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to be devyded in thre p'tes 2161. 183. 74. Whereof is dewe to the testators wif for her wydowes parte 721. 6. 2d. q. Also to the two doughters of the testator for there fyliall portions eyther of them xxxvj1 iijs jd di' q. whiche amountethe too 721. 63. 2°. q. So remayneth for the Testator to make his will vpon lxxij vj. ija. q. and the leas of Dalton praised 'at xx wch in the whole amountethe too 921. 63. 2a. q. Whereof deducte for legacyes 30'. 11. 4. So remayneth to be devided betwene the testators wif and his two doughters beinge all thre his executors 611. 14. 10d. q. whyche is for every one of them 20'. 11. 7°. q. So shall the Testators wif haue for her wydowes p'te and for her executors p'te 92'. 17. 9. ob. Also M'gery Place the elder doughter shall haue for her filliall portion and executors p'te 561. 14. 8°. q dim. q. Also Johan Place the other doughter must haue for her like portion and p'te 561.145.8°. q.dim. q. Also the said debts dewe to the testator ar to be devyded emongeste the said wif and children as the same shal be recoveryd and receyved beinge as appereth before 171. 8. 10d.

Signum Elizabeth' place. Signat' et sigillat' fuit ac est septimo die mensis aprilis 1571 in presentia Magistrorum Johannis blaxton et francisci bainbrig armig' Umphridi blaxton Roberti place generosorum Wm hebborn et mei Th. Knighton notarii publici.


CCLII. ROLAND WATSON, OF DURHAM, SADLER. INVENTORY 1570. Inter alia, To the surgion vs. the costs and charges yt was maid of him fro' the time that he was first wounded vnto the day of his death viz. tenn dayes xiij. iiijd. To his kepars at that time xvj. To the pour people yt he borrowed to geue in mony & bread whils he was lyving ijs. iiijd. His furthbringing xiijs. iiijd. His lair stall iij3. iiijd. To the priest & clark ijs. He was owing to Thomas hall for a paire of hosecloth (white hose wth rede buttons) iiij.

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In the name of god Amen the fourthe day of februarie anno d'ni 1570 I John Widdrington of Temple helay beinge seke in bodye yet thanks be to god p'fete in my reme'brance makethe this my last will and testament in maner aud forme following. ffirste I do bequithe my Soule unto almightty god and to all the blessid companye of heavin; my boddye to be buried wth in my

p'ishe churche of Bywell Peter wth all things thervnto belonginge I'm I doo geve unto James Shafftoo Will'm Shaftoo graice Shaftoo & Vrssalay Shaftoo childringe unto Ranold Shaftoo my Sonne in law foure oxen and twoo kye wth th' encrease of the said twoo kyen untill this day all which said oxen & kyen are now already goinge wth the said Ranolde ther father. It'm I doo geve unto Robert Blaikden my Sonne in lawe one oxe whiche is at Blaikden now goinge wth the said Robert and to itche one of his childeringe one yeve and a lame. It'm I doo geve unto John Lawson Sonne vnto Edwarde Lawson of Bywell my Sonne in lawe and to Jaune Annes Elizabethe and Katrone Lawson his Sisters and to eu'y one of them vjs. viijd. in moonye. It'm I doo geve and bequithe vnto my three doughters Elizabethe Margrete and Annesse Widdrington and to eu'y of theme xx marks in moonye out of my leasse of the p'sonige of Hartburne to be paid vnto theme at the dais of there maridge, and also eu'y one of theme three to have tene pounds paid at the said day of marriage for there childs porcion of my goods. It'm I will that annes Widdrington my Wiffe have the thred parte of my land in Temple Helay and iiij'. in moonye yerely paid out of Leasse of Hartburne churche during hir wedow heaid and also the thride p'te of all my goods. And if it shall forton my said Wiffe to marrye any other man then I will that she shall have the thride p'te of all my goods moveable and xxvj. viij. yerely out of my lands in Temple Helay wthout any more. Item I doo geve and bequethe unto James Widdrington my sone and to the heares of his boddye lawfully begoittyn all my lands in Blaikden and also the third p'te of my leasse of Hartburne church wth all my hoill intereste tytle and terme of yeares yet to come in my leasse of the manerr and Townshipe of Halliden weh I have already delivered into my said sone James hands and for wante of heares of his boddye lawfully begoittyn I will that all the saide landes and leasses shall come unto Roberte Widdrington my sonne and heaire and to the heares of his body lawfully begoittyne. It'm I doo geve vnto Roberte Widdrington my Sonne and heare and to the heares of his boddye lauffully begoittyne all my lands in Temple helay and in Mytforthe and also my lease of Whitsidelaw and the other twoo p'ts of my lease of Hartburne churche wth all my hoill interest tytle and terme of yeares expressed in the said twoo lesses and for lack of heares of his boddye laufully begoittyne I will that all my said lands Doo come and Dissend vnto my sonne James Widdrington & to the heares of his boddye lawfully begoittyne and for wante of heares of boithe there boddis lawfully begoittyne I will that all my foresaid lands doo


dissend & come unto my doughters and to there heares for ever It'm I doo geve unto Thomas Sympson of Vlgham as a token x3. in moonye It'm I doo geve vnto John Blaikden v. in moonye It'm I will that Thomas Chirden Sonne vnto John Shirden dissesed when as he shall come to the full aidge of xxj yeares be agreid wthall for serten goods weh I had of his father John Chirden at his deathe. It'm I will that my sonne in law Robert Blaikden have a good & sufficient assuraunce in lawe maid unto him and to his heares for ever of one farmold or tennement in Blaikden accordinge to my gifte & promes maid vnto hym and that wthout anye delay It'm I will that my daughtor Dorathye Shaftoo wiffe unto Ranolde Shaftoo have yerely duringe hir liffe naturall one pease of a teithe in Hartburne p'ishe for a resonable rente painge, or els she to have yerely of my sonne Robert Widdrington Sexe bowles of corne and of my sonne James Widdrington yerely three bowles of corne towards the fyndinge of hir housse wthout any thinge painge therfore. All the rest of my goods moveable & vnmoveable I doo geve & bequithe vnto my twoo sonnes Roberte Widdrington and James Widdrington & to Annes my Wiffe whom I doo maike my executores chairginge them as they will answere before the faice of Almightty God to se the reste of my childringe vertusly brought vpp my legasis paid & my boddye to be orderly brought to the earthe and to distribut to the poore for my soul as they shall thinke meatt. Witnesses of this Will George Teesdall-George Carr-Lyonell Carr-Andrewe Carr wth oth...

ANE INVENTORY. xxth day of februarye anno d'ni 1570 Imprimis xxj oxen price xxj-xx kyen xij1 xiij3 iiija—viij younge stoits & vj younge Quies vij1-x yerelinge steirks xxxiij3 iiijdviij & vij sheipe xvj' xiiijs-A greseld Meare xxvjs viijd hyves of Beis xx3-Wheate & Rye sowne vpon the grounde xxv acres vj-Waines Plowes and Plewe gere xl3-Plaite napperye and othere lyninge viij' x3-Beddinge, Vessell and other Stuffe wthin the housse xx'. Som'a totalis iiijxxxvij. xvij. iiijd.


In dei no'ie Amen the thrid day of fabruari in the yere of God ane thowsand five hunderith thre score and ten yeres, I

Of the family of Collingwood, of Eslington. This Will is of a very interesting nature in every point of view.

Rauff Collingwood of Titlington within the countie of North'mbrland holl of mynd and seike of my bodie Makes my testament and last will in maner and forme as followith. First I geue my soull to god almightie and to all the hollye companie of Heving and my bodye to be buried in the qwer of Eglinghame my parich churche with my dewtes accostomed tharto. And I geue to my sone Roger Collingwood the holl rent of my land of Revelye for ten yeres and after ten yeres be endit & fully complet I geve one to my Wyff and to Roger and Raphe my sonnes and for the longest leuer. Of thos thre twentie shillings now being in the hands of John Modie xvjs xd and iijs and two pence to be taking furth of the hands of Janet Collingwood Wedo: and the other twentie shillinge I geve to cum into Thomas Collingwood my son. And I geve on to my soné Rauff sex shillinge and viijd now being in the handes of Thomas Scot to hym and his hayers for Ever and failling hym and his hayers to my sone Rog and his hayers, and falling Roger and his hayers to come to Thomas my son and his hayers. And I geve one to my Wyff to bring vp my barnes the howse that she sittes in and the land that I have in occuping in my owing hands with the tend of the towne so long as she is Wedo And yf Thomas cane provide hir of a leving as good that she be content with then he to haue it. Also I geve vnto my son Thomas my Leace of Titlington with fiue silver spones sum what crakitt Also I geue vnto my wyff the graye nage and vj siluer spones. And I yeve onto my sone Roger the browne nage and on new stand bed. And I geve vnto my sone Rauff the foole (foal) and one other stand bed with the mekell pott and my sword and my stell rape. stell rape. And I yeve vnto my dowghter Barbarie the best new Almeri. And I yeve to my dowghter agnes the other new almerie. And I yeve vnto my two youngest dowghters iij tres in Shawdon wood as thay lye cute to mak them kists & almeries of Also I yeve vnto my dowghter Magret ij ould kists and the ould almerie And I leve to remane in this howse after my wyff two spetts and one payer of Rakes with the bourds formes lockes and dowres and the ould bedes that ar p'nt at this instant tyme And the rest of all my gere & goodes movable and vnmovabell I yeve vnto my wyff and hir childering and myne And my dowghter Margret to be one of tham, and to haue hir part amongest the Rest And I make myne executors my wyff and my sones Roger and Rauff Collingwood And I mak Herri Collingwood my brother and Thomas Collingwood my son and Launcelot Erington and Wm Graye sup'visors of this my last will & testament to see that it be trewlye p'formed & keped Be for thes witnesses Thomas

Ba'net vicar, Roger Proktor Willm Collingwood off Bartane Thomas Collingwood of Thronton Willm Graye Luke Davison and James Nasmite [Pr. 1570.]


In dei no'ie Amen The xxvjth of Julij 1570 & of the Reigne of or Sou'ing lady Elizabethe &t ye xijth yeare I John hauelocke of y towne of newcastell vpon tyne M'chaunt sike in bodye & of p'fytte reason & memorye do maike yis my last will & testat in man' & fourme followinge ffirst & principallie I geue & frelye bequithe my soule to god & my bodye to be buryed wth in ye churche of allhalloues nyghe to my mother in lawe It'm I gyue & bequith vnto the poore wth in Newborne p'ishe iijs iiijd And to ye poore of Newcastell p'soners & others nedye vjs viija It'm I gyue & bequithe vnto my Mr Andro gofton my gold ringe or signette. It'm more to him a golde brutche wch I haue of one Robert Coalt of lonnden fishemonger so yt my m, doe paye vnto ye saide Coalte at his Cominge frome Warde house xv chalders of Coales It I gyue & bequithe to myne ovne mother xl. Item I gyue & bequithe to my sister Margaries Childringe iij' vjs viij It'm I gyue to my sister Alice vj xiij iiijd It'm I gyue & bequithe vnto my Mr iij children iij Angells for tokens. It'm I gyue vnto my brother wim Davisones eldeste sonne named Andro one angell & to etche of his other childringe vs a peace It'm I gyue & bequithe vnto my brother xp'ofor Cooks doughter xx3 & will moreou' yt she shalbe brought vpp one my goods vntill she come to laufull aidge in ye custody of my wyffe hir Aunt and to ecthe of his other childringe iijs iiijd a peace It'm I gyue & bequithe vnto my sister m'garette lyttles sonne whom I christned by y name of Anthonye vs. It'm I gyue to my brother in laue James goftones doughter xx. It'm I gyue & bequithe vnto my brother in laue wm dauison my best gowne & to his wyffe my ringe wth the topace & in caise god caule my to my longe reste I for gyue him all suche duyties & somes of monye as he doithe owe vnto my It'm I gyue & bequithe vnto my cossinge George. my seconde gowne & at this p'sent all Rycknyngs cleare betwixte him & me It'm I gyue & bequithe vnto my brother xp'ofor cooke my nowe clooke last maide with a standing coller. It'm I gyue & bequithe vnto George whittfeilde my spannyshe cappe or cloake It'm I gyue & bequithe vnto Thomas shewell my beste cappe and to

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