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deathe of my said wyfe vnto my Two sonnes Roger and Thomas To haue and to hold the same lands and ten'ts with their Appurteness in Dalton afforsaid Im'ediatly from and after the deathe of my said wyfe as is afforesaid unto the saide Roger and Thomas Talbott and to the heyres male of the said Roger Talbott for ever. Item I gyve to Roger Talbott my man of thorneton after the Deseas of Alice my wyf wth all my lands belongeing the same Except a pece of woodd grond wch I have granted over & by this my p'sent will Dothe graunt over To thomas Talbott my sonne for thre scor yeares to come after my desease that is to saie ffrom Bulmerspring end downe the old dicke to the midle hye waie yt goeth straught to dowland cokeshott all on the east syd of the way adjoyninge to Mr Antony meynell fogg close & so back agayne to bulmer spring

use to hys most

with Sufficient waie wth Carrages att all tyme & tymes yelding & theirfor yearly to the ryght heyres of me ye said John Talbott the some of ijd at the ffeast of Saint John baptist yf it be lawfully demanded p'vided alwayes yt neyther Alice my wyfe nor my executors do remove or Taik Awaie att any tyme after my desease nyther bourdes fourmes sealing glasynge whin or aboute my said mansion house but that they lett it stand & Remaine with ye maner of Thorneton & the lands belonginge ye same vnto the said Roger Talbott & theres maile of his body Lawfully begotten and for defaut of suche isshew to Remain to ye Ryght heyres of me ye said John Talbott for ever. Item I gyve to Thomas Tabott my kynsma' ye Lyttle Close beyonde the waie now in ye occupac'on of Rycharde forrest for Tearme of his Lyfe. Item I will that Agnes bulmer shall have ye house wth the app'tennes y Richarde forrest now dwellithe in during hir Lyfe wthout any Rent paing for the same. Item I will thatt Robert Wilson shalbe in ye house where he now dwellithe vnto such Tyme as he can better p'vide another. Item I will yt vxor harker shall dwell in ye kytsheine wherein she now dwellith during hir Lyfe wthout any rent paing Item I will yt Robert Leache shall dwell where he now dwellith duri'g his years wch he haithe att Brawithe. Item I will yt wm Smithe shall not be hurte so long as he dothe paye his rent & dothe Kep the myln in repa'cions. Item I gyve to Jayne Barker my doughter xx yeowes & Lambes Item I gyve to Thomas Talbott all the Tymb about the house wrought & feld excepte thre millne peces. It'm I will yt Alice my wyf & dorothe & marie my doughters being vnmaried & vnp'fered shall haue their full por

tions of my goods according to the order & appoyntment of the Lawe and I further will yt my said wyfe shall haue ye order Rule gou'nne & coustodie of my said Two doughters dorothe & marye & of their portions of my goods wch shall p'teyne unto theyme by order of ye Law or being gyven & bequeathed unto theyme by thys my p'sent Laste will vntil suche as my said doughters shalbe married or accomplish their sev'all ages of xxj yeares The Residewe of all my goods & cattells unbequeathed my debts Legacs & ye afor Beqytyd portions togyder wth my funeralls being deliw'yd satisfied payed and discharged I gyve will & bequeathe unto my said two doughters dorothe marye whome I mak my executrixs of this my Last will and testam'nt-Witnesses Will'm bell John brakenberye-John talbot-Robert Wilsonne wth others. [Pr. 1573.]




Anno D'ni 1572. IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. Att Edlingh'm the one and twentie of Julie I Thom's Swinburn of Edlingh'm wthin the Countie of Northu'b'rland Esquier syck in bodie and of perfecte reme'brance maks this my last will and tesmy bodie to be buried in the churche of Edlingh'm. I geve and bequeathe my Castle and demaines of Edlingh'm with the towne and mylne of Edlingh'm and Newton and Ruthly wth all the woodds and vndrewoods wth all th'appurtenance- to Gawen Swinburn my vncle-for seven yearespaying therfor to me and my heires yearlie-twentie pounds at twoo tearmes-To my sonne Will'm Swinburn all my lands in Abberwycke and Mykle Bavington during his lyff-my vncle Gawen to have the education of him till he comme to full age

to my doughter Jane Swinburn four yeares proffytt of Hamserlie to marye hir wth all and my vncle Gawen & Gylbert Swinburn to have the bringinge vpp of hir and see hir mariedto that child that my wyff is with other foure years out of Hamsterlie if a daughter-if a son xx nobles rent in Seham-after that to my brother George-to my son John Swinburn my lease of the tythe corn of Edlingh'm Newton Lurchild and Woodhall -to Gilbert Swinburne the lease of the tythe corn of Black Heddon to my sonne John Swinburn my silv' salt, and all my silver sponnes wth all heirelumes and implements that is in Edlingh'm & Nafferton-to my sonne John Swinburn my velvett cote, my Satte' gown, my satte' dowblett my veluett hose-to my sonne Will'm Swinburn my blak horse-to my twoe sisters

eyther of them twoo kye and calues - Executors my sonne John my sonne Will'm, my doughter Jane Swinburn-my vncle Gawen and Gilbert Swinburn Will'm Carr and John Shaftoo sup'visors. All thes be wytnesses that Mr Swinborn haith acknowledged this to be his will. Will'm Carr John Shaftoo, Rob'te Bednell, Roger Collingwood, Will'm Shaftoo, Lancelott Errington, John Ellerker, Raphe Carr._[Pr. 2. Aug 1572.] INVENTORY 1572. THE HALLE AT EDLI GHAM Two carpetts wythe tables, chayres & ffowrmes THE BUTRYE. Twocupbords, wone more another lesse, two chests, syx lange barrells iij stands, iiij beffe ffates xls. PLATE Wone sylvar salt HIS APPA


parcell gylt and won doson of sylver spones viij'. RELL. Wone satten gown, a vellvet cote layde wyth sylver las, a satten doublet lade wyth sylver lace, a payr of velvett slyvers wythe syllvar las, and a velvett hatt ix'. IN THE PARLAR A close bede, a fetherbede, a bowster, wone pyllowe, wone covarlet, a ylad and a blanket, a cupbor, and a pressor, a gret chare and a lytle cheste liijs. iiijd. IN THE BRODE CHAMBRE Two framyd beds ij fetherbeds, ij cov'rings, wone plade, wone covarlet, ij bolstars, ij pyllobeares, wone joynyd copbord, won langsettle, wone chayr iiij'. vjs. viija. WAYNSKOTT CHAMBRE. Wone bedsted wth cowrtyns of buckrm, a fetharbed, and a bolstar, ij pyllobears, wone covaringe, a covarlet, a plade, and a blanket, a copbord, a gret chayre and a lytle chyste vij x'. More in the same chambre, wone chest wythe vj payr of shets, vj pyllobeares, wone doson of plane napkyns, iiij table clothes, iiij dyap' napkyns iij'. vj. viij. IN THE PAYNTED CHAMBRE Wone old bedsted, wone fetharbed and a bolster, wone covareinge, wone covarlet, wone blanket, a wyndowclothe xxxiijs. iiija. IN THE KYTCHIN. ij pots, ij paus, ij spets, wone frying pann, xv peuder platers, xiij puder dyshes, vij sawsers, iiij plaits chargs, a basing and a yewar, a pestill and a mortre of brass, a payr of tangs, iiij'. IN THE BREW HOWSE Wone brewe lede a maskinge towbe, ij gylle fats and a lytle stande iij'. IN THE BAKE HOWSE. A Levinge trowghe, a brake and ij towbis iiij. HORSSE AND CATTELL A whyte horsse x'. A black Horsse v [Cowes valued at 4 nobles each. Oxen at 30°. barren cattle at 2 nobles. Ewes £3 per score. Wethers & tups 38 4a each. hogs 30 per score. total worth of cattle £106 16 8d] CORN AT NEWTON [&c.] AT NAFFERTON | Furniture in the HALL and CHAMBER, CORN, &c.] DETTS whiche he owythe at the howre of his deathe. To HIS SERVING MEN To John Elycar for his wag's xxxv. To Wyll'm Erington of Gossfarth xxx'. To Rynyard Rodam

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1'. To Cudbart Hepphyll xxx'. To Lancelot Erington xx". To Robart Fenwyke xx3. To Marke Shaftou xx. HYRDES, HYNES AND WARK S'VANTS [&c.] DETTS which ys owinge to other's. To Wyll'm Erington of Gosfurthe for a goowne xls. More the said Wyll'm layd owt for hym at yorke v3. For a bole of malt which Mark Shaftow did lawse at Whittingham iiij. To wedow Yonge for the Prysts borde xjs. iiijd. To the same for George Swynburnes borde xxiiijs. vjd. To my Lady Woddrington xl3. To mayster Byllingham xxvjs. viijd. [&c.] Sum xvij. xviijd. DETTS AT NAFFRETON To Bluyrthorn for his sons borde xiijs. iiijd. For yallow carsay xviijd. For a felt hatt ijs. vjd. For paper and ynke vjd. For ffrese to Rychard Carr of Hexham for to be lyvareis xxvj3. viijd. For a dett in the west contre to Mr Sands v'. [&c.] Sum x'. xvij. For his MORTUARY and his LARESTONE Xiijs. iiij. S'm tot' ccxxiij'. vj. x. S'm Debitor' l. vs. Rem. clxxxxiij'. x. [Signed] GYLBERTT SWYENBORN. This p'sent Inventarye sealed and subscribed in the facce of the courte this iiij day of Nove'ber Anno D'ni 1572 in presentia mei Judicis Mr Johi's Magbrey Thomæ Knighton not. pub. et mei Thomæ Atkinson.


-xviij day of Julie-1572. I Antonie Mitford of Pontyland-Esquer my bodie to be honestlie & comelie buried either in the northe porche of the parishe Churche of Pontiland where my father was buried or els in the queer or chauncell-To my father in lawe Alexander Heron ten shillings--To Gerard Heron my black velvet Jacket & one quarter of wheat & a quarter of oates--to my two sisters Margarett Hallyman & Margerie Bewick to either of them ten shillings -to John Middelton my Jerkyn of tawnye velvet-to martin Hallyman ten shillings. To Antony Dichant my spanishe leather Jerkyn and to Robert Morpath my clothe Jerkyn wth the slyvers therto belonging. To my sonne Antonie Mitford one nag or guelding of colour browne wch I bought of one Lawson-to the same Antony a pair of Buffins with the slyvers to the same, one doblat of white bombasyne, my sweard and my daggerto Robert Tailor a litell bay mare-to my cosyn Christofer Morpath my best gowne, my silken doblat, my best hosen & a riall in gold or money-Julian my wief solong as she remayneth and lyvithe vnmaried, keping my name in pure and honest

These were all sons of Gentlemen of Northumberland.

wydowhood shall have the tuicion-of all my children [daugh. ters Margerit, Marie, Margarite, Alice, Anne, & Elianor, son Antonie] Pr. 1572.

INVENTORY. Inter alia One dansick chist iiij. vj cussions of bawdkin stuffed with feathers.xvjs One turned chair-two pair of rounder sheates [of coarser thread] vj3. viija.—The paynted hangings about the chamber viij3.


In the name of god Amen The xjth daye of August anno 1572 I Agnes Rames wedow lait wiffe to mathew Rames skyn' hole and p'fytt of memorye althought I be secke in bodie maikith this my laste will and testament as heareafter followithe ffirste I gyve and bequithe my sowle to almightie god & my bodye to be buried in sancte nychollas churche wthin the towne of newcastell vpon tyne besyde my firste husbande Item I gyve to george Bowm' his wiffe my beste belte & my seconnde paire of crokes a gowne and a kirtle Item I gyve to be distributed to the poore fortie shillings It'm I gyve to will'm lawson my Brother in lawe my sylu' pott and to my syster his wiffe a sylu cupp and a syluer goblett It'm I gyve to Richerd Kirens a closse wthout pylgrame streateyeate It'm I gyve to gawen swynbourne his wiffe a sylu' spoone, and to mr swynbournes sonne of wylome that I should have christened anothe syluer spoone The rest of all my goods my debts and legasies paid I gyve vnto my sister helnior Lawson whome I maike my full executrix she to disponde my goods to the pleasur of almightie god. Wittness's and records hereof will'm car m'chante and henrye ffallowfeild sadler george graye Clarke

with others.


[Of the late dissolved howse of the Friers preachers nighe to Bambroughe gentleman. Ex Test.]

INVENTORY [27 Ap. 1572] Inter alia, a fustyan pallyett iij3. iiij.-three downe codds iiijs. An ov'see cov❜lett lyned xx. Mockeadowe curteins wth the fring x3. A flock bedd & a bolster iiijs. A sylver salt gylt xxx. xj sylver spones xxx3.—A cawdron sett in a fornace iij. Malt lxxxiiij bolls xix'. Cowpe waynes

1 of the family of Widdrington, of Widdrington Castle.

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