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Also I will yt Richard walton shall have the oversight and occupying of my shoppe and of all my clothe for the behave of my wif & children and the sayd Richard Walton to make a just accompt of all the sayd shopp and clothe to my wife and children when sutch time shall requier Also I giv to Jhone walton and will’m walton betwixt them all my bookes also I giv to xp'ofor surtis my best goune also I will that georg walton if he occupy as a draper shall hav xx' for thre yeres and to lay in sufficient surtis and assurance to my wife and children for the payment of the same att the end of thre yeres and if he occupy well and p'fett therbye he to hav it other thre yeres and then to be payd agane to my wife and children all the sayd su' of xx! Also if the sayd spittel hous be rered vppe I giv a bed of clothes wch is meat for sutche like persons also I will yt Jhone Vayse the elder shall pay but vl of the x' weh he is bund for vnles he gett a remide for the same of Anthony grinwell I giv to xp'ofor hartborne xx I will also yť my sone Richard walton shall hav the governance of my shoppe and the gatherin of my detts and that he shall monthly mak his accompt to Eliner my wife his mother xp’ofor surtis and Jhone horne dwelling wthin the city of Durh’m or els in fayling so to do to be cleare discharged of the shoppe for not making this his monthly accompt also I will yt if the fore sayd Richard by his negligens shall rune in any reargs that he shall repay itt to my wife & children of his own p’per portion onely and that montly as his falt shall appere to his mother & the rest to whome he shall mak this his montly accompt Witnesses of this my last will & testament ar thes whos names ar here vnder subscribed Also I giv to Mr xp'ofor chayter to maytene my wife & children according to the law x'. I giv to wedow oleur xalso iff itt shall fortune yt ani contraversye shalbe betuixt Elner walton my wife and my children wihin named for any pt or p'cell of there goods I will that she &

children shall cause the contraversye to be brought before the sup’visors of this my last will & testament or before the most pt' of theme and thay to redress the matter according to there judgement and nott to go the lawe And if any of theme that is to say Alen' my wife or any children refuse or deny to be ordered in that behalf by the sup’visors I will that every one of them for so refusing there arbitrement shall lack of there portion xl'. to be geven & destributed as the sup'visors shall think mete and conveinent. Also I giv to Richard walton my some v' for the gathering vpp of my debts and to make a just accompt of all the sayd detts as is aforesayd and he to have the vl oute of the hole stocke Also I giv to M Deane Whitting

thay my

of my

to my

h'm a riall to mistris whitingh'm' ve for a remembrance Also I giv to Mr Thomas Jever half a crone to M: Rauf lever half a crone to Mr E lever half a crone to Mr Roger lever half a croune for a remembrance. Also I giv to Mrs richeson x' to Jhone horne xs to mathu farelas xs Also I giv to Mr Jhone pilkenton wiff a croune for a token of remembrance It'm I giv Ladi perse

2 for a token of remembrance half a croune Also I giv to Mr. Will’m Claxton of winyard for a token of remembrance half a croune I giv to M'. halliday half a crone for a token. I giv to Mr Will'm half a croune I giv to Mr. gilpen 3 for a token of remembrance ij* vja. I giv to M'. rudd for a token ij vja. I giv to rich adde to Cuthb't wedeside and Jhone waters everi one of them xxs if thay gett no redress at my lord lumley hand for the wch thay war suretyes I will to hav a sermond at my buriall iff itt be possible & to be payd sufficiently for his paynes Also I will jų all my goods moveable and vnmoveable that I have geven my wiff shalbe prassed y my children shall know how mutch ther is and what it cometh to att hir Deathe. Kington Notary.

THE INVENTORY of all the goods & cattels wares marchadisse as well moveable as vnmoveable p'teing to will'm walton Drap’ in Durh’m laytley disceased praysed by hew whitfeld thomas whitfeld Rob’t Potter & will’harp" Ann Dom'i 1566 in October. IN THE SHOPP A sadd coller brod clothe jij yerds xije—a brome blewe iij yerds xv_a black bayse ix yerds xx® -a pooke viij yerds xliiij? —a pook viij yerds x—a pooke viij yerds xliiijs—a pooke vij yerds xxxv8.-a rede freseadoo ij yerds vs—a brod lining ij yerds ij?:- a brod rede half yerd iiij --a brod marry iij quarters v'.-a blew carters vj quarters xviija -a brod marble vij yerds half xxiij'— A new coller brod clothe iij yerds half xiije — A brod watchat v yerds xxij vja—A shepes coller brod clothe ij yerds viiją—A london, red vj quarters xijs - A london watchat ij yerds half xxs-A pevk half yerd vinj

- A pevk di'm yerd vije —A black carse xvj yerds xxiiij—A black carse vj quarters iij*—A black carse ix yerds xvijs — A new collar carse xij yerds xxiij®—A new colli carse ij yerds iiijs —A sky collr carse xvij yerds xxxviij.— A white vij yerds

1 The wife of Dean Whittingham was sister to Calvin, and a person who, acting under the spirit of her brother, was suffered to make great havoc among the tombs and ornaments of the Cathedral.

2 " My Lady Percy” was Anne, daughter of Henry Somerset, Earl of Worcester, and wite of Thomas Percy, who, three years afterwards, rebelled against Queen Elizabeth, and was beheaded at York in 1572.

3 Barnard Gilpin, Rector of Houghton-le. Spring, of famous memory.

vij'— A white carse xviij yerds xxviij'- A white carse jij yerds half vjs—A white carse iiij yerds half vj”. A white carse vij quarters iiij – A white carse iij yerds half x--A white carse xij yerds half xxxiiij" —A blew watchat xij yerds 1-A new coll' iij yeards half xx'-A ishe colli v yerds xxv_A brod read viij yerds xxx—A sadd ships coller x yerds xlvs—A watchat xij yerds iij, vj”. A brod read ij yerds half xix'-A sad coller xij yerds v!<A pevk xij yerds iij! -A pevk vij yerds iij'. iijs —A pevck xv yerds half viji xijs—A violat brod clothe xiij yerds vjl vj-A london new coller xv yerds vj' x- A new coll' xj yerds iiij? —A shepes colli x yerds half iiij

' x—A sad coll' xij yerds half vjl xviije —A sky coler carse xiij yerds xxxs A vess coll' carse xv yerds half xxxv. A new collr carse v yerds xjö viija—A flanders dy carse vj yerds xxij:— A galle carse v quarters iiijs — A ish coll' carse x yerds half xxxvs-A black carse vj yerds xx— A bede carse ix yerds xxxiij -- A flander dy vij yerds xxvjø-A orish coler carse ij yerds viij*-—A flanders dy carse ix yerds xxXVS— A orishe coler carse x yerds xl-A galle carse xij yerds xliiij®:-A red carse vij yerds xxviijs—A flanders di carse iiij yerds half xviijs - A tavneie carse v yerds xxiiijs—A black frese xxij yerds xxije-A white frese ij yerds xiij.—A white frese xv yerds xiiij iij"—A black frese ix yerds vije-A black frese xv yerds xvs —A black frese xxvij yerds xxvijs —A white cottin inj viijd- A white cottin iiij viija— A yerd of russat ijs — It'm ij chists, a cubbord, an amberye xxvj$ viija. Sum'a cxiiij' x. HousHOLD STUFF IN THE P'LARR.. A chimney wth a pr' of tongs xiiije—A bedd stede close mayd xs—A father bedd xx—A pare of shets vs iiija—A covering of app'ils x— A overse bed viij --A covering wrought of silk xs-A cod & a pilleber ijs —A trindell bed a father bedd a twilt a happing a bouster xx*—A standbed a father bed a mattres a p'r of blanketts a rede coveringe a bouster & curtings xxvjø viija.- It’m viij cods & viij pillobers xxs— It'm vij p'r of lin shetes xl-viij p'r of strakin shets xxx8—vj p'r of harden shets xv8_-xiiij yerds of diap'tablein xvję—x yerds half of table cloth x'—xxj yerds of towelin xiij*. iiijų–ij hand towels iiije-ij dosen napkins xijs —V pillebers vije-ij hede shets vj -A p'r of blanketts vs—ij overse bedds & iij cortings xxvje viija-A cubbord vije- A table wth a carpett xije — A counter wth a carpett vijs -- A dance chist vję—A bond chist xijo —A bond coffer v8-A amberye viijéA lang settle & a chare inje-iij buffett stoles vje—A little stole viija ij formes xijd— Read hangings xxiiij - A paynted clothe iijsiij chists xvs- A stand bedd a pare of blanketts ij shets a covering and two cods xiij' iija-A ambrecall ij' vja. In The New

It'm a p’sser v-ij ambres v'-lang settle iije —iij



chayres xviija— A poll axe xvjd—IN THE HALL HOUSE.

It'm a chimney a payre of tonges a gret por a payre of rackes ij spets a rackin crook a crissett xxxiijs iiija— A table wth a table clothe xx'—A lang settle wth a bed a nother lang settle viije-A ambre rije — A cupbord ambre iiijs—A p’sser xlvjó viija- iij chares inijs -ij formes & ij stoles ijs vja— A dosen of quisshings xs—A silver pece xviij spone weijng xxxij onces vijf inje-Å Silver salt xxvjø. IN THE LITLE CHAMBER. It'm a bed stede a matteres a blankett a p'r of shets a bouster two cods wth pillobers fouer coverletts xxiiije —A bedstede a matteress a blankett a p'r of shets iij cods ij coverletts xvje – A chare ij barrels a stand & thre litle barrels & a bord vs_iij ston of salt butter viljs—iiij haulings vsmilj salt fishe iiiją—A brandrey ijs—ij gun'es ije vjų—iij latten basins x _iiij puther basings vję—xiij puther dublers xxvje viija—xij puther dublers xviije – vj puther dishes viije — vj pottingers ije —iij chamber potts iijo iiijă —iij pottell potts vijevj quart potts x-a pinte pott ije ——ij pinte potts ij gill potts inje -v salt sellers iiije - vj pottingers injs—xj sawsers iijs iija—A leven candelsteks & a laver xiij". iiij.- A grete potte xv-v potts xviije —ij potts vj&– A kettell & vij pannes x'- A friing pan & a kirsett iije — A morter & a pestell iiijs

—A Jack a p'r of sleves of mayle x:- A bay horse xls – A gray nagge xxxiij*. iija—ij kine xlvjø viiija -- In hay xls the tithe x'- A short goune a sattan cote a chamlet cote a clothe cote xls_viij stone of lint xxxijsIn yarne ix pound vje– In bookes x_1 yerds of lin clothe is _ xxx yerds of starkins xvs — In wood bords xiijs inja -xxxiiij yerds of harden xs—lviij yerds of line clothe xxxiije iiija—xxj yerds of strakins xj -—xxij yerds of harden xijs — Sum’a lxxx' xiiij viija. The hole sum of all the goods cattels wayres & debts as well moveable as vnmoveable perteins to will’m walton in Durh’m Drap' laytly Disceassed is cccclxxxix' xvjo jų. DETTES wch willi'm walton did owe the day of his deathe. It'm owing to Mr. Jhone Eden & Mr. topp xxx!—owing to Mr. miles of covintre xiiij' vj$ viija— to M. barb'xiiij—to thomas walton iij' vs—to Richard bell vij'—to S nicholas burnop v' xiij iiijato xp'ofor dobson iij' vj viij—to xp'ofor hill x'—to will’m horner xvje—to Richard stanssid xj. Sum'a lxxxviij' ije. Restat executricæ clxvl vijs ixd.

Among those indebted to the deceased (223 in number) occur “Mr Henry Wetherton (Widdrington), M George blaxton of Farneton Hall, MGeorge blaxston, Mr Simond foultherupp, M' Boues, Thomas blexton, S: Robert Hilton, St John horsfall, M. Will’m hilton & M+ Michael constapell, M' Robert layton, M' George tonge, Mr humphrey, Nicholas blaxton, M Will’m claxton, MJhone blaxton, M: Thomas lever, Mr Jhone

Musgray, Mr Robert eshe, M William blaxton M George blaxton, Mr Cuthb. fenwicke, Mr anthony tomlinson, Mr alderman, Mi George winter, Mi George clif, M Jhone Hedworthe, Mr Doddisworthe, M Jhone lampton, Sir William Thompson, M' Francis bonner, Mr Jhone edon, Mr Gilpin, Mr Boutflower, Sir George Ratclif, Jarret salvin, Oswood ogle, Mi Robert porter elder and M' nicholas porter, MRauf gowerr, Dame elener persee, Mr Robert harbottel elder and yonger, M: Askiu, M Henry Evers, M Conyers, M' Matthew conyers, M Jhone conyers, M: Rauf conyers, Mr Jhone troloppe, M George Morden, Mr William morden, M" Macbray, Richard conyers, Xp'ofer mare,” &c. The debts amount to £265 17*. 14., and the “ disparet” debts to £29 148. 44.*



In dei noi'e Amen 1566 Die vero Aprelis 7 Ego Radulphus Bayles Clic's curatus p'ochialis castri barnardi condo testametu' meu' in hunc modu' vt sequitur I the sayd Sir Rauf bayles sick in bodi corporall but prace be unto god my redemr hole in soule and in good and p'fect memory ffirst & especialli I giv and bequith my soule vnto Allmigh my god my redemer & savior Jesus Christ who hayth redemed and boght me & all mankind wth his most p'cious blood in whome & in whos deathe and passion I hope to hav & optene salvation my bodi I giv to the earth frome whens it cam ther to abide the day of the most Joeful resurrexion of all trú and faythfull company of the select and chossen stoke of Christ & if god hav so p'vided I will ye my sayd bodi be buried In the chansell or where in the p'ish chappell of ou’ladi wthin the toune of Barnardes castell Also I will yt an honest dinner be p’vided for thirty or forty measses of honest me' and women of the toone and p'ish wch shalbe att the church the day of my buriall And also I giv vnto the poore people to be destrebuted the day of my buriall vnto all sutch as be of the toone & p'ish ye stands most nede and mister & it to be geven vnto them att there houses xx®. I doy giv & bequith vnto thomas bayles my brother sone one filly stagg Also my best overse cover of


bede wth a brassen morter of brasse and the pestle & also in money iij®. iiija. It I do giv & bequith vnto secile coytts my servant & sister doghter my best goune also my gretest brass pott also my better matteres and my bedding y I ly in wth also my milk kowe and more in money iij'. iiija wth iij yerdes of lining cloth & vj yerds of harden clothe

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