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In the name of god amen th xvth day of ffebruary in ye yeare of our lord god 1557 I thomas wailes of tinmothe yoman of hoill mynd and p'fect memorie make this my p’sent testament and last will in forme folowing ffirst I gyue & bequieth my soull to god allmightie my maker and redemer & to all ye blessed companye of heaven my bodie to be buried in such place & wheare it shall please god I dep'te frome this mortall lyfe I gyve & bequieth to ye highe alter fore my mysvssed & forgotten tythes ij' & to ye rep’acions of my p'ishe church iije ijd Also I gyve to my sarvant will’m fell a Ryged whye and vj shilling & eight pence in mony Also I gyve to my sarvant sebbell bowgham a hassart whye of ye same aige & sex shillings & eight pence in money & to hir sistars Katterine & annes eche of them ïïj yeards of whit lykwyse to be delyvered assone as it canbe gotten in fulled clothe. Also I gyve to Ellennore kennet vj peice of puder vessel iij dishes & iij sawssers wth a baysson a candlestick a chayre a matres a bowstar a lyne shete a harden shet a happen and a coverlet. Also I gyue to xp'ofor kennet ij youes ij shepe hoges The second of my fetherbeds two shetes a blanket & a coverlet Also I gyue to Will’m Bowghame my Jaket of brod clothe I give to Robart tayler my canvisse dowblet Also I gyue to my wyfes father my blake Gawbartyne ye rest of my rament I gyue to my wyfes systers cheldren called Katherin except my bonnet & syluerring wch I gyve to will’m my eldest sonne Also I gyue to sr stewen hallyday prest & vicar of standnyngton vj syluer sponnes we my first bedfellow did gyue to me Also gyue to my wyfe Janet xxti shillings over & besydes hir thirdes Also my will is


Elizbethe bolame haue a c'ten of my goods to ye valew of xx“ shillings if she at any tyme heare after come to requier ye same Also

my will is to haue dirge & messe Imediatlye after my death fore ye I gyue vj shillings & eight pence. Also my mynd is to haue a trentall of messes said fore


health (& my sowle & fore yt I gyue a Cowe to be gyven to ye said vicare of stanyngton in whome I haue most confidenc tenne shillirgs ye rest of all my goods except one ambling meare my debts & funerall expenss discharged I gyue to my iij children Will’m James & Annes whome I mak my hoill & full executors Jontlye & seu'rally of all my goods & cattalls moveable & vnmoveable except also my wyfes thirds to her by ye law dew & accoustomed Also I gyue & maik ye said sł steven holliday prest and vicare of standington aforsaid ye suparvisor of this my said last will & testament vnto whom I comit ye gubarnac'on & bringing

ур of my said children & they to be guided by him together wth y® goods vnto ye come to lawfull aige and for his deligenc in ye p’miss I gyue vnto him ye said ambling meare being of ye aige of iij yeares over & besydes ye said vj syluer sponnes & most faithful frend s' steauen hollyday I beseche you for christe saik to se this my will & mynd put in execusion whareby I trust ye shall meret thankes of god And also I trust to god ye they

for you in ye celestiall compayney of heaven witnesses heareof s Robart baxter curat nicholas Robeson thomas selbe Raufe Wall wth other mo So is I haue ye kings maiestes seall of ye tythe corne of East chirton wth a surrender to benson by Robert darknell wch ye most deliver to benson or his suitors before my ij yearees beforth for yt I ame bound to him by obligacion wb ye shall resaue at ye delyuere att your handes. *

shall pray


In the name of God the Father Almightye, Amen. The seconde daye of June, in the yere of our Lord a thousand fyve hundreth fyftie and seven. I'Jane Lawson of Nesham, within ye countye of Durysme, not knowing ye hour of my deathe, provydethe for my Soule's health, makyng my last will and testamente as followeth : fyrst I forsake this myserable worlde, the pompes, and all the glorye of it, and I gyve wth a free wyll my soule to the Father of Heaven, besechynge him for his great mercy's sake, and for the love of his Sonne Jesus Christe, to have mercy upon me pardon and forgyve me all my synnes that ever I have commytted and done agaynst the goodness of God and all the worlde, which worlde I yet and ever more forsake, and I beseche the Blyssed Virgin Saynte Marye the Mother of Christe, and all the heavenly company in heaven, to praye for me ; and I gyve my bodye to the earthe from whence it came, and to be beryed before the high aulter withyn the quyre of Hurworth Church ; and also I gyve to the forsayd hyghe aulter one vestemente of blak velvet; and also my will is, that Sir John Fawcett, prest, pray and singe for my soule the space of one holle yere at Hurworth Church ; his wages shall be vj'.

1 Daughter of William Lawson, of Cramlington, Esq., and the last Prioress of the Monastery of Nesham. Mr. Surtees has printed this will, III. 264, and has observed that it contains a curious mixture of worldly wealth and religious feeling. It is given here chiefly as a suitable accompaniment to the Inventory of the deceased Prioress, which Mr. Surtees had not seen, and which proves that the Prioress had, after her ejection, become a farmer. She had, however, her domestic chapel, of which some curious particulars may be gathered from the Inventory.

xiij. imja. Item, I give and bequeathe to Robart Lawson, in the name of his chylde's porcyon, which is in my hands, xlvj'. one fether bedd, with Sheets and all other clothes belonginge to the same, and sexe sylver spones. Item, I gyve to Barbara Midlton vj!. xiij'. iija. two kye and ther calfs. and ij kuyes and calfes, or ells they being wth calfs. Item I bequeth to my brother George Lawson, two oxen, two kye, and iij' vjø viijd. Item I gyve to Margare Lawson, dowghter to Thomas Lawson, in recompence of all such goods as I had of his in my hands, xxvj'

. xiij'. iiija.; And also my wyll is, that the forsayd Robert Lawson and Margaret Lawson and the goodes, shall be at the order and government of my loving cosinge Henry Lawson unto they come to yers of full age, prayinge him to be specyall good frinde to them at all tymes, as my truste is in him. And also I bequethe to my cosinge Henry Lawson all my interest and ryghte of my lease at Cramelington endureinge my yeres; and also my corn sowen upon tharthe at lytle Burdon with the holle draught of oxen, with other things belonginge thereto husbandrye; and also I give him the best fether bede I have, with th' appurtenances belonginge therto, and six sylver spoones, and a mattresse, two shelts and other clothes belonging unto a bede, for a servante. It'm, I bequithe to my cosinge William Middleton one meare which he will choise, and four oxen, and xx!. and one fether bed with gere belonging thereto. Item, I gyve to my cosinge Edward Lawson xl. Item, I give to Elizabeth Harper vj'. viija. Item, I bequithe to Margaret Trollope vj'. viija Item to Jane Lowyck vj.viija. To Elizabeth Hewgell vjø. viij". Item, I gyve to my syster Elizabeth xiij®. iiijd. Item, to her sone Francis one felye ; and I gyve to my syster Annes xiij. iiijd. ; and I gyve to my syster Barbara xiij. iija. Item, I gyve to my cosinge George Lawson for a token xx®. Item, to Elizabeth Fenwyke iij'. vjø. viija Item, to Barbara Kyllyngworthe x'. Item, to Annes Rede xx'. ; and to his doughter a cowe. Item, to my cosinge Morgayne one whye wth calfe. Item, to my syster Barbara Colingwode two oxon; and to Margaret Colingwode vjo: viija.; and to Sir Will:n. Melmerbye, for to praye for my soule, iij'. viija. ; and to Dorate Staynton x®. Item, to Maryon Staynton x' Item to Allison Morgayn two yowes and their lames: and I gyve to ev'y servante in my house dwelling xijd. Item, I gyve to Mr. Redman's doughter which I helped to christen, xx®. Item to John Kendall xx®.; to Rob'te Barker xx*.; and I gyve to e'vy one of my Godbarnes within Hurworth parish xijd. This done, my debts paid and funerall expences maide, I gyve the reste of my goodes not bequested, frelye unto my right trustie and wel-beloved cosinge Henry Lawson, whome I ordayne and make

my holl executor of this my last will and testament, and he to dispose all things, as my singular trust is in him, to the pleasor of god and the helth of my soul. In wytness herof John Claxton, Sr Will. Melmerby, curat, Sir Robt. Clerke, wth others mor.

and xiiij

JANE LAWSON. This Inventorye maid the xvj daye of Julye in an'o do'i 1557 of all goods catiells Jewells movable and vnmovable of Jane Lawson of nesham diseased and prased by george warde Thomas acres James gayle and John Wylson, and brought in bye henrye Lawson executer of hir last will and testament.

Imprimis xviij acres of whet and rye and xviij acres of ootts xviij. At Nesham xvj acres of whett and rye and xxxiij acres of ootts xxiiij'. xvj oxon xxxij!. xviij kyen xxinj'. xj styrks v'. a bowlle xxvj$. viija. a horse and a meare vl. a fylle xx. a coulte stage xx'. iiij*x olde sheppe and xl lam’es xv!. ij yron bune waynes wih two cowppes ij ploughes wtli temes and yoks & all other gere therto belonginge vüj'. Corn in the barn xxvj!. xiije. inja. Gesse, swyn doks and bees liij®. inja: S’ma j‘iijxxiiij'. iij”. inja AT LYTLE BURDON xiiij acres of whett and rye acres of otts xiiij'. x oxon and iiij stotts xxviij'. ix kye xij'. ix styrks iiij'. a cowlt stagge xx$. iij** yewes and xl lam’es xij!. a meare and a folle iij'. ij bewlles (bulls) xlvj'. viijd. a ploughe and a wayne wth all things therto belonginge xls

. In beryed corn (corn thrashed) in the barne viij? —S'ma injxxvj!. vj'. viija. At hindelL x kye xiij'. vjø. viija. iiij qwyes iiij'. & iij®. iiij. xvij quinters xj!. vj'. viij viij stotts x'. xiij". iiijd. A boulle xxvj$. viiija. iijxx & iiij wethers x'. S'ma tot' lj?. vjø. viija. In THE Halle ij flanders counters wth ther carpetts xxs. ij chares and iij longe fermes iiij”. A longe side table iij. iija. iij puter basings and a laver vj” vijd vj candelsticks vj. ij latten basings iij latten lavers wth one cover ij candlesticks a holy waterfatt vjo. viij". One almerye x". vj new quesshings & iij olde quisshings xxiij". iij stolles and a ferme xviija. S’ma tot iiij'. xiiij" IN THE KETCHINGE vj brasse potts & ij possenets xliij', iiijd iij pan'es and iij cawderons xxxvjø. viija. A paire of musterde stons & v skells & ij soes ij". viij". ij brasse chafinge dishes and a frienge pan ijo. viijų. A brasse ladle and a kechinge borde xxija. A choppinge knyfe and a droppinge pan xvjd ij paire of cobyrons and ij branderethes viij. iij. A paire of rost yrons and iiij spetts vijs. viija. iij saltinge kyts & ij stone morters ijo: vjų A pare of tongs a rakinge croke & a pare of potclips ij'. vja. xxiiij pece of puter vessell xx". iij stolles a fleshe

croke & a washinge tobbe xd. A payre of broylinge yrons iiija. S'ma tot vj!. x'. viija. IN THE BOWTINGE HOWSE AND BREWE HOWSE A moldinge borde and a bowtinge tonne ijo. iijd. A chespresse & a rakinge croke ij". iiij. A wynde clothe and a past shett xvja. iij levinge tobbes xiija. A maske fatte and a trowe ston ilije. iiija. A brewinge lede and a olde pipe xxjd. viija. S'ma tot’ xxxiij.

IN THE MYLKE HOWSE A yetlinge of brasse & a basinge vs. xd. x mylke bowles & a kyrne iïjø. iija. A arke and a small lede iiij. iiija. A gyllefatt ij wurtt tobbles a kyt & a stande iij. A chesse borde & a arke for saltte xviija. vj chesfatts ij milke silles & xj butter cuppis ij". iiija A gret trowe xija. S'ma tot' xxjø. iiij". IN THE CHAMFER QUER THE HALL A fetherbed wth all gere therto belonginge nijl. A fether bcd wth all gere therto belonginge liij®. inja. A p’sser wth a mattres in it vjo.viijd. A quilt & iij blanketts viij'. inja. v qwesshinge & a happinge xiij®. iiija. ij saye clothes ij$. vid. ij formes ij chares & a lytle cobborde xviijd. S’ma tot' viij'. vs. viija. IN MY AUNTS CHAMBRE Two almeries x®. A chest & a arke iiij$. vjd. ij chares xijd. A morter and a pestell ij$. vjd. A fether bed & a matres wth a gere therto belonging xlvjø

. viija. A cobborde clothe and ij chists vijo. iiij. A old blak silke hatt iij®. iiij. ix pare of lyne shetts & iiij pare of streakings iiij'. xvj“, viija ij alter clothes & a vestement x'. ij heckells & a sercer xviijd a challes of silver xxvjø. viija. xxj pece of puter vessell xxs. In napperye xx'. A geatt xijd Certayn beddings for servants xiij®. iiija. S'ma tot' xij'. xvij. xd. IN THE LOWE CHAMER AND CHAPITER A bedde wth all gere thereto belonging xiij®. iiija. A table for a alter & a alter clothe ij$. viija. ij fermes & a chaminge stake and kames viija. A greet trowe and iij beeffe tobbes vijo. viija. v lyttle barrells & a payre of webaks wth the weyght & skalles iij®. xa. S'ma tot' xxviij®: ijo.

IN THE GARDENER A borde wib ij trestes & ij temeses ij viija ix seves & ryddels & j greet bolle iiij'. vj. & saks and ij walletts xiij®. iiija. v small barrells & a old bishel xxs. ij showels inja Great maske tobbe iij. iiij. a leppe a kyrne iiij chesfatts & a bolle iiij. inja. xxx stones of wolle vij'. x. S'ma tot’ viij'. xix. ijd. In the BUTTERYE ij bordes with ther trests & à allmerye vii”. A barrell and ix potts ij$. iiijd. iij stands and a leppe xxa. A bolle weyght a bottell & vij kanes xiiija. Table clothes and other napperye xiij®. iiij. ij puder salts xvja. A lether bottell & a puder basinge xx'. vj croses irija. iiij wodde doblers ija. S'ma tot' xxxiij®. ija. S’ma tot of all the goods aforsaid iije

. xlviij'. iiij®. x4. stem more a casle of geld (casule of cloth of gold] price viij'.

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