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I gyve to Agnes Charleton two quyes. It'm I gyve to Johne Swynburne my baise begotten sonne xx* in money. It'm I gyve a boule of wheat to be distributed amonges the poore folkes of Stanfordh’m p'ishe. It'm I gyve another boule to the poor folkes of Ovingh’m p’ishe. It'm I gyve a busshell of wheat to be distributed emonges the poore folkes of ponteland p’ishe & also one kennyng of wheat to the poore of hedden wallen p'ishe. It'm I gyve

toward the repayreing of my p'ishe churche lijs inja. The residew of all my goodes and catiles moueable & vnmoueable (my debts payed legacies p'formed& fun’all expens discharged) I gyve to my welbeloued wyffe M'garet Swynburne whome I do constitute ordeyne & make my full & sole executrix to order & dispone my goods to the pleasure of Almightie god & health of myne owne soule Before these Witnesses Arthure Shaftow Vicar Johne Raymes & Roland Shaftow

AN INUENTOKYE of all the goods & cattles of Gawyn Swynburne of the p'ishe of Stanfordh’m in the countie of Northumb’rland gent taken the xxiiijth daye of August A° d'ni 1576 by these foure honest men viz Roger harle John lowryson edward thompson & Thomas dunne of the same p’ishe yeomen. Imprimis xxj oxen xxiij!—foure stots iiij'—xxj kye & calves xxviij' -vij other kye vij! --one bull xvje-viij stirkes liijs inija —sexe litle hagges iiijl xvje – xx olde shepe liijs iiija—fortie lambes liijs iiija_a whyte nagge xxvj viij®—two meyres & two foles iiij a staigg & a filly xxxiij. iiiją – sex old swyne xxs_two pygges ijs —vij be hyves xinje-two long waynes & two short waynes x18—plewgh & plewgh Irons yock & bowe xiij iiija—xijxx thrave of hard corne xij —x score thrave of ots vjl—fortie thrave of hard corne at THE STELLING xls-ots at ye stelling xl-the plewghe geyre at the stelling xx—thre brasse potts & a posnot xvje—thre cawdrones xxx®—thre pannes vj' viija_a garnishe of puder vessell xls—a basing & ane ever vs—thre Iron Chimneys, thre crookes & a poore thre speites & rackes xliijs—mylk vessell & breweing vessell xx*—a cawell iij iiija -- two framed tables thre formes & a cupbord in the haul xxs—two carpyn clothes a cupbord cloth & vj quishiones in ye haull xx—a bed steid & a hurle bed x-a chist & a counter vs – a dossen silver sponnes xls—a silver peice x'-a silver goblet xxx-two stand beds vjs viijd—two chistes vs—four fether beds liijs inja-xiiij cou'lets xxxiiijs iiija—twelve happinges xx8—viij payre of blankets xxxs -an ou’sea cou’ing xxx8—viij payre of lyn sheits xxxije-viij payre of curse sheites xiijo inja_sex payr of pillovers vje-sex pillowes vje—iij lyn bord clothes ix-a cupbord clothe xviijethre towels iije--iij dossen napkins ix'.-two cours bord clothes ilije —sexe bord beds vje —two old chists iije-another chist ijs

vij candlestickes v-foure drinkeing pots ijs—two puder salts ije ---two old gease ijstwo stots xlije-bear & haye xl. Debts owen to ye said testator. Inprimis m'tyn ffenwick of hedwin iij' vj viija__ Thomas Rotherforth liijiiijų. Debts owen by the said testato'. Inprimis to Thomas Swynburne his children to one brocket his children xxxviije - to margaret Swynburne x'.


An Inventorie of all and singuler the goods and cattells of Sr George heron knighte late of harbottell decessed praised by Edward wooddrengeton of mickel swynborne Oswen mittfford Oswen woodrengto' of rioall gentelmen Ector woodrengton of colwell gentelman Rob't pigge of hioall and John howsher of homsaw yomen.

Inp’mis lxxx kie at xvjø a peice lxinj!—Ixvj Oxen at xxs a peice lxvj'—xl younge noate at xs a peice xx'—xxxiij*x yowes at ij viijd a peice Ixxxx' xiij ija—xxiiijkx of dinnond and gymer at ij apeice xlviij'—xxiiijxx hogges at xvja a peice xxxij' --xx score wethers at iijs iiijd a peice lxvj' xiijo inje-xxx goate at xxd a peice 1s—xx Swyne at iijs a peice iij! —ij woryke nagges at xx® a peice xl-off hard corne ije boles and xx at iiijs a bole xlinj-of Beire eighte score boales at ije viijd a boale xxvj' xiijs inija - of otes ijc boales xvj' xiijs inja—xx ffether bedes and xx bolsters to them at xiijs iiija apeice xiij' vj viija_xx pere of Blancketts at iijs a pece iij'—xl coverletts at iiję a peice vj'—x] pere of sheites at vjø viijd a pece xiij' vje vilija_ij oversea coverletts ffor a bed at xxs-vj pillowes wth their pillowebers at ijs a peice xije —a peir of yallowe sarsenet courtens at xijs—a pear of saie curteynes iiije—IN THE MIDELL TOWER ij Joyned beds at xx® a peice xls -- a standeng bedd IN THE BROADE CHAMBER viijs - ij standeng bedds in THE NEWARCK at iiija peice viij® –vj playne table cloethes at ijs a peice xxiiij -- j diaper table cloethes at xijo a peice xxiiijs — vj playne cubbord cloethes at ijs apeice xijo— injor dosen of playne table napkyns at xijd a piece xlviij®—two dozen of diaper table napkins at ijs a peice xxiiij—a carpett of stoole worke at xxA dozen quyshens of nedell work at ijs a peice xxiijs-A dozen quyshens of Stole worcke at xija a peice xije -—a greate presser in THE BROADE CHAMBER XXS—viij chaires at xijd a peice vinje - ij garneshe of pewter vessell at xxvje viijd a garneshe liijs irija — vj Brasse potts at xxx'—vj pannes xijs-ij cawdrons xx*—

| Harbottle Castle, in Northumberland.


ij morters and a pestell xiij inja-iij Iron spitts vje–a pear of
Iron Rackes iijs —a greate Iron chymney and a pear of rackes
in the same xx—iij silver tanckards vj' _iij silver boales iiij
a dosen Silver spones xl—a Silver salte vjø viija—a Bason and
A ewer of tyne iiij-vj pewter candelstickes inije —vj chambre
potts of pewter vjo—a Bruenge lead xx*—a maskeng ffatt xiijs
inja gile fat xs-a cowler vjø viija—a Swetewortt fatt vjø viija
-ij fleshe tubbes for saltenge of bieffe that woulde holde
xxviijte bieves xx-injor hoggesheads at ijs a peice viïjs — xiij
barrelles at xij a peic xiija —a damaske gowne xxx—a velvett
girkyn xx—a peir of velvett breeches xx—a satten dublett
xiijs iiija_five score and xij stone of wooll at vijs a stone xxxix?
inj-two longe waynes vjø viije-two shortt waynes at ij a peic
nijs — iiijor plowes and plowe Irons wth yockes and sombes xus
inija— the tiethe hard corne of berteley p’ishe xxte boales ijs
iiijs a bole inj?— the tieth Beire of birteley xxte boales at
viija a bole liijs inje--xxxti boales of Otes at xxo a boale 15-
the leasse of Toane for yeres endureng xx'. Suma hujus In-
ventory vje xlj' ixilija Debtes owenge to S. George heron
at the houre of his deathe. Inp’mis John wall of Durham for
certeyne wethersheipe xij! John Ogell of Newsham for c'rteyn
sheipe xvij-S'm tot'vje Ixx' ixsinja.

DEBTES owenge by S George heron at the howre of his deathe. Inp’mis to Thom's Carlell cvj' xiij inja—to Thom's fforster of edderstone esquier xx? —to S. Thomas Carr Knight xj!—to Oswen myttfforde of rouill v!to will'm heron Bailie of hexham vito Rob't Cuthb't p’son of Symondborne xl -to Thom's lapie of hexham x' x* vjd—to John Scot of alnewickels—to John ffenwicke of walker iij' vjø viija—to hewe walles iiij'—to the sheppards for ther wages vi-to the hyndes at harbottell xx-to the hynde of Toane xijs—to John Browen x—to nicholas palmer xl—to will’m harres xls—to Patricke xl—to androe yeldartt xij®—to the daies & other woment servants xlviijs—to roger heron the younger for v boales of Otes xxvs—to gill’t robson of hexham vj' xv—to quenes mats auditors for rent of Toane vj' vjø viija —to the executors of Sr ralphe Graie xxvji xiijs inje-to the earle of Northumb'lannd for the owte rent of harbotle demaynes xxjø viij"—to John ffenwicke and Tristram ffenwicke for the tieth of harbotle demaynes xxvjø viija—to george Robyn for his wages ix-to Thom's Shele of newcastell 1 _THE FUNERAL EXPENSES of St. George heron Knight-Item for mernenge cloeth for gownes and other charges bestowed of his ffunerall Ixv. xj vd Sum total of the debts wth the ffunerall expenses ijo lxxxxvj' vij' xj«. Et sic rem’ de claro iijo lxxiij' xvij". Thomas heron + gales heron.

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The Inventory of all the goodes and cattells movable and unmovable layt belonginge to thomas leddell of the towne of newcastell vpon tyne marchaunt and one of the worshippfull aldermen of the same towne deceasede praysede The seuenthe daye of Julye Anno Dom' 1577 by theis fower p’sons followinge (viz) bartrame leddell of the said Towne of newcastell cutler oswalde Carr lyonell maddyson and nicholas punder of the same towne marchaunts.

IN THE HALL. Imp’mis one chymney withe th’app'tenncs xls -three Tables of waynscoot iij'—sexe qwyshons of Tapestarye xviijs—a Cowborde xls--three waynscoot formes vjø viija_two chayrs iijs—three green table clothes vję—fower footstoles viija -sexe quyshons iïje—two candlesticks x—a louckinge glasse

-sexe danske pootts of powther xiijs inja—two basings and two vewers xiijs iiije–a laver and a basinge ijs vjų—v buffatt stules ijs vjų. Sum' xji vije vja.

IN THE BUTTRY. bry and a presser xvję—xxviij puther dublers iij -tenn sawsers iiiję—one dosen puther dyshes xs- sexe pottingdyshes ijs vjaxiij puther potts xvje-sexe flower potts ij$—fower basings of latten vją—two chaffingdyshes iiijs iiijd—two costarde platers ijs vja—a glasse cadye vja —a greate sarcher xija—twentie latten candlesticks xx*—twelue pottingdyshes vje—one dosen plates 11ije_iiij great plats iiij. Sum’ vij' xvijs xă. IN THE KETCH

One Ireone chymney wth ih’appte'nncs xls-one ambrye and a cawell xe—one chyst ije - eleuen brasse poots iiij tenn pannes ij—one yatlinge vs—a copper kettle vj—a great basinge vs—three fyshe spones xija—two droppen panes xiije iiijd— a fryinge pane xij"—two lyinge Ireons xx--a payer of Jebes vja -two choppinge knyves xx—thre shearinge knyves xije-a payer of poot clypes ije—two latten ladles xvj¢—seuen spetts viije-two payer of great racks xijs—two morters and two pestells xxv. ' Sum' xij' xvjø xd. IN THE BREWE HOUSE. One guyle towbe xijd—a branderrethe of Ireoneije-a maskinge towbe vja_a worte towbe xijd-three great trowes ijs vja—in other wood vessell xs. Sum' xvij.

IN THE P'LER. One Ireone chymney xij_sexe grene quyshons iijs —thre great quyshons vje

-two wainscoot beddes xxiiij®—a wainscoot table vjø viijų–a grene carpenclothe v-one chayre of ease iijs inj"—a great


1 The founder of the family of Liddell, of Ravensworth Castle --Sheriff of Newcastle in 1563-Mayor in 1572. This Inventory affords another valuable conspectus of the miscellaneous wares in which the leading merchants of Newcastle were then in the habit of dealing, with their prices.




chyst of wainscoot xxx-one other chyst of wainscoot vs - a chamber poot of powther xvjd—Sexe quyshons of tapestraye xxx.

Sum'vji vjø ini IN THE GREAT CHAMBER. One Ireone chymney vje-one standinge beade xxvjs viija—two pressers xl'--two chysts of wainscoot xx—two chayrs of walnattre vj viij"—one stowle of ease vs—one longseddell vji viija

a table withe two leves vjø viijd—two formes ijs —sexe buffat stowles viije—sexe flower potts of puther ijs. Sum' vj' ixø viija. IN THE LYTLE CHAMBER NEXT IT. Two standinge beads xx two chysts vjs—a lytle table ij. Sum' xxviij. MENES CHAMBER.

Two beadesteads xx®-two chysts inijs—IN The WOMENS CHAMBER one beadstead ij. Sum’ xxvj. THE

Sexe feather beds and vj bolsters viij'—xij payer of blanketts iij' vj viij"— xj mattresses xls--twentie couerletts inij!—fower Happings viije —v couerletts of tappestraye viij two twylts vinjs — iij payer of courtings withe the flyers of saye vl—three cods of sylke to sett in wyndowes vjø viijų—twelve feather coods xx$ - iij carpenclothes of tappestarye inj' x—inj grene carpynclothes xxx$.

Sum' xxxviij

' ix inj". THE Three garnyshe of vessell vl x—ij dosone pottingdyshes xije — iiij dosone playtts xx_iij dosone banckettinge dyshes xx—vj puther candlesticks vjø viija Sum’ viij viij® viija IN THE SELLER UNDER THE HOUSE. One tonne of venyger iij

' xs-vj barrells of soppe xiij'—two tearses of honnye v_one barrell of englyshe honnye iij' xvj". Sum’ xxvj' vj". IN THE IREON SELLER. Eighte qwarte sawes xvje -- three whope sawes xx

-one hundrethe and a halff of hoppes xxxiijs inija xlj stone of spanyshe Ireone liije inja-ij, panes of battrye weyinge xvlb, x—ij fryinge pannes xija — iij Tone and a quartren of a tonn of amyshe Lreone xxxiij'. Sum’ xxxix' xiij viija. IN

Three barrells of tarre xxx" iiijxx xiij stone of lynt xviij'—a hundrethe and a halff of grene copperous xxiiijs—two hundrethe and seuentie fowell allom iij' xviije-halff a hundrethe bressell x -- a hundrethe and a halff of occam towe xvs-a secke of hoppes weyinge vj hundrethe vj' x® more in hoppes iiij hundrethe iij—sexe dosen glasses iij”. Sum' xxxvl xs. The SHOPPE.


grosse of mattres cardes xlviijs—two dosen of the best cards injs-sexe ryme of whyte papr xx'ij grosse of pynes xxx-iij dosen whyt plate vijtwentie dosen Tyne fowle vjø viija_sexe grosse of trenchers vijs

- fower scoore facketts of stone and glasse xxiij grosse of combes vje—two dosen glewe viij®—two dosen argell xijs - a q’ter of a tears of honnye xiijs inj-a gallen of englyshe honnye ijs vjų—two hundrethe weight of prownes xxvj viij—a dosen pepper xxx'—ix pounde of genger xiljø inje — xij pounde of


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