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gow Two worsett dubletts vj. viij. Three p' of black hose viij'. Sex shirts viij. Sex kirchiffes vs. Thre rachetts x'. A velvett tipett xvj. A woorsett tippett ijs. Fower sqware caps ij3. viijd. A silk hatt iij. iiij. S'm vij'. xviijs. iiijd. SILUER PLAYTE A Basing and ewer p'cell gilt weying Ixvj vnces at vs ye vnce xvj. (ita.) One sqware salt all gilt weying xx vnc' di' & halfe a qrter vs ye vnce v1. iijs. ix. One other salt withowte a cover all gilt weying xvj vnc' at vs ye vnc' iiij'. Two bolls p'cell gilt weying xxxj vnc' at iiijs. iiijd ye vne vj'. xiij3. iiija. Thre silu' potts withe one cou' weying xxxiiij vnces at iiijs. iiija ye vnc' vij. vij3. 4d. One silu pott p'cell gilt withe a cover weyng viij vnc' at iiijs. iiijd ye vnc' xxxiiijs. viij. A coblett of silu withe a cover weping xxij vnces at iiijs. iiijd ye vnc iiij xvs. One dosing silu' spownes weying 24 vnc' at iiijs. iiijd. ye vne v1 iiijs. A littell mayser x. A MYTER sett withe stonis and perle silw & gilt xiij'. vj3. viijd. S'm lxiiij'. xvj3. ja. CERTAINE PUDER & OTHER THINGS. One garnishe and a halfe of puder vessell xlv. One baysing of puder ijs. One quart pott and a pynt ijs. viijd. One old charger ijs. One brasing morter & a pestell vs. One basing of latting xij. Three latting candilstiks iijs. One carpett sex yerds long of tapestrye vj3. viij. One carpett 5 quarters long of tapistry xvjd. Two coverings of tapestry for a bedd xij. WOD STOFFE. viij waynsketts xvj3. Two oke planks vjs. Seven leche [? beche] dishes xiiijd. Fower covering for quishons of read fusten in naples iiij. Two littill chests withe locks, the one of fir and the other of oke iiij. A payre of tongs & a fyer sholle xvja. One waynskott chayre to bere a man in yt is seke or deseyed vj3. viijd. S'm v'. xix. xa. THE STOFFE AND IMPLEMENTS AT DURESME praised the third of Octob. 1572 by Jasper Horsley, Thomas flawell, Herrye Yonger and Nycholas gallelye. THE HAWLE One drawing tabill of waynskott xxiij. iiijd. One long tabill and trists iijs. iiijd. Two coobbords iiijs. Two chayrs ijs. vja. Fyue buffett formes vj. viijd. One stande bedd withe a testren read & greane withe a fringe xx3. MY LORDES CHAMER. A stand bed withe a testron of Reade saye & fringe and a trikill bed xiij3. iiija. A Cypres chist x3. A flanders chist x". A desk vs. Thre buffet stoles xvj. The said chamer hanged withe Read saye ijs. THE CHAMER WITHIN MY LORDES CHAMER A servants bedbord one old tabill two trests & a waynskott borde vj3. viija. THE CHAMER IN THE END OF Y HHAWLE. iiij & 12 ffat staves x3. In certayne old bords & bedstocks iij. iiijd. THE BUTTRY. A coobbord and two payre of gantres & a toob v3. THE CHAM WITHIN THE BUTTRYE. A cubboorde xvjd. A flanders

Two old littil forms CHEKER One stand One buffett

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chist iij'. The paynted clothese xiij'. iiij. viija. THE LOWE CHAMBER CALLED Y bed withe owte tester xiij. iiij. One chayre xijd. forme xxa. A fyer sholle & a payre of tongs xxa. ings yellowe and blewe vj. viija. STARE FOOTT. One stand bed withoute any testron forme x3. IN YE KICHIN One brandyerne iij'. iiij. Two almereis x3. Two kawells ijs. Two toobs ij trowes & a swawle ij3. A paire of Rakks iiijs. Three speatts ijs. A forme and a fedder toobe vjd. THE HEIGH CHAMER ABOUE MY LORDS CHAMER. Fower brasse potts xx3. Two yetling pans viij. One fyer pan ijs. Seven candelstiks viijs. One flanders chist iiijs. Two halfe huyks vj. viijd. Two stoft Jackis v3. Two olde Lauers of Brasse iijs. Two hammers to bete stocfishe viij. A peace of a olde carpett iiij. S'm xiij'. viij. S'm totalis lxxxxj'. xiiijs. xjd. DETTS Owen to the said Reu'ed father. Will'm worine xx. Richerd Hudso' of Hurtinpolle xxx. Robert Stott of Newcastell xl'. Lancelott nevell xiij1. vj3. viija. Richerd swalwell preast xx3. Mr trollop of eden iiij1. x3. viijd John skott preast xl3. Odnell Selbye of twedmowth v1. vj3. viijd John hynde xxj1. vjs. viija. Thomas miry coke iiij'. vj3. viiija Will'm Brantingh'm preast iiij'. Mistres greane xx. Rob't dawton of newcastell xvj'. xvj. viijs. John davye of hull x'. Wyll'm Willso' of hull whitbye iiij'. Mr Clife of duresme lij3. iiij. Herry lait Erle of Westm❜land xl'. Charles Erle of Westm'lând vj'. viij3. Doctor Wm Benett for two stotts iij'. vj3 viija. ye said doctor for salt xjs. For bord of oke Charles car

lell xxvj'. xiij. iiijd. Antony Carleto' vij1. vj3. viijd. Maister muschune vj1. vjs. viij. The maire and brethren of hartinpoole iiij'. Will'm acheso' of berwick xj'. vj. viij. Cuthbert lait Bishop of duresm xx'. Mr Will'm Whittingh'm deane of durram & chapiter xlvj'. vjs. 8d. Frances bolm' xls. The execu. tors of doct tode iiij'. Doctor Watso' for xl stone lead xl3. Herry fayrallers vj'. xiij. iiija. John fforwood baylye of hart xxxiij. iiij. Wheatlye the miller iij'. John Sparke of allen dale xl. John hudsons wyfe xv. Thomas archer x'. xiijs. ija. Symon hubbuck iij'. vj. viijd. hewgh hutchinson xl. Wm Sparke th' eld of allendell xl. Wm Sparke ye yonger xxvj. viija. Ambras Sparke xl3. Thomas swalwell xls. John Sparke of greth'm xl. Thomas Richyso' of allendell xx3. Richerd hunts wyff xiij. iiij. John stevenson his wyfe xxxij. The executors of Mr antony Saluen xxvj. xiijs. 4. John Conyers my lords man iij'. x3. Robert midforthe & Rob't biddick xx1. Sm' cccc'. ijs. vja. DETTS Owen by the said Reu'end ffather. To Antony Bulmer liij3. iiijd. To s Rob't Sparke v1. viij. viij.

To Thomas spark of Newcastell xxxj'. To Rob't Barker iij'. vjs. viijd. To Thomas fisher xxvjs. viijd. To Mr chaitor xÏ3. To S, Will'm Harding vj'. To John Spark 22 bus. pease xxvij vijd. To Wm Skailocke of duresme x. To Thomas olyv' of duresme xij. To Thomas Whitfeld of duresm iij'. To hewgh witfeld xvs. To Wm Gibson of thorpethewles xls. To Robson of morton xiiijs. viijd. To Rob't walbe xx3. To Thomas Sayre xxvj. viijd. To Thomas Gaire xviijs. To Thomas heryson brewer for malt iiij'. To Thomas heryso' singing man for mathewe harts bord xvj. To ye greue of wolstone xviijs. vjd. To Rob't linsey of owston for geast xliijs. iiijd. To St George kowke xx. To Wm Katenton v1 vjs. viijd. To Thomas gibso' xls. To John Spark of hexh'm iiij'. iiij3. 8d. WAGES, Edmund Rawe xx". Rycherd Pattinso' xx". Cuthbert Wilkinso' xxs. John Grinsed vs. xd. Thomas marting xviijs. Em'y Rowlle iiij'. viij. Will'm markh'm x. iiij. Humfray nevell xxviij. Rob't Tayler xxviijs. Thomas heryso' xxviijs. George Jacso' xvj. viij. Andrewe Allanso' xiij. iiijd. John Samso' xlij. George yonger vij'. vj. viijd. John Conyers vj1. Gerves davis xx. John Sparke thelder vjs. viijd. John Bossom xxxviij. Gyles erinto' viijs. iiijd. hewe Buddils xx3. John Spark butler (blank) Christopher xlviij. John stell iijs. iiijd. John Jacso' miller xxvj. Will'm hurt porser x. Richard Rawe xxvjs. viijd. herry brafferton iij'. xv3. iiijd. Margarett fox x3. Jenet hog xxviij. Alison snaythe xvj3. viija. Elesabethe heryso' xiijs. x. John Acheso' vj3. viijd. Will'm gent vj. Jasper fenwick vs. vjd. Thomas Richeso' vs. vjd. John hynde vs. vjd. John Wayles iiijs. vjd. George tomso' iijs. vjd. Raffe briche ijs. vjd. Richerd hynde ijs. vja. John shep'd vd. vid. Nycholas kendall vijs. Rob't markh'm vs. Lyom markh'm vj. viijd. Item for delapidat'ons of wolsingh'm viij' To John Preston for Sr Alexander woodmas v'. To Chrystopher nycholson iij'. xvj3 viijd. By me George Winter sole executor of the last will and testament of the fforsaid Reu'end father Thomas laite Bishope of Berwick.


In the name of the father and of the sonne and of the hollie ghost thre p'sones and one god Amen The tenthe day of June

1 Mayor of Newcastle in 1565, and at the time of his death M. P. for the town. He was also owner of the estate of Cocken, on the banks of the Wear, in the parish of Houghton-le-Spring, where, at the date of his Will, his mother

in the yere of or lorde god A thousand fyve hundreth Seaventie. and two I Will'm Carre of the towne of Newcastell upon tyne Alderman Being whole sounde and of p'fecte of mynde most hartie thanks be geaven to the Almightie god Altho' thouched in my bodie by th'ands of god with infirmities and sore deseases do maike this my last will and testame't in man, and furme followinge ffirst I geve and bequithe my soule to the Almightie god my onlie savy' mak' & redeam' who by the precious bloude of his onlie begotten sonne Jesus Christ boughte & redeamed me and all mankynde from the eternall thraldome of our wecked & mortall enymie the deavell Also I will that my bodie be buried in Sainite nycholas churche in newcastell amonge my anceters so nye my greate grandfath, george carre as convenientlie may be if friends shall so thinke yt good the wch I do frellie referre to there discretione knowing most assuredlie that the plaice of burial is not materiall to thoise wch dye in the faithe and feare of god, nor yet avaylable to thoise That be out of Christs churche. Also I geve and bequithe to my Welbeloved wife Johan Carre all my righte tytle and interest wch I have in the one halfe of lytle eden in the parishe of Easington within the countie of Durham And also I will that she shall have to hir use and for ye bringing up of her childer all suche goods cattell and corne in lytle eden as unto me doith app'tayne or belonge Also I will that my said wife shall have my Dwellinge house in Newcastell during hir life naturall without any let or vexac❜on of myne haire or any without any rente paying for the same Allways p'vided that my moth be exonerated discharged and kept harmeles for the yerelie rente of fyve pounds whiche she should have paid to me and mine heirs duringe hir naturall life In Recompence whereof my mother let me have the same house And for asmoche as I thinke that my sonne Raufe Carre will Shortlie marie I will therefore that he shall have my house in the Close comonlie cauld folberies house to dwell in during the life naturall of his moth After whose deathe I will that he shall have my said dwelling house to him and to his heirs for ev. Also will that my sonne John Carre shall Imediatlie after the Deathe of wife his mother have and enyeye the said house called folberies house to hym and to his heirs lawfullie begotten for evr Also I will that all other my boithe in Newcastell and gatished what so ev yt be as well in posssession as in reversion be geaven distributed and devided amonge my fyve


was residing with her third husband, John Frankleyne. See his Pedigree, SURTEES, I., 208. Mr. Surtees had not seen this Will, which makes numerous additions to the Pedigree which he has published.

Carre george Will'm and Edward Carre by the discretion and good godlie devise of my father John franklyne my brother

Anderson And

of my said sones

they to take order therein for the And to the heirs of thr bodies lawfullie begotten ever Also I shall dye without yssue of his

bodie lawfullie begotten that then suche house or houses as shalbe settforth or allotted to him or to that then the parte to him alloted shall retorne to my said Sonne Raufe and to his heirs for ev Also I will that my sonne Raufe shall have the and all that is within the same for paying the out rente to the hedde lorde to him and his heires for ev' Provided alwaies that I will that he frelie permitt & suffer his mother to have and frelie enyoye the gardinge that is whin the said garthe without any rente payinge for the same durying hir life naturall. Also I geve and bequiethe two old ryalls to my father francklyne and my dearelie beloved mother for tokens of my good will towards them Also I gyve to my Aunte thomlingson cowe and hir calfe Also I gyve to my broth Jenison to my nephew henrie Anderson and to my cosyn Mr thomas Calverlaye and to ytche of them one old Angell for tokens of remembrance of my good will towards them Praying and beseachinge them all thre and also my father ffrancklande that they will taike the paynes vpon them to be supvisors of this my last will and testament and to se the same p'formed ev'y poynte and article According to my trew and faythfull meaning therein Also I gyve to my lovinge Sone in law Robert Eden and to my daughter Issabell his Wife one old ryall and one cowe and hir calfe Praying them to taike yt in good p'te and to accepte my good will And I will most hartelie request and desyre my father franklyne to taike one of my sonnes And also my mother to taike one of my daughters to bring up as there owne Also in licke man' I will desyer my brother Jenison my Ante thomlingson and my nephew henrie Anderson and my sonne in lawe Robert Eden that etche of them wilbe so good as to taike one of my other childer suche as they cane best fantasie And to bring them up in the faithe and feare of god And as there owne to whome I will gyve them as frelye as god haith sente or geaven them to me Also I geve to ether of my thre bretheryn Edward Carre James Carre and oswold Carre one old angell Also I geve to helynor lisle my s'uante one old angell Also I geve to Katheryn davidson my nurce fortie pence Also I geve & bequithe to my Sonne george Carre Sex poundes thirtene shillings foure pence Also I geve and bequithe to eyth' of my two yongest

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