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gotton sonne vij poundes of laufull englishe monye. Also I will yt my said soone John Baxter shall paye yearlye vnto my Sowne Rob'rt warmoth iiij m'kes of laufull englishe monye for ye findinge of my said baise begotton sowne. Also I doe gyue vnto my soone Edwarde baxter x poundes for his ffull childes porcon yf my saide soone doe come p'sonallye to demande the same geving his brother John Baxter a sufficient whittance the'fore. Also I doo gyue to my serva'te Jane horne xx3 of laufull englishe monye ffirst of all to be payde & a paire of harden sheytts a harden bolster & a Cowerled Also I will yt my trustie & welbeloved Cossinge Ailes Anderson wyffe vnto m' Bartraime Andersone haue the custodye & keapinge of my said lease of Rickendaile ye receipt of ye rents of ye same vnto suche tyme as Ane Clilborne Mrgarett Baxter Cristophor baxter Beyle warmothe or there assignes be fullye satisfyed & payde there porcons as is in this will aboue mentioned And I doe geue vnto my trustye cosinge Ailis Anderson for a token a old angell And also I will that aft' thers porco's being paide by my cosinge Ailis or her assignes yt then my cosinge Ailis shall delyvr up the said leas to my soone John baxter. Also I will yt yf there be any of my saide childre' yt is not co'tented & fullye satisfied wth this my will & deade a boue me'tioned yt then they shall retane no p❜t nor penye of yis aboue me'cioned by as ye will And ye Reste of my goods movable & vnmovable I gyue unto my soone John Baxter whom I make my full executor of yis my laste will & testamete-Nycolas baxter-Witnes hereof Anthonye Elande-George styll-Rob'rt elande-Roger Bos



Sep. xij 1568-Jane bruse of Gatished wedo of Patrick Bruse Goldsmith deceased-to my daughter Agnes all my silu' geare and rings wch are myne owen or that be pledged to me if they be not losed by the owners-I owe xiiijd for halfe a pownd of pepper-yf my sayd daughter vse not hir selfe vertuouslye and well or yf hir husband and she agre not well then I will that the sayd p'son [Leonard Dodisworthe parson of Gateshead] shall at all times her after haue full power and authoryte by this my said will to sell to dispone and bestow all my goods not before bequested to the poore people of this pdishe att his discretion.



In the naime of god Ame' the fourthe daye of Auguste in the yeare of or lord god 1569 I John tedcastle of gatisheid blaidsmithe being crased in bodye but of good & p'fitt remembrance thanks be to god do maike this my last will & testament in maner & forme folowinge ffyrste and before all other things I gyve and bequest my soule into the hands of Almightie god my onlie savioure and redemer & this my bodye to be buried nere unto the plaice where my father was buried. Secondlie I gyue & bequeste unto the poore mans box of this p'ishe ijs. Item I gyue vnto Elinor my wyffe all my howse (except the two shopes) & the lofte aboue the said Shopes during hir lyffe naturall And the said two shopes & lofte before excepted I gyue vnto my sonne thomas therein to exercise his occupac'on during his mothers lyffe and after hir deathe then I will gyue and bequest all my said howse wth all edifices & garthe to the saime belonging vnto my said sone thomas & the heires of his bodye lawfullie begotten for ever. Item I gyve vnto my said wyff my howse in aikewelgaite (she paying the rents & upholding the saime in good repac'on) during hir lyffe naturall & after hir decease I gyue all the sayd howss in aikewelgaite vnto my sone wim & his heires for ever. Item I gyue vnto my said sonne thom's my lease in hedworthe during my hole interest. Item I gyue to my sone germayne a studie wth a pike a read cowe & a flanders chist standing in the lofte having a round lidd and I hertlie desyer my sonne thomas that he will gyue vnto his brother germayne eyther at ye daye of his vpsetting to his science or at the daye of his mariaidge whether as shall ch'unce soner xl as some stoke to begyn wthall I desyer my loving sone will'm for my blessing to taike his brother xp'ofer & maike hym his owne for I gyue & bequest hym to hym as to a father & so my truste is he wilbe to hym Also I gyue vnto the said xp'ofor my sone xx" by waye of legacie & a danske chiste that was his sisters The Resydewe of all my goods & cattells both moveable & unmoveable I gyue them vnto Elinor my wyffe whom I maike my full and hole executrix vpon co'dicon that she shall leve all my household insight geare at hir deathe to my two sones Thomas and germayne equallie to be devided betwene them And for the better execution of this my said will I maike my loving ffrends wlm Donken & nicholas hedle & my brother xp'ofer to be the supvisors of this my said will to see it executed accordinglie as I


haiue declared Wytnesse at the declarac'on of this my last will & testament wm Donken lawrence stode george pereson Rauff wall James heslope & lawrence dodisworthe clerke. A note of suche debts as ey' I do owe or ells owing vnto me. ffiyste I a' owing to mr birtfeld vpon a reckning vj-Ite' I haiue in my custodie of the streat money xvj. viijd. Item ther is a reckning betwene me & Robert little the wch I referr to ye heringe of iiij or two indifferent me' & if I shalbe found vpon dewe & iust accompte to be indebted vnto hym I will it shalbe paid but y'to I haiue found great losnes in his reck'ings wch vpon better reme'brance I truste he will amend & come to p'fitt reckning.

THIS BE THE'NVENTARIE of the goods of John_tedcastle Cutler laite deceased praised by thes iiijor men that is to saye will'n potts thelder george hardinge wim Donkin cuthb'rt chirnesyde the 3 of november An° d'ni 1569.

IN THE HALL. Inp'mis an Iron chymley, A porr & tongs A rakincroke wth rost Irons vj. viijd-xixth peace of puder, fyve saucers three pottyndysshes xijs-A pottle pott thre iij pynte potts, A quairt pott & two pynte potts viij'-sex candlesticks, A brasen morter, A chaffin dyshe A basin & a salte viijs -two allmeries xiijs-ijo counters & ijo chaires viij. In the P'LER. Item a borde clothe, ijo towells, v fyve codpillers v3--three grownes & a cloke iiijor Jackets ijo paire of hoise & two dubletts and a hatt thre sherts iiij1 One almerie and a counter iiij-fyve coverleds, a carpin clothe and a blankett xvjs-iiij paire of sheits. IN THE BREWHouse. Item thre potts & a posnett, foure panes, and a yetlin x-A gyle fatt & a maskin tubb, a culing tubb, foure stands, a Sea a knope tubb iiijs— one yron chymney, a boughe a peke iij iiijd-thre seks two pecks xijd-In the lofte two bedd sheits iiijs—a happin a cou'lett, ij sheits xx-IN THE LOFTE over the shope. Item a fether bedd tyke, a coverin, a boulster and a codd vj3 viija— two happings, a paire of sheits, a codd, and a boulster iiijsijo bedd steids ijs viijd two chists iijs. In the lofte over the hall j almerie, a chiste & a beddsteidd v3. In the backe shope A paire of bellesse two studies, thre trowes & a wheale, two great hamers, thre hand hamers, foure paire of tonges with fyles and rispes & other toules belonging to a cutler the price iij' two kye xxxiijs iiijd—A chiste in the stable iijs S'm iiij' xvj iiijd. P. 220.



The Inventarie of all the goods of M'gerye trolope deceased appraised by iiij honest me' that is to saye Edward hudspethe John Browne, Cuthbert hogg, henrye hyrst the xvjth daye of m'che 1569.

sters xs

Item one fether bed wth a bolster xx3-one fetherbed, ij bolsex cods v-a happing, a coverlett xxd-a covering of yo bed xija—a paire of sheits xxd—a p'ire of blankets xxd_ a mattresse ijs. In the pressure. Sex coverletts xx3-thre blankets viijs--two cou'ings of a bed xx3-a brushe ijd-thre quysshins viij. APPARELL. Two cassetts xx3-a frocke viijs -a worsett Kirtle x3-a sylke hatt iijs-a velvett capp vj. viijd-a p'ire of velvett sleves viijs-a clothe cape xijd-ij velvett bongraics iijs iiij. In hir Coffer. two pillowes xvjd a froke xd-two patclothes viijd-a Kyrtsho xijd a hand Kirshoo ijd— In hir Chyst at the bedd feat. Two bord clothes iiijs-fyve towells diap' vjs viijd-two napkins viijd-one chist ijs vjd-In hir little cofer. A paire of hoise xiiijd-half a yeard of clothe ijs vjd-ijo peics of fyne clothe xijs-two peics, one Kirtshowe ijs vjd-A p'ire of sleves & oy' peics xijd-a purse xijd-fower sylver spoines xviijs-fower croks vja-one rynge vjs. viijd. two tabeletts vj-IN GOLD. Item xiijth old ryalls ix' xv3fyve old nobles iij' vjs viijd-thre angells xxx3- half a ryall vijs. vjd.—in money iiij. In a flanders Chiste. Item eight yerds of harden clothe iijs iiijd—thre paire of sheits xvs-thre yerds of round lyn ijs iiijd-sex yerds of good lyn v3-xiiijth yerds of harden vs x-vj yerds of fyne lyne & a half x-vij yerds & di of lyn clothe viijs - In a chiste. Item sex wood dublers, iij meyles of wood, a milke syle, sex dyshes xijd-iij chesewades ijd—a scomer ijd-a chafyn dyshe x-a laddle of wood obtwo pannes xx-two lairge chairgers of puder vj3-xij dublers of puder xvjs-xij dysshers of puder x-v dublers & a puder basen iijs-xij sawcers of puder iiijs-thre brasse potts xvijs-fower tynkler panns vij faire cawdrons xxxiij3 iiija. In one chiste. Item one fether bedtyke xijd-sex yerds of strakins v3-nyne yerds of harden iijs. IN THOMAS POTTERS CHAMBER. two flanders chists vj-one counter vjs-one paire of bedstoks iijs iiijd-one p'ssoure vs iiijd-one chiste iij-ij litle coffers xvjd-one chayre vjd—one Almerie in ye hall xiijs iiija_thre hatts v3-one worsett appron xijd. IN THE LOKER.

1 Daughter of William Blakiston, of Blakiston, Esq., and widow of John Trollop, of Thornley, Esq.

Two Kirtshawes xvjd-two pillowes viijd-one Rayle vjd-half a yerd of lyn & c'ten peics x3- xij clowes of harden xija—fyve candlestiks xjs-in waxe viijd-other lowse gere in the almeries & chists ijs-DETT. Item in James p'kinson hand xx3mr trolope of thornley in monye 13s 4d Rauf Lyddells wyff v'-Dame hogg iijs-Dame bowdon xxa-Daime heidlam iij. S'm totalis xxxix' xvjs iiijd. Excepted the fun'all expences.



In the name of god Amen the xxth daye of maye Ao d'ni 1569 I nicholas burnope of croxdell clerke being hole of mynde & of p'fitte remembrance thanks be to god therefore neverthelesse seke in my bodye do make this my last will & testament in man' and forme folowing ffyrste I gyue my soull vnto allmightye god my maker & my bodye to be buried wthin the p'ishe churche of St oswaldes in Duresme. Item I will that my neighbors haiue one dynn' the daye of my buriall to be maid at xp'ofor hutcheson howse in Duresme. Item I giue to lancelott horsley my nepho one fether bedde one boulster my best ou'sea covering the bedstocks wth all other things therto belonginge my bowe & all myne arrowes. Item I gyue to Allison Smithe my nece my best counter one close pressor all my hangings & hallings clothes in my howse at croxdell one mattres one over sea covering. Item I gyue to John porter wyffe my nece xx in money one bowle of whete one mattres ij blankets ij shetes one happin & my best coverlett. Item I gyue to lancelott porter iij' to be put into the custodie of the aforesaid lancelote horslie my said nepho vnto suche tyme the said lancelote porter shall come to lawfull aige & then the said iij' to be deliu'ed vnto hym in money together wth all my books. Also I gyue to Robert budell of sheroton half one busshell of wheite. Item I gyve to m' Jarrett salveyne thelder my best Arke and after his deathe I will it shall remayne to the heires of croxdell. Item I gyue to m'gerye gray nowe wyffe of m' george graye one yron chymney Also I do remitte & forgyue Robert Anderson xx wch he howethe me Also I giue x to be bestowed & distributed emongst the poore people of the p'ishe of lainchester emongste suche as haithe most nede ther at the discre'con of my executors Item I gyue to the poore people of croxdell p'ishe ijs. Also I do remitt Roland yalaley of lainchester x3 wch he oweth me. Also I do forgyue george yalaley of lintisgrene other x wch he oweth me. Also I do gyue to my sister my best clothe gowne & my round cloke. Also I gyue to

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