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7 June 1568-To my sonne Robert Aplebye my dagger and my sword-to my youngest doughter Elsabeth one lambe-to Thomas Joplin one old buckskine dublett-Sum total of goods viij'. xix. xjd. *



In the name of God Amen the vij daye of Decemb'r I Barberye Collingwood of wheitfeld in the p'ishe of myckle benton wedo being hole of mynd and in good and p'fytt memorye laud and prayse be to allmighti god makethe this my last will and testament in man' and forme folowing ffyrste of all I comytt my soule to Allmightye god my maker and redemer and my bodye to be buryed within the churche of benton in the queer. It'm fyrste I gyue and bequithe to John Killingworthe of Killingworthe one nagg & two oxen & two waynes and other c'ten plough geer wch was his own before. It'm I gyue & bequithe to Tho' Killingworthe sonne to the said John Killingworthe one meare & a horse & to his wyfe a cowe & a calf and I gyue to mabell his doughter two kye & to his sonne wm one cowe I gyue and bequithe to John Killingworthe sone of the said Johns on meare. It'm I gyue and bequithe to will'm watson & James his brother sonnes to Roger Watson & eyther of them a whye It'm I gyue and bequithe to Richard sylu'tope my s'unt on whye and to peter brocket one yowe & eyther of those two s'unts eu'y one a yong sheipe. It'm I gyue and bequithe to Elizabeth watson wyff to Roger Watson and doughter to the said John Killingworthe half a chalder of otts and to Roger watson hir husband one loid of wheite It'm I gyue and bequithe to will❜m Lawson one lodd of wheite & to Richerd Dents wyff one lood of wheite and to george pearsons wyff one bowle of wheite & to Rob't watsons wyff a bowll of wheit John beke one bowle of wheite. It'm I gyue and bequithe to barberye myddleton and Cicelie myddleton one lodd of wheite. It'm I gyue and bequithe to thom's preston one loid of wheite It'm I gyue and bequithe to thom's Killingworthe one copper caldron & one ou' sea bed cou❜ing It'm I gyue and bequithe to Agnes Killingworthe one almerie & one counter & one great chiste one caldron & one great brasse potte & one posnett and I gyue to John Killingworthe the yonger one yron chymney & fyer croke & a paire of doble sheits. It'm I gyue to Rob't Killingworthe one

fether bed wth th appurtennes & to henrye Killingworthe a nother fether bed wth thappurtennes and I gyue one chairger to Elizabethe Killingworthe & to mabell Killingworthe one almerye one chiste one potte & one kettle. It'm I gyue to Rob't Dent sonne to Richerd Dent one whye. It'm I gyue to John collingwood sonne to will'm Collingwood of whetsled a yowe and all the rest of my houshold gere that I have not gyven by legacie. I gyue the one half to annes Killingworthe & and the other half to Elizabethe watson & barberye p'ston hir sisters and mabell Killingworthe doughter to thom's Killingworthe and all the rest of my goods moveable and vnmoveable my detts and legacs dischairged I will that thom's Killingworthe whom I maik full executor for me to gyue to John Killingworthe & henrye Killingworth Rob't Killingworthe his brother and annes Killingworthe his sister as he will auns were me before the faice of allmightye god as he thinks good a, d'ni 1568 and in the tenthe yeare of the reign of o' sou'aign lady Elizabethe by the gracce of god quene of england fraunce & Ireland quene defender of ye faith et ct. Recordes hereof thomas barker Robert barkes Ed

ward reid & thomas Slogen wth others.


In the name of god amen the xvth daye of feabruarye in the yere of ou' lord god 1568 I George Selbye marchaunte of the paryshe of saincte nycholas within the Towne of Newcastell sycke of my bodye and not wth standing of good and p'fyte remembrance Thankes be to god almyghtye makethe this my laste Will & Testament in maner & forme ffollowing. ffirst I gyve & bequeathe my sowle to almyghtye god my maker & redemer & to all the blessed Company of saincts in heaven and my bodye to be buried wthin my p'ishe churche of saincte nycholas as nighe vnto ye place wheras my master henrye Shafto was buried as maye be It'm I gyve & bequeathe to my father John Selbe ffyve poundes of monye wth one Russet gowen & I doo for geve him all that he doith owe me It'm I gyve vnto my sonne Roger Selbe twentie poundes in monye and I will that Thomas doddes of this Towne Tann' shal have him and The portion wthall vnto suche tyme as he shall come to lawfull yeres of discressione to rule it him selfe And also I will yt ye said thomas doddis shall have my said sonne apprentyte to learne the said occupac'on of Tann' and he to put in bonde for the delevirye of ye said Twentye poundes at thende of his yeres Also I will if my sonne shall departe oute of this world before that he come

to lawfull age & discression yt ye said Twentie poundes shall retorne vnto my twoe childrene John & Catherin. It'm I gyve vnto my sister daughter Christobell Wilkinsone fortye shillings to her marryage warde Also I geve vnto my faither in lawe John laysselles my beste gowen It'm I gyve vnto Thomas It'm I gyve vnto georg lasgeve unto my

It'm I

Doddis my newe russett gowen sells Read Satten dowbleat. my brother John Selbe my best Jaccote and my seconde dowblate & my best hoose & in recompence of my graye nagge I gyve hym iiij1 in mony & I doo forgyve hym all yt he doithe owe. It'm I gyve vnto my dowghter Katherone Selbe my best table. It'm I gyve vnto my sone John Selbe and to my daughter Catherin Selbe on dossein silver sponnes to be equally devidede betwyxt them and to ye longer lyver of them Also I gyve vnto my wyfe Elibethe Selbe my two yron chimlies and my best almerye in my hall Also I geve to eu'ye one of my foure Systers for a token Ten shillings. It'm ye reste of all my goods moveable & vnmoveable my debts legacies & funerall expenss' paid & dischardged I gyve & bequiathe vnto my wyffe Elizabethe Selbe my sone John selbe & my daughter Catherin selbe whome I maike ye Executors of this my last will & testament & they to despois my goods as they shall think good for ye helthe of my soule. It'm I will yt my mayster John Watson and my father in lawe John layssells, Jn' butler, & thomas dodis be ye sup'visors of this my last will and testament & I gyve to everye of ym a ould angell In witnes whereof mayster John Watson Mark shafto John laysseles, John butler, Thomas doddis John Selbe.


CCXXXIII. CHRISTOFER Cotts, of oxnelde felde.

In the nayme of god amen the yere of oure lord god 1568 and the xj day of June I xp'ofor cotts of Oxnelde felde wthin the p'ishe of darneton seke in bodye but holle of mynde & of p'fectt remembrance thanks be gevne vnto Almightye gode maiks this my last will and testament in maner and forme following. ffirst I comitt my soulle vnto gode my redemer trusting by his blode shedding for to haue remission of all my synes yf it shall please for to tacke me vnto his marcye at this p'sent tyme I will yt my body be buried in the sovthe croft yle of ye church wth my mortuary dewe by the lawe. It'm I gyue vnto the poore mens boxe xijd. It'm I gyue vnto church works xijd It'm I gyue to georg Cotts the one halfe of my lease of Coullye. It'm I gyue the other halfe of the same lese vnto Elizabeth my wyfe yt she shall haue the occuppacyon of it during hir

naturall lyffe and after her death for to remayne vnto my sonne georg. It'm I gyue vnto ye said georg one quye of iijre yeares olde in full contentac'on of his filiall porcon It'm I gyue vnto nycholes my sonne one whyt reged cowe wth one plaitt cotte. It'm I gyue vnto Jane wate my dowghter one quye calfe in full reco'pence of hir chylds porc'on It'm I gyve vnto John my sonne one playt cotte one sword one dager one bukler one blacke spere one graye coulte stagg of iijre yeres owld. It'm I geve vnto Elizabeth my wyfe & Elizabeth my dowghter all my houshold stufe wth the intrest of my farmehold yt lyeth in hurworth Equally to be devided betwext them. It'm I geve vnto xp'ofor cots my god sone one quye caulfe. It'm I geve vnto xp'ofor wate my good soune one gymmer The Rest of all my goods moveable & vnmoveable my dets and legases & funeralls discharged I gyue vnto Elizabeth & John my sone & Elizabeth my dowghter whom I maike my hole executors of this my last will & testament. It'm it is my will yt if anye of thes named wthin my will doith swarve & will not agre that they shalbe utterley excluded & have nether part nor p'sell of my goods but for to a byde ye order of lawrens horsma' thomas watson whom I do mack sup'visors of this my last will & testament. Witnesses herof lawrens horsma', georg p'stman thomas sclaytor, lyen tompson clerke. *


The Inventorye of all the sutche goods and cattells laytlye app'tening to Jhone bayles of north aukland desceased1568.

IN THE SHOPP AT AUKLAND Two yerds and a quarter of lining clothe of the best price iijs. iiijd. viij score and xij yerdes of houswif cloth the next best v1. xiij. viijd. iij yerds of read cloth ix3. Hardinclothe iiij score and vj yerds xls. Lining clothe of a courser sort xvij yerds xxiij3. Half a rim of paper ijs. iij yerds of bott clothe vj. v grose of thread buttans ijs. vjd. Half a rim of dim paper and fower pare of ounce ballance xxijd. vj grose of silke buttons viij. A boxe of combes ij'. viija. Half a quarter of blacke veluet xx. viij ounces of laysing Ribben vijs. vij ounce of oxen silke iijs. iiijd. x dosen of twist vj. viijd. A pece of capp ribben ijs. Collerd silke iij ounce iijs. A remland ribben silke ijs. iij ounce & a

1 A small shopkeeper, at North or Bishop Auckland, and also at Staindrop. His stock in trade is carefully extracted.

half of black sewing silke ijs. viijd. A thousand glaspes & kepers vijd. A dosin catechismes vijd. A Remnant of footwork silke ij3. iij skeane thread half a pound xiijd. Eight thousand pinnes iij3. iiij. Plaing cards a dosin & a half ijs. vja. ij white cappes for women xxd. Dayts ijs. Old hatts iijs. iiijd. ij dosen of hemp vj. Whit suger ij. A dosen of brassels xxd. Boxes of grene ginger xviijd. Permanseat (spermaceti) vijd. A bond of lin ijs. iiij pound of heklead line xvj. A stone of black wool vij. A boxe of a'vell xviij. Hony ijs. Steale ij3. Half a pound of skene thred xxd. A Remland of foxe v3. ij dosen of gloier alla' vj3. viijd. Half a dosen of com'ing xviijd. Half a dosen annet seds xviijd. A pond of galles vjd. Graynes ijs. Pepper viij ponds xxiij. Sanders half a pound xijd. Half a pound of puther viij. A pond & a half of ginger iij. iij ounce of maise and clowes ijs. vjd. An old male xijd. A stone and a half yren xxd. Half a pond of s'u'an (saffron) x3. More whit suger iij. iiij. A pound of more cloues vj. A pound of sanders xxd. Cloue mase xijs. vj ounce of turmerick ijs. Small Rasings iiijs. A dosen pound of prunes and great Rasings xij. Half a dosen of more coming xviijd. In graynes xijd. Tar xijd. A chest in the shopp vjs. A doson poundes of lickeres xijd. Half a berrell of sope xiiijs. A pare of hampers ijs. iij dosen more small rasings ixs. In madder & hoppes xvjs. iij old pack saddles & an axe iijs. iiij silver spones xiijs. iiija. Lining yarne & hardin at the webster xx". IN STAYNDROP SHOP Lininge clothe iiij'. Spice xx3.


In the name of god Amen the xyth daye Maye in the yere of or lorde god 1568 and in the Seuenth yere of the rigne of ovr Sou'inge ladye Elizabethe by the grace of god Quene of England ffrance & Ireland defender of the faithe & I Robert Lawson of Rocke in the countie of northumbreland Esquier sicke in bodie & hole in minde thanks be to god doe therefore ordeyne & make my last will & testament in man' & forme followinge ffirste I give my soule to almightie god my maker & redemer trustinge onelye in the meritts of his blodde shedd vpon the crosse for me & all mankinde to be saved I give this corruptable Bodie to the Queir of Rocke to be buried. It'm I

The Testator, originally of Usworth, was the second husband of Margery, sole daughter and heiress of Ralph Swinhoe, of Rock and Scremerston, Esq., who had been previously married to Edmund Lawson, of Newcastle, Esq.

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