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It' j graye mare xx3-j gray horse xiijs iiij-iiij oxen prased to vij cowpe waynes wth ye furnyto' j'—j long wayne xvij3j long wayne wth ye wheales vs-j oxe harrowe viijs-ij horse harrowse viij-j plewghe wth ye yrons iiijs iiijd-ij axes, j eche, j payre of pynsers, j chyssell, j ponche, j womble j p'cell xxa— The harde corne wheat & rye of hearons land prased on the ground iij vjs viijd-The ottes of hearons lannd ij' x3- The ottes in ye well Closse ij1 x3- vj yron howpes at xvjdj patle, j spade, j hack xvjd-xxiiij yong oke trees j' viijs-iiij hounddrethe shep skinnes sould in ffrannce xx-viij bowles of byg ij' Re of DETT, S' georg bowes j fother iiijxx sto' lead xj1 x3-In redye monaye xiiij' x3-in good dettes xl-in desperate dettes iijxx iiij'-Monay rec' forthe of skotland for a dett to my father xv-mor rec' from hambrowghe j tonn xvij amyshe yron xvj1 xiijs-iiij berrells of sop at viij'-v houndrethe salt fyshe vij1 x3-Som'a totalis is ij xviij xs iiijd. Som'a totalis of all this Inventorye except this some folowinge is volxj' vij3 xa. Mor ther is in flannders vnd, the restreynt ther wch lyethe as yett not gotten by me xxviij' flemyshe. PER ME ROBERT WILKINSON This Inventarie exhibited by Robert Wilkinson executor to Mr John Wilkinson above written this xxvij of M'che [1572] To the hands of thomas Knighton notarie in the p'sence of christofer weldon Robert Emberson, Will'm gybson John Kearston, John wilson, george Jardaine ac alior'.



In the nayme of God amen. The ij day of May 1571 I Thomas Gray of Ellweke beinge howll in mynd & p'fet in remembrans but seke in my bodey maks this my last well & teastment in man' and forme foloynge. First I bequithe my soull to Allmeyghtey God & my bodey to be bered in the cherche of Bellforth with the dewtes thervnto belonngenge accordenge vnto the Quens mats laws of thes realme. It'm doo mak my wyffe Henry Gray my sone & Elyonar Gray my doughter my full execwtors of all my goods movable and vnmovable thay to descharge all my detts. Allso I make it knowen vnto all the world yt there is a covenande past bettwen Guy Carleton con

1 Elwick, partly in Islandshire and partly in Northumberland. The deceased was the immediate ancestor of the Greys of Kyloe and Shoston. The contract was fulfilled between Henry his son and Fortune Carlton, who was sister to George Carlton, Bishop of Chichester, one of the first scholars of Houghton School, and the Biographer of Bernard Gilpin, its founder.

stable of Norham & me y' is to say yt yff my sone Henry Gray do chanse to depart frome this world before yt he come to yeres of discreshon or do reffewse his wyffe at y tyme when as he comes to lawfull yeres yt then my heares & excecwtors to pay vnto Fortewne his wyffe the some of forttey pounds of lawfull money of England in lawfull money of England in recomepense towards her marege. INVATORY OF MY GOODS. Fferst of oxssen xxviij prased to xviij'. xiij3. iiijd. of kye xxij, xj'. Of younge neat x, 1. Of shepe hoogs xl, iij'. Of horsse & meares viij, viij'. Corne sawne at Ellweke of wheat xviij boulls, of beare xx bouls, of orts xxx bouls & of peasse vj bouls prased to viij xiijs. iiijd. Corne sawen at Kylloo of wheat viij bouls, of beare x bouls & of orts xvj bouls prased to iij'. xiiij. viijd. Lonnge waynes, short waynes, plowgh & plow ierens with the emplements & housold stuffe praysed to xiij'. vj. viij. Bees prased xxvjs viijd. Swyn vij xx3. Wheat & malt in the barne & in the loft xl bouls prased to viij'. Detts howinge to me. The excecwtors of Xp'ofor sand'son is howenge me for a horse color bay---more for an ambrey, a langsettell, a round dyssenge table, a presser, a fetherbed and a candellstek. Witnesses Guy Carleton Thom's Manars, Lyell Homle, Raph Homle, Mathay Gray.


vijth day of the month of februarye A.D. 1571 I Randall Fenyke ge'tilma' to be buryed in the church off Kyrkharll my sonnes Marmaduke Fenyk and Roger Fenyk my executors to my soon M'maduk fenyk all the corn of Denom and all the goode yt I have wth the halff teithe of Lytell Swynborn to fynd his hows wth vnto such tyme yt Roger my soon go to his owne to my sone Roger Fenyke the farmold in Denom to my soon Roger the on halff of Crukdon when it falleth to Bertolomew Fenyk a kowe to widow Fenyk a oxe brothers soon Gabriell Fenyke a nagge I co'mand my son Marmaduke Fenyke to gev my brother Thomas Fenyke meat and drinke a bedd a cha'bre a nage to ryd vppon wth spendyng and yt he shall come home agayn at nyghte to my brothers dawghtarr Agnes Fenyk forty poundes to fynd hyr vpon wth my soon Marmaduke at his

to my

1 This will contains a provision for a brother under the condition of his returning home every evening.


hows And after hyr death to be equally p'ted betweene them, is marmaduke and Roger to my soon Roger Fenyk a noble land in Black Hedden wth the halff of ye tieth of Lytell Swynborne duryng my leasse. Wytnesseth of this my last wyll and testame't John Fenyk of Brenkley Gen. Roger Fenyk, Dorothe Laurenc, Gen. & Rawff Gray clerk vice' of Kyrk Whelpington wth oyr mo. [Pr. 1571.]



In the name of god Amen The xxvjth daye of Januarye 1571 I nycholes maddeson of the towne of newcastle vpon tyne m' and marynell-to be buryed in Allhallowes churche-I gyve To Robert Wilson my beste sworde & my bowe-I dessyer my wyff barbary to gyve vnto my dowghter Issabell maddeson eu'y yeare one qwyte pettecotte-to my father in lawe thomas grene my best spanishe leather Jerkyn-I is oweinge vnto Will'm grenwell m'chant the some of Ten pounds wch vas the last payment for my p't of the promross [the Primrose, a ship] and that is all the det that I is oweinge to eny man lewinge in All the worlde


In the name of god Amen. In the yeare of god mvlxxj yeares in the x daye of februarye. I Ranold Carnabye in Whittington of reason maketh my last will and Testament as hereafter folowethe. first I geue my soule to Almightye God and my body to be buryed in the parishe churche of Halton with my mortuares due and by the lawe accustomed. My goodes my dets payed I geue to my sune Edmund and to my wife Issabell whom I make my hole executurs and intermitters to this my last Will and se that it be rightly ordered to the pleasure of God & health to my soule, wich I com'end into the handes of Almightye God Amen: Records herofe Charls Baron elder Edward Langlanse Charles Couper Ranold gibson Gawen carnabye. THE GOODES that belongs to the saide ranold carnabye Item of oxen carnabye Item of oxen vj. iij Kye-the price of ye ix extends to the sume of xviij knobles. vj shep prased to the sume

1 The Carnabys, of Halton, were a family of importance in the district of Hexhamshire, and mixed much in the affairs of the Borders. Several of their original letters to the Privy Council and the Wardens of the Marches are preserved in the British Museum.

of xij3.—A horse to the sum of iiij nobles. x peckes of rye a croune. x peckes of wheate vj. viijd iij bouldes of wheate sauen the price of the iij bouldes xvj. iij bouldes of rye sauen the price of the iij bouldes xij. viij bouldes of otes sauen the price of the viij bouldes xviijs. viijd It'm ye INSET GEARE prased to sume of xxvjs viij. Som of the forsaid goods x' xvij3. DETTS Owen by ye saide ranold carnabye To the lord for the farme iiij nobles. For his furth bringing to the buriall To Janet Andersone iiij nobles. To John Olyfer of Hexam for cloth viij. To Gilbert Robson of Hexam vjs. To Thomas Casle of corbrige viijs & iiijd. To Edward Langlanse x grotes. To Umfraye Carnabye x grotes Som' debtes owen by Rainold Carnabie vj' xvj. The insiett geare praysed to the sum of xxvj. viij. [signed by] Patricius Franche Kurat in Halton. [Pr. 1571.]


In no'ie Dei Amen. The vj day of fabruarij Anno D'ni 1572 I Elsabethe Blaxstone off Gybsyd widow, being sek in body but holl off mende and memorye makes this my last wyll and testament in maner and fyrme following. ffyrst I bequiethe my soul to God Almyghty and my body to be buryd w'in my paryche churche off Wickh'm wythe my mortuarij accustomyd by the lawe It'm my dettes and funarall expenses deductyd forthe, the rest of all my goodes movable and vnmovable I gyff and bequeithe vnto my vij chelderene viz Thomas Blaxston, Dorrathe Blaxston, Grace Blaxton, Marij Blaxston, Ellenor Blaxston, Essabell Blaxton and Barbarij Blaxston whome I do make my ffull executores seuerally and juncly off this my last wyll and testament. And I wyll that my sonne Wyll'm Blaxston haue the tuition and goverment off my forsaid chelder and ther goods whel theie coome vnto the yerres of disscrission and theie to be co'sellyd by heme as theie wyll haue my blessing, and he to be as a father vnto theme as my spyciall trust is in heme and he to bring me forth honestly as it becovmethe heme to do. Witnesses off this my last wyll ande testamente George Lumley, Robert Tempest, John Colson, Anthony Marley, Bartholomewe Reiflay curat and Cuthbert Person pariche clarke George Blaxton.~ [P. 1574.]

1 Daughter and sole heir of Richard Marley, of Gibside, Esq., and widow of Roger Blakiston, of Gibside, in her right. Mr. Surtees, who has given the Pedigree of her family, II., 255, has, by mistake, given 1575 as the date of her will.


In dei no'ie Amen the Second of februarye in the year of our lord god a thowsaud fyve hunderethe thr scor and twelve I John Talbott of thornton in le strett in the countye of york hole of mynd and in good and p'fect Remembrance laud and prase be to Almighty god maikith and ordeinthe this my p'sent Testamentt in man, and fourme folowinge That is to say fyrst I com''ende my soule unto Almyghty god my maiker and Redem and my bodye to be buried within the p'ishe churche of thorneton in the strett in the closyd or pew wh'in I vse to sitt. Item I bequithe vnto my curatt the vicar of thorneton in the strett xxd for forgotten tithes. Item I gyve to the Rep'ations of the said churche x. Item I gyve to every howsholder wthin the said p'ishe of thorneton in the strett iiijd and a peck of wheatt. Item I gyve to the maiking and reparring of the causeway wch ledeth from my house to the churche xs. Item I geve and bequithe to Leonarde Belt pasture for one hors winter and So'mer whin my manore of thorneton in the strett during his lyff naturall. Item I will that all suche debtts wch of Ryght or in conscienc I do owe to any p'son or p'sons shalbe well and trulye contentyd and payd by myn executors her after namyd and ordeyned in this my last wyll wthout any deley or contradiction. Item I gyve will beqiuthe and devise vnto Alice my Wyfe all my lands and ten'ts in Dalton norrice otherwyse called Dalton in the gayles in the county of York for and duringe hir life natural. Provided alwayes and my will nev'thelesse ys yf Edmund norton or his assigns shall att any tyme during the lyfe of my said wyfe Recover by the law any Rente furthe of my Lands and ten'ts in thornton in the strett afforesaid by force and vertue of one Lease clamed by the said Edmund of certayne Lands in thorneton afforesaid thatt then my two doughters dorothe and Marey talbott shall have all my said Land in Dalton afforsaid for the terme of eyght years next and Imediatly folowinge such Recou'y of Rent as is afforsaid ffor and towards ther p'ferment of theyr marriages yf the said Alice shall lyve so longe. Also I gyve will devise and bequeathe the Revertion of all my said Lands and tents in Dalton afforesaid after the

1 Thornton-le-Street, in the North Riding of Yorkshire. Dr. Whitaker somewhere tells a tale of a wish expressed by King Charles the First, on his road to or from the North of England, in consequence of some rude treatment which he here experienced from its owner, a descendant of the above Testator, that the Talbots might be alternately wise men and fools, which, according to Whitaker, came strangely to pass.

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