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sone & my three children viz. thomas georg & alies and❜sone whome I mayke executours of thys my last will & testament It'm I do myyke my good m2 m2 Thomas lyddell' and my sayd brothe' george andersone sup'visours of thys my last will Requiryng them as my speciall trust is in theym to se the same executed accordinglye to truthe & for the vse & comodytie of my sayd wyffe & childringe I gyve to frannces liddell my Rayper I gyve to thomas liddell his brother my dagg' I gyve to my s'vannt Rychard Westwood when he haythe mayd his Reknynge xls. Wetnesses mayster thomas lyddell-Raffe crags -Andrewe Westwood marchaunts, umfraye taylo' & georg Andersonne sargant.*


In the name of God Amen. The xiijth day of Octobre and in the year of our lord god 1567 I xp'ofor todd seke in bodye and hole of minde and in p'fite memorye maketh my last will and testament in forme followinge ffyrst I give and bequith my soull vnto the holye and blessed trinite thre p'sons and one god and vnto the holye blessed virgine marye our ladye sainte marye and to all the blessed company of heaven And my bodye to be buried wthin the churche of St. Gregorye att the trynite alter of the sayd churche in stayndropp. It'm I giue and bequith vnto my mother ij kyen It'm I giue to eyther of my brethren John todd and thomas todd one whye I giue to eu'ye one of my servants one ewe shepe. It'm I giue to my sonne henry todd one old ryall, one crosse gilte, my best gold ringe and my best silu' spone havinge the image of our ladye on the sayd spone It'm I giue vnto my doughter Anne todd my best brass pott It'm I giue to my brother John todd thre children eu'ye one of them one shepe and the rest of all my goods moveable and unmovable my debts trewlye payd and my funeral expences deducte I guie to my wiffe Anne tod and to my children henry tod Thomas todd and Anne todd whom I make my hole executors and they to se me honestly brought furth as may seme good to ye honour of god and th'elth of my soull and to ye ordre of my degre. It'm I do make y sup'visor of this my will my right trustye and welbeloued father in Lawe wm applebye and he to se this my will p'formed as my moste truste is in him Witnesses herof s vmfray nattrem James tenannd xp'ofor dente wm clerke wth other mo

1 The founder of the family of Liddell, of Ravensworth.

THE INVENTORYE of all the goods and cattels moveable & unmoveable of xp'ofor tod praysed by these vj me' henrye hedlie Ric' lambert Raphe person George nicholson John Jakson and wm newbye the xxtie of December.

Imprimis ix oxe p'ce xij-ix kye & ij calves p'ce x'-v stotts iij year old p'ce vij whyes pc'e xx3-ij stirkes xiijs iiijd. xxxvij ewes, xxx lambs, ij wedders, iij toppes viij' vj3 viija. ail houshold stuffe & ap'pall iij'-all corne & haye wthin ye barne & upon ye earth wth pleugh waine wth all other things to them belonginge p'ced to xxv. S'm lxvij1 xiij3. iiijd. *


An Inventory of all the goods and cattels playt and Juels of Edwarde P'kinson layt of Beamont hill deceased prased the xij Julij 9. Elizab. BEAMONT HILL. xx oxen lviij'. xxvij kye & one bull & xxij calves xlvj'. iijs iiijd. xxx & iiij yowes & geld shepe xxxvij. viij. iijxx and xvj lambes vij1 xij. viij horses xj'. vj3. viijd. iij pare of yron bun wheles iiij pare of woud wheles, iiij coupes, thre long wanes wth all the other pleugs & pleughe gere, wane & wane gere about the house xiij'. iiijs. iiijd. THE HALL One counter one brode table & a side table iiijor formes vj buffett stoles a coupbord ij chaires ij counter clothes & the hangings xlvjs. viij. iiij basings and an ewer wth candelstekes xx3. Sum'a iij'. vj3. viijd. THE BUTTRE viij puther potts x3. One bassin an ewer a charger, ij puther dishes wth a brasin morter x3. iij ambres wth a buttery table xv. iiij old barrels & ij hoggsheds vjs. viijd. Croses & glasses ij'. xa. LOW BUTTEREY. iij giling fatts & two other tubbes xiij'. iiija. THE P'LER. One trundle bed wth a fether bed, ij cov'letts a bolst ij blanketts xx3. ij carpett table clothes xx3. v codds vs. ij cov❜letts vs. One prisser vj. viij. A litle table, one chist, iij chayres and iij formes x. THE NURSERE One trussing bedd, one trundle bedd wth a fetherbedd, a mattres, ij blanketts, ij shetts, ij cov❜letts wth a cov'ing and a bolster xl. One chist, one yron chimney, a litle presser wth a chare x3. ij bedstokes, iiij happings, ij blanketts, iiij shets & ij codds x3. THE CHAMBER OVER THE HALL One pare of stand bedstokes & a trundell bedd, one fether bed, a mattress, ij blanketts ij shets, ij cov❜letts, ij cov'ings, ij codds, & a bolster iij'. ij flanders chists


1 Married first Anne, daughter of Ralph Hedworthe, of Harverton, and secondly a daughter of Crathorne, of Crathorne, in Cleveland. The surname of the deceased was in reality Featherstonhaugh, but one of his ancestors, the son of Perkin Featherstonhaugh, had adopted the patronymic Perkinson.

an yron chymney, a chare & a litle boord xx'. xx pare of shets: vj'. xiij', iiij. xiij pare of pillowbers xxiij. iiijd. iiij linen boord. clothes & iiij harden xx. viij lining towels xiij. iiijd. One diap' table clothe & a dosen diap' napkins xxvj3. viijd. ij dosen table napkins xijs. THE CHAMBER OVER THE KITCHING. One pare of turned bedstokes (with bedding & hangings) vj'. xiij3. iiijd. One One pare of cerved bedstokes (with bedding & hangings) iij. vjs. viijd. Two dosen quisshinges & a half xls. Lining clothe & harden ix'. One flanders chist one litle cupstole, one ehare, one yron chimney & a forme wth the hangings on the chamber xxvj. viijd. In playt xxvj'. xiijs. iiijd. His app'ell xl'. THE KITCHINGE All the brasen potts, spets, rackes and other kitching vessell vj1. xiij3. iiijd. THE NEW CHAMBER One Table ij trussing bedstokes, ij fetherbedds, iiijor blanketts, iiij cov❜letts iiij shets ij bolsters & one cov'ing iij'. vj. viijd. THE CHEMBER OVER THE NEW CHAMBER. Two pare of bedstokes (with bedding) xxvj. viijd. One litle yron chimney, ij chares and one chest xj. viijd. THE LARDER House great troughe, iij tubbes & a runlett x3. THE CHAPPELL CHAMBER One trussing bed one fether bed (with bedding) xxvjs. viijd. THE CHAPPell loft Two bedstokes, ij mattresses &c xvj. THE STABLE LOFT & CHAMBER Three pair of bedstokes (beds & bedding) XX. THE MILK HOUSE The wood vessel lxxvj. viijd. ij garnish of puther vessel iij'. vj3. viijd. THE NEW GARNER. One quarter of malte xiij. iiij. jxx cheses & xiiij stone of butter iij'. THE OLD GARNER. One ark and ij tonies vjs. viijd. vj bushels of rye xvj3. vj bushels of grots vjs. viiijd. One spinninge whele, iij pare of cards, iij pare of sheres, one fleke & ij basketts vj. viijd. Woll xviij'..vj. viijd. THE BACK HOUSE & BREW HOUSE. viij seckes & ij window clothes xvj. iij bouting tubbes one long table with other stuff xx3. ij grete tubbes v soes, ij maskfatts & ij



litle tubbis xxvjs. viijd. THE OXE HOUSE Thre pars of bedstoks (with bedding) xvj. viijd. not buried xx thraves liijs. iiijd. WHESSOE. Cattle, furniture, &c.

GRAYSTONES the same.

Servants wages xxj'. x. viijd. Funeral expenses xxx'. *


In the name of god amen The xxt of maij in the yeare of of lord god 1567 I will'm broune of gatished in the countye of duresme yeoman callinge to remembrannc the transitorie stat of man to gither with the p'swasions of sathan is a enemye

to the saluac'on of man do not only declare this my last wyll and testament in man' as a stay to my consienc my wyffe & chyldrein but also in few wordes declare ye some of my profession as a testimonie of my ffayth and confusione of the deuyll ffyrst I p'fesse and confesse one god in trinitie & that ther is no sauior no mediator nor advocat butt onlye Jesus Christ god and man & yt he allon by ye sheddinge of his most precius blodd haith pacyfied the wrath of god Justlye conceyved against man & that there is no sanctaficac on no redempc'on no purgac'on of synne but onlye by the merits of the Christs deaith & passion & all other superstitions & feyned cattells onlye deuised to illud the symple and vnlerned as yo vile abuses of ye sea of Rome I vtterlye detest & abhore and as tuchinge my last will and testament ffyrst I bequeth my soull to almightie godd and my bodye to be buryed within my p'ishe churche of gatished It'm I gyve to the poore mans box ijs. &c.*


An Invitory of all ye goods & cattells we were margaret gascoignes singlewoman wtin ye bishopbrick of durha' lait deceased at ye whyt friers in london p'sed by Thom's lacy gentilman Ao Dn'i 1567 ye xxiiij of march.

First one lease of grang called oxnold feld night dallington maid by ye Right honorable Henry lait Erle of Westmerland to hir in recompenc of hir childs porc'on wich he had remaining in his hands of ye yerely value of lx' ye rents paid & all other paments discharged. Item ye said erle did by his last will & testament geve & bequith vnto hir all yt his interest & lease for terme of yeres we he had in ye deanrye of darlington of ye yerly value y rents paid &c. of xl'. She nether aught any debts nor yet gave any legaces.- First a goune of chaungable taffatie laid one wt gold laic lxvj. viijd. A goune of silk grogram laid one wt silke laic xlvjs. viijd. One old goune of moccado xxvj. viijd. Two kirtells wherof one of changable tafatie tho'ther of grogram xxx". Two peticotts thone of skerlet th'other of stamell xxxvs. Two frenche hodes wt lytle billiment of gold lxvj. viijd. Other necessary app'ell xxvj. viija. S'ma of ye app'ell xiiij'. xviijs. iiija.

1 Daughter, apparently, of Sir Henry Gascoigne, of Sedbury, in Richmond. shire, by Margaret, daughter of Sir R. Cholmley, which Margaret after the death of her first husband, became the second wife of Henry, Earl of Westmorland, who seems to have got into his hands the fortune of the deceased, and to have granted her a lease near Darlington in its stead.




Inventory 3 Ap. 1557 Inter alia, Thre spones wt knoppes of our ladie & v wt lyons p'cell gilt xxx". A lytle peac of silver p'cell gilt xx". A lytle salt doble gilt x. Fleshe in ye backes xl. Geese & pullen vj3. viija.


An trew Inventorye of all suche goods as Sir John Welles prest had in his chamber at Durham at the houre of his deathe the xxvij of Aprill 1567 One Iron chimney wth tonges and other things therto belonging vs. One happing two blanketts & two codds ijs. Two pressors one litle almerye two litle tables two charrs iiij quishons x3. Two gowens, ij clocks, one cotte and two pair of hose xx". His books xiij. iiijd. His colles and his woode iijs. iiij. His songe books ijs. vja. Mony in his purse xiijs. viijd. S'm lvj3. ija.


An Inve'tory of all the goods app'tening John fetherstone of hartilpole the vj day of marche (1567) deceased.

Inp'mis lawrenc botson owing vnto ye said John fetherston vj foder of lead xlij'. Rob't cuthbart j fod of lead vij1-cuthbart natres halff j foder of lead the pric iij x-Raphe howrd j foder & a half of lead the pric x-gye fetherston ij fod of lead xiij1 vjs viijd—myhell fetherstone j fod of lead vj1 xiij3. iiijawill'm lawe owing to ye said John ij lods of lead vre pric xxviijs -wm dobbinson half j lode of vre pc vijs-Raphe ritter j lode & iij horse lode of vre xxiiijs vjd-John wright & henry muthyson halfe j lode of vre pric vijs-the workme' of ye grengreves iij horse lod vre pric xs vjd-John watson & Rob't his sonne half j lode of vre pric_vijs-georg peirt iij horse lode of vre x' vjd. wm ruter half j lode of vre vijs-Roland gibson j lode of vre xiiijs-Ric heryson half j lode of vre vij3 - xp'ofor baynbrig

1 Of the family of Featherston or Featherstonhaugh, of Stanhope, and stationed apparently at Hartlepool, then one of the principal sea-ports of the county, as a seller of the lead which constituted the chief wealth of his family. The price of lead at the period, and of the raw ore, in which the deceased had an interest, will not fail to attract attention.

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