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becum'ithe them and also I giv vnto my sayd wif a whi & it wth encrease therof to be found on this All his goodes xxxiiij'. xijs. viija.

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In the name of God Amen. The iiij day of June Ao. D'ni 1566 I Margret Hilton of Northe Biddick wedow do mak this my last will & testament in man' & forme following. First I bequithe my soule to Almighty God; my bodi to be buried in my p'ishe Churche of Washington att the discretion of my Executors. Item I giv & bequithe vnto Elizabethe, Dorite, and Helin my thre dowghters to every of them one silver spone to be delevered att the discretion of my executors. Item I give vnto Anne Hilton my sone Will'm Hilton wif my best silver spone. Item give to Elizabethe Thirkell & Joyes Thirkell to eather of theme one silver spone. Item I giv to everi one of my s'vants as well woma' as men one ew & one lambe. Item I giv to Thomas Iveson my twinter horse wch I bought of one Metforthe. Item I giv vnto Jyeles Spence who hathe taken mutche paynes with me one twinter whye. Also I do ordene & mak Rob'rt Hilton, Roger Hilton, Rauf Hilton, Sibbell Helton & Margery Hilton my sonnes & doughters my hole & full executors of this my last will and testament. Item I will yt my sone Marmaduck Thirkell & his wif Elizabethe, my sone Michall Cunstable & Dorite his wif, shall hav the goverme't of my sayd sonnes & daughters wth ther childs portions and an'uities viz. Rob't Hilton, Roger Hilton, Rauf Hilton, Sibbell Hilton and Margery Hilton, vnto time thay cu' to laufull adges, thay putting in bond accordingly. It'm I do requier my brother Sr Xp'ofer Medcalfe Knight, my sone Will'm Hilton, Mr Robert Bowes, Mr Thomas Layton, my brother in lawe Oswold Metcalf, Michall Counstable & marmaduck Thirkell my sonnes in lawe & my nephey Anthony Thomlinson sup'visors of this my last will & testament. Item to Alleson Dinlaye one twinter whi for hir panes taken wth me in my sicknes. Segned in the p'sens of James Beck clerk (&c.)

DETTS WHICHE I DOO OUE. To my sone Constable in recompence of my doughters Dorats dourey I will forty pounds to be payd of my goods wth all such horses & meares as doythe remane wth him att this time, and also twenty pounds wch he

1 Daughter of Sir James Metcalfe, of Nappa Hall, in Wensleydale, and widow of William Hilton, Esq., whose Inventory has been noticed above (No. CLI.)See the family pedigree, SURTEES, II., 26.

receaved for viij stotts, requiring him to be contented for yt my abilite is no better at this time. It'm I ou to Thomas al's Thomas Wilson xiiij'. iiijs. iiijd. Item to Thomas Whitfield of Durh'm drap' xxxijs. To will'm Walton of Durh'm drap' v'. xijs. vd ob. To Thomas Ivesone xxv. To Xp'ofer Surtis m'chant in Durh'm xj3. To the xvj husbands of Hilton for xvj boules of pese. INVENTORY 10 June 8 Elizab. Inter alia Two coytts of plate one stuff cote for warr-one cockshott net ijs. xxv silver spones vl One pare of tables & a chessbord & the me' ijs.


Ccxi. sir george conyers, Knight.'

The Inventory of all the goods and Cattelles at harperly both moveable and vnmoveable of St George Conyers knight late of the same in the county of durh'm prased by Cristofer Hodshon of the maner 2 Willia' more of birchborne Willia' Clarke of Shypley and Thomas Todd of the west howse in the said County yeomen the xxij day of october Anno d'ni 1567.

In primis one gold cheane in valew xl'. An vpper beliment (habiliment) in valew iiij'. A vnder beliment iij An other litle beliment xxvj. viijd. xv boweles for a beliment xvj. viija. One crose of gold xiijs. iiijd. One bracelate lvs. An other bracelate lxiij. viija. A gold ring x3. xxxiiij agglets of gold iij xxxvij small aglets of gold xx". Two brooches xx. A carganat of gold xx3. A bracelat wth eight angells iiij'. ij currell stacks tipt wth silver xx. A nest of boules wth the cover and half a dosen spones of silver iij' xiij'. iiijd. A doson spones of silvr xxxvj. ij salts wth a cover doble gilt xiij. iiijd. A basen an ewer of tynn xvjd. Hogesheads viij, a tonning tubb, a tonn for bread ij great kettelles, vij stone potts and iiij cannes xiijs. iiij. ij racking crocks ijs. A cawdron iiij pannes vjs. viijd, iiij brasse potts x. One brasen morter and ij pestells vj. viija. One broule Iron, vij speights, iiij pair of pottclipps and v kitching knyves vijs. One chaffing dish, one pair of tongs one fring pann one poer one fiershoole of Iron ijs. ij cressetts, one grater and a fleshe crocke iij. iiij dossen and v puder platers liij. iij dosen and iiij puder dishes xxviij. viijd. xxij puder saucers v

1 Only son of Sir Thomas Conyers, of Sockburne, Knt., by Margaret, dau. of Sir Edward Radcliffe, of Dilston-born at Markenfield, and baptized at Ripon -owner of Sockburne, and the head of the family of Conyers at his periodmarried Anne, daughter of Sir John Dawney, of Sessay, Knt., by whom he left a numerous family-died 15th Oct., and bur. at Witton-le-Wear, 18th Oct., 1567. V. SURTEES, III. 248. His will contains no notice of importance. 2 The Manor House, in the parish of Lanchester.

potingers one charger and iij puter plates x3. iiijd. A lead, a maskfatt and a swett wort fatt, a coler and a gile fatt liijs. iiija. ij hogheads, a pype ij seas a tubb a kettell xiiij sacks a bulting tonne vj. viijd. v pippes, vj hogesheads, vj farkennes ij kytts vjs. viijd. One racking crock, a paier of tonnges one cauderon a pann vjs viijd. xxix milk bowells v skeles, one stand, one se, ij kyrnes x chesfatts, x sinkers, iij chesebords, ij ches presses, ij milk siles and one swall vs. lx cheses xx3. lx cheses xx3. In butter xvj. A veluatt gowen xls. A velvet gowen and a gowen of Satton and a gowen of stuf taffate, a velvet forforskirt v kirtells of orang damask and a petticote of scarlett vj1. xiij3. iiijd. A velvet doblett and a sathan doblett x3. iij vpper stocks of howse (hose) of veluett v. iij clocks xiijs. iiijd. All other apperell xiij3. iiija. One mattres xij. ij pillowes and iij happings and coverletts ijs. xxj blanketts xxvj. viijd. iij dagges and xiij hargabusshes xx3. One crose bowe ij racks viij arrowes xj boltes viijs. v long bowes vij shaffe of arrowes x3. iij speares and ther picks vjs. ix cotts of plate xlv. vij Javelin staves ijs. iiij. ij cupbords iij close stoles and iiij paynes in them x. A stillytery and a limbeck and a bit for it and ij castells xx3. A perfome payne and a chafing dishe xijd. viij carpett quissons iiijs. ij wroght quissons of croile xij. ij wroght long quissons of Sillke vj. viij. One dining table wt a grene covering x3. One great chist ij lesse chists a close chair vj3. viij. One trounk iij chists vs. A poer, a fier pann and a pair of tonngs xxa. A bedd wth teaster and courtings of say, one father bedd ij pair of blanketts one cov❜lett and a covering xx". On the lowe bedd one mattresse one feither bedd, one bolster, ij blancketts and ij coverletts xs. On the high bedd a mattres, a faither bedd a bolster ij pillowes one pair of fuscion blanketts one cov❜lett and a covering xx. On the low bedd one feither bedd a bolster and a pillowe ij blanketts one happing a cov❜lett x3. One bedd wth a fetherbedd, a bolster, one pillow, ij blanketts, one happing, a teaster xx. One paliet wth a mattres a fetherbedd a bolster & ij blanketts ij coverings xiijs. iiijd. The hangings xxvj3. viijd. A bedd wth a mattres a fether bedd a bolster a pillow ij blanketts a coverlett a coveringe xx3. One bedd wt a fetherbedd a mattres a bolster a pair of blancketts viijs. One bedd wt a mattres ij pillowes a pair of blanketts and ij happings iijs. One bedd wth a mattres a bolster ij blanketts ij coverletts iijs. One bedstock wth polles ij3. In the CHAPPELL CHAMBER one bedd wth a mattres a fether bedd a bolster ij blanketts & ij coverletts xiij. iiijd. One bedd wth a fether bedd bolster ij blanketts a happing & a coverlett xs. A nother bedd wth a boster a fetherbedd an happing and a coverlett x3. viij bedd poweles xvja. One bedd

with a mattres a bolster ij blanketts a happing a coverlett iijs. One bedd wth a mattres a bolster ij happings iij blanketts ijs. One myles is bed mattres a bolster ij blanketts ij happings one cover lett ijs. vjd. One hords bedd a mattres ij codds one blankett a happing a coverlett ijs. viijd. A bed with a mattres a bolster a pair of blanketts ij happings ijs. viijd. In the new stable a bedd with thre blankets a bolster a happing a coverlett ijs. viij. On brians bedd a mattres a coverlett ij blanketts & ij happings ijs. viijd. One bedd wt a mattres a bolster ij blanketts ij happings iijs. One bedd wth a mattres a bolster ij blanketts & ij happings iijs. One bed wth a mattres a bolster a happing & a coverlett iijs. One bedd a bolster & a mattres a happing ij coverletts iijs. A pair of belloos ij ham'ers ij pair of tonges a pair of pinces ij cotting Irons and ij pounces vj. viijd. A whippt sawe ij hand sawes a twart sawe v3. vj chissells an Iron wegg ijs. v wombles iiij percers bittes and a brace xxd. Axes and an hamer ijs. iij files for a sawe a latt axe head a sett for a sawe iiij plane Irons a pounce ij holders and iij Iron wedges ijs. Two gavelocks v3. x litle stone wedges and ij trowelles xijd. xxxvij spades & sholes and a turf spade ijs. vj ham'ers and six haks viij. iiij sithe six sickells vs. xviij milk bowells ix platters xj wood dishes iij. iiij. iij pair of wayne blades & bords wth snarded tres sawen timber and other wood things xx. xij busshells of Ry xx". ix busshells of wheat xvj. Corne in Harp'ly barne xiijs. iiijd. Wheat and Ry iiij'. Bigg, pees and otts liijs. iiijd. Hay at harp'ley v' vjs. viij. Lime xiijs. iiijd. Bricke xiijs. iiijd. Wolle vj1. xiij. iiijd. ij long waynes and ij coup wayn bodies, iij pair of assell nales, ij pair of lyn pinnes viij teames, iij schakells, ij lowse crocks iij pleughs one paire of plew Iron teathe & one horse harro of wood wth all things belonging husbandrye xl3. vj linʼing table clothes x3. viij. vij harden table clothes iiij. ij dosen lin napkins iij. iiij. iiij lin towells vs. iiij cupbord clothes iij. v pillow beres vs. x pair of lin sheats xl3. XV pair of harden sheats xx". ij colts of iij yer old xl. vj nagges v. xix oxen xxvij x3. xxviij ky & ther calves xxxij'. ters vij'. xij. vj tuppes xx. iijs. iijd. Wethers v scor & x xij. x swyne xxvj3. viija.

One bull xiijs. iiijd. xix_twin. ix score and on [? ewes] xxx' xvj'. x3. v schore xvj hoggs ix' Sum'a totalis [left blank]


In the name of god Amen the vj day of Jannarij 1567 I Will'm tod, clerk, doctor of divinitye being seck in my bodie yett hole of mynd & of p'fit remebranc thanks be to god therfor do mak this my last will & testament in man' & furme folowing first I do co'mit & frely geve my soull to almightie god my maker & redem' & my bodie to be buried wthin ye quere of the cathedrall church of duresme nere to ye plac wher docter hyndn'es clerk deceased was buried yff it shall plese ye right worshipfull Mr deane & ye chapiter of ye same cathedrall church so to p'mit & yf not then to be buried ells wher ye christaine mans buriall Also I geve all my good to wm tod scoler at cambrig, & to my nece Anne sped whome I mak my execu tors of this my last will & testamet Witnesss of this will nycolas burnope francis Walker & many others & Anthony gelson.*


It'm I gyve

In nomine dei Amen the ffyrst daye of ffebruarye Anno dn'i 1567 in the tenthe yeare of quene Elesabethe I will'm Andersonne of the towne of newcastell vpon tyne merchante seke in bodye howbeit of good and p'fitte memorye & Remembrannce make this my last will & testament in maner & forme ffolowinge ffyrst I comytt my sowll to allmyghtye god, &c. and bequythe to John hone my wyffes eldest sone three pounds It' I gyve to my brother georg ande'son my new gold ringe It'm I gyve to the said John hone a gold ring wch was hys fathers It'm I gyve to my mother in lawe margerett blount my blaick gowne lynnyde wth blake connye It'm I gyve to barbarye blount my wyffe sister a pec of blake clothe wch lieth in the loft to mayk hir a gown of It'm I wyll that my wyff shall ffynde my brother Robart Andersonne meatt drynke & clothe so long as he will abide wth hir & be rewled by hir The residewe of all my goodes moveable & vnmoveable my debts legacyes & funerall expencs payd I gyve & bequythe to my wyffe ellynor Ander

1 The first Prebendary of the fifth stall in Durham Cathedral-admitted D. D. of Oxford Ap. 13, 1537, as a Monk of Durham-Vicar of Northallerton 1553-Archdeacon of Bedford 1563—and a man whose name occurs more than once in the copy of the Manuscript of REGINALD DUNELMENSIS, belonging to the British Museum, of which an account is given in the publication of REGINALD by the SURTEES SOCIETY, which accompanies this volume.

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