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lawfullye begotten fo' ever & ye residew of my said Lands before bequethed in defawtte of yssue of my sayd sonne and dowght of ther bodyes lawfullye begotten I will and orden that the same lands shall remaine and come to my wyffes dowghters equallye amongs them and to ther heires of ther bodyes lawfullye begotten fo' ever. It'm I will and orden that


said sonne Cuthbart Ellison and his heires shall geve and fynde ynto george Johnson my s'uant sufficient meat drinke and all clothinge wth beddinge duringe the lyffe naturall of the said george Johnson Also I will and orden that my sayd wyfe Anne Ellison shall gev unto Anne Ellison dowght to John ellison tayllyor the portion of goods that to hir belongethe over and besyds xls. in monye toward hir p'ferment Also I geve vnto s' Cuthbart Ellison clarcke a blacke gowne the rest and resydewe of all my goods moveable and vnmoveable my detts and legases & severall expenses paid & discharged I geve & bequethe to my said sonne Cuthbart Ellison and barbare Ellyson whom I doo orden and maike my full executors and executors of this my last will and testament they to order and dispond the sayme as best shalbe to the plesur of god Also I geve & bequeth to my brother will’m Ellison twentye nobles wherof the one halfe of it I geve to his sonne Edward Ellison.

It'm I geve vnto Edmond stott xls. Also I will maike orden & desire si Rob'rt brandlinge Knight Robert Ellison John Ellyson Rob'rt Anderson m'chaunt & Sr Cuthbart Ellison clarke to be the sup’visors of this my last will and testament gevinge them full powr and actorite by thes p'sents in defawte of my sayd wyf to have the Rewell & govarnation and orderinge of my said childrenge wth ther lands and portions of goods for the vse p'fett & behowe of my said childrenge & I geve vnto eurye one of them in tokeninge of my good will bearinge towards them one Ryell in valew of tenne shyllings in testamonye of all and singular the p’misses I have heare vnder subscrybed my name wth myn owne hand the day &

yere abouesaid p’vided also yff my said chyldrenge that is to saye Cuthbart Ellison and barbare Ellyson byd not the order of s, Rob’rt brandlynge Knight Robert Ellison John Ellison Rob'rt Anderson m'chaunts and sr Cuthb'rt Ellyson clarcke of all such ambeguites or dowttes as shall ryse of this my will and bid ther determynations and orders wthout any further lawinge of trublinge theone theother I will that they shalbe excludid frome executorshipe of any other benyfytt that they cane clame of this my will Wyttnesses St symond anderson clarke wim selbe seryfe Rob'rt Anderson alderma' mighell mylborn m'chant cuthb'rt symson clarcke.*


In dei nomine ame' ye xxiijth day off fabruarij In the yere off of lord God mccccc lvjth j alexa’der lylburne off ayslabey Seke In my body hole off mynd & me’ore doth make this my last Wyll & testyme't In manar & fform as ffoloyth ffyrst j co'mend my Sole vnto almyghti God the vigyn marie & to all y® Celestyall Co’paney off Even & my body to be buryit In y' church yerih off ye blyssed V’gyn Sancte marie off Egysclyffe j beqweth to be geven to poer people ffor helth off my soule & all chrysten Souls iij*. iiija li' j beqweth vnto Jhon lylburne my son on jryn bown wayn & all thyngs therto be longyng owt off p'te It j beqweth vnto my thre doughters Eu’rye on off theym on yowe & on lam owte of p'te It'j beqweth vnto the chyldren off my brother In lawe Jhon alan off yar' Eu’rye on off theym on yowe & on lam It'j beqweth vnto barbare lylburn my basest be gotten doughter xls. the resydwe off all my goods my ffunerall Expe's Detts & legas' payt į gyue & beqwyth vnto agnes lylburn my wyffe Jhon lylburn my Son & my thre Doughters lawfully begottyn of my body wt my wyffe my hole Executors off this my last wylle & testyme't wytnes heroff tho`s Snawd'n Edward drim' James page Wyll’m repon we other moy.- [Prob. 1557.]

yere of

CXVII. RALPH CLAXTON, OF THE OLD PARKE, ESQ. This Inventory made the vth day of

Or lorde god a thousand fyve hund and sixe of suche goods that of late belonged unto Rauf Claxton of the olde P'ke in the Countie of durh’m esquier deceased praysed by iiij p'sons whose names herafter ensuythe John billingh’m Will’m Browne, lyonell fisheburne and xp'ofor haggerston.

AT THE OLD P'KE. Furst viij oxen ix'. xijs —one hagg oxe xvjo —xxviij kye xviij yering calves - vj Twynter stotts and one bull

two bulles

Ix yowes and ther lambes xix gelde yowes

xxxj Wedders and tuppes

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Called by mistake Robert in Mr. Surtees's Pedigree, III. 299.-married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Wandisford, of Kirklington, Esq., by Margaret, daughter of Henry Pudsey, of Barforth, and was father of Robert Claxton, of Old Park, who joined the Rebel Earls of Westmorland and Northumberland in 1569, and forfeited his estates.

2 The Billinghams, of Crook Hall, intermarried more than once with the Claxtons, of Wynyard and Old Park.

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S'm cxxvj!

inij xiijs inja_thre horses, one stagg, ij mares, and ij foles xj' -ij young mares xxxvje—vij swine xxiij' inja mare & ij stagges xls.

in harde corne & waire corne vpon the ground vij dubbell acres — xxviij yowes wither lambes iiij. iiij.—iij gelde yowes, iij tuppes, and hogges xxxiijs — iij kye ljø.-ix whies calved and wi calve vij' inje_iiij twynter stotts and one whie

v stotts of iiij yeres old iiijxx' Twynter stotts &

one yering calff vs. iijų—ij long waynes and j coope wayne, a paire of whelys shodd, and a paire of whelys vnshod wtall therunto belonging xls xl hogges sold vja chaldre of malt xxvj$ —viija. xv* Ar Sainct HELENE AWKLAND---xij Drawght oxen xiij'. xijo -iij hagg oxen

ij stots of inj yeres old xxxvj.-ij stotts of ij yeres olde xviij .-iij kye and ther calves ljø.-iij stirkes viija ---one whie xxiiij yowes and ther lambes xlij. xviij gelde yowes and tuppes xlije —x] hogges iii' xiijs iiijavij busshells of haver vs_-haver by estimac'on unthressed vs_harde corne and waire corne xxij dubbill acres xiiij' vj“. viija- ij long waynes, ij olde coope waynes, ij paire of whelys vnshodd, and ploughes wall other things thervnto belonging xxvjø. viijdin houseold stuff vje viija_a black mare xiij® S’m xlvj' xj”. iija. Bedding at the OLD P'KE. ffurst iij fedderbedds xxx$_ij matteresses vs_iij cou’ynges of bedd xijs — v paire of blanketts xijs—iij cou'letts vjø.— vij happens xjø. vijd—v paire of lynnen sheits xx*— vj paire of harden sheits xij--vj bolsters viije-ix pyllowes & pyllowberes xije —hangings in the chappell cha'ber wt ij Testrons of bedd xiije inja—hangings in the lowe p’lor wt ij Testrons of bedd xiij jiijd.-a folden Table in the same p’lo' ijs—ij carpetts and a counter clothe vje—ij lynnen bourde clothes iiij--v harden bourde blothes vs_iij hand towells xvja -ix bourde napkyns ij”. iija-ij chists ij'.—one great chist in the lowe p'lo' xx«. S'm vij! xix vije. In the Kitchin ffurst iij brasse potts and a possnett xiij”. inja.—one browling yron wi ij paire of pott Kylps viija —ij pannes and j Ketuill xxa

one great Kawdron vs—one chawfyndishe vją — xj pewdyr dublers vj". viija. — xj pewdyr dishes vjø. viija—vij Sawcers xviija -ij paire of yron tonges vja. Yron Stuf. iij yron wedges, j ytche, j chesill, j hamber, j paire of pyncers, j axe, j gavelok, j hakk, ij wombles, ij sythes, ij yron forkes, and ij wayne ropes

S’m xxxviijs vjd. S’m total of this Inventory ciijıx iiij'. ilije v

Debtes of MR. WILL'M CLAXTON.' To st Roger Willie iiij'.--to Robert blackwell iiij xv'-to

1. The father of the deceased.


Richerd pickering xxxiij®. inja_to esabell hewetson v_toJohn fisheburne xls.- to Will’m laxe & Ric Willie xxxiij®—to Jennet Cokkeye xiijs inija-to John billingh’m for whete xiijs inja—to Rawf Surtes! xxj. xvj' xiij® DEBTES OF M' RAUF CLAX

To Will’m burton xiiij' vjø viija—to m' chauncello' lxvjø viija. to willies childer cxij. ixd_to merington gild lxxjø. viija. to henry ffawdon for his q'rt' waige xvije--the said henry for iiij yeres eu'y yere a paire of hose clothe xiij' jij_to sr John Stephanson for his wags xvs—to st Roger willie vji vijä viijato Robert blackwell for his waigs and bolle corne w other things xxxvj! --to Thomas morison for his quarter waige ve-to the said thomas for ij veale calves vs. ijd.--to Robert Trotter xiije vjd.—to Jennet Todde for hir wage vs ije.-to the Smythe of awkland for working of certain stuf ij vija—to Rawf Surtes of durh’m viljø. xj_to Williamson of branspethe for a cloke clothe xv'—to will’m Wardell for his wags hij inja-to my lorde of durh’m for whitson daye rent of thold p’ke xl—to my saide lorde for whitson daye rent of the busshopp_close iiij —for thalf yeres

farme of Sr helene Aukland c.- to Robert claxston xx-to the vicart of whitworthe for the teithe of the busshopps close vjø. viij . to my mother elawe (in law) of Krtlington Ixvije vj_to Thomas Sowtheron xxiije inja. S’m xxviij® jų. S'm totall of the debtes iiijxx xj' xvij ja. LEGACIES To hie Aulter iij®. iiijd—to S John Stephenson to sing for me one yere iiij—to sRoger willie iij®. iiijd.-to John fisheburne bay horse xiij. iijd—to lyonel fishburne

whie wt calve xvj.-to morison wief ijo-to margaret claxston of thikleye 2 xiije. iiija— to m' ffrancis wansfurthe a mare xvje —to elsabethe claxston of thikley xxs—to wm. claxston of thikley xvje—to Annes willie vjø. viijd—to henry ffawdon ijo-to si John stephanson iij®. iija —to John Robson ij'.—to John fisheburn iją – to Jennet Todd xijd—to esabell heuetson xijd—to Thomas Willie ijs —S'm iij®. viijd The FUNERAL EXPENS as dothe appere by a bill made of the p'ticulors thereof xiij' xijs DESPERATE Debtes owing to Mr Rauf claxston M' p'son wansfurthe 3 for ij stotts xxxijs — Thomas machell for a stott xiiij' – Robert Willie of hett for his p'te of a stott vje— Will’m thomson of eskh’m for his p'te of a stott iiij—Robert corneforth of the byarsse xxxiije - Robert ffawdon for irj Jest nowt vje – Wm byndley for one Jest nowt xxd - Thomas Morison for Jest iije iiija. John Morison for Jest xxd_Rauf Rookesbye for Jest xxs-lyonell fishburne for a stott xvje—white of wyttworthe for a stott xvj. Henry Douthwaite for a stott xiij. iiijd. - John Willie for ij busshells of Rye vj$— Edmond Claxston of Newcastle vij'. xvijo & ja M" launcelott claxston for his p'te of one horse xxxiij.....

1 A great Durham merchant, whose name occurs in the list of creditors of almost every Inventory of his period, over the whole of the two northern counties.

2 Margaret, daughter and co-heir of Thomas Lilburne, of Thickley, and wife of Richard Claxton, brother of the deceased.

3 John Wandisford, Rector of Kir klington, and brother-in-law of the deceased.



The vjte day of July 1557. Ane Inventorie of all the goodes app'teaning vnto the layte Rob'te goodchylde Clerke prayed by thes iiijor men Thomas Robson dyer-Thomas papedė talor John Collyngwode wea'-Robert myrwode Smythe.

IN THE Hall House. Ane yron Chymney xx'.- Ane Awmery x'.—a cownter of the myddell bynde vjø.-a cupborde iij". inja v basyngs & vj lavers viij :-xvij powder doblers xvijo.-vj pewdr deshys & a hand basyne vs.--vj pewder sawcers xviije —injor pottell pottes vs inje_iij pyente potts & iij quarte potts iija—x candylstycks vjø.-a lytell pestell & a morter ijs —thre olde chayres xviija —vj olde coshynges ijs—two cownter clothes. S'me vl. viija. ÎN the CHAwMER. Ane olde Awmery iij. inja.--two olde chystes ij*.-Another Awmery vjo. viijd.—A chymney to the p'ler viljø.--A presser xxd.—Ane olde feather bedde x .-xj feather coddes vjs viijd—vij coverletts xiiij®—x happyns xiijs inja.-iij payre of blanketts vs_v payre of lyn sheytes xvje viijé —viij cod pyllabeyres vizija vj payre of harden sheyts viij*--- iij lyn borde clothes a shorir & a long iiij viijd—11j lyn towels vjø viijd.-A dosyne napkyns xvjd. IN THE CHAWMER. The best gowne xx—the best doblet x_a chamlet Jacket viijs—a gowne next the best viije—a Rosset gowne viij*.—A blacke clothe Jacket vje–a whyte freyse Jacket iij®—A sleveles Rowsset Jacket ij viija S'me viij' xix“. IN THE KYTSHYNGE. Thre yetlinges, a begger & a lesse vjø viijl_v brass potts xiij inje_-two possenets iijs iijd—a Kyil chymney vs —Ane olde chymney broken in peaces ij -a fryen panne viija. S'me xxxj”. IN THE Brewhouse. A tap stone xija— the brewe vessell ij.-the workhouse geare xxs-It'm two kye & two calves xliijs injd. S'me inj'. xvj. ijd.—S'me Tols. xix' vij.

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