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marriage v markęs 25 Nov. 1565.

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my wife my full & holl executrix ———

INVENTORY 12 Jan. 1566. Inter alia, A rap' & ij swords Three bowes & a quiv of arrowes x3. In silver and gold iij'. xiij. iiijd. A signet of gold wth the seale of his armes Is. A gold ringe wth a turkes xls. DEBTS OWEN BY THE TESTATOR, inter alia, To Xp'ofer Atthye as appeare by an obligation lxvj. xiij'. iiijd Item he did borrow of the sayd Xp'ofer att Yorke xl. To his v daughters, by ye gift of ther Vncle Rob'te Dalton ye younger as appeareth by his will lxvj'. xiij3. To Marye Biggins his Vncle Raufe Hooton's doughter that he received of her porc'on xlvj'. xiijs. iiijd. To Robert Hooton his brother xx1. To Custance Hooton his daughter that was bequithed vnto hir by hir uncle Henry Hooton v'. To a m'chaunt of London for xv yerds of silke grogray me iij'. To Nicolas Turpin for wine viijs. vjd. Funeral expences vj'. xiij'. iiijd. Sum of debts cclxxxiiij'. ij. ja. *




In the name of god Amen. the xxvijth of ffebruari a'o D'ni in 1565 in the vijth yeare of the Reigne of o' sou'aine Ladye Quene Elizabethe by the grace of god quene of England ffrance and Ireland etcc I John Selbye gentylman Porter of Barwycke seycke of bodye and hoille of mynde and memorie doethe mak this my last Will testment. ffyrst I bequyethe my soule to Almygtye God and my body to be buryed in the churche of Barwyck I do make my wyf Elizabethe my full executrix & mynyster of all my goods mawable and vnmeweable to vse it at hir dyscreson Also I bequyethe vnto my said Wyfe during hir Lyfe naturall my toure in Brankston wt the two plewegait of Land And all other comoditts theirto belongyng nowe beyng in the occupying of my son John Selbe. Also I bequyethe vnto my sayd wyf half the cotlands & cottags belongyng to me in the said towne durryng hir Lyf Also I beuyethe unto my Wyfe mylne of Twessell wt the Mylne house and garthe thervnto belongyng durayng her Lyfe I do make my son John Selbye my right heyre and bequythe to hyme and is heyres male after the dethe of hys mother the toure of Brankstone wt all Lands & and (blank) of myne in the sayme towne. Also I bequythe to mye said sone John my Lease of Twessell

1 Of the family of Selby, of Twizell, in Norhamshire.

excepting the mylne mylnehouse & garthe as is afoirsaid. Also I bequyethe vnto my said son John the Wovsom of the p'sonage of Braukston when yt shall faul exceptyng all suche teithees as shalbe duw for my wyf to pay the which I will she shall have durryng hir life. Also I bequyethe vnto my said sone John all my ryght entrese and tytle of oblygasyon of the p'cell of a fyshynge place in the water of Twede called braid. Also I bequyethe vnto my wyf my ryght of Shotton durryng hyr lyffe and after to my sone John Selbe and to his heyrs male. Also I bequyet vnto my sonne Rawffe Selbe the teithe corn of the towne of Folburye. Also I bequyethe unto my s'unt Win Parret my graye horse. Also I bequyethe to be gyuen to be disAlso I ortrybutted to the poure pepele in this towne to xx3

den and make p'uysers of this my wyll my wellbeloved sune in lawe Will'm Stroder of Newton And my Ryght Worshipfull brother in law Thomas Bradforthe Marr of Barwycke and my trustye brother in lawe Thomas Morton Witnes herof I have set hervnto my name wt my owne hand

AN INVYETORY of the goods of Mr. Porter John Selbye It'm vj fether beds forneshed at iiij' a bed. vj mattresses forneshed at ij' a bed. xij bord clothes iiij'. xxiiij napkons xxx vj towels xvj. Half a garneshe of vessell xxx". xij pewder plats. x. j basseng & an ewer vij. iij table carpets xx3. iij caldereins iiij. iij pots xxx3. iij pans xx. iij spets xiij3. iiija. iij payer of rakes xvj. ij Dropen panes iiij. ther crowkes xx. ij payer of tonges vj. viijd. ij pores ij. on beg cobbart ij'. ij Lytell cobborde j1. vjs. 8d. ij tabbles xx3. ij chyeres x3. iiij chestis xxx. xxvjxx of yowes at iiijs a pece Of owld shepe ixxx at ijs a pece-A gellding v'.—ij nages iiij'.-j Dossen silver spones iiij In mony iiij'-ij yerne chemlis xx3-xvj oxen xxiiij1-x kye xij'.—iiij stotes xxx3.


In the name of God Amen. The seventhe daye of Aprill in the yere of our Lord God a thowsand fyve hundrethe thre score and fyve. I Thomas Swynburne hole of bodye and perfytt in remembraunce make last will or Testament in maner and


1 Some of the prices in this Inventory are most extravagantly high for the period. A purpose was doubtless to be served.

2 The Impropriation.

3 Thomas Swinburne, of Haughton, in Northumberland, fourth son of George Swinburne, of Edlingham Castle, Esqr.-V. SURTEES, II., 278, for his pedigree, &c.

forme as hereafter followethe. First I bequethe my sowll to God and my bodye to be buried wher it shall please God to visyte me with my mortuaryes due. Also executors of my will I doo make my brother Gawyne Swinburne Gilbert Swinburne to have and receyve all my gooddes my debttes and bequests beinge payd. First I bequethe to my brother Gawyne Swinburne my farmehold of the Stellinge, and to my cosyn Sr Olyver Selbye my best horse, to John Billingham my neces sonne foure kye and foure yownger nowlt. And to Robert Thirlewaye my neces sonne foure kye and foure younger nowlt, and to Isabell Lysle my nece foure kye and foure yownge nowlt; and to Annes Heron my nece foure kye and foure yownge nowlt. And also the foure named, John Billingham, and Robert Thirlewaye and Isabell Lysle and Annes Heron, to everye of them tenne yewes and tenne yeld shepe. Witnesses herof Olyver Selbye, Michaell Hebburne, Matthew Graye.

INVENTORY 16 May 1566. xx oxen xiij'. vj3. viijd. xxiij kye xiij'. vj3. viijd. iij younge nowlt xx. viij swyne xvj. yewes iiijxxxiiij wth ther lambes xxviij'. xvj. xij yewes without lambes xxxij. vj geld yewes xxj. Wethers & one dy'm'nt tuppe x. One graye nagge xiijs. iiij. One mare xiij3. iiija. One graye mare xxvj. viijd. One stacke of wheate in the stacke yarde iij'. vj. viijs. Wheat & rye growinge upon the ground ix'. Bigge xvij bowlls v'. vj bowlls of evill bigge vjs. iij bowlls of higge malte vj3. ITEM ij doubletts of taffata one spanishe Jerken, one blacke cote, one paire of blacke hose lyned wth sarcenett, one blacke cappe, one blacke gowne faced with couye at iij'. vj3. viij. ITEM ij swordes, one stele cappe x'. ij fetherbeddes in the vtter chambre withe ij bolsters ij coverletts one oversea cov❜inge xijs. Item ij fetherbeddes in the ynner chambre withe ther furniture, item, more ij bolsters ij pillowes xl. One Tester with iiij hangars x. xj cowshins iiij. iij chestes & one cupborde xx3. ij payre of lynnen shetes iij pillowbers six table napkins one bord clothe ij cowrse towells viij. vj pottes & possnetts xl. One cawldron one ketell ij pa'nes xiij3. iiija. Four silver spones xijs. Cattle at the STELLINGE, &c. DEBTTES Wch the said Testator dothe owe. To my brother Gawyne when he rode to Lo"do' in lent monye xx3. In lent monye of my brother Gawyne Swinburne when he payed his rannsom vj1. vj. viijd. To my sayd brother in lent monye in Newcastell vj. viijd. To my sayd brother in lent monye to paye for an horse to Mr Brend in Yorkeshire iij'. xij. Borrowed of my brother Gawyn when I payed my rent of Hawghton iij'. vj3. viijd. Borrowed of my said brother Gawyne when the Goodman of Chopwell rode to London ix. I am indebtted to my

brother Gawyne wch he payed to my awnt Rames of Newcastell for the half of John Swinburnes borde vijs. I owe my sayd brother weh he payed to David Wilkinson of London xx3. Owynye to Richard Conyers of Durham for certen clothe xxxviij.-To Mallie Swinburne for her wages vj3. To Mr John Heron of Hawghton for ix boulls of bere 1.-To James Browne for xiij boulls of Rye lijs. To John Billingh'm for a horse xxiijs. iiija. &c.



In the name of God amen. the xviij day of June in the yere of our Lord a thousand fyve hundreth thri skore and fyve I Rob't Melet Esquyre hole of mynd and memory doth mak thys my last wyll and testament in man' folowing. Fyrst I bequeath my sowlle onto Almyghtty God in trenitie and my body to be buryed in my p'ich churche of Hamsterley wt dew oblaccions IN LECACES. according vn to the lawys of thys realme. bequeath vn to my sonne Thom's Melet my sygnet. It' I bequeath vn to my servand Chrystofer Brygnell for h3 serves done xx yerly during hys natural lyfe and to be payd of the lands of Rudworth. It' I bequeath vn to my wyff my lands at Ferie of the Hyll and Satley and for to pay my detts and p'formans of my wyl. The resydew of all my goods-I gyff to my wyffRecords here off this my last wyll and testament John Greveson clerk, Henry Folonsbie, Rob't Rakwod, Rauf Hogeson. Also I mak sup'visors my cosyng Francis Wyclyff and my sonne Thomas Melet Also my sonne in law Henry Wyclyff and doth bequeath to ev'ry of them a ryall to see my wyll be p'formyd. (Ob. 25 Dec. 1572.) His reparell xlvjs. viijd. Howsold stoffe xvj'.


In the name of god amen the x day of Jenuary in the yeare of our lord god a thousand fyve hundreth sexte and v I Margeret burdon of elkton wthin the county of du'ha' wedow good last will and testiment in maner makes memory and forme folowing first and principally I geue my soule vnto

and hole of


1 Of Whithill, in the parish of Chester-le-Street.-V. SURTEES, II., 2 The widow apparently of a wealthy farmer.

p. 153.

almighti god my maker and redemer of the world and my bodye to be buried in the parrishin of elton besyde ellexander robinson my husband Item I geue to robert robinson my soune a browne oxe and halfe a oxe gand of hard wayre corine growing nowe of the ground winter and ware corne Item I geue to thomas tollor one oxe and halfe a oxe gand of hard corne and of wayre corne now of the ground Item I geiue to ells robbinson elliner robbinson and annes robbynson my iij dowghters the hard corne and the wayre corne of one oxgand of land Item I geue to ell' elliner and annes my iij dowghters all my houshold wthin my house and chambre to else ellinor and annes robinson my iij dowghters Item I geue vnto robart robinson my sone one oxgand of land during the yeares of my les. Item I geue to thomas toler one oxgand of land duringe my lese Item I geue to raweff borne one bellid stote & vijs iiijd wch John borne oweth vnto me Item I geue to robert robinson my sonne one brase called blythe Item I geue to thomas tolery a brase potte nexte the best but ij Item I geue to robert robinson my sonne one yallo cou'rlet Item I geue to thomas toler one yallo covarlet Item I geue to agnes robinson my dowghter one oxe Item I geue vnto else robbinson my dowghter iij vjs viijd Item I geue to hew culley a yowe and a lame Item I geue to Jayne hakworth a yowe and a lame and xiijs iiijd Item I geue to elliner robinson my dowghter a new coverlat Item I geue to elliners husband iij vjs viijd and robert robynson my sonne and thomas tollarye to kepe the said elliners husband during his naturall lyfe with met dryng and clothe honestly as he ought to be Item gyue to elliners housband the best galdren wher the sayd robert robynson and thomas toler do kepe the same elliners husband during his naturall lyfe honesly shall haue the foresayd soume iij vjs viijd and the gret caldren to his selfe declaryne & I put my cosin Rychart mury in full trust to sey the sayme ellinere husbaynd be honestly keped acordin to this my last will and testiment Item I geue to sir John sayre parson of elton iij iiijd. Item I geue to roger my sarvaynt a gemer lame Item I geue to rycherd alton of ellton halfe a busshell of whet the residew of my dets payd I geue all hole and frely to robert robynson my sonne katryn robinson ellner robinson els robynson and agnes robynson my children whome I make my fulle executor all iontly to gether of this my last will and testiment and make my cosin rychard moure of eltton the supervisor of this my last will and testiment whome I put my fulltrust vnto And for his paynes takyne I geue to him a gret counter or els a arke whether he will take the daye and the yeare a boue written thes ar the records of this will sir John seure p'son of eltone

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