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the same accordinglie. Item I geue to the porest of my p'ishinge of Rothburie xls the same to be distributed by the curate & and the churche wardens of the same p'ochinge. Ite' I geue to the po'est of my p'ishinge of aspatrye xls to be distributed lykwise. Item I will that all the poore peopele wch shalbe at my burriall haue eue'ie one one penye & all other p'sons of reputacione there diners at the discretione of my executo" Ite' I geue to Jane bone my sister v' towa'ds the marige of hir doughter. Item I geue to same Jane boone one fether bedde with a bolster at Carlysle Item I geue to edmonde my eldest

brother x' in full satisfactione & and cotentacione of all other titles & clames debts & demands betwixt me & and hyme the the said edmond or any other' ps'or p'sons in this testame't no'iated p'vided always that if the said edmond or any other in his name do molest or truble me or any other in this testamete no'ï'ated yt then the said legacie of x' be frustrate voide and of no effecte Item I geue to thomas my brother v1 & to rowland his sonne v1 and he to be sent to londone to putto to one p'enteship at the appo'n'met of my executors. Item I geue to bryhame my brother v wth one fedder bedd & a bolster at newbigginge Item I geue to Jane mychell my brother doughter thre poundes vjs viija Item geue to Robert loirther my godso' my best fether with the best cou'eyne the best matterse best cou'eclothe best shetts bla'kettes best bolster best pyllo wth the best pillowber & best bedd stocks at aspatrie wth t'hangings & sex new quissins beinge at carlisle Item I geue to hyme one sylue' goblet vj silue' spones of the beste sorte Item I geue to him vj oxen iiijor kye or qwhyes to be taken of my store at newbiggine at his own chosinge & xxte shepp yonger & elder to be taken the'or if there be so manye remay'ing all my p'te of grane sawen & vnsawen that shall chance to be there at the daye of my deathe Item I geue to my s'ua't Roberte sleddell v' Item geue to will'm of ca'lisle xxs & do remitte other Item I geue to


xx3 wch he is owinge to me. xiijs iiijd towa'de her bringinge vp Item I geue to Robert godfrye xxs to Jenet p'ker vjs viijd with a paire of my hose. Item I geue to eue'ye one of the pbendar my bretheringe at carlisle vjs viijd & to eu'ie one of the petty cannons vjs viijd Item to eu'ie one of the iiijor singing men iijs iiijd & to the two scuyll masters iijs iiijd a peice Item to eu'ie one of the vj si'ging boyes xijd & suche lyke to the bed'men excepte to will'm deane to whome I geue vj viijd Item to ayther of the sacristons xijd Item to the porter xijd & to the berber xijd Item I geue to sibbell lowther wif to Roberte lowther vj sylver spones of the best saui'ge before legat wth a fether bedd & bol

ster at ca❜lysle the best saue one Item I geue to John aycktone clerk p'sone of bamptone one newe gowne of chamlete fayced wth budge my best rydinge gowne & thre silue' spounes Item I geue to will'm hayre clerke my Rydinge gowne & silke hatte wch he haithe in his owen custodie wth my sersnet tuppet at ca'lisle. Item I geue to John austone clerke my best gowne at carlisle faced wth chamelet & to John Richardson clerke the next beste & to John doneld of Ku'ke bamptone our gowne of frese remayinge ther. Item I geue to John Rose xx3 in recompe'ce of all debts & demands betwexe vs Item I geue

to eu'eye one of my s'uants wch shalbe in my s'vice at the tyme of my deathe theyr whoole yeares wages excepte to Rob'te thompso' cle'ke to whome I geue one blake gowne fayced wth wourset wth one franche bonet over and besydes his wagis dewe to him at martinmese vpon a rackinge betwixt vs Item I geue to euerie one of my godsons wthin the p'schange xijd Item I geue to will'm adcok clerke vicare of Isell vj xiijs iiijd one gowne of veluet faced wth setten one bonet wth all my boks at asparthe. Item I geue to patrige Johnson xls Item I geue to thomas tallentire of ca'lisle one great teable wth the cou'vinge standinge in the hall & all my hey & peatts at ca'lisle Item I geue to thomas loither xxs wth one fether bedde & pillow at carlisle. Item I constitute & ordaine executo" of this my last will & testamente the forenamed Rob'te louther my godson & the said will❜'m adcoke clerke to whome I geue all my goods & chattells not bequiethed ne legaced supuiso's herof the right reurend father in god John byshoppe of ca'lisle to whome I geue my best fether bedd at ca'lisle the best couvringe the twilted blankets bolster pillowe mattress with the hangings of the bed the bedsteide onelie reseyved for m' brandlinge in recompenc of another wch I had of him wth two cheists & one cownter in the chamber wch lykwise belongethe to hyme And also I apponte Rob'te lowther thelder the othe' sup'uisore to whome I geue one Jackette of damaske wth one dublet of the same & and all my fysching at wetheall baye wch I haue or of Right owght to have bye vertue of the last will and testamete of lancelote salkeld clerke laite deane of carlisle towa'ds the p'fermet of his doughter onely & he or his assignes to discharge the rents therof In Wittnesse whereof I haue to this my foresaide testatmete subscribed my name furthe' I geue to Rob'te brattone & his wif one cotage wth one gardinge adionynge vpon the bishoypes close duringe their lyves & the longe' lever of them. Wittnesses herof Robert Thomsone clerke & John olyckeoton clerke wth others whome I haue caused lyekwyse to subscribe theyre names. In dei noie amen the xiijth of november an p'nom'

I the

said Edward mytchell clerke do geue & bequithe vnto my god dowghter susane best on sylver salte Item I geue to edward bone my sister sone xx1 towards the mantenannce of him at the scoll & the said xx' to be put into the custodie of iiij honest me' to the most comoditie of said edward bone & that sufficie't asserance be maid fo' the same at the discrectione of my sup'uisors & executors Wyttness's hereof Robert louthe' Rob'te sloddell wth others.*



[ex dorso]

In the nayme of God Amen the xiiij day of marche & in the yer of our lorde gode MCCCCCLXV I angnes lawson holl of mynde & gode Reme'brance makithe thys my laste wyll & testament in man, and forme her after folowing fyerste I geve my soul to almythetie gode my maker & Redemer and my bodye to be buryed in the p'ishe churche of saynt nicollas wyt my mortuari dew a cowstem to the lawe It' I bequeithe to the powr folke xls. to be dystrybet at the dyschryscyon of the person of gatesyde & my chapland S Richard Ray It' I bequeithe to elpet kyllingeworthe a brasce pot hon of the beste & vj powder dublers two powder dysches two sawssers two candylstyks a poettall poot a pynt pott a ferther bed two cowerclyeds a payr of lyne chetes iiij cochons two of the beste & two of the wyarst & a chyste that stands at my bed syed It' I bequeithe to angnes lawson dowetter was to gorreg lawson my brother a brasse pote the best bowed hone vj powder dublers two powder dysches two sawssers two candlstyks a poettall pott a pynt pott a ferther bed two cowerlyeds a payr of lyne chetes iiij cochons two of the beste & two of the wayrste & a chyste that stands wyet the hend against my bed hyede It' I bequeithe the residowe of all my insyethe gowds that manyn in my hows at gatesyed at the howr of my dyethe vnlegat to angnes lawson dowtter was to Wyll'm lawson my brother James lawson son & vj kye that gows in the thornni closce that gowste at the tynie bryeg It' I bequeithe to my scyeyst' barbari iiij oxson at fenna' & xx yows of the beste prowydet allwaye yf chowe do

1 Of the same family as the Prioress of Nesham, whose Will and Inventory are given above. Here are the last particulars of another Superior of a Religious House who was ejected at the Dissolution. At this very time, May 1835, the workmen employed in building the new streets of Newcastle, are disturbing the bones in the cemetery belonging to the house over which she presided.

lyefe aft' me the rest of all my goodes vnlegat my debts paid I gewe & bequeth to gorrg lawson my brether James lawson son whom I make my full executor of thys my last wyll thes recordes beinge p'sent at the makynge here of It' I bequeithe to angnes lawson dowetter was to gorrg lawson my brethere a nawmore & a couer that stanst in the hall the beste It' I bequeithe to Elpet kyllyngwerthe & angnes lawson dowther was to goorg lawson my brother all the wyoll & yarn that is is in my hows at gatesyed & tha to gyue to angnes kyllynworthe a cowt. + Wyll'm Salkeld Richard Ray Alexandre fetherstonhaugh [Pr. 1565].


The last Will of Maude Wilson of Darton or a declaration of hir goods to thos that she gave her goods the 5 of Marche 1565 in the 8 yeare of the reigne of our soveraigne ladye Elizabeth etc'. Imprimis I giue to John laynge my brother in law vs. It'm I giue to my sister agnes his wyfe vs. Itm' I giue to Elizabeth Wilson my sister v3. Itm I giue to Jennett Cotts my sister iiijs viijd Itm I will that ther be bestowed att my bringing forth vš Itm I give to my brother John laynge and his wife for the paynes that they have taken wth me or els I had died in the streats one brasse potte the wch my brother xp'ofor Cottes and my sister his wife have in keapinge Also the sayd xp'ofor Cottes my brother in lawe hayth of myne in custodye and keaping xxiiijs viijd the weh I will shall be distributed as is above written Itm I giue to my curate Sir John Claxton xijd the witnesses of this my declaration or last will Thomas Glover Will'm Dente Robert Cornforthe wth others.*



Inventory 5 Jul. 1565 Inter alia Four stone of woole xx". One swerde one dagger a bill a Jake a sallett x. His rayment xxvj. viijd. fower Sylver Spoines xiijs. iiijd. In gold & silver xx'. QUARRELL Gere Fower broche axes ij planing axes ij Capells ij schessells two crowis of yron one yron malle with his pairte of other quarrell geare xvj. vij chawdr of grindstones iij'. x.



Inventory 28 June 1565. Inter alia Ye church of Witton gilbart owith me for ij foder of sclatts caring frome plawsworth xvjd. & one fother frome baxter wood xijd. For a fother of slaggs out of bearpark vja. For bringinge ij fother of lyme from durh'm for ye churche ijs. For caringe of ij fother of sand viijd. For weassing ye church clothis ijd. For ye book of Iniunctions vjd. For ij bell strings of hare xviijd. For my part of the new omilis ijs.


John Hooton of Hunwicke in ye Countye of Duresme esquire my body to be buried in the nex church or church yard wher itt shall please Allmightye God to call me to his m'cye. I give to the church of St Andrewes towardes the reparacion of itt vjs. It'm I give vnto my brother Anthony Hooton for a token my golde ringe wth the seale of myne armes, desirenge him to be good to my wiffe and my childringe as my trust is in him. Also I give to my syster Thorpe one old angell, and to euerye one of hir childringe vs. Item I giue to my syster Tunstall one old angell and to eu'ye one of hir childringe vs. Also I give to my syster Hooton one old Angell and to eu'ye one of my brother Hootons childringe v3. It'm I will that Elizabeth Hooton my wiffe shall have the occupation of all my lands in Hunweake, Maynsforth, Whytehall from my death for thirtye yers for the payment of my debts and the p'ferment of my dowghters to ther mariages as my especial trust is in hir She shall paye vt off my sayd lands to Will'm Hooton the second sonne of my brother Anthony Hooton towards his bringinge vpp att the scoole and learninge xx3. by the yeare for the terme of xx yeares, so that he will applye his booke. Also I give to the right honourable and my singular good Lord the Lord Ewerye for a token one golde ringe with a turkes in itt, desyringe him to be good Lord and ffrend vnto my wiffe and childringe in ther honest requests and causes, as my speciall trust is in him. Also I give vnto my sonne in law Xp'ofer Atthye my best geldinge, desyringe him to be a helper and traveler for my wiffe and my children in all ther doings I giue vnto Marye Hooton towards her

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