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Thomas dalavell one whye off the lyke aidg Itm I gyue to John Myddleton sonne to the lord off Belsay one hauked whye Item I gyue to Christopher bell one whye of one yere olde Itm I will yt georg dalavell my basterd sonne shall haue fo, s'vic' doon & to doone vnto my heirs during his lyff naturall by yere xl It'm I wyll that Thomas fawlkyner shall haue for his s'vic done unto me and to be done vnto my heires during his lyff naturall by yere xxvjs viijd It'm I wyll that Thomas Wawton shalhaue the ffarmehold wch he is in for s'vic doone and to be doone vnto my heires and to haue allowed yerely during his naturall lyff the rent of xls Itm I will that s Richerd Anderson clerk and chapplaine vnto shalhaue meit & drink wth my sonne John Dalavell and also for his doing during his naturall lyff the soume off foure pounds sex shillings eight penc And yf he shalbe by aidg or other wyse devexed or blynd to haue his meat and drinke and the said annuall stipend off iiij1 vjs viija whills he lyveth Item I will that Anthony dalavell and his wyffe shalhaue or the longer lyver off yem two for s'vic done vnto me and to my heires by yere during ther naturall lyff thre pounds thirteen shillings foure penc It'm I will that John dalavell shalhaue for s'vic doone unto me and to be doone unto my heires during his naturall lyffe by yere xls. It'm I ordein and make my sonne John dalavell my full and sole executo' to whome I gyue all the reste off my goodes vnbequiethed to order and disponde all thinges as he thynkes best for my soules healthe and his best p'ffett Witnesses of this my p'sent will John Mytford off sighell Rob'rt Rames James Ogle will'm ffenwick James Beek Clerk and henrye wyclyffe.*


In the name of God amen.

The yth off Julij in the yere of or lord God 1562. I Nycholas Blaxton of Norton sycke in bodye & hole of mynd & good off remembraunce dothe institute & maike this my laste will & Testament in man & forme folowing. First I gyve my soull to Almyghtie God my maker and redemer and or Ladye St Marye wth all the celestial co'pany in heaven to praye for me & my bodye to be buride win ye p'ish churche of Norton First I gyve to Will'm Blaxton a counter, a lead, & a maskfatt & a troughe stone, a great arke, a spence & fflanders chest Also I gyve to Thomas Blaxton a counter & a woode trowghe & to his wyff a fflanders chist wth

1 Of the family of Blakiston, of Blakiston.

the locke Also I gyve to Katheren Blaxton a counter & a almerie, a meat table and two paier of lyninge sheites & two payer of harden sheits iiijor coddwayeres & four towells. Also gyve to Nycholas Harp'lays wyffe my best gowne & a fflaunders coffer. The resydewe (&c.)

INVENTORY. In the hall howsse xx". A cowe & two whyes iij'. On acre of corne xxx. Implements in the chamber xxx'. xij yowes & lambes xxvj. viijd. A gowne xv. ix' xx. Debts. Servants wags vjs. viijd. Geven at yo church & for a dynn' iij'. Rem v'. xv.*



Dec. xxij. 1562. I Thomas Plu'ton of Hylto yooman—I commytt my soull to Almyghtie God & my bodye to be buried in the curche yearde of Munckwarmothe with ye com'nyon to be said the daye of my buriall-to my right wysshipfull Mr the barron off Hylton one old ryell for a pour token-my farmehold in Hilton which I have by lease--[leaves small sums of money to his relations] desyringe my wyshipfull Mr the baron of Hilton to be ther goode Mr as my full trnst ys in him.*


In the name of God Amen th' xxth daye of December in the yeare of or Lorde God 1562. I Robert Prat of Knaton seike in bodie bud hole in mynde & off good & p'fit remembraunce dow orden & maike this my last will & testament in man' & forme followinge.-ffirst I bequiethe my soul to God Almyghtie & my bodie to be buried wth in the church yearde of Leke. Also I maike John' Coites & Esabell Coites my owen childer. Item I gyve & bequiethe to will'm Pratt John Coites & Issabell Coites all my goodes whome jointly together I maik myn executors to dispose & discharge me as well off my fathers Armestrames will as my owne will & Testament, to order & dispose my goodes to my soulles healthe. Wytness hearoff Sir John Cundone curatt &c.

INVENTORY 11 Jan. 1562–3. THE HALL One almerie vj3.

1 A farmer upon the Hilton Estate under the Baron, who is affectionately remembered in the will.

2 A farmer of two farms, and a smith, in Northallertonshire, who adopts two children by his will. His inventory contains many curious words, and the whole document is of a very valuable nature.

viij. j litle kettles xiij. iiij. ij pannes ij. ij latine candlesticks xij. ij calle iij. iiij. ij brasse potes viij. iiij pewder dublers, on pewder basson on counterfett iij. iiij. One ffryinge panne iiij. Thre skeiles xij. Thre kittes, j kirne with staffe xiiij. One chaire viija. One little meat borde one


furme, fyve little stoilles & one wod morter viij. iiij quishons xijd. Leaves of ij swyne iiijd. Tow Heekells vjd. ij great bowells iij wodd skailles, one syle, one dossone & ix trenchers iiij one wodde dublers ij cheise fattes, thirteine wode dishes xviijd. j reekand, j paire of pot clyppes, viijd. v beefe fliches & iij bacon flicks xiijs. THE CHAMBER. ij ryddles, j seive, j scuttle, iiij. On gile fatt, j stande, v ale potes, one varges barrell, on stone cruse xvja. One pare of bed stockes on spinninge wheill, one mavnde, j straw skeipp & j hopp xvjd. j maske fatt, j swyne tubbe xijd. ij chistes xijd. One lether flackett vja. One paire of sheires iiijd. ij secks ij pookes xvjd. MENTES Two gownes for a woman j kirtle viijs. ij hattes for a woman j white capp xvj. ij smockes xijd. ij smockes xijd. On sworde, j dagger, on pursse ijs. One sylver spowne ijs. j paire of bowtes, j pare of shooes ijs. iiij yeards of white carsye clothe vs. One bounde of lyne v3. One white pettecotte, one reid kirtle iij. iiij.ij kirchyffes iij lyn raylles iiijs. ij lether dubletts, j lether Jerkyn, one clothe jerkyn iijs. One clocke (cloak) iijs. ij paire of womans hoosses, j paire of shooes xijd. BEDDINGE ij mattresses vs. iij white happins ij. iij white happins ijs. One wyndowclothe xijd. Fowr coddes ij. ij cov'lettes ij. viij. iiij blanketts iiijs. j lyn sheit, v harden sheits vj. viijd. WAYNES, PLEWGHES AND BELONGITHE Y TO. One wayne with yron bound wheilles, axill nailles, lyn nalles, ij ringes, j wayneheade shakle, j waynehead yoke xxxiij3. iiij. v yoixes with bowes j of not ijs. viijd. j bucshackill, j dodge of iron viija. Fowr axes xvjd. Knyffe, one hande sawe, one horse loke xvja. ij plewghes, j culter, on socke, iij. iiij. xxij fellowes, v donge forckes, x pleughe heads, vj plewe sheares, ij steretres, foure showells, two spaides vjs. viij.ij sythes xijd. iij syckills iijd. ij cowpes, ij paire of wheills, ij paire of hoppinge trees wth cappes off yron, axill nales & lyn nales xiij. iiij. iij teames v3. iij iron wedgeis vja. j mattoche, j thistill, one choppinge, iij woumbles, j pare of tonges viij. ij wayne roopes, j haire teder xij . On plewgh beame j axletree vj . xij peaces of wodd, xvj sparres v3. Horsse harrowes vjd. ij iron forckes iiij. Thre stees al's ledders xija. THE SMETHey. One paire of bellowes xvjd. j gryndston wth the axletree off iron & crookes xx, ij great hambers, four litle hamberes, j paire of pynchers, j paire of tongs ij. CORNE IN THE BARNE. Wheet

& rye xxvj. viija.


Ottes xx, Peasse vj. viij.
Wheit & Rye iij'. HAYE



xxvj. viija. THE LEASSE at Knaton x3. GOODES Six oxen vj1. Two calves x3. One donne ffylley xx3. One fillye foole ijs. Two coockes & hennes iij. iiij. vj kyen vj1. On grea nagge On colt stagge vjs viijd. One tupe one yowe ijs viij. One ducke iiij. AT WESTRUNCTON, THE HALL One Almerie iiijs. One old brasse pote iijs. Thre little pannes viija. Two little saltes ij. ij skeilles, on soo, one kyrne wh the staffe one syell, j vergeus barrell, vj mylk bowlls, ij kytts, xij wodd disshes one wodd skaille four trenchers iij. ixa. Two bourd sheilffes ij. Thre quisshons ix. Paynted clothes iiij.j disshe calle ijs. viijd. One caldron iij. iiijd. x pewdr dublers j counterfatt ijs. j cryssett, ij rachyncrokes j pair of tonges one pair off cobyrons, j speitt one paire off' potes iiij'. iij meit bourdes, on chair iij furmes, iiij little stooles j wodd morter ijs. ij lether flackitts viijd. iiij baccon flicks leives of ij swyne v. viij. THE CHAMBER V paire of harden sheites, j lyn sheit, two codwayres, one lyn towell, one harden bourd clothe, one lyn bourd clothe, one old towell vjs. viijd. vij aile potes xijd. ij arkes, ij old barrelis, ij tubbes, one strawe skepp, ij maundes, ij henncawells vs. On Wandyt leape ijs. Two little chistes xijd. iiij happines, iij blankyttes, on coverlett, one mattresse, ij coddes, fyve yeardes off freasse xvj. Fowr pair of bedd stockes xvj. iij poockes, iij seckes, on wyndow clothe iiij. spynninge wheel wth ye stoole on wodd busshell, j wodd pecke, on strawe pecke, on haver rydle, j wheit rydle, ij seaves, on scuttle, j teames, ij bowells, skepps of straw. Sum xxxvj. viijd. HIS RAYMENT, ij Jackets off freasse ij paire of hoosses, j old clocke, j old dublett, j Jacke, j sallyt, on pair of splentes xijs. On hackney sadle wth ye brydle viijd. ij halters iiij traces iiijd. THE BAVK HOWSSE. On wood trowe, j


mashfatt brandrithe, j little stone trowe, j gange of fellowes ij. viij. j stepe fatt vjs. viijd. THE SMYEDYE. j pair of bellowes, ij greatt hambers, v little hambers, vj pair of tongs, ij woumbles, iij parcers, j hand sawe, two chissells, j grynd stone, wth j naile tuyle (tool) one wrast, ij old sythes, vj fyelles, v axlewayne nales, xvj horsse shoes, vj old teithe for to s've for one harrowe xxxij. WAYNES AND PLEWES[&c. &c. fere ut supra] S'ma totalis lxvij1. x3. ixa.*


1562. 1 Ap. I Florence Porto' of Bushopawkland to be buried in the chirche yerde off St. Androwes

I gyve and bequiethe vnto John Sklaiter my browne Jacket a chamlett dublett, a nyght cappe of velvet. Also I gyve vnto Robert Portor & Cuthbert Porto' my two sonnes all my Jacks sallet sworde & all my other geire meat for warre with on tawny gowne & a gaberdine & all my other rament


1563. SHIPPING. A Q'ter of the
Item in the Mary grace vjxx.
Two masers xxx". A litle silver salt
xiij silver spones xliij. iiija.

INVENTORY 24 May Elizabeth xxxij'. xiij. iiijd. A silver peace liijs. iiijd. percell gilt xxvj. viija. newland fishe xls.


His silver chane

His dagger-his signett of gold-his best gowen.


The Inventory of all suche Goods as did belonge vnto Mr Ralfe Huton of Walworthe laitly deceased, and prased by iiij honest me'. 1563.

Two fether bedds, three bolsters, two pellows, liij3. iiija. vij happings, a coverlett xiiij. iij blanketts x. ij mattresses viij. One bedd covering vj. viij. vj quissons viij. A cupbord and a clothe vj. viijd. One chist vj. viijd. Two chairs ijs. Two stoles, two fermes ij. viijd. Two trussing beds and two teasters xl. A satten doblett & a worsted Jackett xxiij. iiij. One gowen, a cloke, iiij pair of hose, a pair of bote hose, ij cotts of black clothe, a fres cott, a fushan doblett, a rede peticote, ij velvet strait caps, a knit cape, a sword, a dager, a sword girdle iij'. IN THE CHEASE CHA'B'R. lxvj cheases liijs. iiijd. A bound of linte iij. iiij. iiij stones of wole x3. One chist, a cheseflack, ij tables iij tristrells, a bord, a tubb, a baskett viij. IN THE CHAMBER One trussing bedd vj. viijd. ij mattres and a bolster vs. vj happings xvj: iij coverletts x. iiij pair of blanketts xvj. ij bolsters & a covering "vjs. Pillowes vj'. viij. ix linsheats vj pillobers xxxiij. ix harden sheats xij'. iiij lin table clothes & iij table napkings xvj. One close (cloaths) presor xiij. iiij. iiij chists xij. Gallons of hony

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