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tanges. one bressyng mortar one pair of poit clypes. DEATTES AWIN BE ME TO VTHERIS. Item to Raphe of collyngwod thre schoir poundes moneye and twontye nobles. To Williame bedneill of anwicke xij'. vjs. viijd. To Thomas armorar of anwicke iij. To Jhone dods wyf vijs. To george clarkes wyf ijs. iijd. To Jhone Valkars wyf ix. vja. To williame smith vij3. viij. GYFFIN OUT BY LEGASIE. I gyvf to my sone haire armorar the cruge myln induring the said hareis lyf tyme I gyf to my son Jhone armorar the fermes that was lyonell Rowtars wt the cornes upon the same. the Rest of all my land I gyf and leiff to my sone Rodger armorar. except that aboun is exceptet. To barthy meg his howss and the mannes that belonges thairto for hiz lyftyme x yowes wt the part of the woll of his awin scheip wt one kow. Item my sone Cwthbart armorar to pay to Raphe collyngwod of schyple xx markes monye. the whiche Jhone car of bowmer and harie Eistwod of anwicke ar bound for the same and thay to see the same discharget. Awin to Williame schandlar xiiijs an his wages and thes to stand firme and stable in all thinges and in ewerie point aboue writting as my executor will ans' to the Eternall god day zeir and recordes aboun writting. writtin and maid be me Lawrence dunccane Swand to the churche of god and Minister at the churche of belford wt my hand.


In the name of God Ame' xvo may Ao dn'i 1575 I wyllm' fynveck' seck in my body but of p'ft mynd & memory doyth mak my last will and testame't in man' and forme foloving ffyrst I gyve my soull to almyghtye god my maker and redemer and my body to be buried at my p'ysh church of mytfurth wt my mort according to the lawe Also I gyve and bequyeth vnto henry grene eu'y thred shaft of all my corne yt cometh of my formold and ixts yoves and lames. It' I haue xxxte old shepe going at camovght which I gyve to m' Cuthbert mytfurth and John Wedrington of auxley The rest of all my goods movable and vnmovable I gyve to my m' cuthbert mytfurth (my detts and legacs pad) and he to dyspone and dystribut the same as he shall think most best at his will and mynd. Wytnessyes thomas husbande curat Rob't mytfurth Rog fynveck wm potts henry grene wt moo.

INVENTORY of the goods of wyll'm fynveck: - fyrst at chatchersyd x kye-at camovght v kye & ij styrks-in the hands of georg crawhall of horsley x old shepe-xxx old shepe going

at camovght-horse rede sore-at hesley ix yoves & lames-at the said esley viij hodgs-a myer at the said esley-ij oxen & a cowe-the corne of the ground. DETTS yt I ove-fyrst to m' cuthbert mytfurth viij' to gave' ogle of daryshall for x lames xvjs viijd. Detts owne me at the hour of my death:-fyrst Rychard nowbidggam ixs vd-one hunttr of ovingam vjs viija. one John abcock of ovingham far a bassone horse 1-y'gram fost dwelling at y'gram hall iiijs—a voman of auxley xx3-Edward fost' of ye Lynnes vijs-wm fost' of the heds vj—edward Lummysden vijs.


10 Marche 1575. Francis Bainbrige of wheatliehill Co. Duresme Gent. 4 yonger sones Phillippe, Robert, Anthonye and John 365 84. each in goods or money and £3 ayear out of my Lordshipe of Wheitley Hill-[cosen Robert Placebrother-in lawe Humfreye Blaxton friend Mr. Robt. SwifteBro'. James Bainbrigge] 6 daurs. viz: Elizabeth, Fraunces, Alice, Susanna, Eliner, & Debora to have the grounds called the paster grounde and another Close for Winter ground called the Greenhill for ten yeares for their better advancemt. in marrage. to my wife Margery a littel selver salte a syluer spoone wt the pycture of peter vpon yt, my graye studd meare and also my best yonge geldynge-to my sone Thomas two gold ryngs a silver Goblett a silver salt gelt a payre of golde wyghts iij'. vjs. viijd. in monye, a dossen silver spoones with all my app'ell artillerye & munetions for the Warre—I'tm a gray geldinge & my baye studde mare-whom with his porc'on I require my speciall good L. the Busshop of Duresme to take, to whose godlie governement I comit him--my cosynge Mr. James Strangeways & Mr. John Blaxton- to everie 6 sisters, Ales, Isabell, Anne, Bridgett, Margerie & Fraunces-to my sone Tho' the letting of my lande in Huton Henry the residue to my wyff & 6 daurs-to my cosynge Thomas Blaxton a bawsonne colt & ye greate meare I had of my cosynge Robt Place

Mr Robe Swift, Robt Place, Humfrey Blaxton, & James Bainbrig Sup'uisors-to Jane Carre-unto the poore members of xts Church my neighbours in the parish of Kello 10.-to the poore of Trimdon 5.- Billingham 6. 8d.-Norton 5.—to be buried at Kellow.—[Proved 23 Nov. 1576.]

1 See Pedigree, SURTEES, I., 101.


Inventory dated 1575 Inter alia,

xviij silver spones iiij'. iiij bee hyves viij.. Mr wm fenwik of wallington owes for viij eshe tres xx3.

A silver salt xls. A silver peace xl.


In the name of god Amen The sext day of September in the yeare of our Lorde god a thousand five hundreth lxxv I Richard fforster prest of wholle minde and good remembrance thankes to god I mayke my last will and testament

my soule to all myghtie god my maker and redemer my bodie to be buried in the churche

left hand of my father whereas he

lyethe And wordlye goods which god

ffirst I give and bequeth to the prisoners

in durisme vijs to git them meate

Market place of durisme vj3 viij. Item I bequeth to the powre folkes of the p

poure folkes of saincte Gyles vij3. Item I bequeth to the poure folkes of

Item I bequethe to the poure of Elvet vs.

sainct Margarets vs. I bequeth

Item I

to his wife a newe ryall and to his sonne a newe riall Item I bequeth Bucle the elder to his wife v'. Item I bequith to John Bucle the younger vj'. xiijs. iiijd. Item I bequeth to Elibeth Bucle v'. Item I bequeth to Agnes Bucle v'. Item I bequeth to Elliner Bucle v'. Item I bequeth to Aeles Bucle v'. Item I bequeth to Cuthbert myddilton vs. for a token. Item I bequeth to his bedfelowe ijs. vjd. for a token bequeth to George his sonne xijd of King Edwarde bequeth to will'm John and everie one of them a xijd of King Edward also to John myddelton and Jaine ether of them one shillinge of King Edward. Item I bequeth to Thomas myddelton my maisters sonne one silver spone for a token. Item to francis myddelton my maisters doughter one silver spone and one drinking glasse. Item to Richard Eland vjs viij. Item to will'm Eland vjs.

Robert franckland

Item I

harper iijs. iiij. Item to John Claxton franckland

to everie one of them one shillinge

of King Edward
Johnson Grace Dobson and Aeles Stephenson to

Item to Robert Tayleyer vs. Item I bequeth

of kind Edward

Blenkinsope priest one old rial Item I bequeth to my mayster Mr Anthony Myddleton one soveraignie one old noble one pece of gold to the valewe of vs. and one silver spone whome I make my sup'visers of this my last will & testament The reste of my goods I give and bequeth to Richard Bucle the sonne of John bucle the elder whome I do make & ordaine sole executour of this my last will & testament. By me Richard Forster preiste. Theis witnesses M. Anthonye Middelton gentilma' Will'm Blenkinsope Preiste Richard Bucle with other moe. [Pa. 1575.]


In the name of God Amen the xxvijth day of Aprill the yere of oure lord God 1576 I George harbottell of Calleche p'ke in ye Countye of Northumberland gentilman beinge of holle mynde & in good & p'fyght remembraunce thanks to Almyghty God maike & orden this my p'sent testame't co's'ninge my last will in man' and forme followinge, that is to say, flyrste I comend my Sowle vnto Almyghtie God my maker and redem' And my body to be buryed in my p'ishe Churche of Saincte Michaell th'archangell at Alnwick And I bequethe and geue my Sonne John harbottle vnto the ryght noble Erle of Northu❜breland my good lord and maister and the Lodge & office to hym at my lords pleasure trustinge that he will stand good lord and maister vnto hym whereby he may the better helpe to bringe upe my childer. And of this my laste wille & p'sent Testament I maike and orden the said John harbottell my sonne myne executor and he to distribute my goods amonge my children and to bringe them vpe as the lawe will p'mitt. I geue vnto Robert harbottell one cowe and one calfe. Thes witnesses Robert lysley, John lysley, Vmfray lysley, Raphe harbottell, Will'm Gray, xp'ofor leysheman and Richard Rotherford

AN INUENTORY of all ye goods and chattells mouable and unmoueable of this testator praysyd & valewed by John Grene Christofor Leysheman and John ffargus the xxvjtie day of ffebruary 1576. In p'mis xvj head of nolte of yongar and elder xvj-xlijtie shepe of yongar and elder v'--vj calues xx3-corne in the yarde xlvj viij-in Swyne x. S'ma xxiiij' xvjs viija.


The ijo off october 1576. THE INUITORYE off ye goods of rechartt swinborne prassed be thes iiij men anttonye ditchantt lyonell thompsson jhon peickring & anttonye Wilkinson. In monye & golde xx-ijo kystes ijo paire off taings ijo daiggers & one sweird wth certaine tackett naylls xjs—one hamer xiijd-his rament xxiijs iiij—THE DETTS yt is owing him-jhon Wheytfeld xx-ralffe collings vijs-gylb't robson xijs-barbaraye wheytfelde iiij3-S'm xxiij xviijs vd. THE DETTS yt he is owing. To george taytte ijs-his arwell xl3-to ye churche iijs iiijd. S'm xlvs iiijd.


In dei nomine Amen the xxvjth daye of Aprill Ao d'ni 1576 I Gawyn Swinburne of Chesboroughe graundge in the p'ishe of Stanfordh'm gent being wholl & p'fect both of mynd & memorie altho sick in body doth make this my last will & testament in man' & forme ffolloweinge ffirst I gyve my soule to almightie god & my body to be buryed wthin the channcell or queir of Stanfordh'm aforesaid wth all such dueties as ar due to be done to the said churche accordinge to the quene maties statutes of this realme. It'm I gyve to will'm Swinburne a silver goblet. It'm I gyve to Elsabeth foster two kyne & one quye Also I gyve Will'm Swynburne wth my ten't in hawckwell to my welbeloued wyffe m'garet Swynburne till he come to the age of xxj yeres & I will yt she do bring him vp vertuouslye & honestly in nourtoure & learneinge And also I will yt she have the best of his lyveinge wch his father gave him dureinge the said yeres for his vp bringeinge. It'm I gyve my title right & interest of the Stellinge to one of my nephew John hearon his sonnes of Chipches whome he himself shill thinke good to bestow yt vpon. Also I do gyve iiij oxen to help to occupye the said farmehold called the Stellinge to him whome my nephew thinketh good to bestow yt vpon. It'm I gyve to dorethye raymes two quyes. It'm I gyve to Isabell ffenwick of wawker two quyes. It'm I gyve to thomassyne thirelwaye two quyes. It'm I gyve to my niece elsabeth Billingh'm two quyes. It'm

1 The residence of this person, who possessed such a brief but strange list of goods, does not appear.

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