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geve to Raphe lawson' the late sonne of Mr Edmonde Lawson the p'ferment of his marige wch I did buye of Bartrame Andreson of Newcastell wth xx1 by yere for his findinge to be taken accordinglye as I have receyved the same. It'm I give vnto the said Raphe lawson my welbeloved sonne in lawe all my interest the wch I have in that p'te of Byker wch p'sentlye I occupie by vertewe of a graunt thereof to me maide by Cuthbte Carnabie of halton esquier whereof the said Barthra' is not ignorant In considerac❜on of this my bequest to my sonne Raphe I will that he shall paye vnto Mr Anderson aforesaid all suche monie as I nowe doe owe vnto him the wch the said Barthram the time of his & my last talke in St. Nicholas churche esteemed it to be ix or x1 & and there is to be deducted of that some for the findinge of Ralphe Lawson at the rate of ijs thee weeke p annu' for that meane time betwixte the deathe of James lawson & the time that I did buye the marige of the said Raphe, the wch I do esteme to be half a yere, but I refer it to Mr andersons owne conscience And I will that the said Raphe paye all suche monie as I owe to the Tenents of West Matfen. It'm I will by these p'nts that my Brother Will'm lawson of Washington have & enioye all that my halfe of the halfe of the towne & parke of Barmston lynge in the countie of Durh'm paing & givinge therefore to Ranold & Lionell my two sonnes twentie pounds yerelye at two days wch my said brother doethe stand bound to paye yerelye x' to m' hilton And when my Sonne Will'm lawson shall accomplishe the aige of xxj yeres or likewise wch of my two other sonnes shall first accomplishe the age of xxj yeres And the said sonne to enter into my p'te of Barmston painge therefore as my brother paiethe for the other halfe wch is by yere five pounds And if my brother Will'm shall dep'te his life afore any of my sonnes doo accomplishe the aige of xxj yeres Then I will that those my sup'visers of this my will see it occupied so that yerelye they shalbe annsweret xx' by yere de claro so as my brother Will'm did answere them. It'm I give to my sonne Will'm Lawson all my plait my two best fether beddes wth the best furniture there vnto belonginge Also I give to my said sonne Will'm my wives white bedd with all thinges there vnto belonginge And I give to him my said sonne WilI'm my signett of golde wth an other ringe of golde Also I give vnto my said Sonne Will'm or to any of my sonnes wch first shall accomplishe the aige of xxj yeres the some of fortie pounds to be taken of my goods imediatelye after my deathe & to be

1 Ralph Lawson, here spoken of, married the rich heiress of Burgh, of Burgh, or Brough, near Catte sick, which still belongs to his descendants.

put to the hands of my Nephew George Lawson of little osworthe to deliuer to my sones as is before bequiethed Also I give to my said sonne Will'm xviij gold buttons to be putt in the handes of my said Nephewe to his vse. It'm I give vnto Rob'te Lawson sonne to Mr Edmond Lawson poundes Also I give vnto my Brother George Lawson of london over & besides that I owe him asmovche as to make it uppe fiftie poundes It'm I will to be paid to my cosinge Raphe hardinge tenn poundes the wch I owe him I'm I give myne Indenture wth the yeres therein conteyned wch I have of Will'm lawson of Cramlington vnto the said Will'm lawson of Cramlington againe Also I give vnto my Brother Will'm lawson of Wasshington all my yeres wch I have by deid Indented of lancelote lysle to the vse of Elizabeth lawson wife to Will'm lawson aforesaid of Cramlington Also I give my lease wch I have of the teithe corne of Cramlington aforesaid in the said Countie of Northum-berland to my two Brethren John lawson & Rowland lawson Also I give by these p'sents to my said two Brethren John lawson & Rowlande lawson the teithe corne yerely growing in the feilds & grounds of falladon in the Countie of Northu'breland vnto such time as my sonne Will'm come to the aige of xxj yeres or any of his brethren Also I will that my sup'visers of this my testament & last will shall see that all my ten'ts nowe beinge in Rocke aforesaid shall have paid to them halfe a yeres rent as they doe paye vnto me nowe at this daye Also I give by these presents to my servant Thomas Erington five m'kes of laufull monie of England. Also I give to all my servants wch I give liuerie cotts vnto there halfe yeres waiges. Also I give to will'm Skipsee of east harteforde so muche monye as St John Ragge knowethe to be behinde vnpaid of dame Johnsonne goods Also I give by these p'sents to m'garet Erington Wife of Thomas Erington aforesaid my servante xls. Also I give by these p'esents to Alice Carlisle xl3. for her paine taken wth me Also I will that my sup'visors shall give to eu'ie one of these hereafter named for taken paines wth my wife in time of hir sickenes as they thinke conveinent the names be these Mrs Rawe of Newcastell Jane Doodon Magdalen harbotle Margaret Erington, Jennet Cragges, Isabell Readhead Also I will by these presents that Eden Butterie have all suche monie as I doe owe hir as doethe appeare in writinge as Sr. John Ragge is p'vie to Also I will that the said Eden Butterie have iiij' vijs iiijd paid hir wch she putt in my hande to kepe Also I will that my sup'visers shall paye to John Butterye nowe wth me al suche porc'ons as came to me wth him by the gift of his father & mother in my goods if he be ruled by my sup'visers Also I will

that Mathewe Charleton shall have five m'kes if he will be ruled by my sup'visors Also I give to Thomas Tayler xx3. and a frease cotte the next winter Also I give to Will'm Tayler so much monie as his yeres waiges comethe to Also I will that my sup'visers shall see one halfe of the teithe of Rocke & Rennington the p'fitts there of Indifferentlye to be devided that is to saye the one halfe to my sonne Will'm and the other half to my sonnes Ranold & lionell vnto suche time as the said Will'm shall come to lawfull aige And then he to have all Also I give to Mr. Maxewell iij vjs viijd More I give vnto my servant Will'm Sparrov an oxe girse yerelye in the Millfielde Also I give to my servant Laurence Mathewe one howse and a garth therevnto belonginge in Cramlington aforesaid duringe my yeres wch was dame Johnsones & wch I hade of my brother in lawe Will'm lawson Also I give to my cosinge Thomas fforster thelder of Edderston a white meare and a fole nowe beinge at Rocke. Also I give to my Brother Will'm my stoned horse and his wife a litle belled meare now at Cramlington Also I give to my nephewe George my graye nagge wth all thinges even as I rode of him Also I give to my Cosinge George Blackston my graye nagge wch I bought of my servant Will'm lawson Also I give to my brother John lawson one Read liard meare Also I give to my Brother Roland lawson


& constitute by these presents my two sonnes Ranold lawson & lionell lawson to be myne executors of this my Testament & last will my debts & legaces beinge paid I give to them my sonnes Ranold lawson & lionell lawson the residue of all my goods & chattells here vnbequiethed and they to followe the advice and to be ordered by these my sup'visers Sr. John ffoster Knight Lorde Warden of the middle marches of England for annest Scotland, Thomas ffoster the elder, Ranold ffoster my nephewe, george lawson my sonne in lawe, Raphe lawson, Raphe hardinge George Blaxton and my Brother Will'm lawson whom by these p'sents I make to be sup'visers of this my Testament & last will. And I give to eu'ie one of these my sup'visers for a token one old angell. In Witnesse whereof to this my last will & testament I the said Robert lawson have setto my hand writ→ inge and seale the daye & yere above written in the p'sence of Raphe hardinge George lawsonne of little Usworthe, John metforthe the yonger of Sighell Jarret lawsonne of west harforthe, John lawson, Raphe lodge and Thomas Erington wth Will'm lawsone

Memorand. That Robert Lawson late of Rocke of the dio


ces of Durh'm whiles he leyved after he had maid his last will & Testament did make a Codicill or last will beinge then of p'fecte minde & memorie in maner & forme here after followinge viz the said Rob'te did saye vnto his Brother Will'm Lawson Brother nowe I have made my Will bot I have forgotten to give or dispose my lease of hedworthe And now my mind & will is that eldest my Will'm Lawson shall have the occupac'on of my lease of hedworthe for all the yeres to come therein And I will that my said sonne Will'm shall paye all the rents and outrents due to the lorde or any other p'sone yerelye amounting to the some of iiij xix And further I will that my said sonne Will'm shall yerelye paye out of the said lease xv1 xijd to Will'm hedworthe & John hedworthe the sonnes of Uncle Anthonie hedworthe or other wordes to the same effecte in the p'sence of the said Will'm laweson his brother & one WilI'm lawson of southe sheeles.



In the Name off god Amen the 17 of Noweber in An° d'ni 1568 Witnessethe that I Nycolas Baxter of the Towne of Newcastell vpon tyne Mrchant beinge of holle & perfitt memorye albeit Seike in my bodye dothe ordayne & make this my laste will & testamente in maner and forme folowth ffyrst I gyue & bequeithe my soule in to ye handes of almyghtye god my maker & redemer & my bodye to be buryed in ye p'ishe churche of Saynet Nycolas in ye same plaice wher as my last wyffe dothe lye the wch plaice is nexte a boue the reveister doire wth in the saide churche And for my wordly goods ffirste I do gyue & bequeyth vnto my sone John Baxter my holle title interest & leas of Ryckendalle the wch is my farmehold wthin the Bushopricke of Durrah'm payinge to the heade lorde his accustomed & dewe rente as is in the saide leas me'tioned. Provydyt alwaies that my saide Sonne John Baxter shall p'forme all suche Legasies as I the saide Nycolas Baxter shall bequiethe & gyue heare after wth in this my laste will me'tioned ffirste I doe gyue vnto my doughter Ane Clilborne wyffe vnto Thomas Clilberne to be paide forthe of my said leas xxiij poundes vjs viijd of lawfull englishe monye to be paid in maner & forme folowth yt is to saye at Mrtynmes nexte ensewinge the dayte heareof ix poundes. Also I will & doe gyue vnto my doughter M'garette Baxter for hir ffull payment of hir childes port'on xl poundes of lawfull englishe monye to be paid in maner & forme folowth yt is to saye ix

poundes at whitt sondaye nexte ensewinge ye dayt & tearme a boue mencyoned & then other ix poundes to be paide vnto my saide doughter Ane Clilborne at Mrtynmes then nexte ensewinge the dait and tearme a bove saide & so successyvelye & rataibleye to be paid vnto my twoo aboue named doughters till ye saide somes be fullye paid as is abou said as ffull payment of there childes port'on. Also I doe gyue vnto my doughter Margarett Baxter vj siluer spones and all maner of housholde stuffe what so ever it be that is myne except my contenyng house table and yt I doe gyue vnto my sone John Baxter. Also I doe I gyue vnto my Sone John Baxter vij poundes the weh Rob'rt Blenkinshoppe of Byrtley is owen vnto me And I will that my saide sone John Baxter shall lose all my playt that lyes in bande to wm Todde vicar of woodhorne the wch plait so losed I gyue vnto my doughter in law wyffe vnto the said John Baxter my greate siluer salte p'cell gylt wainge xx vncs & a sponge peace weinge xvj vncs & a siluer potte doble gylt wth the couer weinge xij vncs & a qr Also I will that my sonne John Baxter shall gyue vnto my doughter Ane Clilborne one litell goblett wth a couer p'cell gylt the wch is a p'cell of the saide playt Also I doe gyue vnto my sone Cristoyher Baxter for his ffull childes porcon xx iij poundes vjs viijd of lawfull englishe monye to be payde in maner & forme folowinge yt is to saye x poundes at Whitsondaye nexte and the other xiij poundes vjs viijd to be paide nexte after thes porc'ons a boue named provided all wayes that yf the said cristopho1 baxter do discharge & paye vnto Peter Bell Maryner the somme of ix poundes x for the wch George Styll & Rob'rt warmoth standes bounde by ther obligac❜on that then the said Cristophor shall retane the said porc'ons a boue saide. And for ye vnpayment & discharige of ye saide obligac❜on wth the chargies thereof by the saide cristophor they the said George & Rob'rt to retane the said Cristophor first porc'on of x poundes. Also I doe gyue vnto my doughter Beile warmothe wyffe vnto Rob'rt warmothe x poundes of lawfull english monye & also I gyue vnto Mr garette warmouthe dougter vnto Rob'rt warmouthe ffortye shillings of lawfull englishe money. And also I gyue vnto Ailis warmoth dougter vnto the saide Rob'rt warmothe xls of laufull englishe monye (the wch iij portons I will to be paide nexte aft' theis tearmes fforthe of my leas of Richkendaile) Also I doe gyue vnto my John Baxter my baise by gottinge sone John baxter & he to finde him & bringe hym vpe tyll he be xvj yeares of aige & then he to putt hym to such a occupaco' as he shall thinke most meat & when my saide baise begotten sone do accomplishe xxj yeares then I will that my saide sonne John Baxter shall paye vnto my said bayse by


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