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to my doughter alioner blaxton likewise v. Also vnto my doughter Isabell blaxton v'. Also vnto my doughter Barbary blaxton v'. in like man'. And also I doo ordyne constitute and maike my aforesaid sonne will blaxton my full and only executour of all my other goods debts and credits to order and dispose at his will & pleasure. Also I do constitute ordeyne and maik my trusty and welbeloved Brother Robert tempest of holmesyd esquyer and george lumlye of exshelhoueses gentlemen within ye countye of Durh'm Sup'visors of this my last will and testament. And I gyue to my brother an old ryall and to george lumleye one old angell for ther paynes. In witness whereof to this my present will & testament I have subscribed my nayme and sett my seale ye daye and yere aboue said before the witness who hath subscribed ther names. George lumly bartholomew reslay anthony m'ley georg blaxton Rauff hunter gilbert labourne James davyson John cookman christopher walton Rauff marley wth others.



Inventory 15 Aug. 1569. Inter alia The waire in the shope sex paire of pantobles & one paire of pompes vj3. vja. Two paire of buskins iijs. Eight dight calffe skinnes v3. Ten goyte skinnes vj3. viijd. Eight maid Jerkins, a paire of sleves & one paire of buskin leggs xvj. A bend of Leather xiiij. Thre yerdes of yelowe cottan xijd. All the hole working gere in the shope vs. xa. Sex keid skinnes ij. xxx paire of lasts xx". two cuttinge boords viija. His Rayment xl3. One bowe one shaiffe of Arrowes ijs. vjd. One sworde & one dagger vs. Sum total viij' xix3 ija.


In the nayme of God Amen. The 22 day of Marche et Anno D'ni 1569. I Elyzaybeythe Claxtonn of Wyttonn Gylbert in the Countye of Durh'm wedowe beyng sycke in my bodye, but p'fytt in my remembraunce thankes be vn to Almyghtye God, doythe make my last wyll & testament in maner and forme following. Fyrst I do co'mytt my sowlle vn to

1 The lacunæ in this will are supplied from the contemporary Book.

Almyghtye God beshiching for the love of his sonn Jhessus Christe saycke to have marssye vppon me when so ever I shall depart fourthe of thys myssarablye worlde by whose merytts onlye I trust to be savyd. Furthermore I bequeathe my deade body to the eyrthe emong my trewe christen brethren & sisters beuryalls wythe my dewtyes to God & holy churche accordinge to the laudablye custome of this Realm'. Also I bequeathe vn to Chuthbert Wyttwayne one fether bed, the tycke therof I dyd by, on bolster, iiij pewder dublers, iiij pewder dysshes, iiij salsers London wessell, vij silver spounes, a coveryng of a bed; emygyrye woorcke; a playne lyn towell; one happyng with a coverled; one cheaste Inndyworcke: Item one cunter wyth a coweryng neadlye woorcke. Item the curtyngs & teaster about the bed yt I lye in blawcke & reade. Item iij dyoper napkyns wth iiij playne napkyns one iron speat one shayving baysing It'm one payre of Iron Racks ij Candlestycks of latting boythe of one fassyon one paire of ieron tongs. It'm one brasspott. It'm I bequeathe vnto Anthonye Braydfurthe one feyther bed of my awn mayking, with a bolster, ij pillowes wth ij pillowbers; a paire of woollen blancketts. Item a paire of lynsheats, a blewe coving of a bed, one borde cloythe, one happing wth a coverled, one short lyn towell. It'm I geve and bequeath vn to Maister Docter Bennet the hyngyns in the lawe chambre where I lye, read & yallowe, in recompence of all his gentlynes tovards It'm I bequeathe vnto Henry Wyttwayn one paire of lynsheats, one happing wth a cou'led, ij pillowes wth ij pyllowbers. It'm one brassepott wth a bolster. It'm I bequeathe to Maggerye Swynbourne my best goune, one paire of silver crucks gylt. Item I bequeathe vnto hir syster ysbell shawftow a goune that ys open vppon the breast. It'm I geve & bequeathe vn to Margarytt Swynborne a goune edgyd with welwett It'm I bequeathe vnto Margerye Swynborne a demy gyrdill. It'm I geve & bequeathe vn to hir syster Jan Swynborne dawghter vnto Mr Jhon Swynborne of Chopvell of paire of curell beads wth a hart of golde at them. and also a Jy'mer of golde, wch Jimmer I do geve vn to my sonne Robert Claxtonn of the olde Parcke for a toking. I geve more vn to Margaryt Swynborne on lytlye pattlett sett with pearll on the forsyd. It'm I geve & bequeathe vnto Thomas Jaxsonn husband vn to An Wyttwayn iiij pundes in monye that Robert Wyttwaine doythe owe me of Dunston, the wch iiij punds I the said Elyzaibeythe Claxton doythe acknowledg myself to have receyvid fyften shillings, notwithstanding I will that the said Robert Wyttwain of Dunston shall maycke vp a gain the forsaid sum of iiij punds for the forsaid Thomas Jaxsonn & his wyfe, An Wyttwain in recompence of other detts,


It'm one

bequiext the forsaid Robert Wyttwayn of Dunston and me ye forsaid Elizabeth' claxton. I do geve vnto An Jaxssonn one woode Cheast wch haithe a sneck locke wyth a coffer other cheast wch haythe a stapply & a hespt also I do gyue vnto ye said An Jaxson on chamlet kyrtle the wch I do weare vpon ye hollyday. It'm doo gyue vnto John hopper my man on whie It'm I gyue vnto margerye swynbourne one frocke facid with graye conny It'm I gyue vnto m'garet swynbourne of mugglisworth my blacke mauntle It'm gyue vnto m'garet Ruderforthe my hollyday goune It'm I do gyue vnto Will❜m Clauvering my pestell & morter vnto Syathe trotter my spinning wheale vnto Allyson Claveing one worsett kyrtle weltid wth ye same vnto Robert Wittwayn theldest sonne one fetherbed The wch I wil yt be an Ayrelome to ye howse

more to Cuthbert Wittwayne a law cubbord wth ij leaves A boue. The Rest of all my goods being not bequestid I do gyue vnto my cosing Mr John swynborne of Chopwell ye younger And to Anthony Braydfurthe & Cuthbert wittwayne whome I do maike my full executors of this my last will whervnto I have setto my syane providide alwayes yt Raulfe Adstayne shall have ij kyne & ten qynters sheape furth of cuthbert witwayne sectors [executors] part It'm I gyve to An Jaxson all ye Rest of my hushold geare wch is not geven & bequested. Witness, &c.


CCXLIX. JOHN FOSTER, In the nayme of god amen In the yere of our lord god 1570 and the viijth day of August I John foster clark p'son of Edmondbiers whole in mynd and in good reme'braunce dothe maik my last will and testamt in maner & forme as followethe: ffirst I gyve and bequiethe my Sowll to almightie god my creato" and Redemer trusting in his grace and m'cie to be one off his Elect children. Also I gyve to Sr will'm struthers one yowe I gyve to Margarett Swonnbourne one yow It'm gyve to wedow oliver the mother of Edward oliver iiijd I gyve to Wedowe whitfeld iiijd I gyve to barberaie golling halff a peck of rye. I gyve to Agnes downe iiij. It'm I gyve to Wedowe blomer wch was the wiffe of peter blomer halff a pecke of Rie to Elizabethe gyve speere a short that I ware goune I gyve to James oliver a lambe I gyve to Robert oliver a lambe I


1 Presented to the Rectory of Edmondbyers by the Dean and Chapter of Durham in 1557.

gyve to Isabell ellynson a lambe And the rest of my goods that I haue I gyve and bequiethe to John foster my sonn and to Katheryn Sympson my bootler whome I maike to be my trewe and lawfull executors to pay my debts and legacies wth this p'viso I will that yff the foresaid Katherin Sympson marie and taike a husband I gyve all my wholle goods (Debts and legacies being paid) to John foster my sonn And the said John foster my sonn wthall his goods I gyve to the custodie and governing of s Thomas bensone p'son at Mowgliss worthe Also I maike supvisors of this my last will and testament my wellbeloved m xp'ofor Chartoure of Durh'm to whom I gyve a gold Ryng and the foresayd S. Thomas benson p'son of Mowglisswykts Witnessethe of the sayme Robert andro Edward Olyver and Robert Olyver Wythe other moo-Thomas ben


THE INVENTARIE of all the goods and cattell of John foster clarke p'son of Edmondbiers at the day of his deathe praised by thesse fouer sworne men Robert andro' Roland haver peter readshawe Robert Ellison the xxvij of Novembr 1570.

Imp'mis a kowe & a calffe xx-lij old sheipe vj1 xvja—xlij sheipe hoggs iij' iijs-in haie & corne xxxiijs—in teinde haie xxxij-in gees iijs-houshold stuffe in the housse xx3-a fether & other bedding xl-two chists vijs-two old gownes, a clok, a black Jaket, a pair of hoisse & a dublett xiijs iiijd-in pookes, and secks ijs-xij stones of wooll the price of eu'y stone iiijs iiijd S'm lij3. S'mma supra xx1 vs viijd. The Debts that was owing vnto the sayd John foster Clarke p'son of Edm'ndbyers at the day of his deathe It'm Wedow car of peddomisshack vjs viija -John snabawe xiiijd-Cuthb't ward al's blomer iijs viijd Wedowe blomer iijs vjd-that Symon elrington of hesper sheilles vij-S'm of the debts xxj. Debts that he was owing at the day of his deathe. It'm to St Thomas benson p'son of mugliswick v'. S'm tolis xxj vj3 viijd.

CCL. THOMAS REDHEAD, OF PONTELAND, YEOMAN. In the of God amen. nayme The xij day of August 1570 Thomas Reedhead of po'telland yeoman being sick in bodie and so neare the tyme of deathe that he was not well able to abyde the writing of his will for want of necessaries therto belonging but yet being then of indifferent good memorie and reme❜braunce praised be almightie god, did then by word of mouthe maik and ordayne his last will and testament nuncupatyve of all his goods

twenty shillings

& cattells in maner and forme following

one ewe &c.


In the name of god amen the xviijth day of April in the yere of or lord god a thowsand fyve hundryd and seaventye I Anthony Place of Dynsdall in the countye of Duresme gentleman beinge of goode and p'fyte remembrance Doo make and ordeyne this my laste Will and Testament in maner and forme followinge. ffyrste I beqweath my sowle vnto Almighty god and my body to be buried at the discression of my executors in the churche of that p'yshe where yt shall please god to call me out of this lyf. It'm (yf the child wherewth my wife now is be a sonne) then I will that my said wif shall haue the occupac'on of my fermehold at Dalton upon tease in the county of Yorke for the space of thirtie yeres next ensewinge the date herof (yf my said Wif do so long lyve and do remayne all that tyme vnmarried) And I will that (wth the p'fitts therof and of his childs portion of my goods) she shall bringe vppe my said sonne in vertue and lerninge And shall at his full age of xxjtie yeres paye vnto him for eu'ry yere that she or her assignees shall before that tyme occupie my said fermehold the some of fortie shillings over and besyde his said childs portion. And that she shall likewise for eu'y yere that she shall occupie my said fermehold by force of this my will after my said sonnes full age pay vnto hym yerelye (yf he so longe lyve) the some of sex pounds of Lawful English money And after the said thirtie yeres endyd yf my said sonne be then lyvinge I will that he shall haue the occupac'on of my said fermehold during so muche of my terme of yeres wch then shalbe to come in the same as he shall lyve. And yf my said sonne shall fortune to dy before the end of the said thirtye yeres then I will that my said wif shall pay vnto my doughter Margery at the day of her marriage fortye shillings for eu'y yere that my said Wif or her assignes shall occupie my said fermehold before the said mariage and for wch yeres she shall before that tyme have paid no money vnto my said sonne And that my said Wif also for eu'y yere that she or her assignes shall occupy my said fermehold by force of this my will after my said daughter Margeryes marriage shall pay vnto her yerely (yf my said dowghter so long lyve)

1 See the pedigree of this family, SURTEES III, 236.

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