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& Thomas gibson either of them one olde angell for ther kyndnes they shewed to me in the tyme off my sicknes Itm I bequiethe to eu'y one of the lay singing me' fourtye penc a peic Item to eu'y one of the queristers xijd a peic Itm to eu'y one off the gramer scoles belonging to o, churche viijd a peic Itm to eu'y one of the beadme' being p'sent xijd. Itm I bequiethe to george smithe iijs iiijd Itm to the bell ringers either of them

Itm I bequieth to Thomas yveson my best rounde clook laid behynde with velvett Item I bequieth to Rauffe hilton my goodsone one olde angell And to m, will'm hylton' his father one other olde angell. Itm I bequith to Sir Alexand' wodmous xx and one newe capp a newe worsett typpett and my best worsett Jackett Itm I bequieth to John Crosby auditor one olde angell Itm I bequieth to will'm waltons wiffe and to my cosyn olyver either of them one olde angell Itm I bequieth. to Thomas birde som'ener vjs viijd in money and my olde freis froke Itm I bequieth to Elynor Cawsaye my worst single gowne to make hir a coote off & ijs in moneye Itm I bequieth to my brother Sir Alexand' Crawfourth fyve marks in money a newe capp a newe sarsenett typpett a newe paire of hose & a worsett dublett Itm to my cosyngs thomas Crawfurth in Lyncolneshier fyve marks in money & sex sylver spoynes wth playn endes Itm to my cosyng Jaine baxter wiffe to awmond baxter v. vjs. viijd. in golde Itm to mr John hilyerde of witton gylbert hall one olde angell and to his wiff an olde angell Itm I bequieth to mris claxton one olde angell Itm to dame slayter v Itm to dame yallyley ijs. Itm I bequieth to lawrenc hailye Baliff of Durh'm one olde angell Itm I bequieth to sr Rauffe Duckett vicar of hesleden one olde Ryall Itm to Jennett skirrow of the stott yaitt one olde ryall Itm I bequieth to Jane hall one olde angell Itm I bequieth to John Dickenson one sylver salt Itm to Thomas foster one sylver pott Itm I bequieth to eu'y p'st that is at my buriall xijd Itm I bequieth to the lybrayrye all Seynt Augustyne works and Basyll in greik & latten and Rabbye moyses in printe Itm I bequieth to s Stephen holliday all saynet Cyprianes workes Itm to st will'm watson my foulden sylver spoone Itm I bequieth to my Cosyn

I William Hilton, of Biddick, Esq., son of Sir William Hilton, of Hilton Castle, Knt., (by Sybil, daughter of Thomas, son and heir of George Lord Lumley,) and eventually Baron Hilton, upon the death of his brother Thomas,

s. p.

2 This book, Froben's splendid edition, in ten folio volumes, 1529, in handsome old binding stamped with the rose and portcullis of King Henry VII., and protected by large knobs of brass, is still in the Library of the Dean and Chapter; "Ex dono Magistri Johannis Crawfurthe olim hujus Ecclesiæ Prebendarii."

Cicell Gibson of Branspeith vjs viijd and to hir sister dwelling ther vjs viija Item I bequieth to Anthonye Dickonsonne Bartholmew Dickonson p'civell lee, Rob't lee and Michaell lee eu'y one off them vjs viijd Itm I gyue to John walton the sonne of will'm walton my godsonne vjs viijd and to Barbarye gybson vjs viijd Itm I bequieth to nicholas walton x Itm I bequieth to Rob't watson of newcastell & his wiffe either of them vs Itm I bequieth to Thomas Crawfurthe off penrith my cosyng x in money Itm I bequieth to s henry gaitts one olde angell Itm I bequieth to henry Dickonson vjs viijd Itm I bequieth to wilI'm waulton Drapp' and Richerd Johnson one off the virgers either of them xx And I will that they shalbe sup'visors off this my last will and testame't The reste off all my goodes and cattalls my debts paid and fun'all dischardged I gyve and bequethe to John Dickonson and Thomas ffoster my s'unts whome Í mak executors off this my last will and testame't John Crawfurth Joh'es Broune & Richerd Johnson.*


xxij of Auguste 1561 I nicholas Willm'son clerke of Castell eden my soull vnto allmightie god my maker and my bodye to be buried wthin the churche of Castleden [legacies of xiij. iiij. each to the poore of Castle eden & Heselden] to Elizabethe Raughton late p'oresse of Baisdell1 xl3.

CXLIII. WILLIAM BLAXTON, OF COKSEYE, GENTLEMAN.2 In the Name of God Amen. The xyth day of Januarye in ye yere of or Lorde Gode 1561 I Will'm Blaxton of cokseye in the Cowntie of duresme gentleman beinge seke and crased of bodye yet prased be god my maker of holl and perfite memory I do ordeyn and make this my last Will and Testament in manere & fforme ffolowinge first I do confesse that there is no salva'con but in ye blode dethe and resurrection of or saveyor

The last Prioress of the humble Cistercian Nunnery of Basedale, in Cleveland (originally a Nun at Keldholm) who had been appointed in 1527, and had so long survived the Dissolution. The clear yearly income of her small Monastery did not amount to much more than £20 per annum, when she was driven into the world.

2 William Blakiston, of Coxhow, Esq., ancestor of the Blakistons, of Gibside and Shieldrow, and the first in the pedigree of Blakiston, of Gibside, for which see SURTEES II. 255.

Jesus christe into whose hands I bequithe my soul and my bodye to be buryed within my p'ishe churche of Kello wtin a porche called Lady porche where dyuerse of myne Auncestors haithe ben buried Item I geue to the poore withein the p'ishe of Kello x Item I geue to the poore of the towne of norton x Item I doo geve vnto the prysoners of Duresme iijs iiijd Item I doo geue vnto Mr. doctor benet my curate in co'siderac'on of forgotten tithes iijs iiijd. Item I doo geue to be bestowed vpon the Lordes Table or amending of the churche of Kello vj. viijd. Item I do geue to elenor my welbeloved wyff' all my beddinge naprye and hushold stuf Item I do geue vnto my son Roger blaxton one gelding goyng at Middle'm and a siluer goblet gilt with a couer ye which goblet I will shall remayne vnto his eldest son Willyam and the heyres for euer. Item doo gyue vnto my son Rogers children will'm and george excepted x'. Item doo geue vnto my son ffulthropes children begotten of my doughter dorathe x'. Item doo geue vnto Will'm blaxton my son Rogers eldest son v1. Item I doo

geue vnto george blaxton my son Roger son ye lease that I have of ye Tithe Corne of cocksaye vpon condic'on that his ffather shall haue his teithe Corne paying for ye same according to his porc'on. Item I doo geue vnto my Son Roger wyfe an ambling whit mayr. Item I doo geue vnto Will'm Anthonye marleys son one stirke. Item I doo geue vnto euerye one of my su❜nts men and women ouer and besydes there wages dewe unto them at my death xijd a pese ffynally I doo geue vnto Mr. Robart Tempest equier one yong graye geldinge not rydden goynge here at Coksaye & to my nepho Mr. John Blaxton one yonge geldinge now goinge wt hym and to my cosyn ffrauncys bainbrigg one old ryall and one angell noble whome I make my sup'uisors of this my last will and testament Most hartly de

sieringe them as my trust is in them to see this my will p'formed in euerye behalf and to help to appease controversies if any shall arise & ye charges that they shall maike in this byhalfe to be born of myne owne prop' goodes to be taken of myne executor. Tha Resydue of all my goodes not bequithed, my debts paid & ffun'all expences deducted I doo ffrelye geue vnto george blaxton my son whom I make my full and sole executor of this my last will and testament In Wytnes whereof unto this my last will and testamente I have set too my hand & seale ye day and yere above written Will'm blaxton Robart Tempest Francys baynbrige Will'm benet thes being wytness ffolowinge Anthony Marley Robart Mayson and Will Bras yoman.

1 A daughter of .... Millot, of Whitehill, par. Chester-le-Street.

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3 Nov. 1562. I Elizabethe Garthe of Headlam-wedoweto be buried wthin the churche of our Ladye at Gainford-to ye poore mans boxe xijd.-to Katheren Garthe at clyppinge tyme one yowe and one lambe to Katheren Tait one gymmer lambe to Anne Spenser my best gowne, my best kirtle & ye best cov❜lett-to Margret Burrell a sanguen gowne and a pair off beides with a little bruche, and the great bruche 1 gyve to my doughter Agnes spenser-to Agnes Garthe best (base, the word best occurs more than once in the will where Agnes is spoken of) begotten daughter to my son Rychard Garthe my household stuffe [sons Richard & Anthony-son-in-law Cuthbert Burrell Katherin Garth] Funeral expenses iij1. xiij3. iiijd.*


24 Ap. 1562. Alleson Fleta' of Stocktonto Jane Fletam a white why calffe a bordid sylver gyrdell-to Will'm Fletame my sonne a double dowckett ij old Aungelis yt was his owen, a great chist, a bed covering, an oxe called Burgesse, a great brasse pott & a blake dubler. To Thomas Fleta' an old aungell—to Rycherd Fletam an old angell a hawked stott, an iron bond wayne to Nycholas Fletam ij old aungels, ij brasse potts iiij puder dublers an bowting tune, an arke, a kirne, a panne, a dowghe tubbe, a table.--to Elizabeth Aunderson an old aungell, a rede hawked cowe, all my rament, ij pair off harden sheets x yards of harden clothe, an acre of wheat & an acre off peese, a bed cov'inge-to Rychard Fleta' & Elizabeth Anderson halff my salt fleshe & a quarter of wheat - to Elizabeth Fleta' a crowne off gold-to Will'm Fletam sonne to Thomas Fletam a crown off gold-to Lancelott Fletam a crowne of gold-to Willm' Bainbricke a whyt oxe strike-to Anthony Bainbricke a why calff-to Roger Bell a crowne off gold-to Will'm Burdon a crowne off gold--to Alleson Bainbricke a red hawked cowe & a yowe a great cawdron a stothed sylver gyrdell-to Margery Fletam an almerye-to Margarett Anderson a cawll-to Thomas Burdon a busshell of wheat-to Jane

1 From this family descended Sir Samuel Garth, of whom a brief but spirited memoir, by Mr. Surtees, is contained in that portion of his fourth volume which had passed through the press before his death.

2 The widow of a Farmer who had thriven in the world.

Brantinga' a line kyrcheff an apron & a pair of hoose-to Margaret fletam a yowe & a lambe

INVENTORY Five potts & a posnett xx. xiij peice of puder, ij sawcers ij candlesticks xvj. An almerie & a cawell'x'. ij bedd cov'ing wth beddinge xx. vj harden shiets, a pair of lyn sheets x yerds of harden clothe wth other linegeir xx3. In GOLD a double dowkett ix angels vj crowns vj x3. Two kve xlvj3. viijd. Six sheipp xxiiijs. In iron old waine wth pleughs & temes xiij. iiijd. iiij pannes, a cawdron, ij ketles xx. ij speetes, a pair off cobeirons a reckincroke a pair of tongs iiijs. An arke, a chest, a table a bowting tune thre tubbes x. ij quarters of wheat threshed wth malt & rye xl. Two sylver gyrdles xl. iij oxen vj'. ij stots, a why & calfe xxvj. viij. An iron bound xls. An wayne off winter corne & waer oxgang corne v1. Sum xxxv. vs. viijs. DEBTS Inter alia For a busshell of haver malt xijd. To Rowland Burdon wyff for halff a bushell of bigge malt xijd.-To Jane Appylbe for a busshell of haver malt & a busshell of peasse vs To Mr Sare for a loode of whynnes viijd.*


Marche xij 1562. I Mychaell Trotter of the Byers Greine to Bryan Trotter all my harnes as swerds, buckleres, INVENTORY App'ell & harnes iiij'. Four &c.*

steill coittes

geass a ganner v3.


INVENTORY 25 Jan. 1562. Imprimis (blank) cappes, iij dossone of sylk pointes and pynnes & laces of silke, & som of ledd wh other naprywaires to ye valew of xxiiij. iiijs. In lyning cloth x yeardes x'. In bedding and raime't & other hoshold gear xvj. viij. S'm, lj. DETT To Thomas Lambe of the Newcastell xxvj3.


Jul. xj 1562 I Will'm Johnson of stanley byers whin the

1 These notices of trade, occupation, &c., are drawn either from the Will or the Inventory.

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