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firbank xvjfrankland in parte pamet for a horse behind vjs-my ladye Bulmer vjs jd-Thomas Lambert xxxiij iiijd-George yonger xls-Thomas lambers lenting fyne iij3.John hormsed vijs-John Buddels vj3--Richerd hall for halfe a kowe ijs-Christopher emson xvjs-Robert emsom _x3-Chutbert marting for a kowe xxiij. iiij. for a boule of malt x3John layton ixs viijd-smithe of windgayt a pecck of malt vijd --for hempe and lint of the tythe x-Symon hubbuck for iij of wolle. S'm totalis xix' xiijs. viijd. It'm mr Robert Tem pest of howmsye esquyer for certeyin tyth woll and lambe Doithe owe.-. -DEBET that the sayd sir John Doithe owe To John harte xxiijs—to John walston xiijs iiijd-to Thomas smithe vjs-to Thomas lister vjd-ffewler xij-to s Thomas Dawson xx-S'm iij iijs iiijd. It'm funeral expencs xl-legacesse xxij1 vjs viijd. S'm totalis xxvij xs. The Inventary xxxvj1 x3 vijd. ob. The debets xix'. xiij3. viija—lvj1 iiijs. iijd. ob So clere xxviij' xiiijs. iija ob.

THE INVENTARYE of all goods and cattell Belonging to sTM John Emson Preast and vicar of greth'm at the Daye of his Deathe praysed by John harte Roger parker Thomas lambert and Raffe stocdell.

Two olde angells & a Krowne xxvj-in monye x. vijd. ob. a ffederbed a bowster a payre of olde blanketts & olde cou❜lett a payre of lin sheits & a olde cou'inge, xx. a litle federbed, a bolster, a cou❜let, an olde cou’inge & a payre of lin sheits x3 -two pillobers and ij olde towels ijs iiija carpet cloithe iiijs -two federpoks two payre of harne sheits two cou'letts & a white happing xs-iiij quissions xijd-one puder plat v dishes & one salser iijiij litill potts of Brass vs-iij litill olde pans iiijs -2 olde candillstiks xx-iiij chysts and a trusse bed vijs vja—a Kirne, vj milk bowls, two skels, two Kitts & two shelues v -a frien panne viija litill spit, and two cobyerns xxd-a little yerne chimneye a rakkin crouke and a payre of tongs iiijs iiij.—a cownter, a litill bord & 3 forms vs-two olde chars vja -old angins in the hawlle xijd-in the bakhowse a cawele ij olde barrells and thre olde toobs iijs. iiijd-xxxix flecs of wolle x3--in the lofte above the bachowse 26 fir spars & two bed stocks vs-a spinning whele viijd-a syde gown of Bbrode cloithe, two of freas, a shorte gowne, two sleueles Jacketts of worsted, a dublett, and a payre of hose xl-fower els of worsett xx-in wheat bz iiij, v-in malte a chad', xl-in pease a chader xxvjs viijd-in otts bz iiij, ijs-two gads of yerne viijstwo lang wayne blayds, a howpe, a payre of olde whells, thre temes, a skelkil, a kowter, a soke, a muk fowe, a graype, 2 yerne forks, 9 ashilltresse and a plowe xxv-a stak of haye

xx-xv bee hyues xxx-at tunstall a yowe xxjs lams xiiij3 — at greth'm 18 olde sheape xl-iij kye iij'. vj. viijd-ij oxen iij'. vj3 viijd.—ij hogs & a pigg x3-ij Chad' of cols x-Corne in the felld xv duble acres at xvs a duble acre viij'. vs. totalis xxxvj'. x. vijd. ob. [Pd. 1559.]



In the nayme of god Amen or Lord god 1558 I will❜m Bell prest and p'son of middleton in tesdaill in the cowntie of duresme holl of mynde and p'fite of remembraunce most humble thankes therfor be vnto almightie god howbeit seke in bodye do make my testamente and last will in man'r and ffo'me folowinge ffirst I bequithe my soull vnto the blessed trinite being thre p'sons and one verey god and to or Ladye saynt marye the virgyn and to tholl companye of heuon and my bodye to be buryed win the quere of the said middleton. Item I geue and bequithe vnto Middleton churche thre bells of an hundrethe weght which I desyere my lord of Lyncoln, and doctor Watson of the colledge of duresme at my costs and charges to hange in fframe the said bells at the churche and for the hanginge of the said belles and for the said fframe I have prepared xx tres there and all the tymber that remanithe ouer and besides the makynge of the said fframe I bequithe to the said p'ishe churche to builde in the said churche one Ile and to make stalles in the said churche of the cost and charges of the said p'ishe Item I yeue and bequithe to the said churche of Middleton one Cope a vestment and a deacon all of one sute of rede silk tynselde withe borders of Images of soundrye saynts Item I yeue and bequithe vnto my brother Roberte bell citezen and cowp' of London v1 [legacies to Henry, Alice & Agnes bell Roberts children]-I yeue and bequithe vnto John Watson hall garthe in duresme yoman brother to doctor Watson the gowne whiche Cockey gaue me and also my cote of blacke branchid damaske


to lawful age then I will that my said catells plaite of silvere gold and silver and other moneie of myne wch shuld have app'

1 Rector of Middleton in Teesdale from 1549, and of Gateshead from 1557. 2 Thomas Watson was made Bishop of Lincoln in 1557, by Queen Mary, and was deprived by Elizabeth in 1559. He was, perhaps, brother of the Doctor Watson mentioned in connection with him, the first Prebendary in the second stall of Durham Cathedral and Rector of Rothbury, having been originally a monk of Durham.

tened to the said will'm bell if he hadde lyved shalbe bestowed vpone poore scolle's in Barwicke and norh'm and mediltone in teesdale To my Lord of lincolne my scarlett gowne and iiij pounds in moneye To m' doctto' watso' my best white geldinge my best brydell my best saddell and my best ha'nes and foure pounds in money To my brother Rob'te bell my beste clooke a worsyette coote my tanned doublets iij paire of hose iij shartes To the poore within the p'ishe of mediltone one qt of Rye and a qtr of bige a gainst christenmas To the poore of the p'ishenge at gatesheide as muche corne ffor money I haue none Dianes bell of gatesheide doithe owe vnto me foure pounds of the whiche I haue cartayne stuffe of his of a price the whiche stuffe I am contente that he shall have all a gayne payinge xl3. to me or myne executor. By me wilI'm Bell.*


In the name of god Amen the xyth day of August in the yeare of our lord (1558) I Robert bennett p'st p'bendarye of the cathedrall church of Durh'm beinge seke in my bodye & yett in p'fite memorye maketh this my p'sent testament & last will in man' & forme followinge Inp'mis I geue my soull to Almightye god my redemer & sauiour to or blessed Ladye St. Marye and to all the blessed companye of heaven my bodye to be buryed in the cathedrall churche of Durh'm as nighe vnto my Mr prior castle' graue as conveniently may be And to haue the day of my buryall masse dirige & suffrages due & accustomed It'm I giue to eu'ye peticanon iijs iiij. It'm I giue and bequith to eu'ye lay singinge man ijs to eu'ye chorist' xijd It'm I giue to eu'ye or scholers of the gram' schole xijd. It'm I giue to eu'ye beadman ijs It'm I giue to George Smith the v'ger vs It'm to John broune virg' ijs to the two bell ringers eyther of them iijs iiijd. It'm I giue to the poore people hear in Durh'm iiij' It'm I bequith to my brother Doctor bennett3 one standinge cuppe duble gilte wth a cou' & xij silur spones wth skallap shells on ther heads It'm I giue to my sayd brother one silu' salt p'cell gilt wth a cou' and also a nutt gilt wth a cou’ It'm I giue to my nece m'garet Egleston one silu' salt p'cell

1 Originally a monk in Durham Cathedral and Bursar at the Dissolution, afterwards the first Prebendary of the eleventh stall, and Vicar of Gainford. 2 Prior of Durham from 1494 to 1519. He was buried in the eastern part of the middle aisle of the nave of the Cathedral.

3 William Bennet the first Prebendary of the fourth stall.

gilt wth a cou' & sex silu' spones & one silu' goblet wthout a cou'. It'm I giue to Sr. John browne peticannon one new goune the coller lined wth duble satton & one solden gilted spoone.


I giue to my nece margarett Eggleston one morra gowne. It'm I giue to Jane hall my syde workday gowne and a silu' spoone It'm I giue n Lowsons children & listers children amongst them xls. It'm I giue to Mr xp'ofor chayter1 one silu' spone kilt wth an accorne on the head It'm to his wiffe mrs chaytor fortepence in gold. It'm I giue to my servante John Richardson xls and my blacke geldinge hauing a white Rache in his forehead and going att bearparke. It'm I giue and bequith to wm dawson my servante my baye geldinge goinge att howghall & xl. more in money. It'm I giue to my servante thomas seh'm my brewer xls in money It'm I giue to xp'ofor day my cooke xls in money and to eu'ye of thes iiij servantes a liverye coote of ix or viijs a yearde. It'm I giue and bequith to xp'ofor midcalfe & his brother Cuthbert eyther of them a noble. It'm I referre Bessye tripps reward to my brothers doctors discretion. It'm I giue and bequith to John dixson thomas dixsons sonne one standinge cuppe p'cell gilte. It'm more I geue to margarett egliston Jane hall ffrauncis gibson & John brownes wiffe of barbers to eu'ye of them an ell of the finest linnen clothe that I haue to be euerye one of them a kirchiffe. It'm I giue to John browne the barber a dublett of thaphetur and to his wiffe a lode of Rye. It'm I giue to thomas gibson one silu' spoone. It'm I giue to my lord suffragaine one old ryall. It'm I giue to doctor watson Mr Rob'te Dalton m' tutinge & m2 Anthonye Salwaine p'bend3 eu'ye of them an old noble & to m' crawfurth p'bend one new riall It'm I giue & bequith to mr S'iaunte meynell one old riall. It'm I bequith to the poore people in barnard castle & gaynforth my p'ishoners to be distributed for the welth of my soul ther sex pounds in monye It'm I giue to nellye dixson Roger dixson's wiffe one salte wthout a cou'. It'm I giue to my curate att gainforth my mellye gowne faced wth blacke conney It'm I giue to thomas lawes wiffe a qt' of wheat. It'm I giue to Jane hall one lode of wheat all the residue of my goods my debts payd legaces deducte & funerall expences p'formed I giue to my brother doctor bennet whome I ordeine and make my full executor of this my said last will & testament to distribute as he shall thinke most meat for thelth of my soule & all christen soulles Witnesses p'sent att

The immediate ancestor of the Chaytors of Croft by his marriage with the heiress of Clervaux, and at that time an eminent notary public in Durham. 2 Thomas Sparke, Bishop of Berwick, of whom above and hereafter. 3 All of them Prebendaries.

the makinge herof m' Anthony Salvaine mr John tutinge p'bend St John browne petticanon Jobn Richardson & win Dawson wth diuerse others.*

CXXVIII. THOMAS TROLLOPE of thornley, Esquire.'

In the name of God Amen the xxix day of the monethe of August in the yere of or Lord God Allmightie A thousand fyve hundreth fiftie & eight I Thomas Trolloppe of Thornley in the Parishe of Kellowe within the Countie of Duresme Esquire being at this p'nte tyme (thanks to or Lord God) in good health of bodie not crased nor sek and in good and perfytt remembrance allwayes callinge to memorie the frayltie of this vayn & transitorie world considering also how that we for or syns & misdeads ar dalye playged with warre and seknes & yt dethe to ev'ye lyving creature is certayn the houre & tyme thereof most uncertain myndinge thereof & wolling by Gods grace not to departe out of this world intestate Doo co'stitute ordayn and make this my p'nte Testament co'tayning therein my last will fyrst of all I declare and confess to be a true X'tian belevynge all the articles of of catholicke faythe & all other cerymonies wh o' mother holy Church doith obs've & kepe My soule I bequethe to Almyghtie God & savyor Jesu Christ who redemede & bought the same wt his most precyous blode, besechinge the most hollye and pure virgin Marie mother of Jesu Christ & all the saynts of heaven to praye for me wollinge also that my corps shal be buryede within my porche (ita) Churche of Kellowe aforesaid if it shall please God that I depert within the said p'ishe And if I shall departe any other where, than, to be buryede in that p'ishe church where I shall so d'p't and to have solempn masse with all other obsequys as becometh a man of my behaveyor at the discretion of myne executors. Also I give to the highe Alter for tieths negligentlye forforgotten in descharge of my consyen xx And also I geve to amendinge of the churche of Kellowe and ornaments of the same x. And whereas god haithe giuen unto me an honest p'te in this world with a good wyfe who haythe been & is not onlie much co'fortable to me but also moche profitable, knowinge Also that hir mynde & woll is that I shuld be good father to my children not onelie wt thois whome I have had wt hir but also

1 John Trollop, of Thornley, Esq., married first Anne daughter and coheir of Roger Lumley, of Ludworth, Esq.; and secondly, Grace, daughter of Thomas Pudsey, of Barforth, Esq., widow of Thomas Metham, of Metham, Esq., the good wyfe" in the will.

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