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Debts wou the TestATOR OWETH To John Woodmous x'-to George coming xij'. x':-to Xp'ofer Surtes vij!. xj". va. ob.-to Willm Whitfeld xj'. xvs. va. —to Thomas Whitfeld xlvij'. vd..- to Thomas Hopper xxij®. iiijd:-to Richard Walton üjl . iiij®

. xa.-to Rob't Wall linije. xją - to Edward taylyo' xvije. viija -to John Wilkinson xvije-to Edward hall wife xxijo.- to John Chipches tann' vije. M'gerie billingham his daughter as by a bill of his hand apperethe vj'. vjø. viija—to Cuthb't billingham his brother x'-to Rob’t heede v?. xiiij. ixd.—to Stephen Snaith his hynd there for his waiges hay & boule corne due to him iij'. xij. iiij®-for S'uaunts waiges xiiij'.-to Will'm Brasse due to him as by an indenture appearethe xxv .-to Richard and Willmn Billingham his sonpes in satisfacc'on of there porc'ons and th' aministrators parts of yer lait fathers goods xxvj!. xiij®. iija. DEBTS DEMANDED. Demaunded by Richard billingham as debt to him due vij'. xiiij'.-The sygnes & marks ELESABETH BYLLYNGHAM M B F Margeri Margarett & Ag billingham ( In dorso.) I. Joh'is billingham nup' de Crooke hall def'.

cccxi. MR LEONERDE TEMPERLEYE, GENTELLMANE.' The Inuentarie of all sooche goodes and Cattells wch was M Leonerde Temperleyes gentellmane dwelling at Sackerstone hughe in the p'ishe of Wyttone gilberte deceasede p'ced by thes foure honeste men viz Raphe Eamerson Roberte Gellsone John Watsone and John Coplande of wyttone gilbert aforesaid the xijth of februarie A° d'ni 1577.

Imp’mis one long wayne, iiijor pitche forkes, ij mocke hoockes one olde sleade and twoo olde ropes xiijiija — ijo olde shorte waynes wth yll wheals xviij iiija—one plowe, one Cowto', j socke & ijo plewe bands vs—vij yrone yockes for oxen to drawe in v

ve soumes and ijo shakells ix_three stones of yron injeve Irone wedges at je iiija—ijo woombles and on olde ytche, j yrone harraw vję—iiijor old axes, ij hacks & ve olde shakells and spades iiijs viijd – iij olde sythes, vê shorte plankes iiije-ijo yrone markes for sheape vjd—j olde longe wayne blade at iïjø iiija—j olde

1 This person seems to have retired from a military life, with his spear-staves and banners and “ancyents,” and other armour all enumerated, to farm the estate of “Sackerstone hughe,” hodie Saggerston heugh, a name partly derived from its situation, and partly from the Sacrist of Durham, to whose office it was appropriated before the Dissolution. One would like to know what were the “small Englishe bookes" in which he occasionally amused himself, and which were valued at only 38, 4d. He once had a taste for music, as appears by his olde syttrone" and his “broken syttrone."



grinstone inja-ij olde laythers j—ij, old saddells je iiijd. Suma iij' xviije ija. IN THE BARNE— tie thraves of rye at vi ve —Ixj thraves of yle mowe borne otes at iij?—x akers of corne

ys sowen vi — xvj lode of haye at vjø viija lode vl vjø viija. Some xix' vjø viija IN THE CORNE CHAMBER—viij bowles of Rye at vjø viija. ij' xiij iiij'—xij bowles of hauer malte at ij'— one bowle of otes iiijs_iij toobes and one Kennell mete iiij ija -ijo bordes, j. shovell

, j syve & j hopper jó iiijd—j bushell of ote malt iiije --Suma vl v$ xa. THE CATTELL- ve twynter stottes at xx prise vl-inj twinter whyes at iiij' —vijen elder whies at xxvjo viijd, ix!. vj. viija –viij stirkes xiij iiija, v' xiij iiijd-xviij farrowe Kyene and one bull at xxvjø viij., xxvi — iiijor Kyne newe kalued wth ther calves xxx', vj! —one old mayned oxe at j' vjø viij

oxen at xlvjø viijd, xxiij' vjø viijd _xiiijen speende calves at vjó viija, iiij' vje viija — vij«x weathers at iiijs a pece, xxviij. iiijxx and v ewes at iije a pc', xvij!-- vij Toopes at iïje irja a p', j' iijo iją_iij*x xvij hogges at liij. iiij, a skore, x' vs. iiija_one stage or Colte at ji xvjø viija-one Sowe and three pigges vs-one goose, j gander ijo dooks and one drake ij viija _v hennes, ij Kokes & j Capone ijs viija-one hyve wth bees iiij”. Suma cxlij' xixviija. IN THE HALL-one olde table wth v olde foormes and twoo plankes at v-one lytell table of Joyners woorke vs_iij greate olde ioynte stooles and thre small jo vja ijo old turned chaires ixd—one cupborde wth thre lockes vsone lytell cupborde wth ij locks je. ---soe mooche m'tynmes breaffe (beef) as comithe to vs—ix small glasses for beare viije-ij pewter and thre latten candellsticks at ij viijd—vij lytell disshes of woode iiija-one speare staffe for a horsse man je--one chayne of yrone, one shewle and į payre of tonges jo viijd-viij hanks of harden garen ijs viijdj old carpett of cheker frees vja j woode koke nett ije—j creadell of yrone wth porres vjo viijaSome ij' vjø va IN THE BUTTRIE—xxtie stones of salte butter at ijo viija, ij' xiijs iiija-xxtie small chesies at viij", xiij iiiją_xxvj milke bowles at iij® iija_ixen lytell barrells for drynke iiije — one chirne for mylke vjd—ijo olde drinkine cannes & one pott iiijum-j tunell & ijo butter dishes & j milke sile iija-viij spoones of horne & iije dooson treene dishes and dublers and trenchers jó ijd—j dressinge borde ijo foormes and tressells je-vj stone of olde leade wayghts vjø viija—ixen coopell of cole fysshe xmas mooche butter as ys praysed jl. Sum'vl xiij xjd. IN THE KITCHINGE AND LARDER HOUSE. iij small Kytts, iiij milken skeales, and one wassinge toobe jo viije-one bowkinge toobe, and iiijor olde chease fatts viija —a fryinge panne viija-one chine of yrone & a great treavett x-j lytell paire of cobyrones & ijo potte hooks ji viij".-ijo lytell drippinge pannes & j lytell girde yrone

j_one brede grate one spitt je lijd—one lytell morter of brasse with a pestell of yrone ijo —one choppinge knife, j laddell ija – one brasse pott vinja---ijo brasse Kettells vs_vé lytell skelletts of brasse & ijo yrone potts injs viija-ij presses for cheise ijej olde troughe to boolte in wth a couer viija— injor olde tobes & one gyle fatte ij viija---j lytell leade to brewe in x_ve ryddells ande seaves to wynnowe corne xd-inj Sakes for corne & j wynnowclothe ve—j pecke mett vja. Sum ij' ix®. iija. IN ye ČAAPELL CHAMBER. His APPARELL–One olde goune of Carrall lyned wth bayes facyde wih furre xs ja—j olde spanishe black cappe wth 3 yardes of veluet jj olde spanishe cappe of blacke freseado vjø viijd—ijo olde lyuerey cots of blewe clothe xs—j pettie cote clothe of stam'ell coller clothe xiijs iiijd -one olde dooblett of blacke bombasie cutt ijo—one olde Jerkine of buckerame wth olde gardes of rott veluett j.-ijo olde waste cotes ijs —j paire of olde mookado breches & 3 paire of olde stockes inije iiiją—ijo morninge hoodes & olde garides of veluett ijs --one lynning bagge ija_olde bone lace and sylke poynts wth oth' tryfells je--j olde banner wth the armes of englande jø- olde ancyent of sarsenett white & blacke jj olde blacke cappe of veluett ijs—inijor olde brusshes wth other tryfells jijo—j olde syttrone & j broken gyttrone j—j paire of gayshekoones broken iij® inje_j tronke chiste žije vjų_vj quisshones ij. Sum' vl. vs. xu. LYNNEN. iiijor old shirtes farre woorne vje viija_j quilte of lyninge clothe vs_iije olde table clothes & iije napkines ijo--iije olde shorte table clothes & vije napkines of harden ijs —-vj lyttell hande towells of harden ijo-ijo coorse olde pyllowe beres viijd_iijor paire of old broken sheats vjø viijd__xviijen yeardes of newe ron’de lyninge xijo—j olde Smoke wroughte wth sylke ije—ijo handekirchers & one p'e of clothe ijs -ilj payre of lyninge boote hose & ve paire of socks iije -troonke Chiste ij. Sum ij' vs. HIS BEDDINGE-one old plaine bedsteade wth a testo" of olde sylke iij* iiij-j quilte & a cou'lett of darnexe vs_iije blanketts at xx, v-one olde roogge ijsj lytell fether bedde, j bolster & one pillow j'. IN YE NEXT CHAMBER—one bedde steade wthoute a teaster js-j lytell olde fether bedde wth a bolster and canves and stoxes vij$ -j quilte ijo olde kyuerletts, j blankett, & one strawe bedde ixs viija-one olde borde wth tressells & olde happin harden ije izja---j payre of olde breehes j shewle & a baskett vija. IN THE OUTE CHAMBER. ijo plaine bedde steades more ijij. olde tables and tressells xd-v stone bottells at xd_3 olde chests and a raike to hange cheses on iiijs irija-3 old tobbes wth floxes and feathers je iiijd — Sum' inj' injo vjd. IN THE LYTELL CHAMBER- plaine croslett wth heade peace for a horse mane x


-one croslett wth sleaues of maile and a murrione x j blacke skoole jo inja_j olde sworde wth ij old blads vs. ijd—j halbarde at ijs vjd—j calever wth a leather case x-ijo dagges wth cases &

flaske & tootche box xs-j lytell crosse bowe wth a bender and iiijor arrowes vs - 3o bowes & 3 quivers wth xxtie arrowes vije vjd --3 olde bagges 3 shootinge gloues já inja—j paire of playenge tables & men ijo-cartan small englishe books iij® iiija—j stone of woole vjø viijd—45 of soope je_olde boots and shewes as ys woorthe iijs iiij"—in olde lomber iij®. Sum' iiij' ije. ija. SU'NTS CHAMBERS——iije bedde steades plane iij® jd_iije cou'letts at xxd a p’s vs_iije blanketts at injo iiiją—iije bolsters vja-ij paire & j shette of olde harden clothe vs. -one drye fatte & ijo olde wollen wheales at ij viija Sum' xix® vjų. The LEASE OF SEGERSTONE HVHGE p’ced by Thom’s harrisone Will’m bak" george cuthb’t & nicholas Turpine to cc m'ks. Sum' cxxxiij' vj. viija. Sum’ totalis cccxxxj' inje. vijd. SPENTE IN Y HOUSE SINCE HIS

Itie threaves of rye ijs a threave v--Ix threaves of yll mowebornte otes iij'__xvjen loode of haye at vjø viija a lode vl vjø viijd-viij boles of rye at vjø viijd lez boule ij' xiijs 4d_xij boles of haver malte ijj boule of ots iiij®—ix coopeil of fishe *&__xxtie stones of butter ij viijd lez stone ij' xiij ---xxtie cheses at viijd a piece xiij iiijų. Sum' expensar. predict. deducend. xxji xvij viija Sum clara cccix' vs xjd. Item disbursed for the chardgs of the admi’strac'on & engrossinge ye Inventare and the codicell and for the obligac'one and copie therof xx®.


CCCXIII. RYCHARD RAWLYNGE, VICAR OF STRANTON. In Dei nomine amen The xj daye of fabruari in the yeare of or lord god 1577 1 Rychard Rawlynge layte Vicar of Stranton beinge hole of mynd and of perfacte Rememberance thanks be to god doythe maike this my last will and testamente in maner and forme as foloveithe vz fyrst I gyve my sole to Almyghtye god my maker and redemor and nothinge dobtinge but that of his infinite mersye he will Receyve The Same and my bodye to be buryed in the queare of stranto'

I doo Gyve to margaret my wyfe Samuel Nicholas Sara and Margaret my Children all the goods moveable and inmoveable ihat i haue yt that my wyfe will stand to that but yf she will not I doo gyve her the terd parte of all my goods my debtes paid my legases furth filled I doo gyve to Thomas Raye of greton my doughter Margaret with her portion I gyve to willia' Grynwall my. brother Samuell my sonne with his portion I gyve to John Rawlyng my brother Nycholas my sonne with his portion I gyve to

Wycholas my sonne one rigged stote and to margaret my dowgliter one read whye and to Samuel and Sara eathe' of them one youe and one lambe I gyve to Gylbart dicson one lambe and to my brother willia' Rawlynge my second goone. debtes whiche I doo owe. I owe to my brother Willia' Grynwell x' v8 vjd I owe to my brother George Rawlynge xx® and to my brother John and him viij. I owe to my mothure xlvji viija I owe to Robart Smytheson inje. debtes whiche is owne to me mr nicholas fulthupe for his fathers two years le’t fynes and two calves and his fathers mortuarye Thomas colson for one bole of byge and one bole of wheate and my mother doyth owe me vij' but I had one horse which my father gave me but I put That to her disscretion rayfe reade owes me xiiija and John brantinga' owes me ixd more. debtes that I doo owe I owe to Rychard Walton for 6 yeards of brod cloythe and I owe to m' bryche xl and he oweth ynto me for Rydinge aboute his buse

The rest of my gods my debtes paid my leagases furthefilled I doo gyve to Samuel Nicholas Sara and Margaret my children whome I maike executors of this my last will and testament Witness hereof Robert Toyes curat of hartlepoole Thomas Raye, John Casson, John Rawlynge, Roger dicson with others.



In ye name of god Ame' I Thomas Claxston of wyndiston w'in the p’she of S. Andrew Aweklande gentlman being sicke in body But yet neverthelesse of sound & p'fect memory (laude & praise be to Almightie God therfore) upon ye xjth day of October : 1579. do make this my last will and testament in man’er followinge. ffirst & pryncipallie I com’end and bequeathe my soul to ye mercifull hands of Almightie god trust. inge to be saved only by the meritts of Christs death and passion : And my Body I do com'end vnto the Earthe to be buryed wth in my said p’ishe church. Ite' I do geve & bequeathe vnto willmn Claxton my nephewe (ffor and In consideration y

take vnto him my brother will’mn Claxton his vncle and fynde him meate and clothes during his naturalle liffe) ij oxen one cowe one meare wch he haith now in his occupation & custody And also one lode of seede wheate and one quarter of seede Otes one paer of soles wth overings : and all

1 Of the family of Claxton, of Old Parke, and a farmer at Windleston, under the family of Eden.

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