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test of Rede & yalow of wonne of huswyves making & v courtings to the same vij!. ij garnishe of vessell w, ij Dosyn plate trenshers & ij Dosyn poting Dishes v'. One table, one cupbord one chist, one coffer, one chare, ij joine formes & ij boffet stoles xxijo. One iron chimney & one paire of tongs vo: S'm xiij'. vij. IN THE BUTTERY. It'm One garnisshe of vessel xlvjo. viijd. xij Doublers xxj Dishes xiij Saucers xix & four Salts of pouther lijo. iiija. ij basings, ij vers, ij hand basins of pouther & one charge xiiij. ij latten basings iiij latten lavers ij pouther potts xvij candelsticks xx'. One alm’y and one Cupbord xxvij. Sex sylv' spones xxx. S'm ix!. xj.

IN THE CHAMB' OV' THE P’LOR. One mattresse ij fether beds ij boylsters one code ij paire of blankets ij happings, ij Cov'letts one test of grene & yalow & v courtings to the same iij'. ye payntid clothes in the same Chamb'xiij®. iiijd. S’m ij'. xiijs inija. IN THE MAYDS CHARBER It'm ij mattresses ij paire of blankets & inj hapings xs. Sond' LAND.

In Rye in Stacke xxxvij thraves inj'. vj. viija. In Wheat in stacke lxxiij thraves vjl. xjø. iiij. More in wheat in stacke c thraves xj'. iijs. inja. In oytes thraves xjxx, vijl. xiijo. iiija. In oxen xvj, xxxij'. ij long waynes we the app'tennes ij new cope waynes, one furnished, thother lackythe lyne pynnes, x yokes, ix sowmes, iiij plewes, iij cowters, & iiij sockes iij'. xj. ij wombles, one eche, ij Iron wedgs, ij axes, one hay spade, ij sythes, a muck forke, ij spades, iij shules, a p'cell, one noge, three shakells iij boylts a mucke hacke iij payre of pincers, iiij. iij kye iij calves vl. in hoggs xxix, 1s

. In yowes lxxij, xij'. Sex towpes xvjø. ij oxen harrows of Iron, ij long wayne blads, xij. In Rye in garn' xiiij buz old measur xvjø. viija in Wheat th’old measur xiij pecks ij$. viija. A buz' a pecke a ceyve shule xvja. A buz’ of wheat new measure ijs. In the barne xx thraves of wheat xxvjø. viija. A quarter of pease ix'.

A quarter of pease ixo. A wyndow cloth, a lepe vj$. vj seaves & Riddles ij tubes one scuttle ij$. inja. xxviij acres of hardcorne sowen of the ground xiiij'. S'm iiij*x vij'. ixs. iiija HYLL HOUSE.

In yowes xlj, vl.' x'. In hogges xxviij, lj$. inja viijxx wethers xxvl. x oxen xvij!. xj stots & a bull xix!. S’m iij*x ix'. xvja. GRYNDON. yonge noute xj'. iij®. iiijd. ij yonge mares iij'. vj$. viija. iiij oxen v!. xiij®. iiij«. x calves iiij'. x. xxj wethers iij'. vj. viïija? ix wethers & one toupe xxx.

S’m xxix' x®. Gra'ng. It'm viij Stotts ix'. One coult stagge xxvj. viij". iij«x wethers ix'. vj$. viija. S’m xix'. xiij. iiij. BIGGEN It’m vijxx wethers & xiij and ij kye xxiiij'. S’m xxiiij. IT'M in his pourse xj!. vij. iiiją. IT'm one busshell of salt xijų. ij keysse ij". Two stones of fethers iiij. Lynne xviija. Re

& a

It'm xiiij

WYNGAYT maning in the House at the Day off his Deathe in money xxx'. S’m xxx'. viij®. vjų. DETTS OWEN to Jerrerd Salven at the tyme of his deathe. Will’m Lee xxx'. The executors of Will’m Walton v'. St George Winter xl'. Will’m Claxton of Winyerd viij'. vs. James Raire iij? Anne p’kingson of Beamont hill Widow xviij'. Roger Barker_v!. Petr Maddeson xv'. Rob’t Smeton xiij®. Mr. Antony Preston vjl. vjø. viija In gold in the custodie of Ann P’kingson widow ccclxiiij'. xo. xa. S’m iiije xliij. x. x4. S’m of the goodes and detts of the testator m.liijl. xvjø. xd. Detts owen by Gerrerd Salven at the tyme of his deathe. To George Gray xx'. To Thom's Watson xij'. To Rob’t Rokebye Wyffe xx*. To Hewghe Whitfeild vję. To the household s'vants for thr wags lix'. x. To Margery Gray viijo. iiija. To Gerrerd Salven vije. S'm xxxvij'. xiiija. THE FUNERALLS AND LEGACs iiij*x xvij'. And so Remanythe cler' ixc xix'. xvs. viija. Signed ANTHONIE SalVINE Thomas Salvine:

This p’nt obligac'on sealed & Delyy'r the xiijo off Octob' 1571 in the p’senc' off Mr Swyfftt Gilbert Spenc & me Th. Knighte.

CCLXXI. JOHN HEWORTH, OF GATISHEID, QUARELMAN.' In the nayme of god Ame' The fifte daye of november in the yeare of or lord god 1571 I John heworthe of gatisheid in the Countye of Durh'm Quarelma' having my howse visited and my wyffe dep’ted to the m'eye of god being my self p'tlie craised yet of good & p'fitt remembr’unce thanks be to Allmightye god Do maike this my last will and testament in man’ & forme folowing ffyrste I gyve and bequeste my Soule into the hands of Allmightye god my onelie savioure and redemer, and my bodye to be buried in the churche yeard of gatisheid. Secondlie I gyve and bequest vnto the poore mans box of this p'ishe xo I will that my executors shall trulye co'tent and paye all suche debts as I shalbe owing vnto any person at the tyme of my deathe And I do remitt & Clearlie forgyve all poore wedowes all suche debts as they or any of them do owe vnto me and all other my debtès hereafter named I will shall paye vnto my executors or to suche as I shall put in trust for my childes behoof all suche debts & Somes of money as they or any of them is owing vnto me ffyrste will’m Browell of lamesley is owing vnto me iij' payable at m'tynness next Item Robert Neisbett m & mariner xls. Item Ralf waistell off shepecott of lent monye xxxijs Item John Clerke quarelma' for howse rent xiijs inija Item will’m Roxsbye of whitbyrne xlvs Item Thomas waike of suddyke xxxjo İtem will’m Roxsbye owethe me thre booles of bigg and a boole of wheite Item John wright of whytbarne a boole of wheat Item Thomas Roxsbye of busshope wermouthe thre booles of bigg Item Robert pasmore of the same a loid of wheite. Item Robert Sorett of the same towne a loid of wheit Item Symond Clerke of this towne xjo ija. Item John Corker of this towne xijd Item the executors off Robert Bell is owing vnto me a boole of wheit. Item wlm Bartram of suddyke monye inje ijd. and a busshell bigg Item will’m mylnes of mydleton owethe me of lent monye xxvjø vijd Item will’m brewell owethe me a boole of wheite & a boole of malt & I am owing for work at the quarrell vs—and to Robert shipp’dson of wermouthe for a boole of wheit iij. A declarac'on of certen of my goods. ffyrste I haiue ij kye Item I haiue xxxte chalder of gryndstones whereof sex chalder are in Thomas Maddison hand Item I haiue xxxth boles of maid malt being halff bland. Item I haiue bigg to be malted x booles Item I haiue in Robert muffetts hand xxjth yeards of graye Russett. Item in his hand xij elles of whyte Item I haiue in the hand of John Sadler will’m Brewell ma' of read russett Item in his hand xiijth elles of fyne whyte Item I haiue in the howse spunn and vnsponne vj stone of lynt wth other howsehold stuffe and napperie wch so sone as it maye be wth savetye shalbe praised for the benefitt of my child'Also I haiue p’ntlie in gold eleven pound & in readye money twentye seaven pounds xiijs inija wch for the use of my child I haiue put & deliu’ed into the custodye of my neighboure James Cole Also I haiue in vumfraye Archbalds howse v firdailes Item I gyve theese legacies folowing ffyrst I gyve to Agnes Stevenson vijs over and beside hir childs porc'on in my hands being in money and certen howshold stuff I gyve vnto hir also my wyffes best brod read Kirtle Item I

1 Quarryman. The wife of the deceased had died of the plague, and he himself had been seized with the same dreadful disorder.

gyve ynto Edward stevenson my father in lawe my best horse, A whyte russett cott & a read russet cloke & a wilde lether dublett and my best shert Item I gyve vnto my eldmother his wyffe my wyffes froke and a read petticote and a smoke Item I gyve vnto Edward Archbald vjå viijd I gyve vnto Richerd Archbald a cott of plait a stele cap wth a covering and a sword. Item I gyve to John Stephen in money fyve m'kes all my quarrell geare a blake skyn to maike hym a jerkyn & my whole interest and good will of my Quarrell ij dosen knyff stones & iiij Dosen rebstones Item 1 gyve to Edward Archbald iij Roye skinnes Item more I gyve to the said John Stephens a tawnye Jackett & a blake fushion dublett Item I gyve to Agnes Stevnson my wyffes sister a petticote of small whyte Item I gyve to Eliz tayler a worcett kirtle a courcher a raile Item I gyve to peter lightons wyffe a russett petticote Item to Isabell bell a blake Kirtle. Item to Symond Clerks wyffe a courcher and a raile Item to Edward Jhonsons sone a russett cote & a harden shert. Item to Jererd watsons wyffe a peticote of whyte russett and all the rest of the whyt Russett to be delt to poore wedowes so far as it will go. Item I gyve to Isabell bell iij yerds & a half of whyte russett to maike hir a gown Item 1 gyve vnto Richerd Archbald x' in money & do declaire hereby that I haiue in my custodye his evidence & writings & more Í do gyve unto hym my purse dagger and belt. Item more I gyve to Agnes Stevenson a creusado Item 1 gyve more to Isabell bell a pistolate Item I gyve vnto Richerd Rand a frenche crowne Item I gyve to Edward heworthe a nother frenche crowne Item I gyve to my ffrend John sleighe of barwicke xs. The resydewe of all my goods moveable & unmoveable my debts legacs & fun’alls discharged I gyve them holie vnto my doughter Jenett heworthe whom I maike & constitute my onelie & sole executrix to execute this my last will and testament as I haiue before devised & for the better p'formance therof I require and also aucthorishe my trustye frend James cole to travell wth my said doughter about the p'bac'on of this my will and to paye all suche legaces as I haiue therin bequested And also I appoint and aucthorishe hym to call for and receyve to my doughters vse all suche debts & somes of money as is owing vnto me And also I co’mitt and put into his custodye all my doughters goods & porc'ons and he to haiue the educac'on of hir & custodye of all hir goods till she come to lawfull aige or tyme of hir mariage. And yf it fortune that my said doughter dye before she be maried or before she be able to maike & declare a will of hir goods then I will ye all my said doughters goods (James Cole being satisfied and fullie paid and reco’pensed of all suche chairgs & costs as he shall maike & bestowe vpon my doughter and hir cause) shalbe equallie p'ted and gyven emongs my nerest Kynsme' at the sight of nicholas heworthe humfray hewo’th will’m Brewell & John sleighe my loving frends & kinsme' whom I maike the sup’visors of this

my said last will & testament to se it executed & trulie p’formed according to my trew intent & meaning aswell for the comodytye of my doughter payment of my debts legacs as in all other respects & for y' paines to be taken herein 1 gyve vnto en’ye



them xe Wytness at declaracion hereof Thom's Tomplinson gent, nicholas allan, James cole Edward stevenson, Nicholas Cole and lawrence Dodisworthe Clerk.

M that John heworthe being moved for to releve the poore & seike willed James Cole to distribute xiij® ijd emongs his poore seike & nediest neighbors weh was done the 17 daye of november.

THE INVENTARIE of all the goods moveable and unmoveable lait of John heworth of gaitsheid Quarrelma' p’ised the viijih daye of februarie 1570 by John Sympson nicholas Allan John Cockson and Thom's shepeley as ensewth.

In primis two Kye xlvj viija— A sowe and a gylt vje-xxx booles of bland malt vj'—xxth boole of bigg x1-xxxth chalder of grindstons x'-an yron chymney a rackin croke, a speit, ij pors, a p're tongs & a p're croks viij®—sex brasse potts xiijs inijd - a kettle & ij panns viije — vij candlestiks & a basin viij -X puder Dysshes v dublers and thre salts x-a pottle pott, iij quairt potts, half a gill pott vs_One Almerie vjø viija_jij chists a coffer & a p’ssor vjø -—a counter, a litle table, iij formes, & a stole ix-a feiherbed & ix cods x—inj cou'letts, v happings, and v blankets xviij', v stone of Lint xv-inj lyn sheits, vj hardin sleits, v codwaires, ij bord clothes xiij -a chaire x

A halling ij skelves, ij p’re of pepp’ quernes, a graite ijs — A Kilne haire x8—haye xs-x towells, ij soes, a brake, a busshell, a buckett, a Kirne, a litle p’ssor & ij stands vij viija—fyve firdales iiij vjų—a wortstone & a table in John Clerks iijs—thre bedsteids xija—ij oy' bedsteids & a table xvją—in gold xj', in mony xx' xiij". iiijd DEBTS OWING VNTO HYM. In p’mis wim brewell is owing me inj?—Robert neisbet mr & m'iner xlsRaffe waistell xxxijs —John clerke for howse rent xiij". i11ją— wlm Roxbie of whitborne xlvs—thom's weake of suddike xxxjS— wlm Roxbie owethe me also iij booles of big & a bole wheit xiijs—John wright of whitborn a boole of wheit iiij®— Thomas Roxbie of wermouth oweth me iij booles of big ixs-rob'rt pasmore of ye same a lodd of wheite viije — Rob’t Sorret of ye same a lode of wheite viijs ---Symond Clerke xjø ija

- John Kirkbye xija —th' executons of Robert bell a boole of wheit iiije — wlm bartra’ of suddik in money iij' 4d_he oweth more a bz bigg xviija —wlm mylner of myddleton of lent money xxvjø 84.--a blake cloke, a cote ij Jerkins a p'ire hose va wim brewell a bole of wheit & a bole of malt viije ija—a gown & a tatch xxije vije-ij Kircheffs, inj railes ix table napkins, a towell, a heid sheit, a lyn appron, ij nechkircheves vije -- A read russett webb--a whyte webb-a graye Russett webbe all gyven to the poore.

S'm of his goods 851' 7*. xd. HIS LEGACES. In

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