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In the name of god amen The xxjs Day of March in the yeare of or lorde god m ve lvij I Richarde leigh Clark and Keper of saynet Johan's hospitale in barnard Castell nowe beyng in good health p'fect of mynd & memory laud & prayse be to almyghty god do orden & make this my p’sent will & testament Conteynynge herein my last will In man' heare after folowyng that ys to say ffyrst I geve & bequyeth my soule to Almyghtie god my maker & redemer in whome & by ihe merrytts of whose blyssed passion I beleve to have forgevenes of all my synnes which I have commytted or done agaysnt hym eyther in word thowght or dede "And I will my bodye shal be buryed in Chrysten buryall wher yt shall please god to call on me At the discretion off my executryce or executos hereafter named ffurst I will & orden my syster Mabell sympson myne executrixe of all my goodes & debtts both moveable & vnmoveable to hyr onely to have & enjoie to such vse as shee shall thynke good for the health of my soule & hyr profett She yeldyng & payng well & trewly all & my fun'rall expe'ses and legaces shall folow And yf it shall happen the sayd Mabell to dye befor me then I will Mr. Thos blenkynsopp elder of helbeck in the Countye of Westm'lande esquyre & xp'ofor leigh my Cosynge of blek. kell in the Countye of Comberland gentleman to be my executors and they to fulfill all my byqueists & Legaces and the said M". blenkynsoppe to haue two p'ts of goods & xp'ofor leigh

Also I will orden & mak my cosynge Tho' blenkynsoppe yonger of helbeck sup’vysor of this my last will & testament And I the sayd Richarde leigh Clark vtt’ly Revok annull all & every other former wills testaments legaces bequests executors & overseers by me in any wise before this tyme named made assigned or bequested and this my last will to stand in full strength & vertue Wytnesse hereof I have subscribed my name & setto my seale wib other mo day & yeare above wrytten per per me Rich’m legh St Richer plac p’st Raff bailes preistlancelot Peirson. [Pd. in 1557.]


CXXII. ROBERT HYNDMER, PARSON OF SEDGEFIELDE.' In the name of god Amen The sexte daye of August The yeare of our lorde god A Thousande fyve hundreth fiftie and eight. I Robert hyndmer p’son of Sedgefeilde doith maike & ordaine my last will in maner & fourme followinge. first I bequithe my sowle to almightie god of blessed ladie sanct marie and all the saincts in heaven And my bodie to be buried in the northe syde of the highe alter of Sedgefeilde Churche, I geue & bequithe to my most singular lorde & m' my best graye amblinge geldinge A ringe of golde wth a darke Rubye in yt my best coueringe of a bedd weh is of yallowe & blewe sarcenet, and the bed stocks I lye in, I maike my executors my faithfull frend Raufe dalton Sir Reginald hindmer Sir Michell Myers and John hyndmer, I geue to the said Raufe dalton my amblinge grisseld geldinge & a gold ringe wth a reade seale of an Imaige, I gyve to Sr Michaell Myers a gowne clothe wch from london my best Clocke, and my best capp, I geue to S. Edmonde stapleton my blacke gowne furred wth fu’nyes and one other of my best cappes, I geue to St John Richerdson my single blacke gowne wth I ware eu’y daye, The rest of all my gownes, I geue to my brother p’son & John hindemer Also I geue to the said p'son my Sattan Cote, I will also that for the trew & faithfull s'vice that I haue alwaies founde in Sr Michell Myers” that he shall haue one annuytie of sex poundes thirtene shillings & fourpence by yere duringe his naturall life to be taken fourthe of my lands of Avslabie – m' Johnson of london to receyve againe his gowne clothe that he sente me because yt is not maid It'm I wyll & bequeth yt my executors shall paye to eu'y one of my waittinge s'uants fortye shyllings a peic and to eu'y s’unt of the Lowe house twentie shillings a peice Also I will that my house shall be kept after my deaith an honest tyme aftr the discretion of my Executors. [Pr. 5 Nov. 1558.]

1 Rector of Sedgefield, although not noticed as such by Hutchinson or Surtees, and at the same time Rector of Stanhope, to which he was presented in 545. His Inventory will be read with great interest.

Thys INVENTORYE Indentede of all the goodes and cattelles of Robert hyndmer preist lait p’son of Seggeffelde praysed valewede & vyewd by foure honest men yt is to saye John Rychardson John headlame Will’m Clark & Robert Maysone mayde the last daye off August in the yeare of or lord god 1558.

Inp’mis xxiij Kyen & whaies xxviij — xxxij draught oxen lxiiij! —vj Stottes vi xvje --viij Styrkkes iiij' xvjø–xvj mo kye xviij

' xiijs inijų –xviij Twynter nott xij—xxiij styrkes x'—ij bulles & one whye xlviije –-xxty stotts xxvj!—Ixvj Ewes viij' xvj. lxx gelde ship wth dy’monts vij? — xliij lambs lxvjø viijų– xxxvij wethers Toppes & dy’montes 1j! – Ewes and gymers iiijxxv, ix?

I praye

| Bishop Tunstall.
? His curate, apparently, at Sedgfield.


twoo gang

vjø vilja—13***jij lambes vl vji viijų–xviij ffatt oxen xxxvj'—ij Brawnes xx-fyve sewes xxs-xvj yonge swyne xxxije— teythe corne of sedgeftelde & stamnope lij' xj viija—haye at sedgeffelde xx' a paire of whelles wth an oxe harroe xje-viij plowes vije_xmj plowe beames inje-one stone Sledde xija-one paire of syelles ije_jij cowpe waynes xxvj viija_iij waynes wth yokkes teymes & all other things to them belonging viij —inj culters, iiij sokks & iiij fuyt teames xij!—Ix looddes of whynnes 1x8–1xx sheppe skynnes xxxv8

of wayne fellowes wth heades & moldeburdes xs--vj stone of old iron viije -a praire of musterde stones xija_fleshe tubbes vje-ixxx stone of wolle xxx'—all ye stuffe & vessell in the brewhouse & bakhouse viij' IN THE KYTchinge-one yron treffett wth ij barres xxs

ij tabbles vje—one great pott xxvje viija—vij lesse pottes Ixiijs inj«-—v spyttes xiijs inija—ij morters & ij pestells xxs ij gredeyrons one payr of yron of Rakkes j payr pott hoks & j fleshe hoke a fyer pan a fyer porre a payre of tonges & a frieng ij Cresseatts xiijs inja_a fieshe axe & mij knyves ijo—a stone morter viij"—inj chafynge dysshes xij.—a latten laddell & a skomer ije—a breade grayt vja—ij fyer chavffers vjø viija—brasse pannes xxs-inj pannes xxxija- ij pannes xxd_one caldron vs ---Stuff in the PAYSTRYE vs_stuff in the HYNDES HOUSSE Xx'—xvj yokkes inije-stuf in WARD WIEF house iijs injo_stuff in the cookks CHAMBER Xxx. IN THE BUTTRYE-xiij latten candellsteks xiij® -11j tynne candellsekks inje-inj terces & IX. tynne

-a lyttle fyrr cheyst ij* iiije_v letther stowppes ij, vj"—viij tynne poots vs inje-a breade arke xvj. ---xix hogeshedes xvs xd. In THE HAULL-a table of playne tree wth a Joynede frame and two fromes vjø vilja—ij tables of fyer wth fr’mes & a payer of Trystells vje–a settell ij". IN THE P'LORE - a table wth a Joned frayme ij formes and a Carpett xxs-Carwede cupbordes xx$a playne cupbord ijs inje-ix Joyned stolles xvs—hangyngs of Tappestre v-a turned chare. In S MICHELL CHAMBER—a fyer shoull a porr a payr of tonges injs—a Joyned chayer xijaà father bedd a matterres a payer of blanketts a payre of sheitts a cou'lett a happynge a couerynge of tapprestre a bolster xl-a Karwede cupborde a chyst bounde a short table x*—a water pott of tyn xija. IN THE CHAMBRE OVER THE BUTTRYE—iij father beddes wih blanketts shetts bed stokkes & cou'ryngs xls-a watter pott xija. IN THE GEST CHAMBRE. A father bedd of downe mattres a bolster ij blanketts of fustheyn a cou'lett a cou'yng of Tappestre a terster & Curteyns of reade and greyne s'cnet bedstokks tvrned vj' xiijs juja—an other father bedd ther xx_ hangyngs of grene saye xxvje viije—a Joyned chear with a qysseing v'-a cupborde wth a carpett vs-a chyst bounde wth


[? yorne] vs—a water pott xij"—a payer of fyne shitts wth a plloper x—iij payer of fyne shitts xxs_viij payer of canves sheitts & one shirtt xxvjö viija—a carpett of dornyxe iij®—ij mattes xvij”. IN THE CHAMBRE QU'THE HALL-a paare of bedd stokkes Joynd wth ij Joynedd ffromes xiijo iiija. AT THE STAYER HEADE-a cheist bounde wth yrone vs. IN DARTHWAITE CHAMBRE-a fatherbed wth a mattres a pair of blanketts a pair of shittes a cou'lett & a cou’ynge of Tatpestrey xiijo inj". In the p’son CHAMBER—ij father bedds ij bolsters a mattres a payer of Blanketts a counterpoynt an old cou’yng of Tappestre iiij' xiijs iija_a Turnede chear & a Joyned chayer iij®- a kentyshe carpett iij®-a cupborde wth a kentyshe carpett iij®—an Iron chymney vs_vj dossen pound of waxe lx*—a water pott of tyne xija reade Say hyngynges xx'. IN THE Studdee-xvj quisshens xiijs inija—a carpett of tappestrie lynede for a table xxvjø viijaix pylloos of downe xiijs inija — vij pairs & one odd blankett xxx ----j baysens & ij ewers viij -a presse of wyne scotts xiij* iiija_ ij dossen tyne trenchers xijs — xix elnes of canves'xs-ij fruyt dyshes xvją — ij baysens iij®—ij chargers iiij*—one garnes of vessell lakking a saucer liijs inja—vj dublers & iiij dyshes x8-vj dossen trenchers xxd_one litle cupborde wth a carpett vs_a garnesse of vessell xls—ij cupbordes wth ij kentyshe carpettes xs -- ij lantherons xijų—one studdye candellstycke xiiija_a tuchestone wth caice xija—a tyne bottel) viija—a Syeprese chyst xiijs iiija

–xv yeardes of lyne clothe at viijd ye yearde x—j yerdes of harden clothe atinja ye yearde xvija —iij chystes bound wth yrone one of ffirr xvijo —ij fether bedd tykkes xx—ij Surplyces xx*—one dossen damasken napkyns xvje—one dossen dyap’ napkyns vjs viija—vij playn napkyns iijs iiijajij dyap' table clothes in lenghte vj yeardes xxx-iij dyap' table clothes for ye hall xiijs iją_ix playn table clothes for ye hall xxxs_iij playn table clothes for ye p’lor xiij iiija– jij dyap' towells vj$_iij long playne table clothes for ye hall x- fyne napkin of damaske worke xvj"—v playn towells vje_iij cupbord clothes iiij". IN THE LAW P’LO'--iij teysters wheroff one wth curteyns of yelowe & blewsay xl--ij fether bedds a trussinge bed a ronnyng bedd ij mattresses ij paires of Blanketts ij bolsters ij cou’ynges lxvjø viijų–glasse in a Creddell vjø viija—xx quootters of malt vjl xiijs inija—a cupburde wth a kentyshe carpett inje

a Joyned chayre xvją—a watter pott xijd—a sumpter clothe & ij mailles vjs viija—ij gallon potts of Tyne vjø viija-iij pottell pottes v-a quart pott of Tyne xije-iiij beddes for s’untes xxvj' viijo_iij Wyndoclothe & vj Sekkes xije – All ye stuf in the MYLKE HOUSE vj viije...ij Tearges of wyne Ixvje viij"—a gray horse iij' -a downe mayer xxvjo viija -- a father bedd a payer of blanketts


a payer of sheitts a coverlett xxs_.xxiiij xij quarters of cools... all Implyments in the mylne x – fyve bee hyves xx$_xxty salt fyshes xxs-x bushells of salt xe-ixxx ounces of PLAITE at vs thounc xlv!_IN MONEY & GOLDE cxvil-in DEBTES at sondrye hands owyng to hyme xx!-at AW KLANDE ij fether beddes one mattryes ij payre of blanketts iij payre of Sheittes ij conterpoynts & iij coverlettes iiij.

S’m Tolis viije inj** xji vs inja. Debtes wch the said Robert hyndmer Clark did owe at the tyme of his deathe. To M' Asshley cccc—to James garnett clx'—to John Guye liij!—to master comyssarye of Northumberland xx'— to m' doctor carter lxxijs—to m' clyffe x'— to mastr dalton x'—to xp'ofo' mayre xvj! - to my p’son of wensley xx'—to mychell myers for a horse xiij - to m' Archideacone xvs --for blakk coilles xxxij' xijo ilija_for s’unts waggs & legacyes to ye said s’untes xxxijl ixs vja —to mr p’son Tonestell xls-in almorye to Stanhope iiij' xiijs inja—to Sedgeffeld lxvjs—to ye power folkes at houghton xls--to preste & clarks xxxije—for wynnyng corne & haye x'—to mychell myers clarke as apperethe by hys booke xl? -owyng for ye exhybyc'on & commons of John hyndm’ at cambrig vij' —for ye borde wayges of ij of hys kynsmen at durhame and ther app'ell & certeyn rayment to hym selfe vij! Summa debiti viije xlix' xd; and so remaynethe Cleyre xlij' injs vja.


day of Januarye in the yeare of our Lorde god one thousand fyve hundrethe fiftie and eight I henry anderson of the Towne of Newcastell vpon tyne me being hole of mynde and in good and p'fecte remembrance

seyk in bodye do mayke and ordeyn this my p’sent Testament conteyning herein my last will in maner and forme followinge That is to saye ffyrste I gyve and bequyethe my soulle to almightie god my

and redeamer and to all the holly and blessed companye in heaven and my bodye to be buryed in the Churche of saint Nicholas as nighe my wyffe as I maye be layd wth my duetie to the vicar as the lawe hathe ordeyned And I gyve to the rep’aciones of the

| Henry Anderson, Sheriff of Newcastle in 1520-Alderman-Mayor in 1531, 1539, 1542, and 1546-a very successful merchant, and the founder of a wealthy family, who afterwards became owners of Haswell Grange, in the parish of Pittington. V. Surtees I. 122. The Inventory of Bertram Anderson, his son, Sheritt, Mayor, and Member of Parliament for his native town of Newcastle, will occur under the year 1570.

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