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To my

p'shinge of Tanffelde I gyue and bequieth vnto my sonne michaell Johnson a ambling ffremd meir sonne in lawe hewgh ffarer x3. in money to my doughter Elizabeth farer xxx'. in full recompensac'on off her childes porc'on bicause I have bought a warde for hir whome she haith maried wch coost me above xl' so that I Recken hir porc'on to be better than any off the rest off my children' I bequieth vnto Mr Rob't tempeste of holmesyd thorder off my sonne in lawe hewgh flairer and his wiffe wth all his porc'on off lands & goods to he come to lawfull aidg.


IN DEI NOMINE AMEN. The xiiij daye of ffebruarye Anno d'ni 1562 I elizabethe sacheuerall wedo lait wyfe of Roberte Sacheuerall of Nowneton w'in the countye of Warwikeshier esquier holl of mynde and good of Remembraunce althoughe I be seke in my bodye maike my will and testamente in maner and ffourme ffolowinge ffyrst I bequithe and yeue my soule to almightie god and to all the Co'panye of heuon my bodye to be buryed w'in the p'ishe Churche of hertbo'n after the custime of churche ffor asmoche as I always haue bowntefull mother vnto all my children bothe to my son Pulleye my son Astell my son ffyndren as also to my doughter sacheuerall in geuinge them att seuerall tymes moche more than any of them can of Right demaunde for ther faithers bequestes And in consederac'on yt they have ben thonely cawsers of my greate and chergeable trobles to my greate disquietnes discumfurthe and impou'ishmente so as I thinke me yt lesse bordened in conscence to bequithe any more of my goods to anye of them And where I suppose when I am dep'ted it wolbe Thought that I did bringe wt me in to this cowntrye [more] moneye and other things than I did therfore I have thought it goode to expresse by name euerye p'cell yt I brought p'ticularlye & to whome I will bequethe ye same ffyrst thre gounes one of grograyn gardid wt veluet ye whiche I bequeth to marye sacheuerall my doughters doughter Item one Clothe gardid wt velvet to ye said marye Item one of russett worsselles ffrenged the whiche I bequithe to katheryn Sacheuerall my mayd Item two kirtells of damaske the one of them I bequethe to my godso' ffrauncys constable to maike hym a cote of and the other to ye forsed katheren Item two kirtelles of

1 So much for the feudal system, and wardship, a portion of it! The above will be read with interest.

veluet thone to ye sayde ffraynces to garde his cote with the other to the said ffraynces to Item one kirtell of satten to ye said marye Item one kirtelle of wo'set I bequethe to ye said Katheren

Item one paire of martyrons to the said marye Item v Rayles of two yerdes Leynninge a pece to ye said marye Item sex handkirchiffes & vj p'tellets to the said marye Item I bequethe all my smocks to the said kathren Item one kascat wherein is one fflagen ffashoned chyne of gold wt one tablet of gold one crose of gold ix ryngs of gold a siluer salt gilted one siluer pot ix siluer spoones & two broken spones of siluer vj bowed half angels ye whiche caskat wth the Jewells I bequethe to ye said marye if hir childes p'te maye not be recoueried wch is in the custodye of thes p'sons as ffolowithe that is to saie in the handes of hir father x Item in the hands of Will'm whyte of wedington in ye countye of warwike x Item in haunds of the vicare deceased x' and in myne owne hands x' ye whiche su'me of xl' if it maye be optened Then I bequethe the said iewells vnto my executor and he to paye vnto katheren my maid of the same iiij' in money Item one cloke garded wt veluet one veluet hat & one sadle couered wt ffustian ap'lls to marye Item one graye geldinge and a nage ye geldinge to Ingram smythe the nag to marye The resydue of all my goods chattelles and cattells moveable & vnmoueable in whois Custodye or occupac'ons soeuer they doo remayn or hereafter maye remayn I doo bequiethe & yeue vnto my most true and welbeloved ffrend Rob'te Constable of wallyngto' otherwais called Roberte constable of nowneton in the cowntye of warwik esquier1 whome I doo ordeyn & maik my sole executor & he to paye my debts and fulfill my legacies & dispone for my soulle as my especiall trust is in hym and that this my last will & testament maye be ffulfilled I most hertly beseche my good Lords therll of warwike and lorde Rob'te dudley to be sup'uisors Thes witnesses Rob'te lorell esquer lord of kirkhall Randall ffenwicke gent Rolande

I This was that Sir Robert Constable of most infamous memory, who, eight years afterwards, endeavoured, under the garb of friendship, to entrap the Earl of Westmorland, after the failure of his rebellion in 1569.-V. Sadler's State Papers II., 21, 57, 97, 118. A more detestable character does not pollute the pages of history. He was son and heir of Sir Marmaduke Constable, to whom the site and possessions of the Benedictine Nunnery of Nun Eaton, in Warwickshire, had been granted after the Dissolution; and at the date of the above will resided at Wallington, having married Dorothy, widow of Sir Roger Fenwick. He was at the same time owner of Nun Eaton (the Nowneton of the will), of which the husband of the Testatrix had probably been the tenant. The motives which had induced this Warwickshire lady to desert her county and friends, are partly alluded to in the will. The reasons why she appointed Sir Robt. Constable her residuary legatee, are, perhaps, for his sake as well forgotten.

marshall Thomas marshall marmaduke ffenwike gilberte gilles david taylor vicare of bolam wt other mo


In the name of g' our most m'cifull Saviour and Redemer Jesus Christe so be ytt The xxvijth daye of Julye in the yere of or Lorde God athousand fyve hundreth threscore and two I Rob't Lorde Ogle off Bottall in the countie of northumb'land being p'fect and good remembranc doo constitut and make this my p'nt testament-ffirst I com'ende and bequieth my soule into thands off allmyghtie god and to all the Blessed compenye of heavon and my bodye to be buried wthin the churche of Bottall besydes my father and mother wthoute pompe or solempnitie— brothers Cuthbert-Thomas-To my brother Rauff ogle the advowson of the p'sonage of Bottall att the next avoydanc

my sisters Anne and Jane Ogle-to Anne xxx' to her mariadg. I gyve to my syster meriall ogle a ring in token off reme'braunce. It'm I gyve to S Rob'rt Vghtryd Knight my best velvett gowne and my capp wth agletts and a broche vpon ytt and a dublett of Satten vnmaid. It'm I gyue to my cosin henrye Vghtred my blak taffytay gowne a black velvett yerken furred with blake lame

To cuthbert ogle my sister sone my yonge stoned horse— Thomas Ogle and Robert ogle my systers sonnes y Revertion off Rauff Ellekers Leasse off the olde more after ye decease of John Ogle broy to George Ogle-to my vncle oswyne ogle ye Ridding vnto such tyme as he shall enter vnto twysell & to have tymbre necessarie delyvered for buyldyng an howsse yr to dwell vpon-my cosing George ogle—my vncle lewes ogle-to ye said George ogle a yonge gray horse called storie in Remembranc off my good will-to will'm clarke Thomas clarke seconnd sonne the avoyson at the next vacac'on or avoydaune off ye p'sonage off shepwashe next and after ye death of Sir Thomas ogle nowe incumbent off ye same-to John Ellys my s'vand a younge baye geldinge with a whyte snypp off ye nose-to wm snawfell the best young gelding he wyll chuse emongest my young horses—to ye

1 Robert, sixth Lord Ogle, son and heir of Robert, fifth Lord Ogle, whose Will is printed above [No. LXXX1x., p. 119.]—Deputy Warden of the Marches, under the Marquis of Dorset, in 1547-Summoned to Parliament from 14 Aug. 1553 to Nov. 5, 1558.-Died without male issue, 1 Aug., 1562, four days after the date of his will, leaving his wife Jane, daughter of Thomas Maleverer, of Allerton Maleverer, in the county of York, Esq., a widow. Portions of his will are in a mutilated state. A copious pedigree of the Ogle family is given by Mr. Hodgson, under the parish of Whalton.

box off allerton maleverie sex pounds thirteyne shillings forpence to be distribute emongst ye poore of the p'ishe—to anthonie ogle off hepple sex bowells off wheat & rye--to Robert ogle my unckle Oswen soon the man' & te'nte of twissle in Revertion after ye yeres off the leasse of John ogle-my wyffe Jayne ogle sole executrix the honorable Lorde lord Lumley the cheaff sup'visor and for Remembrance off my poore good will I gyve to hym a sylver boull gylt and also Syr Robert Vghtred Knight my Cosing henrie Woddrington and henrie Vghtred and Cuthbert Horsley Esquyers to be sup'visor-everie one off yes fouer to haue for there paynes sex poundes thirtene shillings forpenc[Prob. granted 28 Aug. 1562, by William Gray, Dean of the Deanery of "Borobrig" Commissary of the Bishop of Chester.]


The Inventorye of all such goodes jewells, cattals and plait as well moveable as vnmoveable apperteininge vnto lait Will'm Hilton of Biddicke esquier deceased prassed by Robert Lampton esquier &c 1562.

INTER ALIA. y Quenes maties armes in frame vj. viijd. PLAITE, a litle standing cup gilt iiij'. On silver salt wt a cov' p'cell gilt iij'. vj3. viijd. Ten silver sponnes xxxvj. viijd. Some ix'. iij. viijd.- An old graye horsse called Conyers xls. A graye horsse called Cambridge xxx3.-The good wyffs bedd we all belonging iij'. vj3. viij.-Debt to my Lord Suffragain xx1. Total 488£ 12s. Total of debts 825£ 11.



In the name of God Amen. The xvj day of November in the yeare off our lord God a thowsand fyve hundrethe threscore &

1 The birth place of Lady Ogle, the wife of the testator.

2 Younger brother and heir of Sir Thomas Hilton, of Hilton Castle, Knt.Of the above Inventory an extract only is given.

3 In all probability the last person who struck coins for the See of Durham. Many curious additions might be made to Mr. Noble's treatise on the Durham coinage from the yearly Account Rolls of the See. As for instance, with respect to this very person:

Et de xxxiijs. iiijd. rec' de Johanne Richardson firmario Cunagii Dunelma. videlicet pro termino Mart. pro medietate anni." Rot. W. Redmayn. Scaccar. Dunelm. 1. TUNST. 1530.

Roger Richardson, the father, perhaps, of the Testator, had coined for Bishop Ruthal.

two I John Richardson of the p'isshinge of St Owswolds in Durh'm hole off mynd & p'fitt of remembraunce maks my last will & Testament in man & forme followinge. ffirst I bequiethe my soull to God Almyghtie & my bodie to be buried in the churche of Sainct Osswould aforesaid. Also I bequiethe to Will'm Richardson my sonne on greine Jackett & my bryches & my scarlett cappe & my sworde. Also I bequiethe to Margarett my wyffe my best gowne. Also I bequiethe Jennett my dowghter one gould ringe. Also I bequiethe Elizabeth ij yowes.the resydewe-to Margret my wyffe, (&c.)

INVENTORY. Inter alia, xij sylver spoones xl. on sylvr salt weinge xij ounces xlvijs. ij cootes, ij gownes, ij dowblets xlixs.*


In the name off god am' The iiijth day of Dec'mb'r in the yere of or lord god a thowsand ffyve hundreth thre score and two I st John dalavall Knight makes this my last will & testame't in man'er & forme hereafter following ffyrste I gyue my soule to god almightie god and all the hollye off heaven and my bodye to be buried wthin my owne chappell off Ceton dalavell wth solemp' s'vic therto belonging the day off my buriall Also I gyue to Thomas morton of Barwick for the mariadg off my daughter marye dalavell one hundreth marks It'm to my daughter Bettres Erington for hir filiall porc'on xl' Item I gyue to Jane dalavell my bastard doughter Jane dalavell sex pound thirtein shillings & four pene It'm to Josua Delavell for s'vic doone vnto me and to be doone vnto my heires by yere for terme off his lyffe fyve marks It'm I gyue to bettres Erington one fetherbedd and one mattress and all therto belonging Itm I gyue vnto my sonne in lawe will'm ffenwick two young oxen and to his wyff Elyno' one ffetherbedd and one mattress and all therto belonging It'm I gyue to Anne Rames my best broche that is vpon my velvett Capp Also I gyue to Rob't dalavell sonne of my sonne John dalavell one swerd one cowe & a caulff It'm to Jane delavell doughter to my sonne John dalavell one cowe & a calff It'm I gyue to Josua dalavell a cowe & a calff Item I gyue to John rames one cowe & a calff Itm to Thomas Cramlington one whye wth a calffe Item to henry dalavell one whye off one yere olde It'm I gyue to

1 Sir John Delaval, of Seaton Delaval, Knt., High Sheriff of Northumberland. 2. Philip and Mary. He married Aune, daughter of Ralph Lord Ogle.

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