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wt my children of my wife deceased & that she will kepe her selfe co'tente & pleased w, the thirdds of all my goods and cattalis. Therefore I geve & bequith to my thre Daughters that is to saye Dorothe Elizabethe & Margaret to ev'ye of them towards their advancemente in mariage a c'. a piece in full payment of other porc'ons filiall & children partes of my goods and cattales ov' besydes this I geve to Margaret my dowghte vj'. xiijs. iiijd. wch was Legate & bequithed to hir by hir layt grand mother Pudscey. Also for as much as my sonne Robert is yonge & yff I shuld leave a su'me of money or goodes wch might be sooner co'sumed & waysted without good governance therefore I am thus myndet towardes him that where in the last coven❜nt of marriage maid betwixt me and my Wyfe I res'ved xx marks to be declare my will & Testament of the which xx merks I do give & bequeth to my said sonne Rob'rt one annuitie or yearlie rent of vj'. xiijs. iiij. for his lyfe naturall to be taken furthe of the said xx merks to be payd yerelie at two termes in the yere that is to say at M'tynmas and penticost by even portions by thands of my sonne John or other myne heires whome it schall please god to succede. And if the said annuitie or yerelie rent of vj'. xiij3. iiij. or ony parte thereof happen to be behinde not payd at anye of the said feastes wch it ought to be payd at or within x days after anye of the same that it shall be lawfull to my said sonne Robert to distren in a ground called the Gores p'cell of the aforesaid xx merks lying within the Lordship of Thornly & that he shall kepe the distres there so taken for lack of payment of his said annuitie unto such tyme the said annuitie or rent or arrearages and eu'ye part therof shall be fully paid and discharged wch said annuitie of xx nobles I give to my said Sonne Rob'rt in full co'tentac'on & payment of his fyliall porc'on or chyldes parte of all my goodes & catall & that my sonne & heyre John Trollope shall have the co'moditie of suche goods or cattales as shuld arise or have com'en to my sayd heyre yf this annuitie had not beine graunted. And if my said sonne Robert will not be co'tent wth the foresaid annuitie but that he woll have his fylial porc'on of my goodes Then I woll by this p'nte Testament that my gift of his annuitie shalbe voyd Also I give & bequith to my bayse gotten sonne Johnne Trollope xx. yerlye durying his lyfe natural wch I woll charge my foresaid sonne & heyre John Trollop to se well & truelie payd according as I and put my trust to him. Also I geve to my doughter Anne Metcalfe vj1. xiijs. iiij. for a soken of remembranee Also I geve & bequyethe

1 Ancestor of the Trollops, of Crossgate. in the City of Durham.

to myne Ukle Roger Trollope a horse or a mayre worthe xl. Also I geve to my sv'nte Richard Thompson a whye wt calfe & to ev'ye of my Sv'nt'. a quarters waige besydes there due as well men Sv'nts as women Also I geve and bequiethe to Thomas Trollope' sonne to my sonne John Trollop my chyne of gold & my broche of gold Also I geve and bequethe to ev'ye one of my wyfes sons a french crowne a peice except S Thomas Meteh'm Knyght. Also I geve & bequethe to my mother an ambling mayre or an ambling nage & to my uncle William Blaxton a french crowne to a token. Also I geve and bequeithe to my brother John Trollope of Mordon a cowe & to his sonne Thomas my godson a Stot The residue of all my goodes cattalles and leases I give unto my sonne and hayre John Trollop whome I ordeyn co'stitute & make sole & full executor of this my testament & last Will trustinge that he shall paye my Debts & dispose the same to the glorie of God my soule healthe & his profet And I require my dere friendes Sir Thomas Meteh'm Knyght & my cosyn Rob'rt Tempest Esquire, Sup'visors of this my said Will and Testament to se the same trulie p'formed & fulfilled in eu'ye article legacy & clause as my trust is in them and for there paynes therein I give to eyther of them v merks In Witnes hereof to this my testament I have subscribed my name & putt to my seale the daye & yere above written in the p'sence of Anthonie Ps'ton Esquire xp'ofer Hall and Roger Trollope Gentleme' & Xp'ofer Chaytor Notarye.3



In the Name of God Ame' the xijth day of Nove❜ber and in yer of of lord god 1558 & in the v & of the regn of or Soverayn Lord and Ladye Phillop and Marye by the grace of god Kynge and Quene of England &c. I George Lawson Esquier Capytayn or Warke Castle being in p'fite memorye at the makyinge of this my last Will and Testamente bequithinge my soulle to Almightie God and my bodye to be buried in Saynt Nicholas Churche in Newcastle besydes my father Secondarely I bequithe all suche my goodes moveable and unmoveable unto Mastres Elsabethe Lawson my wyfe makyng hir my

1 Died before 1565, unmarried.

2 Margery, daughter of William Blakeston, of Blakeston, Esq. 3 Ancestor of the Chaytors, of Butterby and Croft-V. p. 173.

full Executrix and no man to interrupt hir to the intent she shall be good unto my children and hirs And also further that

if it shall so happen by the handy worke of God to call hir unto his m'cye than then I will that my brother Thomas Lawson shall have the govern'nce of my Children Tymothe Lawson and Eward Lawson until they come to lawfull yeres of discrection and to receve that whiche is I leave unto them in redye monye puttinge in suche lawfull ban'ndes as thes p'tyes folowinge shall think meate and l'full for the redeliv'y of hit when they come to the stait of xx yeres Also if it shall so happen either of them to dye the other to be his heyre w'out fraude Also I yeve to Edward Wod my Lieuten'nte a gowne clothe of [blank orig.] and iiij yards of black satten And I Leonard Marshall my buff Jerkyn And thus I make an end referringe all to God. Witnesses thes p'tyes folowing And I have subscribed this wt myne own hand and seale set to my seale as above said. [Pd. 1558.]

yeve unto


In the Name of God Amen. The xvjth daye of Septembre in the yere of or Lord God athusand fyve hundrethe fifte eight I Richard Thadye of Brunptoft in the Countie of Duresme gentle mane beinge sycke in body & p'fyte reme'braunce makithe this my laste Will & Testame'te in man' & forme folowinge. fyrst I geue & bequithe my soull vnto Almightie God my maker & redemer and to or blyssed Laye saynet Marye and to all the blessyd co'panye of hevon, my bodye to be bured in the Churche of Elwike at the Descrechon of my frends. It'm I yue & bequeathe towards the rep'ations of the sayd churche xl3 Also I geve and bequeathe vnto a prest To praye for my soull the spaice of vij yeres next after my deathe (blank in orig.) Also I geve and bequithe vnto my Wyffe Dorothe my lease of the tythe corne of Merington so Longe as she dothe kepe her vnmaryede And if she shall fortune to ma'ye then I will that my two sons shall haue the same lease wthe the p'ffetts thereoff. Also I geve and bequithe vnto my said Wyffe the Lease of Brontoft and all my right and interst in the same. Also I relase & forgeue my father in Lawe Jerrade Salvayn th’elder1 all the dett whiche he is in dettyde vnto me at this daye and also I do forgeue John Kyllinghall all suche detts as he is owinge vnto

1 Of Croxdale.


2 Of Middleton St. George.




Item I geue and bequithe vnto John Killinghalls children xls. Item I geue and bequithe vnto Rob't Skepper my baye stagge and one cowe wche stagge goothe wth Mr. Prestone at Mortone. Also I beqiuthe vnto my su'nte Richard Spence one cowe and one gray fylli of iij yers olde. Also I do for geue my su'nte James Manerd fyve m'rks wiche I deade lend hym and all other Detts wiche he dothe owe vnto me, except suche som'e or som'es of monye wiche he owithe me for 'corne. Also I geue and bequithe vnto Sr. Will'm Wright my gostly father vj viij. to praye for my soull, Also I geue & bequiethe to St. Tho's of Elwike to praye for my soull vjs viijd. Also I geue to Alaxandre my man acowe. Also I geue vnto Willi'm Sporner a cowe and my blew coyt. Also I gue vnto Anne Sporner a cowe and fyve shepe. Also I bequithe vnto thom's Spurnere my graye filli of iij eyre old & my blacke coyt. Also I bequithe unto hughe Dawson my s'u'nt a chaldere of malte and a cowe. I geue and bequithe vnto my Godson Jerred Birkheade acowe. Also I geue to the prests and bedmen of Grethame emongest theme to praye for my soull xx3. soull xx3. Also I geue and beqiuthe vnto the rysydewe of byrkheads childr xls. Also I geue and beqiuthe vnto Anthony Claxton and Anne Claxton x pundes equallye to be devydeade betwixt them in Recompence of all things. Also I geue and bequethe vnto Mr. Frauncis Wandysforde my baye stagge wiche goythe wth hym. Also I geue vnto Marmaduke Surties 2 v. Also I for gyve & release vnto xp'ofer Fermey all suche detts and somes of money as he is owinge vnto me at the makinge hereof. Also I geue to Isabell Thompsonne a cowe. Also I geue to Dorothe Browne v sheape. Also I geue to Margarete Whelus x3. Also I geue to Jennet Wall vs. Also I geue to great Isabell Thomson v3. Also I do forgeue Mystres Fyrbanke of hir dett wich she owth vnto me xx3. Also I geue to John fynllay & xp'ofer (blank) ayther of theme ijs. Also I geue to Maud ijs. Also I geue and bequethe unto the Ryght honrable & my singuler god lord and Mr the lord of Westama land3 my graye geldinge desyringe his lordship for the loue of God to be good lord vnto my wife and childringe. Also I geue and bequethe vnto Mr Jared Sawlvayne the yonger one olde Ryall. Also I geue & bequithe vnto Robt Bolome and Anne Hall athere of them v'. and I will that my Wyffe shall haue the orderinge of them and the said money vnto

1 Of Kirklington, in Yorkshire.

2 Of Middleton-one-Row.

3 Henry Neville, fifth Earl of Westmorland, and father of Charles, the sixth Earl, who rebelled against Queen Elizabeth in 1569, and died in Flanders in great poverty.

suche tyme as thaye shall come to the age of tenne yeres. Also I geue & bequithe vnto my sonnes Bryan Thayde and Thomas Thayde my lease of Burnighill Tuddo and all my right tythe intrest & terme of yeres whiche I the said Richard Thayde haue yetto come in the same wthther appo'tenn'ces and I will that my Vncle Wyll'm Kyllinghall shall haue the ordere rule and gou'nunce of my said two sonnes whithe all there p'ts and porc'ons vnto suche tyme as thaye shall accomplishe the age of xxj yeres at wiche tyme I will that the saide Will'm Killinghall shall deliu' vnto theme all there full porcyons some and somes of monye goods and catalles whiche thaye shall haue of my goods by v'tue of this my Last Will and Testament or other wyse. Also I geue and bequethe vnto Robert Skepper one anʼuytye or annuall rente of fortye shillings by yere goying forthe and to be paide by the said Will'm Kyllinghall and his assignes unto the sayd Robert Skepper and his Assignes out of my lands ten'ts farmholdes and p'ffetts of my fer'holdes whiche I haue geuen vnto my said two sonnes and ayther of them, at the feasts of sanct martine in wynter and penticost by evene porcyon's, to haue and p'ceyve the sayde annuytye of fortye shillings vnto the said Robert Skepper and his Assignes vnto. suche tyme as my sones and eyther of them shall ccomplyshe and com'e to the age of xxj yeres. Also I Also I geue and bequithe vnto my vncle Donet (blank) & to his sone yf thaye be yet levinge xx'. Also I geue to the poure folkes of Brauncepeth to pray for my soull iiijs. Also I gevto the poure folkes of Croxdaill iij iiij. Item to the poure folkes of Elwycke iiijs. Also I geue to nicholas mebourne my s'u'nt vs. Also I geue to xp'ofor Spurnere v'. Also I geue to Isabell Jackson ij. Also I geue to Sr thomas of Vlston iiijs. Also I geue to the poure folkes of Vlston ij3. Also I geve to the pure folkes of Gretham iiij. Also to the p'soners in Durh'm iijs iiijd. It'm I geue to Doctor Benett an angell. Also I geue to Mr. Tutinge iijs iiija. It'm I geue to elesabethe fenney a cowe. Also I geue vnto xp'ofor Fenney a cowe. Also I geue and bequ'the vnto the said Will'm Killinghall my whyte geldinge. It'm I geue vnto John p'rosber an old ryall. Also I geue to Will'm Claxton x3. Also I geue to my Aunt Soth'one and my aunt Huddeswell ether of them an angell. Also I will that if it shall fortune ayther of my sayd two son'es to dye before he come and accomplyshe the age of xxj yeres then I will that the survyor and over levere of them shall haue all his part and porcyone of goods and cattalls whiche shall fortune to dye, and yf it shall please god to call them bothe to his m'cye then I will that bothe there p'tts and porcyons wth all the p'ffetts comynge of my sayd fermholde shal

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