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Conyers, my sonne Robert Lamton and my sonne in lawe Mathew White, to see this my testament fulfilled and my children to have the ryght as my trust is in them. Witnes here of Xp'ofer Conyers, Will'm Tomson, clarke, and Rychard Fillope.* [P. 1565.]


The last will & testament of Richard Seymour. In the name of God. I Richard Seymour fely'g my selfe op'ssyd with syckenes & yet p'fet of memory God be thanked make this my last will & testament in man' folowing first I resigne my sowle into the handes of almyhty God & father of all mercies, next I will my body to be buried acording to ye custome to abyde & wayt for ye day of the blessyd resurrection. my goods & mony wch God hath lent me I will to be distrubyted as ensueth. Ma first I have p'sently in my chest a portigue & ij angellets of Andrews mony to me pledged, & a rioall of xv. or 35. 4a of myne owne & ij halfe crownes of gold. It'm ther y's owing to me as folowyth Andrew booke owyth v1. xiiijs wch I lent him & also he

1 A domestic, apparently, in Auckland Castle, under Bishop Pilkington, the first protestant Bishop of Durham. This Will, in numerous points of view, is peculiarly important, and it becomes the more interesting from the fact that its maker died by an untimely death, as is proved by the following original letter from the Chancellor of the Diocese to his Registrar, which is folded up along with it :Mr Chaitor

This bearer is Seymor brother that was slayne at awkeland by gregson, and albeit the said Seymor made the will herin enclosed and made disposers therof mr Shaw mr rooles & mr hawkins yet none of them will stand to execut the testament as I my selue have hard them say all, according whervnto you may nowe recorde mr hawkins refusall p'sently, now albeit this bearer frances Semor is admitted by me to administer his brothers goodes & sworn also, yet in any wes I will have him charged in the leter of administration and bownde to my lord of duresm to p'fourme all legacies in this said will conteyned and especiel if he can provid no other su'eties to Kepe my lord harmles, to pay the said legacies & fathfully adminster then you may take mr hawkins only bownd wt him and for him.

As for busbyes matter I can say no more then I present told and as for the old proces done at York I saw the same wordes vsed and only above ten tymes in the same case albeit mr farley cavilleth wt my proces. I entend this wek to go into lancashire and so after to York, you may (if it seem good to you) let busby retourne the ma'datu' and say I am not in the cowntre mr garnet shall kepe the Seane for me & mr gilpin will preach then. ther is litell to do other then I have writen to mr garnet. as for the courtes I may play awhile in foure years, at Segfeld this sonday the 23 septembr 1565.

Let him put into the office an inventory p'sently To my loving frend mr Christopher Chaitor at Dunolm. or in his absence to thom's Knighton, dd.

Rob: Swyft

hath in custody to my use halfe a chawder of bidg & half a chawder of otts wch I bought being his compartener. It' Thomas Hooke owyth me iiij'. It' of Mr Hawkins my bed fellowes debtes I require but xx. It' Mr Tho: Shaw owyth me about a xiij. iiijd for hoson wch I bought him. Mr Adlington owyth me 33. 4d. Now of all these my goods & debtts wch I will to be levied up by the help of those wh I have hereafter in this testament put in trust. first of all I will my debtts to be payd & discharged as xls wch I owe to Mr Smyth of the Court & iiij3 or therabouts to Mris Pylkinton Doctour Leonardes Wife. It' I geve & bequeath to ffrauncis Seymour my brother my horse, my saddle & bridle & all things therto p'tayny'g my syde cloke with the sylver claspe my new fresse ierkyn & my best spanysh ierkyn my blacke sheet ij paire of hoose the one paire of Danssire kersey & the other of Hamshire kersey my capcasse my fyne ca'vas doublet my sword dagger & girdle my fyne blacke coote & my blacke cloke also except p'haps Mr. Shaw (as his request some tyme was) will exchange him wth his cloke: besydes all this one gold ringe & halfe of my mony wch in this will ys not bequeathed to any other vse. Next I bequeath to my Sister Mary Seimour 4' my night gowne my lyvery of blacke fresse one ringe of gold & the other halfe of my money vnexecuted nor otherwise appointed to any vse. It' to my lord & m' whom I serve I geve my best washing ball & to my mrs his wife my pece of vnicornes horne as I take yt. I geve farther to ye p'soners of Durra' Gaile an noble: to poore Taylers wife yt now abydeth ye m'cie of God iijs iiij. To Benneth wife iij iiij. To the rest of ye poore of Awckland a noble to be devided according to my Supervisors discretion. Also I geve to Als wallis xx3 to her mariage in my best sylke purse & my roast coote ij handkerchers & my chest. It'm I geve to Tho' Shaw one handkercher a washing ball my chest bord & chest men & my red gloves. It'm I geve to mr hawkins my bedfellow my best cap & one handkercher. To m' Rolles my best paire of Spurres & one of my best handkerchers, my combe & brush to either of the next above named I car not wch. To my brother Andrew Cooke my hat & one handkercher. To mr Smyth on handkercher. To m Adlington on handkercher or a thing as good. To will'm yonger a kerchife. To will'm Butler my whit boot hoose To Rafe Wyddowes my pycked Stafe. To Edmond Scoles my knyt hoose. To old porter a blacke fustian doublet & a pare of Shewes. To will'm waltha' Smyth a paire of botts buckera boote hoose my cut cap & spurres. To hans my lyvory coote. To laws my old sword girdle & a paire of showes. To harry of the Kytchin & paire of old hoose & xijd in mony. To

Robson my old lether ierkyn. To James of ye Kytchin a lyttle purse & xijd in yt. It'm I bequeath to Tho' ducket & his wife an noble & to ye ij wenches of his howse ech of them a shert. To Rob't ducket my hoose yt I now weare. To Geny Tho' doockets mayd a paire of stockings & to Eddy of my lords Kytchen the briches of the same stockings. To Readings mother my wolle boot hoose. The rest of my goods & all things els wch I have not bequeathed my buriall except I comyt to ye discretion of m' Shaw m' hawkins & m' Rolles wch men I have made yf they will take the payne to be disposers & sup'visors hereof. In witnes wherof Andrew Cooke Tho' hawkins who were standers by at ye endytinge of the same have subscribed ther handes the xjth of novembre 1564.

CLXVI. JAMEs garnett, of eggisclyffe. '

June xviij, 1564.-my bodye to ye earthe of the Chauncell of y parish churche of Eggiscliffe-to my daughters Eliner and An fortye poundes each for ther advauncement & p'ferment of mariage-to my brother Anthony my gray gelding called gray Alnewicke-to my brother Will'm garnet person of Riton a couple of fatt kine-to myne vncle Rob'te Thwaytes vicar of Crosbye an old george noble-to my wife myne owen littel gray nagg & a philly wch came owt of the west



In the name of god amen the twentie day of december in the yeare of our lord god a thousand fyve hundrethe thre score and foure I John bynley Prest in the cath' churche of Duresme hole in mynd but crased in my bodie considering the vncertayntye of this transitore life maketh this my last will and testiment in maner and forme foloing. ffirste I bequieth my soule to allmyghtie god father sonne and the holli gost and to Jesus crist by whos mirits I trust to be the child of salvation willithe my body to be buried in the Churche wheare it shall please god that I reman' the day of my death And I will that the service of holie churche be doon at my buriall And I geue unto eu'y Prest that is present at my buriall xijd. Item I geue vnto eu'y clarke or deacon that is present at my buriall viijd. Item I geue

A Westmoreland gentleman, who settled and died at Egglescliffe. 2 Minor Canon of Durham, and Curate of Muggleswick.

vnto eu'ry scholar that hath a surpleth iiijd. Item I geue and bequieth to the poure peapell of the sowthe baley and the north ballye vj. viij. Item I geue and bequieth to the poure pepell of the p'ish of sancte nichalasse vjs. viij. Item I geue and bequieth to the poure people of sante oswolds vj. viijd. Item I geue and bequieth to the poure peapell of sanct margarets vjs. viijd. Item I geue to the poure peapele of the perrich of sanct giles vj. viijd. Item I geue and bequithe vnto the poure peapele of the perrich of merinton x3. Item I geue vnto euery childe that I christened xija. Item I geue to david fosters children to eu'y of them vjs. viij. Item I geue vnto euery one of my brother Rychard binley children xijd in old grots Item I geue vnto my brother rychard binley wyfe on' angle noble. Item I geue vnto Will'm middelton wife vs. The residew of all my goods moveable and vnmoveable not bequethed my dets paide legaces fulfilled and my funerall expences deduct I geue and bequethe vnto robert prentes will'm prentice Thomas prentis rychart prentes and Isabell prentis my sister children whome I make ordayne and name myne executors of this my present will and testiment. And for as much as thes children aforesade ar yong and vnder age therfor I do ordane my brother rychard bynley and thomas chilton draper in durham to haue the custodie of the saide chilldren and ther porcions of goods during ther nonage And to levey gather and collect wher it is owing to me as dothe appeare by my boke And to distribute my goods to the sade children and other my frends as appereth by the hand of myn' owne hand wryting wherof John browne will'm blenkynchop preists Rycherd bynley and thomas chilton draper ar wittnesse of the same Desiring my sade brother rychard bynley and thomas Chilton Draper in Durham as my trust is in them to be supervisors of this my last will and testimet by the advice and consall of sir John browne and will'm blenkynshope preasts. And I will that this my p'sent testament wth all things herin written shall stand and a byde for my very last will and testiment and non other notherwise In witnes wherof I John byneley to this my testament hath subscribed witnesses John byneley will'm watson John browne prest will'm blenkynshope

Thes be the percel of my goods that I geue to eu'y one of my sister Jane prentes children as foloweth in thes paperes

Inp'mis I geue vnto Robert preantis all my bokes the bed. that I lye in hole complet wth all that belongs vnto it, also I geue my pressor, my gownes my surpless my ij furred amysis my hats my hoise sharttes dubbletts and all other rayments


apperteynyng vnto me Also my littell ambrye wth one dowre my table my Jron chimney wth tongs poore shovell spet and that belongs thervnto micapes hoods hats belts knyves also eu' yeare xiijs. iiijd to mend his waigds a led laver one puder bason a new chist wth a plate locke a posnett wth a stalke of brasse and also ij of my best quisshings one candelstike and my best bede cou'ing wth con'nes and fa'nyll vpon yt a chare a coffer a stuyll of ease a gravene candlestick all my buffet stules ij puder potts All things named I geue vnto him. Also I geue vnto will'm prentis xls also one chist a bouffet stoill a flanders chist one Almire wth ther dores and eyght shepe that is to say iij yowes one tupe, and iiij wedders one table bord a chare and also I haue spent of the sade will'm fower pounds xiij. iiijd, as doth appere bye ij payre of Indentures for putting of him prentis first with John Brantingham and now being bound with John chilton of durham taler also I geu the sade will'm one quishin. Item I geue vnto Thomas prentess as dothe appeair In his indentures sex pounds xiijs iiijd and all my stufe at mugleswicke that is a matteress a long table a long chiste a bedsted in gilbert swynbornes, In thomas sanders hand & Alaine ij pouder dublers, a brase pott thre shep going wth Rychard Rose, and one quishinge. Item I geue vnto Rychard prentes fye pounds as dothe appeare in one payre of indentures that is in John Marleys hand and also xls that is in the foresad John hand he is owing vnto me a littel paynted ambry wth ij doores ij quishings the one with a Jesus and the other wth a popnioye two puder dublers my best lattin candelstike a hole bybell in prente a boke called sarmones discipule wth sartin other bokes as I haue named to his brother robert; Also I geue him a mattres a bedd covering lyinge wth canvis two cou'lets a payre of lynnen shets wth a silk ribbing thorow them a rode and a pilleber having Jesus sued vpon ytt, a morter wth a pestell. Item I geue vnto Isabell prentes sex pounds in mony remaning in the hands of John frankeland of Amerston also one new almyre a cauwell a newe chist and one table bord wth all the stufe that was hir mothers as bedding wth brasinge vessell puder vessell and such as p'tenet to housset the wch stuffe dothe remayne in hands of will'm myddelton husbandman in merington and also wth Thomas chilton of Durham Draper Also one olde blewe cou❜ing wth flouers and hyrds vppon it a bolster of fatherbed tyke a fustion pilleber the wch is in the Kepin of Rychard Brindley hir vnkell and two cushings. Item I haue geuen in mariage with Jayne prentis to the valeu of xx markes and a bowe as I trust hir husband wth other frends will testifi and beaer witnes. By me John byndley clercke and pety cannon

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