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xviijs. Two pair of bedstocks in the MADENES CHAMBER Xijd. Item xxvij stone of barreled butter iij'. iij. iiij baken flicks iiij beaffe flicks xvj. viij. iiij tubbes wth iiij coverings, ij clothes Kitts Woole sheares xijs. Two almeres, a chist, a bord, viij aile potts xiij. iiij. vj stands, gilefatt, a barrell, ij skepps, a grater, iij bottels, a brasse morter wth a pestell vijs. vj croses (cruises) a tin pott, ij salts, a can, iij doson tranchers iijs. iiij. IN THE LAW CHAMBER a father bedd, a mattres, a bolster, a pair of blanketts, a pair of sheats a happing a coverlett xx. A mattres, a bolster, a happing, a coverlett and all ye painted clothes in the law chamber xx. A mattress, a bolster, a happing, a coverlett and all the painted clothes viijs. A cupbord, a chair, ij bestocks, a bill staffe, a lepe, a baskett iij3. iiijd, IN THE HALL AND KITCHEN A cupboard, two cunters, two chaires xxviijs. A syde bord, formes, a rackingcroke, a pair of tengs, a scom'er, a broling iron vs. vj candlesticks, a chafer vjs. An ewer, two basings, and two chargers vj'. The hingings in the HALLE, a counter clothe and all the woollen gaire iij. iiijd. vij brasse potts wth a posnet xxv3. Two caudrons iij kettells, thre panns xx". ix chargers x, xvij doblers xijs. xij pattechers vj. xij saucers ijs. vij. xviij old dublers in the kitching & v pottenchers. Two spetts ij cob yrons iij. Two raking croks, a brandreth, a friing pann, a cressett, a cockell pann, a laten ladle, a flesse croke, a chopping knife wth two heffs vs. Two spinning whells and two pair of woll cards ijs. Two drissing bords a flesh stole, a pair of musterd stones, a braing stone. A blankett, a pair of harden sheats, a bolster iiij happings iijs. Sum'a totalis of all the howsehold stuffe com'ithe to xl'. iij. iiij. CATTELL viij score yowes & v, xiij topps and regards xxvj. xvj oxen and ij stotts xlij'. xviij kye & thre calves xxvij. ix kye wth calves and two bulls xiiij. xiij spaned calves iij1. x3. ij fatt kye liij3. iiija. viijxx and iiij hoggs xvij'. iiij mears, two staggs, ij folls, ij horses x'. IN THE MILK HOWSE (&c.) THE BREW HOSE & BOLLING HOWSE (&c.) IN THE CHAPELL Two great tubbes a ledder vj. (&c.) DEBTS DESPERAT (&c.)*


Nov. 26, 1563. It'm I gyve to my Wyff a standing coupe wth a cover gylt, a dosin spones, a payre of gylt salts & the teand corne of Ravings wourth Duringe my years. It'm I gyve to my son george Lewin yff he be livinge a goune furred with blank cony a cassock of dammack a whit bonnit. It'm I gyve

to xp'for Lewen my son what gowne he lyketh best a Jaccot of vylvit a dublit of sattaine my sworde & dagar. It'm I gyve to Edward Lewen my son another gowne Jackat o cassact of worstet and my best gonne my shouthinge bowes & shafts. It'm I gyve to Robt Lewen my son the Resedu of my apparell at my wyfes dyscression. It'm I gyve my reinge wth ye seall of my armes to geoge Lewen and yf he be departed then I gyve the same ringe to my son xp'ofor lewen. It'm I gyve to Richard boys and his wyffe either ten sh'ings It'm I gyve to my cosin Mr. John of Chist in the stret my dage wth ye case & all things thereto belonginge. And to my cosine hys wyfe my gray stayge It'm to gyve to xp'ofor mayre of Durhom one ould Ryell for a token It'm I gyve to my cosyn xp'ofor Mytfourt my best paire marturs. Pr. 1563.


In the name of God Amen. The xxvij day of marche in the yeare of our Lorde athowsand five hundrethe iijxx and thre I Robert Lampton of Stayntone in the Streate wthin the Countie of Durh'm calling vnto my remembrance the vncertayne mutabilitie of man's liffe and how transitory it is; and also that every trew Christiane man should at all times dispose hime self to be ready to forsake this miserable world when it shall please Almighte God to call hime to his infinite mercye, ordeyned this my last will and testament in manner and forme folowing. First and principally I bequethe co'mit and geve my soule vnto Almightie God the Father and the Sonn and the Holy gost three persons and one God, trusting surely to be sawid frome the thraldome of the devill and all other my adversaries through the mercies and deathe of Jesus Christ very God and very Man, my maker and redemer, and through his goodnesse onely to be in the societie and feiloshippe of his blessed mother Marie our Ladye and all elect companye of heavene. It'm I will that my bodye shalbe buried in the Churche yard of Stayntone if I decease there. It'm I bequethe vnto poore people for Gods sake xls. It'm I bequethe vnto my sonn Will'm Lampton one silver peace wth a coveringe of silver and one fether bedde wth a covering and all other things belonginge to the said bedde. And also

1 The testator was descended from the Lambtons, of Nunthorpe, in Cleve land, and married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Hebborne, of Hardwick, Esq. His family ended in two co-heiresses, of whom one married Nicholas Chaytor, of Butterby, and the other John Killinghall, of Middleton St. George, Esqrs.

all my houshold stuffe wch is remaining at my house at Hampsewaite, and to haue the said household stuffe at the decease of my mother. And I will that my lovinge cosing Frances Slingsby shall haue the order tuic'on custody and bringinge vpp of my said soune Willia' Lampton and of all his lands and goods i'mediatelye after my deathe till my said sone be of full and lawfull yeares of age; trusting and requiringe my said cosinge so to do; and that he will bringe vp my said sonne in godlinesse vertue and lerninge as he ought to be. It'm I bequethe vnto my mothere one of my best kyne. It'm I bequethe vato Elizabethe Wilkinson ten pounds and to An Lampton and hir sister doughters of the said Elizabethe to either of them six pounds thirten shillings iiijd equally to be devided betwene them. It'm I will that George Marely bringe the yonger of thes my doughters vp of my farmett that he dwelleth in nere Inglestone, and that the said George Marlye shall have and occupie the said farmeld to most gayne and profitt, bringing hir honestly vp as she ought to be till she come to the age of xvij yeares, the said George yealding and paying yearly therfore vnto my heirs the accustomed rent wch is lvjs. by yeare, and also mayntening, vpholdinge and kepinge vp the howses of the same in good and sufficient reparacions frome time to time and doinge such service as is to be done in the warrs of the realme therfore.

It'm I bequethe to Robert Littester my goodsone one whie wth calfe. It'm I bequethe vnto every one of my sister Littesters children ten shillings. It'm I bequeth vnto Willia' Kirbey thre yowes and thre lambes, and iij gimbers. It'm I will that my funerall chargs be of my own proper goods. The rest of all my goods not bequethed, my debts paid and my will fulfilled I bequethe vnto Elizabethe Lampton my wiffe and to Anne Lampton my doughter and hirs, whom I make my executors of this my last will and testament, jointly. Witnesses herof, by me Robert Lampton, Witnesses George Hounton, John Littester Cristofer


INVENTORY. All his howsold stuffe and beddinge x'. A silver peace a little silver salt & iij silver spones vj1. All his apperrell vj1. xiij3. iiijd. xiiij oxen and iiij stotts xxxiij'. vj3. viija. Wanes, plowhes with ther app'tenance vij. x. Foure old maiers & a fole v1. x kye xv1. vij whies & vij calves ix'. A hagge oxe iiij hagge kye & two bulls viij'. Nyne yonge nought vij'. Two horses vj. Swyne and pullen xx. V score and one sheape xiij'. x3. xxv lambes xxxiij. iiij. viij stones of woll xxvj. viijd. xxviij doble akers of corne xxviij'. S'm clviij'. DEBTS Owen to the said Robert Lampton. Meistres Anne Hebborne my mother in lawe vij'. Mrs Helen Eure xl.

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Mr Willia' Norton sone to Mr Ry. Norton for the price of a bay geldinge iiij'. vj3. viija. [&c.] Funerall expences vj'. xiij'. iiija.


In y name of god ame' the fifte Day of Octobre in ye yeare of our lord god 1563 I Cuthbert Strangwais of ye P'ishinge of Leike in the county of Yorke gent hole of minde & p'fitte of remembrannce knowing the constantie of Death & y° vnconstantie of ye houre & time nott willinge to dye vutested make this my last will & testamente in maner & forme nowe followinge that is to weit ffirst & principallye I com'it my soule to almighty god my maker & redemer And my bodye to be buried wher itt shall please almightye god ffirst I giue & bequiethe to master John Strangwaies my best horse to ye vse of henrye strangwaies his sonne It' I giue to James greine my balde horse for the vse of his children It'm I giue to Will'm barkar of Semer all the houshold stufe wthin my chamber att langmouth to ye vse of his children sauinge all the writinges in the chiste & the chiste It'm I giue to my cosin John strangwaies wiffe xls vtt of the patten wch I had of Thomas Midelton and to be payd att y ffirste pament It'm I giue to John strangweis & Will'm barkar my patten wch I had of thomas Midelton th'one halfe to y vse of henrye strangwais & th'other halfe to the vse wm barkars children I giue to my god Daughter Anne greine the xls wch Mr wiclife Did give me to be suprauisor of his will It'm I giue to Jane tompson xxs of ye patten of Thomas midelton & ye or noble to John strangwaies It'm I giue to John strangwaies two p'tes of my lease of sourbye moore & the third p'te to will'm barkas children It'ın I giue to thomas barkar xx3. It'm I giue the xls. wch is Dew to me att homblebye att M'tinmes by ye hands of Robert Cowton xx3. of itt to be payd to the poore folkes of leike p'ish & the other xx to the s'vants att langmouth. It'm I giue to John strangwaies one pike of haye att langmouthe It'm I giue my lease of tow thrope feyld to James greine It'm I giue to James greine my lease of upsall p'ke. It'm I giue to thomas bulloke ijs now the Residue of all my goods vnbequethed mouable & vnmouable my Debts payd legaces fulfilled & funerall expences Discharged I giue to John strangwaies James greine wm barker whom I Do constitute & make my full executors jointly togither these Witnessesthomas bulloke-george Wrighte-wth others moo *


In the name of God Amen In the yere of our Lord God athousand five hundreth threscore and thre, the xiiijth of the moneth of Aprill, I Gabriell Hall of Attercapp being in good mynd and memorye althouge I be vexed wth the power of God in my body do maik [&c.] and my bodie to be buried in Elsden church with the dewties therto belonginge as the Quenes maties statuts do allowe [Ex. Robert Hall of Munckridge, Alexander Hall, Will'm Hall my sonnes and my wiffe Barbery Hall] Also I will that my sonns Edward and Nicholaus be sent to the scoile to Newcastell, and when they have lerned that there frends thinks to be done in lerninge and vnderstandinge every of them to have xx' a peice to maik them a stock of merchandes, and ye said xl' to be in a frends hand to kepe for ther profett and vse. Also if my eldest doughter come to any honest or profitable bargin in mariage, that my frends se hir vsed wherin things the better be hir profett. [&c.]*


In the name of God Amen. The xxj daye of Januarye, the yeare of of Lord God Alm' 1564 and in the vijth yeare of the regn of our soverayne Ladye Elezabethe by the grace [&c.] I Agnes Lamton wedo layte wyfe of John Lameton esquier discesed do make my last will and testament in maner and forme foloing. Fyrst I bequieth my soule to God trusting only to be saved by the passion and merits of his dere sone Jesus crist my Redemer; and my body to be buried in the parish church of Pittinton wth such sarvices as is sett forth by the Queens Magistisse lawes. I make John Lamton Thomas Lamton, George Lamton, Antyne Lamton, Katrin Lamton and Elizabeth Lameton3 my children my full executors of this my testament and last will and I make supervisors of this my will my brother Ry.

1 Of Ottercapps, in the parish of Elsdon, in Northumberland. The Halls were, and perhaps are still, the most numerous clan in Reedsdale. Ottercaps was one of the chief houses of the name. See HODGSON'S NORTHUMBERLAND for much curious information and more than one wild legendary tale relative to the family.

2 Agnes, daughter and co-heir of Roger Lumley, of Ludworth, Esq., who was a younger brother of Richard, Lord Lumley. This match brought an abundance of quarterings to the Lambton shield.

3 All of them younger children. See the pedigree of the family, SURTEES, II., 174.

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