the family of Collingwood, which ramified into the adjacent villages of Titlington, Great and Little Ryle, &c. George Collingwood, of Eslington, Esq. took an active part in the Rebellion of 1715, and was executed at Liverpool, 25th Feb. He was advanced in years, and afflicted with the gout; and the story goes, that foreseeing the result of the enterprise, although well affected to the cause, he for some time declined joining the rebels, until his wife literally forced him to mount his horse, telling him sarcastically that she had long been aware of having a fool for her husband, and that she feared he was a coward into the bargain.

trest to haue the assistance of our blessed Lady Sanet Marie the virgine and all the holle companye of heving and my bodye to be buryed or engraved in the p'ishe Churche of Whettingh'm or at such plece elswar as God shall other wysse provide for the same w' convenyent obsequies & funeralls voide of worldie pompe w, my mortuarye dew and accostomed in that behalfe. [Leaves the third part of his lands to Sr Ricard Loncaster p'rst for the payment of his debts.-Mentions his nephew Cuthbert, his cossinge Alexander Collingwod, his nephew John Collingwod, his brother Henrye F. Also where I haue deuised the erection and continuel for ev' of a priest to celebrait in the p'she churche of Whittingham at the alter of I will that all and sing❜ler the p'sts hearafter therto no'iated and appointed by me or myne heares s'vinge in the said chauntrie shal duringe ther tyme have and enioye as well one cottage howse and gairth in Whittingham as also one annuale rent of foure poundes out of all my lands (&c.) Rob't Collingwod of Bewick Collingwod of Ryle, Edward Bednell, Raufe Collingwod of Tettlington and S Richard Loncaster p'st sup'uisors of this my will. I do maike my brother in lawe p'ceval F Carr of Furd, John Carr his brother, Rob't Horsle, Jhon Bednell, Thomas Carliell Langshewes to whom I hartelye geue attoritie & will yt they shall fro tyme to tyme thinke mette displace & sequester from mellinge wt execution of this my last... [Pr. 1556.]



In the name of god Amen The xxiiijth day of februarye Anno 1556 I Cuthbart Ellyson of the town of newcastell vpon tyne m'chant and alderman being of good and p'fecte remembrance thanks be to Almightie god maiks this my last will and testament in maner and forme followinge that is to saye ffirst I beywethe my sowll to almightie god my maker and redemer and to all the celystiall compayne of heven and my bodye to be buryed etc. Also I gyve and bequeth to my sonne Cuthbart Ellyson my hows wth th app'tennce in newcastell in the begge markett wherein I doo now dwell and all my lands in gowlar rawe and my lands in pandon and my howse wth app'tenanc at the wyndaies with all maner of whitt rents dewe to me the said Cuthbart wthin the said town to have to my said sonne Cuthbart

1 Sheriff of Newcastle in 1544. Mayor in 1549 and again in 1554. The founder of the family of Ellison of Hebburne. Mr Surtees has given a pedigree of the family (II. 78), but the above will had not occurred to him.

and to the heires of his bodye lawfullye begotten for ever of the cheffe lords of the fee by the servic and accustome Also I geve to my said sonne Cuthbart all my lands in bambrowghe Also I geve unto my said sonne Cuthb'rt ellyson all my Right title and terme of yeres that I have of & in my farmold in nether heworthe wth all hushold stuff corne and cattells ther beinge and also my lease and terme of yeres that I have in the two myllnes in hewo'the aforsaid wch lease & terme of yeres of the said two myllnes is dew to me the said Cuthbart emediatlie after the decease of Jennat lynsay now wedo Also I geve unto my said sonne Cuthbart my best nest of sylver goblaits with cover doble gilt & my best sylvar salts wth a covar doble gylt and my best sylvar coope dowble gylt wth a covar and one dosen of my best sylvar spones being postels Also I will that my said sonne Cuthb'rt Ellyson shall have to maike him a stocke of forthe of my goods of the hoyll on hundreth pounds and the rest vnlegased to be p'ted betwix barbare & hym Also I geve to my sonne Cuthb'rt Ellison halfe ye salt panne wch was bowght of Rob'rt Carr and yf his sonne lowse it he to have the monye for it Also I geve and bequeth to my dowght' barbare Ellison my howse wth apptennes in the middell strett in newcastell aforsaid to have to the said barbere and the heires of hir bodye lawfullye begotten for ever of the chefe lords of the fee by the servic dew & accustomed Also I geve unto my said dowght barbare onnest of sylvar goblats p'sell gylt & next the best & twoo silver salts wth a cover next the best and also one sylvar pott wth a cover and on dosen sylvar spones next the best and also on lowe sylvar whyt pease wch I had of Richard stott. Itm I geve to ev'ye one of my wyfes dowghters two ryels in valewe xx3 and every one of ther howsbands one gown and a Jacket or a dublat as my wyff thinks meat to macke distribution Also I will and order that my Wyfe Anne Ellison hav the gova'nanc bringing vppe and custodye of my sayd two chylderinge that is to say Cuthbart Ellyson and barbare ellison to gether with all such lands howses and Rents leases goods and cattels and all other legaces to them bequethed duringe the lyfe naturall of hir the said Anne Ellison Also I will and orden that yf it fortonne as god defend that anye of my sayd children dye befo' the sayd Anne Ellyson ther mother then I will that the lands goods and full portion of legaces of hym o' hir so dieing shall remainge and come to the other survyinge Also I will and orden yt yf it fo'tonne my said two childrenge to dye wthout yssue of ther bodyes lawfullye begotten then I will that my lands in bambrowgh and the howses in gowlar Rawe in newcastell shall remayn & come to my brother Will'm Ellyson and to the heires of his bodye

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