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primis to Agnes stevenson vij3-to hir my wyffes best read Kirtle iiijs-I gyve unto Edward Stevnson my father in law my best hoise, a whit russett cote, a read russett cloke, a white leyr dublett my best shert vjs 8-I gyve unto my moy' my wyffe froke a read peticote, a smoke v-I gyve unto edward archbald 6o 8a—I gyve vnto Ric' Archbald a cote of plaite, a steale cap wth a covering and a sword vj3. viij-I gyve vnto John stevnson v m'ks and all my quarrell gear a blake skyn, ij dosen knyffe stones & iiijor dosen Robestones xviijs ija—to edward archbald iij roo skins ijs-I gyve more to ye said John stevens a tawnye Jackett a blake fushen dublett ijs-I gyve vnto Agnes stevnson my wyffes sist' a peticot small whit iiijs viijd—I gyve vnto Elizabethe Taylor a worsett Kirtle & Kircheve, a rayle vs-I gyve to peter lightons wyff a russett peticote-to Isabell bell a blake Kirtle ijs viijd--to Symond Clerks wyff a Kircheve and a raile ijs vja-to Edward Johnsons sone a russett cote & a harden shert vjd-Jerrie watsons wiff a peticote of whyte russett-I gyve to Isabell bell iij yeards & a half white russett, and all ye rest of the white russett to ye poore wedoes so farr as ytt will goo I gyve vnto Ric' Archbald x more I gyve vnto him my purse dagger & belt 16 - more vnto Agnes stevenson a creusado vjs iiijd-to Isabell bell a pistolate 5o iiijd-to Ric Rand a frenche crowne-to Edwarde heworthe xx-to wlm browell x3-to nich' heworthe x-umfrey heworthe Xs S'm of his legaces xj vjs vja. HIS DEBTS. In p'mis for worke at ye quarrell vs-to Rob'rt shep'son of wermothe iiijs So his debts ix3-Expencs maid by James Cole. In p'mis to the potticarie for triacle and certen other things iij' xd for Draff to ye swyne xiijd-for strawe & candles iiijd-for sope and coles xvjd-paid to peter lighton & John Browne for dressing ye quarrell ijs-paid to ye hird for going to myddleton in Northumberland viijd-paid for the bering of John & his wyffe for the Churche and for making ther grave v. iiijd-to the p'ste & the clerke for the buriall knoling & rynging ye bells iij-for frankincense Jeunp' & brom for smokin the howse xijd -for clensing the howse & for meat & drinke to hym & hir in the tyme of seiknes & to two sr'unts a child & ij dressers of ye howse xljs jd whereof ye dresser & clensers had. Item delt to ye poore at ye first tyme 85 8d. At another tyme delt to the poore in bread & money xiij iiijd. Paid to Ralf henrie & Jenett myddleton for keping hym in his raige of sicknesse iiijs ijd. Paid to the p'son making the will & writing it ou' thrise vjs viijd For hird hyer & Clerke hier viijd-for workin of iiij peic of wollen clothe vjs-to wm mylnes for fetching John heworthe frends x-to Edward stobbs for worke xiijd-paid to

george m'tyne iijs-peid for the grasse of two kye iiijs-paid to John sleighe for howse rent xxxiijs 4d-paid for quarrell rent vs-paid for a p'ir of shoes xijd-paid to wim brewell for bord waigs for Jenet heworthe for xviij weaks xx-for makin_the inventarie ...-Ramat' yet lxiij x vd. Some paid & laid furth by James Cole... Other chairgs to be deducted. ffor probac'on of the will-for ingrossing it in p'chement-for the mortuarie x-for the obligac'ons-to y somonder fees-for ye chairgs of ye witness' of ye will and sureties... So remaynethe to Jenett heworth ye doughter of John heworthe ......


In the name of god Amen This 18th of Julye anno 1571 I Will'm Crwke seke of bodye but in p'ffect mynde & memorye dothe mayke this my laste Will and Testament in maner and forme folowing That is to saye I ffyrst bequieth my soul to almyghtye god and my bodye to be buryed in the churche yarde of Wolsingham secondarely I gyue & betake to the poore folke at this tyme xx and other xx3 to be dystributyd lykewyse to the pore people this tyme twolmvnthe by my executors as god shall send my debts to be payd to there hands. It'm I geue To fowertene of my systers cheldren everye one of them a pease vjs viijd I'm I geue & betake to other iiijor of will'm grenwell cheldren amongst them xls. It'm I gyue to margaret kyrklaye one yowe and a lame. It'm I gyue to John crukes cheldren thelder vj youes & ther lames being in will'm tomsons kepeng. It'm I gyue to thomas croukes chyld a youe & a lame It'm I gyue to Robert tomson one yowe & a lame being of these that is in his fathers hand. It'm I gyue and bequieth to John grenwell one angell of gold. It'm I gyue to John cruke two yowes & ij lambes. It'm I gyue & betaike to every chyld that I helpte to geue Chrystendome a peace vjd. It'm I geue to george wheatlayes wyffe vjs viijd It'm I to the reste of will'm kyrklayes children vjs viijd. It'm I gyue to Robert brom'll of wynstone vjs viijd It'm I gyue for a remembrane to ther dowghters of Rowlland brom'ell being wth his last wyffe a peace iijs iiijd It'm I gyue to my s'uant nell mvrton one gymer hogg shepe. It'm I gyue to will'm wheatley one gymer hogge shepe. It'm I gyue to ye mendyng of ye stepill of wolsingham church iijs iiijd It'm I gyue to the mendyng of the walke myll bryges xx. It'm I geue to will❜m grynwell one sygnet of syluer. It'm I gyue to my brother John cruke one ryng of syluer. It'm I gyue to my wyffe one ryng of syluer. It'm I gyue to my brothers wyffe


one rynge of syluer. It'm I gyve to my curett syr James manerd iijs iiij. It'm a remembranc yt I haue tayken of Rowland garstell of branspeth two kye gattes in ye armet fylde for v yeres begyneng at michelmes next coming It'm morover I gyue & bequieth to Janet Cruke my wyffe ye one halffe of all my goods clere moveable & vnmoveable the other halffe of all my goods moveable and vnmoveable I gyue & bequieth to my brother John cruke and to Will'm grynwell of newcastell my debts & funerall expenss deduct & discharged maken them two Jointley & ffully executors of this my last will & testament last of all I make John hwcheson & chrystofor whitfeld sup'visors of this my will & testament trusting that they will see it fullylled accordinglye & I gyue to eyther of them for ther paynes a pes x3 thes being witness John grayng lanclott harryson John cruke thelder & thomas cruke.


In the Name of God Amen. The xiij Daye of December Ano D'ni 1571 I George Blaixston of ffaernton haull wthin The Counttye of Durisme waike in bodye and yett wholl in mynde thankes be gyven to God, do willinglye and wth a ffree hartt rendar and gyve againe into the hands of God my spirite and Sowll weh he of his goodness hadd gyven vnto me trusting to be savyd by ye p'cious bloude sheaddinge onlye of his dearelye belouyed Sonne Christ Jesu our onlye Saviour And to be resaved into his glorye wt Angells and blessed saintts my bodye I gyve vnto the Earthe wherof yt caime nothinge dowtinge but accordding to our faithe at the generall resurrection I shall receyve it againe an Incorruptible bodye stronghe and p'fectt in all things for the comfourthe of my soull and tyll that daye my bodye to be buryed in the earthe wher it shall pleasse my ffrynds. ffirst I gyve and bequest to John Blaixston my youngest brother to be taiken fourthe of ffaer'ton haull and Silksworthe Sex pounds thirtein shillings fower pence Item I gyve and bequeath to my Brother Raulff Blaixston his heares and assignes for Ever after the death of my mouther the full two partts of all my landes in Stobbeleay-Item I gyve and bequest to my brother Raulffe Blaixston his heares and assignes one Leasse of the third partt of my Lands in Stobbeleay aforesaide for the terme of

I See his Pedigree, SURTEES, I., 246. He was buried at Bishopwearmouth three days after the date of his will. At this period the bodies of people, even of consequence, were seldom suffered to remain uninterred more than a day or


fower skoore and xix yeares to begin Immedyatlye after the death of my mouther yealdinge and painge therfore yearlye vnto my brother Robartt Blaixston or his assignes fower marks by yeare duringe that tearme Item I gyve and bequest to John Blaixston my brother and ales Blaixston my sister my full childes portion of all ye goodes That shall fall to me after by Executurshipe from my father or any other wayes in portion of my fathers goodes vpon the devision therof. Item I gyve and bequest to the maides of Skutterskelfe for their paines taken with me everye one a shillinge. And to elsabethe Hutchinson for keaping of me xijd. Item I gyve and bequest to my loving brother in law Symound Fulthropp certain monye that he dothe owe me as dothe apeare by a byll maide betwixt him and me remaining in my brother Raulff hands so that he descharge me of one Dublett wch he boughtt me. Item I Gyve and bequest to my syster Joan his wyffe one yonge whye. Item I gyve and bequest unto Aunt in Roungton one kow Also I gyv to my nurss at Hutton Rudbye two shillings in monye. Also I gyve & bequest vnto Ales Shipperdson all such thinges as at anye tyme she haith reeayvyd of me besytching God to send his good fortune Item I gyve and bequest unto my loving vnkill Raulfe Blaixston wyf of Sylksworthe two weather hoggs weh I should have hadd inconsyderation of one litle closs at the bacsyde of his howss their. Item I gyve and bequest to my Brother Raulff Blaixton all my rightt entrish title and term of yeares wch I have by my fathers graunt in ffaernton haull & Sylkswoorthe accordynge to my fathers grauntt to me And that is to pay fourth of the same to the reest of the childring for the Amendementt of their portions fower scoore pounds wth lyke claim as my father gave vnto me that is that this be done according to the true meaning bothe of my fathers will and myne at the seightt of these who shalbe sup'visours of bothe ou, willes as they will answear before God to the contrayre of the meaninge therof The reest of all my goods not bequested my Debtts Legasyes and funeral exspences dyscharged I gyve and bequest To my Brother Rauff Blaixston whom I make my full executor of this last will and Testament and for the more sewertye in the p fourmance hearof I shall desyer most hartelye Mr George Lawson Mr Thomas Whyetheade Mr Robartt, Lyslaye my Vnkill Raulfe Blaixston and my Vnkill Thomas Sorthwaitts to be sup'visours of this my Last Will and testament besytching them for the love of God to see yt trulye p'fourmed accordynge to the true meaning hereof These being Wytnesses Thomas Sympson Rychard Faerwether Will'm Wrightt Thomas Sortwhaitt wth other as Raff Blaxton


AN INVITORIE of all ye goods & cattles of George Blaixston of ffaertoon haull laite deceasyed praisyd by thre honest men Adam Blaxston Robartt Ayre and Robart Wilson maide the xv daye of Marche Anno D'ni 1571

Imp'mis fower oxen pryce v xiijs iiijd. One Mayer xxvj. viijd. xxvj sawing bourdes xx. The said George childs portion of his fathers goods x'. Summa tota xviij'. DEBTTS wch he owyth Imp'imis to Henrye Doufolde x3. To M'gerye blaixston Wido xx". To Thomas Gibson xjs. To Amr Blaixston vijs. To Will'm Davey ij3. vj. To Raulfe Nicholson iij3. xjd. To Raulf Blaixston x3. To John Wilyamson vjd. Summa tota iij' iiijs. xjd. Rayffe Blaxton.


The Inventorye of all Mr John Wilkensones goodes at the howre off his deathe and praysed by iiij honest men John hudson M'chaunt John gybson Alexander lawson M'chaunts and antonye Sympson gowldsmythe the 4 of Maij Ao 1571.

Imprimis-IN THE HALLE-on yron chymney wth ye furnyto xx-on almerye at xx-on Table of waynskott xviijs—on cownter at xiijs iiijd-on lytle cownter at vij Jackes iij sallettes of yron xiij iiijd-on dresser of waynskott ij-one pulk iijs iiijiij chayres iijs-iij fformes iiijiiij boffett stoles iiijs. vj quyshins of tapstrye xxv-vj old quyshins of tapstry vjs-vj greane quyshins iiijs-ij Long carpett clothes iiij-ij short carpett clothes js iiijj saye carpett clothe vjs viijd-the hyngars in ye hall x3—on the almerye head j basing & ever ijs vja—on great charger ijs vjd iij new doblers iijs iiijj litle chyst for suger j—j payre of waynskott tables js iiijj bowe & ij sheff of arrowes iij iiija - iij billes & ij halbertes ijs iiij. Som'a is ix' iiij. IN Y BOTTRYE, X latting basins x-xiiij candelsticks xiiijs—j laten chawffyndyshe js iiijj morter & on pestell ijs viija-vj latting Laverres iijj pottell pott, j quart & j pynt pott iijs iiijj tynn laver vjd-ij pottell potts ij quart pottes ij pynte potts & gyle pott vj viijd-on candle chyst j iiijdij mogges iiijd-ij crwses & j tynn salt js iiij-ij lyn bord clothes iiijj pressent napkyn of lynn viijiij harden hand towelles & iij lyn hand towelles js viijj long lyn towell ijs—j bord clothe & on dossen napkins ijs iiij. Som'a is ij' xix ijd.

Another opulent Newcastle Merchant, whose stock in trade is detailed with great minuteness. The deceased was Sheriff of Newcastle in 1555—and Mayor in 1561.

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