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-a pece called a faucon wth twoo heads duble gilt weynge xlvij ouncs xvi. xiij.inija. Som'a inje iijxxxj? xvijo xu. THE GOODS AT HASWELL,' pased the xixth of M'ch A. 1570 by Nich'as Cockeson John Swalwell and peter pawteson. IN THE HALL ijo tabelles, vj buffett stolles, iiij buffet fformes, a one litell fourme wth fete xxvjø vijd—a farre cupborde a skones at xxx8– On Iron Chymney, a pair of tongs, a pore, a pair of rackes of Iron, iij speats, a frienge panne, a dropin pan, ij, paire of pott clippes, a rostinge Iron xxvj viija — four lance staves vs viij"—five quesshens, a carpen cloth & a cobberd cloth vi vilja_the hangings in the hall vjø viija-one the cupbord, one bastenge, one ewer of powder, vj candlestickes of brasse, ij saltes of powder, and one of brasse, and a hand basinge xx -a case wth trenchers of wood wth a salt mit & a pece to drinke in wih

a morter & pestell of Woode for musterde vs. Sumo vj' vijs inij". IN THE KETCHINGE_iij brasse potts, ijo great caldrons, iij kettells, iiij pannes, a brassinge morter & a pestell of yron, a chattinge diche inj' a fair cawell Ambry iij sayes of bread a braike wth a dresser bord, iiij formes, a stolle altogether wth a raken crooke & a stolle of ease of brasse xxxiijs inja-xiiij dublers, inj dishes, v plats, iij Sawcers all theis of poudr, vj poiendishes & xij tynne spones of tynne xxxiij* iiij"Sum vij' vj viij" IN THE PASTRNE—A fair great fland's chest, ij bedstockes, a bowting tonn' ij levenge tobbes, ij hoggsheads, ij shelves xxs.

Sum xxs. IN THE BUTTRYE-iij hogsheads, iij barrelles, a costrell, a stand inj trowes, ij Tobbes and a Teames xiij inje--In canves vix & xvj yeardes viij'— Thre Ramblandes of wollen clothe xxvjó viija - Sum'x'. THE P’lor WTHIN THE HALL—one fair stand bed, a fetherbed, a bowst’ a pair of blankettes, a pair of lynynge shets, a coverlett, a twelt, a pellow & pellobere wth test of grene & yeallowe iiij a nother fetherbed, a bowst", a Code, a cu’ynge & a twelt altogether linje injd—Som vjl xiij. iiij". IN THE INOR P’LOR. A fair stand bed wth a tesť of wood, on mattres, vj bowst's, inj pillors, vij pair of blanketts, ix cou'letts, x pair of hardinge shetes, inj payr of long shets and a twelt x' iijs viijd two chistes, one Almerye, one chaire, on trundele bedd. The hingings in the Chamber xvjø – xx yeardes of secke cloth for making of bowsto' & coddes and Thre pillabirs xx*—one diep' table cloth, xxv table napkins, ij drawing towelles, ij longe hand towelles, inj straken hand towelles xliije-vj silver spones xxiij. Sum xvi vij viija. IN THE MYLKE HOWSE—thre shelves for cheases hanginge irijs _xxxxiiij cheases iij'—a call and vj Chearnes xx— Ixxxx mylke bowlles iij'—x mylke skelves vs—a castar for lyinge cheases of ij" —viij skelles iij pynnes for caryage of drenk a feld, a Cheasse Trowe, ix trve dublers, xxx chese fattes, ij chese presses, a Tubb wth saite, a credell for a chese & a through xls Sum ix' xjø.

| Haswell and Haswell Grange, in the parish of Pittington, were estates be. longing to the deceased.

IN THE WARK HOWSE. xvj wayn Asle treys, viij plewe beiames, four score plewe heads, xx mold mordes, xx plewe shethes, xviij plew stilts, j parr of stings spades and sholles viij -- xxxjo. Sum xxxjo. THE CORNE IN THE BARNE. In otes buried eight lode xx-in vnberied whete xiiij thraves xxs -vj pair of coope wayne solles xvs-ix bordes of oke ix--ij tubbes and a leape for caryadge of corne iiije–Sum iij viij”. IN THE STACK GARTH. One stake of otes estemed to l thraves xl—two wheat stacks c'tenyng by estemac'on våt thraves viij! in pease vnberied iij quarters xxxvj& -five pair of longe wayne blaids xxvje

---xij bordes, xvj ox Arrowe bulles vjø viij—one empty butt ijs – in corne of the ground, in wheat otes and pease in duble Akers iijxxx]—more in otes in the Reffte four akers xxs. Sum liiij' x* viij. AT HASWELL GRANDGE-in the hall howse two standinge tables, a litle cupbord in the p’lor and ij pair of bedstockes xiij ija— In the barne ij Great drye fatts, ij buttes, ij hogesheades, one sea two knocke tubbes, iiij costrelles, ij standes a leap xs_iij hogesheades of wyne vij-In wheat in the staggarth ij ruckes by estymac'on ffiftye thraves vl_XXX drawght oxen iijxx! — In waynes plewghes and harrowes wth all the gere vnto Them belonginge wth yokes and somes xvj! twelve stirkes iiij.—x swyne xxxiiij? —viijxk and xv yowes xxvj! -wethers and tubes. iijxxxvj, xiij? vjø. viij-in hoggs vix and x, xiiij' xiijs iiijd-in pease xij bushelles xvjs—in otes a quarter vs inja—two leades, a stepe lede and another lead vi vje viija—xxxj kye xlvj'—Som'a ijel vs inija. THE GOODS AT OWSTON first x drawght oxen the p’ce xv!—fyve kye vjl xiijs iiijd—fyve thrwnter stotts at vl xiij iiije--iij thrwenter whyes at iiij xxiij twenters stotts and whies at xiij

' xiij mijo-one mear p'ce xx—ij wheat stacks estemed thre score thraves vl—one stack of otes estemed xxxiiij thraves xxvj viija_corne of the ground ix doble akers p’ce vji —one stack of hay iij' vjø viija—ij longe waynes & ij coope waynes xxxiijs inja-ij plewes wth cowters & socks & all to yem belonging xs-viij drawght yoks & all to yem belonginge iijs injd—v somes ij croks, and ij shakelles at xs-one oxe harrow wth Iron teth & ij horse harrowes xs-vj newe plew beames, & ij newe axell trees iij® –vj cope wayne soles vijo vj!-

! Ouston, in the parish of Chester-le-Street, another estate which the deceas. ed had purchased.

one spade, iij showlles at viija.—one mvck hacke, a grape & iij forkes viija—fyve shepe hogges at xs-four Iron forkes at viija -Sum' iij** & vj'ije vja. THE GOODS AT THE WHITE HALLviijxx and xviij old shepe at xxjl vjø viija-fyve score and twelve shepe hoggs at xiij? — Sum' xxxiiij' vjø viija. IT'M IN MONYE xx'. Sum’ xx!. '

CCLXVII. ROBERT ESTBYE, CURAT OF DENTON. In the name of God amen. The xij day of december 1570 I Robert Estby clarke curat of Denton wthin the parish of gainford of perfit memory & reason praise & tha’ks be given to god Almightie do make & ordeine this my testament and last will in man' and forme folowing : first and principally I geve & bequith my soull to god o'ipotent my maker & redeemer my body to be buried in the church yard of denton neigh to the crosses ther wth my mortuaries as by the lawes accustomed. Itm I giue to John Roddh’m the sommen' one swarme of bees And I will yt my maid Cicilie Medcalf have by legacy xxx* wch I owe vnto her. The rest and residue of all my goods & cattells movable and vnmovable my debtts & funerals paid and discharged I geue and bequith to sith stoddert my brother his doughter whom I ordeine and make my full & hole executrix of this my last will & testament to dispose my goods at her discrec'on to the honor of God & helth of my soull & to giue therof to the pour as she may: witnes herof will’m carter, Cuthbert stoddert Elizabeth burne & Janet Burne.

INVENTORIE Two kyne xlvjk. viij". v busshels of wheat xs. One quarter of otes vs. Hay xxiij. inja. One quarter of Otes vs. vj stone of woll xxvj. vj disshes of puther wth irj old disshes and a sawser vjø. viija

. ij potts, ij old kettils wth other fier vessell xiij. iiij". Woode vessell iljø. An old feather bedd and a mattres wth other bedding xvs. An old syde gowne & a cloke wth other of his rayment xxxiij. inja. Newe wollen cloth vjø. viija. A cubburd, a little ambrey, a counter & a bed wth other implements of hushold xxv*. iiija. Gese and hennes ij*. Debts owen to the said Rob't Estby. Will’m Woddes for xij stone of woll iij! Totalis summa xiij'. xvij. inja. Debts that the said Rob't Estby doth owe. To Thomas Stoddert for corne vj. To the same lent money ij*.-For coales xviija. To a


above Inventory is valuable, as affording a complete description of the furniture, stock in trade, &c. &c., of one of the most flourishing Newcastle merchants in his day,

Butcher of Pearcebridg xa. To wedowe tomson ixd. To sissell medcalf his s’vant xxxs. To a yong maid viija. To Burdon of houghton vj. To Mr. Stephenson vjø. viijd. To Wm Morton inja. Ais funerall expenses vije. So remaineth clere xj'. xiija.


In dei no’ie amen 24to die Augustie Anno D'ni 1570 I Marione Randell Singlewoma' hole of mynde and of good Remembrau'ce althoughe I be sycke in bodye maikethe this my last will and testamente in maner and ffourme folowinge. ffirste I give and bequiethe my soull to God almyghtie and my bodye to the earthe from whence it came Item 1 gyue & bequiethe to my vncle Willm Huntley one syluer belte to be worne of the same fassione that it is now in, wch belte is in value iiij' or abowe and is in the hands and custodye of Will’m Galightlie plu’ber It'm I give and bequiethe to my said vncle Willm Huntlye a copper kytle wch is in valew of xls or better being in the hands of ye a foresaid Will’m galightlie More I gyve & bequiethe to my said vncle Will’m Huntley xlo in money to be recayed at ye hands of Volantyne Baker golde smythe Also I gyve & bequiethe to Willm galightlie other xls in money of the wch xxx' to be receyved at the hands of the foresaid Volyntyne Baker & x* to be receyved of my house rente It'm I gyve & bequiethe to John Gaymsbye my house wthout the newe gait lyinge & being in a streate called Sydegaytt accordinge to the tenor of my mothers will. It'm I gyve to Helenor Huntley iiijor blake patletts injor cherches a blewe apron & ijo velvett pattletts to be receyved at the hands of Edward Hixon wyffe It’m the rest of all my goods not bequested my debts and legaces beinge paid I gyve to my vncle Willm Huntlie whome I maike my full executor he to dispone my goods to the honor of God & the healthe of my soule & all christen soulles Witnesses & records heare of George Gybson m' maryn" Agnes Bowell wedoo Elizabethe lelye & Elsabethe Blake wth others Elsabeth Estman.

An InuinTORYE of the goods of Maryan Randall deseassed. Remanynge in the custodye of Will'm golyghtlye on selver belt-Mor remanynge in his costodye on copper kettell--In the hands of Volantyn Baker gold Smythe remanynge in monnye the sume of iij' xs Mor in Andrewe nyxsons hand for the Rent of hir house dewe at Martenmas last x'. Monnye laid furthe for the charges and feunrall expenses of the said Maryan Randall Paid for beringe her to the churche & makinge hir grave xvje–For a shett that wand hir iijs inijd Paid to two women that wand hir xijd Paid for the prests & clarks dewtye & for ryngenge the belles iją vjų – Paid to Jhon Pearson for goinge for wu Golyghtlye xija—Paid about hir charges in the tyme she laye syke ij". Some xj. ija.

CCLXIX. JHONE SWYNNOW IN ROCK. In the name of God amen. the xv day of Julij in y® zeir of God M. ve thre scor and ten zeris I Jhone Swynno in Rock, haill in sprit seik in body maikis my testame't & last will in maner form & effect as eftir followis. In ye first I giff my sowll to Almyghty God father & sone & holy gost, my body to be bureid in Rock Kirk, myne executours my mothir & Henre Swynno my brothir yat yaie despone yo rest of my gudis as yaie will ausuer before God one ye last day.

Inve'tariu' vel adm bonoru' grantand me to hawe sex oxen ye pryce xiij nobles, tuo naigis ye pryce iiij nobles, ane foill ye pryce x grotts. howshald geir xxs. It' sawine apone ye gound sex bolls quheit sex bolls aitis and sex bollis beir. Dettis awand me, Thome Andirsone v schillingis. And of yis awand furth in first to ye Lord v bollis qubeit & fywe bollis beir & aitts. It to Jhone broune in a'wick x'. Item to ye balze in rock sex s. It to serwands feis xs.

My Legacy. Item to my mother & my cister my wyffis clothis & my part of ye corne in Dunstonn, to my cister ane zok of oxon, and laid of quheit, ane laid of beir, ane laid of aitts. It ade my brothir ye gra naig ane ox.

to Rawfis sone ye foill, to Henre my brothir thre of y® best oxone, ye gray meir, and ye thrid of ye corne on ye ground. to Geoorge Zong a boll of quheitt. to cuthbert ferrour ane buschell of beir. to my s'wand woman ane boll of quheit, ane boll of beir ane boll of aitts. befor yer witnes Georg’ weddell, Thomas Schippart wt others diu's' Et sic finit'. Deo gras. [P. 1570.

I The Swinhoes had been owners of Rock for many years, and had ranked with the very first families in the North of England. The estate had, a few years before the date of the above will, passed by an heiress to the family of Lawson. Here is one of the old line with the education of a gentleman (fur his will is in his own hand-writing, and few gentlemen at that period could have better acquitted themselves in a similar task,) permitted to linger upon the estate of his forefathers as a farmer, with nothing to leave but his wife's cloaths, and his stock and crop. The termination of his will is perfectly unique, and expressive of strong feeling and resignation.

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