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the some of foure pounds. And that at the end of the said thirtie yeres (my said sonne beinge deade as is aforesaid) my said dowghter Mgery shall have the resydewe of my yeres wer then shal be to come in my said fermehold. And yf the thild wherewth

my wif nowe is be a doughter and not a sonne, then I will that my said wif shall have the occupac'on of my said fermehold during the said terme of thirtye yeres (yf she doo so longe lyve) and doo remayne all that tyme vnmaryed And I will that wth the profitts therof and of her childs portion of my goods she shall bringe vpp my said doughter M'gery well and vertuouslye And shall at such tyme as my said doughter M'gery shalbe maryed pay vnto her fortye shillings (over and besyde her said childs portion for euery yere that she my said wif or her assignes shall before that tyme occupie my said fermehold And that my said wif lykewise (for eu'ry yere that she or her assignees shall occupye my said fermehold by force of this my will after my said doughter Margeryes marriage) shall pay vnto my said doughter margery yerely (yf my said doughter M'gery so long lyve) the some of foure pounds. And at the end of the said thirtie yeres I will that my said doughter Mg gery (yf she be then lyvinge) shall haue the occupac'on of

my saide fermehold during so much of my said terme of yeres wch shall then be to come in my said fermehold as she shall lyve. And yf my said doughter Margery shall fortune to dye before the end of the said thirty yeres then I will that my said wif shall pay vnto my other doughter at the day of her marriage fortie shillings for eu’ry yere that she my said wif or her assignees shall occupie my said fermehold before the said marriage and for wch yeres she shall before that tyme have paid no money vnto my said doughter M'gery And that my said wif also for eu’ry yere that she or her assignees shall occupie my said fermehold by force of this my will after the mariage of my said other doughter yerely (yf she my said other doughter so long lyve] the some of fowre pounds And that my said other doughter at the end of the said thirtie yeres shall haue the reste of my terme of yeres then to come in my said fermehold (my said doughter M'gery beinge deade as is aforesaid) And I will that my said wif so longe as she lyvyth and remanyth vnmaryed shall haue the government and bringing vppe of all my children and shall likewis duringe the same tyme haue the vse of there childs portions and legacyes puttinge in sufficient bonde to my father in Lawe Mi Clarvaux and to my brother Roberte and John Place to pay vnto my said children and to eche of them all there severall portions of my goods and the legacyes of this my Will at there full ages or mariage or at the mariage or death of her


my said wif, wch as shall soneste happen And yf yt shall fortune my said wif to dye or to marye duringe the said thirtie yeres then I will from thensfurthe my said wyves estate and interest in my said fermehold shall cease & determyne and that she shall no longer haue the occupac'on of my said iermehold nor any profytt or commodytye therof or any part therof And that then my said sonne (yf any shalbe) shall have the occupacion therof duringe so muche of my terme then to come in said fermehold as he shall lyve And yf he dye duringe my said terme or that the child wherewth my said wyf nowe is be a doughter and no sonne then I will that my said dowghter Margery ymediatly after the deathe or mariage of my said wyf which as shall the furst happen shall have the occupac'on of my said fermehold duringe so much of my said terme then to come in the same as she shall lyve And yf she dye duringe my said terme then I will that my said yonger doughter ymediatelye after the deathe or marriage of my said wyfe wch as shall furst happen shall have my said fermehold duringe all my terme of yeres wch shalbe then to come in the same. Itm I will that imediately vpon the death or mariage of my said wif my said father in lawe M Clarvaux and my said two bretherne or so manie of theme as shalbe then lyvinge shall have the custodye government education and bringinge vppe of my children together wth all there childes portions legacyes and executors partes of my goods vntill they be of full age or maryed And shall likewise during the like tyme haue the order rule vse disposition and occupac'on of my said fermehold to the vses and behoves of my said children accordinge to the several lymyttac'ons afforesaid And that they shall render and make a trewe accounte and payment vnto my said children accordinge to the meaninge of this my will when they shall come to full age or be maried as well of there said childrens portions legacyes and executors partes as also of all the profitte and commodytyes of my said fermehold Also all my goods and chattals wch arr not heretofore nor shall hereafter in this my will be otherwise disposyd I giv vnto my said wif and to my doughter Margery and to the child wherewth my said wif nowe is whether yt be sonne or doughter And I do make my said wif and two children myne executors of this my last will and testament It’m whereas I have maid certain leases of dyuerse pareells of my said wyves joynture in Great Staynton in the county of Duresme to certen of the tenents there I will that yf my said wif or her assignes do expell or put owte any of the said ten'nts duringe the terme by me grauntyd vnto them then my said wif shall neither be mine executor nor tak any


tage of any legacye in this my will And that then and from thensfurth all bequests and legacyes by me appointed and geven vnto her in this my will shall ceasse be voyde and determyned And that my said children shall then be myne only executors any thinge herein conteyned to the contrary not withstandinge By me Anthonye Place Witnesses hereof Jo. Place Elsabeth Place Rychard Clervaux Robert Place Laurance Horsman.

Legacies geven by the said Anthony Place after his will maid about the xvth day of January 1570.

I geve to my father to my brother John and to my brother Robert Place eu’y one an old Angell. I geve to my Mother my Syster Elizabethe and to my syster Isabell euery one an old Angell. I geve to M'gery my doughter my bed that I bought at London wth my blessinge both to her and to the rest of my children. I geve to Robert Wiclif one frenche crowne. I geve to George dodesworth one frenche crowne in reme'brance of the faithfull frendship that hath been Betwext them and me. I geve to my s’vants John Jackson and Thomas Kerton xiijs iiija equallie to be devided. I geve to Grace Walker who haith taken great paynes aboute me, a why wch she haith goinge wth me and her gresse till she shall sell her and ten shillings in money.

I geve to all the rest of my s'vants that is wthin my owse xijd a pece,

To Kent Brigge vjø viije. To the Brigge at the Towne end in Crofte vjö viija. To the power of Aclif Paryshe vjø viija_To Thomas Kerton for his service don in the tyme of the rebellion xxs—I forgeve one pykebushe wch was p’tner at my mear wch was taken at Barnerdcastell xiijs iiija— ROBERT PLACE. +

AN INVENTORYE of all the Goodes and Cattalls of Anthony place late of dynsdall in the Countie of duresme gentlema' deceased praised by Rolland Dodesworth Lawerence Horsma' John Buck and Rycherd Morye the xxixth and xxxth day of Januarye in the xiijth yere of the Reigne of our Sou’raigne Ladie Elizabethe by the grace of God Quene of England Fraunce and Ireland Defender of the Faithe &c.

Dalton—Inp’mis—The leas of Dalton xx'—Sex Oxen xiiij'

A Bull xxvje viija_Fyve kyen vij' x'_Two calves xs-Fyve Tuppes xxijo vjų— In holdinge Yewes sex scoore and nyne at iiijó a pece xxvl xvj—one hogge shepe inje-A yonge nagge xxxiije iiijd and a Ridden mare at xxvji viija— iij! — Fyve score threave of otes at viijd a threave iijvjø viija_Nyne Busshells of Pease ix-one cawdron sex scuttles and seyves and certen oke bourd ends xs—One waynescott bed xle—one fether bed two mattresses fower blanketts one bed cou'inge one coverlet one pyllowe thre coddes one quysshinge seaven sheits one bourd clothe and one litle cheste liijs iiija— Fower shepe skyns and a Busshell ijo-one brewinge lead and two tubbes xxvjøvija — Two ladders one Iron harrowe two plewes thre yookes one sled two cowlters and one old iron Team x-Corne on the ground and hay viij -A litle fole vs_erten woll at Dalton x' DynsDALL_Corne on the ground ten acres vj—Sex Calves xxxvjø

-A Bull xxx– Thirteen kyen at xxxo a pece xix' x*—a mare in John Jacksons kepinge xxvj$_viija— Thre mares and thre foles xv'-A dune mare xvjø- Fower other horses iiij' xTwentie shepe hoggs xxxiijs iija-A stack of hard corne conteyninge seaven scoore threaves xiij' — Hay at Dynsdall iiij?– viij oxen xviij

' xiij inja-one stonyd horse vj' xiijo inj—one sowrel geldinge vj' xiijs inja-one blacke mare iij? vjø viljaotes and pease at dynsdall iiij? — Waynes and gear belonginge to them and plewes and gear belonginge to them iij' vj viija Twelve swyne xxxvj$—In a LITLE CHAMBER WTHIN THE READ CHAMBER, two spynnynge wheles and a pare of old bed stocks ijs-A truckle bed and hangings and other Implements of howshold stuff wthin in the read chamber xls-In THROWGHGATE CHAMBER certen howsshold stuff vje-_-In the BOWLTINGE HOWSE certen tubbes and other stuff xiijsinja – In the KYTCHYN pewther vessell potts and other gear wij? Lyninge gear in the LOWE PARLER vij'—a bed wt furnyture in the same parler xx---- In the LARDER Howse buttertubbes scuttles and other stuff xxvjø vija - In the MyllHOWSE certen bowles and other stuff vs-In one CHAMBER CALLED COLMAN certen wollen clothes for curtinges and his apparell iiij — Lyninge gear in there BED CHAMBER inj? — Hogges heads and other stuff in the BUTTRYE XX°– Cheises and yarne in the LOFTE OVER THE Hall iij' — Two s'vants beddes vj viija -IN THE HALL, Bourds, Bourd clothes chares and quyssings x-One salt parcell gylt and nyne sylver spoones iijvjø viijaIn redy money xj —GRYNDON. Threscore and nyneteen hogshepe xj' xvij — Fower stacks of hay x'- Seaventeen stirks at xvijs a pece xiiij

' ix® – Fyftie and seaven gymmers at injø a pece vjl viije — A great darke graye colte amblinge xxxiijs inj—A little darke gray colte amblinge xxxiijs inija— A litle white gray colt amblinge xx– A great sylver gray colt liijs inja—Thre stotts vij' vjø viija — A Bull xxvję viija — Twentie twynters xxj Fyfteen wethers and thre Tuppes at inije i11jd a pece iij' xviij'

. Seaven shepe skyns and a stirke skyn jije inje_STAYNTON—Fyftie and two threaves of hard corne at xxd a thrave iiij' vjø viijaSWAYNESTON-Two stotts mij – Nyne twynters xi_Sex and thirtie wethers, one and twentie yewes and thre tuppes x' Seaventeen Hoggs xxxiiijs - Fowerteen thrave of hard corne


xxviij— Nyneteen threave of Otes xiijs inija—A bowle of ij viija - Corne on the grounde two Acres and a roode xxiiij One oxe a cowe and a calf and the seaventh parte of an oxe iiij -Certen Hay vjø viijd_One yonge horse and a fillye iiij' xiijs ija— DEBTES DEWE TO THE TESTATOR at the tyme of his death. By John Jackson viij'—By the same John Jackson for two whyes iv_For the rent of Seton ]s—By George Dodesworth xBy Marmaduke Stevenson xiijs iiijų–By Gayles wedowe of Nesam xv*—By Pykebush wch is forgeven hym by the will xiijs iija — By Thomas Jackson of darneton for a mare xxxiijs iija—By Thomas Kerton xij ijaDEBTES DEWE BY THE TESTATOR at the tyme of his death To Anne Lampton for her childs portion and executors p't of her Father M lamptons goodes all things beinge discharged xlviij' vije vije-Owinge to the executors of the said M lampton for the dischardge of certen Legacyes and debts of the said m' lampton not yet paid x' xiijo iiijų–To John place lxxj' --To John Richerdson for half a yeres wages savinge vjówch he haith receyved xviijd — To grace Walker for arrerages of her wages xxxs ija—To the rest of his servants for wages lvjø ixaTo xp'ofer Johnson for the chardgs in Nurssinge of his doughter Joan place Xv_For the rent of gryndon to Mr Hedley xjo ja—For the rent of Dalton xviije inja—For the rent of Dynsdall v1 xj viijų– For the rent of Swaynston viij jąTo John Richerdson for Dalton tythes xix* ijų–To John farebarne iij" -To John Jackson ly xi_To Robert place xijs vjd_To xpo’fer Eland xlvjø viijd— To MConyers for two tres xs-In Funerall chardges injivijo iñijo. LEGACIES The Leas of Dalton xx?_

To his father to his brother John and to his brother Robert Place eu'y one an old Angell xxx - To his mother to his Syster Elizabeth and to his Syster Isabell eu’y one an old Angell xxx*—To M'gery his doughter his bed that he bought at London xls --To Robe iclif one French crowne vjø — To George dodesworth one French crowne vje–To his s'vants John Jackson and Thomys Kerton xiije inje—to grace Walker a whye and tenne shillings in money xxvije — To all the rest of his servants that was wthin his howse beinge nyne in number xijd a pece ix-To Kent Brigge vję viija—to the brigge at the Towne end in Crofte vjø viija_To the poore of Ayclif p’yche vjø viija To Thomas Kerton xxs_Chardges aboute p’vinge the will xs. The SOME OF THE WHOLE INVENTORY to be devyded in thre over and besydes the leas of Dalton wch is not to be devyded and over and besydes the debts dewe to the Testator amountethe to 371!. 16. 101. whereof is to be deducted for debts dewe by the testator as apperethe before 1548.188.34. So remaynethe

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