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sylver taster & a silver whissell & certen broken sylver gold smythe worke 5 ownces xx3.

CCCXVIII. CHRISTOPHER COOKE, OF KAVERSTON, GENT. INVENTORY 1580. Inter alia. One harness wth a Callevar and a fyre locke for a dagge xx3. iiij halbartts and a parteson xiij. iiijd. On greatt pair of vergenalls xx3. THE PLAIT. On sylvar salt, iij Gobletts of sylvar & gyltt, xxij sylvar spounes, one sylvar cane & a lyttell salt xxiij'. vj. viijd. On signett & iij other gold Rings vj'. On whytt bed of Cambrecke and on greatt shett of holland wth Corttens and flears of Cambrecke xlvjs. viijd. THE RAYMENT, ij gownes iij cloks ij satten dubletts and a Canwis dublett wth iij Jerkens and iij paier of bretches and long hoese xvj. ij velvett capes & iij hatts xls.


The xxvjth Daye of Januarie. 1580 The Inventorie of the goodes & Chattelles of Rauphe Conyers Gentleman latelye deceased wythin the p'ishe of Long Newton, of the Diocasie of Durrham, taken & priced the day & yeare aboue wrytten, by Jhon Robeson, Rychard Morey, John Morey, & Christofer Smeaton. x oxen xxiij'. vj3. viijd. ix kye xij'. viij oxe styrkes, & a bulle x'. x'. vj whye styrkes, & a bulle calfe liij. iiija. xj horse xx1 vj3. viij. ij foles xx. eyght score shepe xl1. haye x'. Corne in the Stackyeard, barne, & field cx'. Waynes, plowes, yockes, teames, wyth such like implements of husbandrye x'. Swine xxvj. viijs. Swine xxvj. viij. v geese iijs. iiijd. His Wearing apparrell iij'. vjs. viijd. Howsehold stuffe, wch was saued from perishing by fier xxx". FINIS. Summa' tot', bonor', is cclij'. iij3. iiija. DETTES Wch the sayed Mr Rauphe Conyers dyd owe vnto others. One halfe yeares Rent for Cotam xxvij. x. to Mr Wyllyam Paull, & to Robert Paul vj'. xiij. iiij. His funeral charges iiij'. For one cessement for settyng forth of souldiers xiijs iiijd. For servants Wayges xvj. To Jhon Johnson iij3. vjd. To Edward Bankes person of Long Newton for vij tythe lames xiijs iiijd. For the mortuarie XS. The SUM of the DETTE is xl' xix. vj. the Dettes beyng deducted, is ccxj1. iij3. xa. grantyd to James Conyers his brother.

Sum'a de claro,




In the name of God amen the fourthe daye of Aprill Anno R. D'næ n'ræ Elizabeth' vicessimo Secundo Ano domine (ita) 1580 J Allexander lawson of the town of newcastell vpon tyne m'channte beinge of good and p'fycte Remembrannce and sycke of bodye makethe this my laste will and testamente in manner And forme followinge That is to saye ffirste I bequeithe my Sonle vnto almightye god and to all The Blessed Companye of heuen And my Bodye to be buryed within the p'rishe Churche of Saincte nicholas within the Towne of newcastell Aforsaide Inprimis I doe geue and Bequeithe vnto pore people at the daye of my buryall vj1 xiij3. It'm I geue to m' Raulfe lawsone of Broughe ij dubell duckates xxvjs viij. It'm I geue to mr Raulfe lawsones wife of broughe A ringe of gold weh haithe dethes hede. It'm I geue to m' Raulfe lawsonnes sonne Roger lawson ane angell x3. I geue to my Brother Edward lawson of bywell a dubell duckate xiijs iiij. It'm I geue to his wife ane Angell x3. It'm I geue to m' Rycharde hodshone Alderman A Rose noble xvjs. It'm I geue to his wife A henricke noble xvs. It'm I geue to m' Robarte hodshone A Angell x'. It'm I geue to george Lawsoune x'. It'm I geue to george lawsone of newton hale vj3 8. It'm I geue to John lawson of newton hale vjs 8d. I geue to margaret lawson vjs 8d. It'm I geue to Agnes bartram vj3 8d. I geue to lanslotte hodshone A Angell X3. It'm I geue to m' will'm selbye Alderman A Angell x'. Item I geue to his his wife A Angell x3. Item I geue to James bartram And his wife xxx., more I doe forgeue hime A bowle of rye that he is owen for in the boucke. It'm I geue to nicolas hedlye Ane Angell x3. It'm I It'm I geue to his wife A Angell x3. It'm I geue to henrye sheile smithe A Angell x. It'm I geue to his wife vs. It'm I geue to my sonne cuthberte sheile A Angell x3. It'm I geue to Elsabethe Roper wedowe xs. It'm I It'm I geue to my doughter grace sheile x3. It'm I geue to my doughter bettye sheile x. It'm I geue to my brother Edward lawsones vij children vij'. It'm I geue to henrye nicolsone vjs. It'm I geue to his wife xls. I geue to his sonne John nicolsone xls. It'm I geue to his doughter Elsabethe nicolsonne xx. It'm I geue to his doughter Agnes nicolsonne xx3. It'm I geue to his doughter barberye nicolson xx3. It'm I geve to my brother martyne lawson x3. It'm I It'm I geve to vicare eshtone of bywell vj. I'm I geue to sampson hudspethe vj


It'm I geue to my syster Jennett tomson wedowe x'. It'm I geue to Robarte tomson xx. It'm I geue to Robarte lawsonne xl. I doe remite vnto christofor dodes the debtes owinge vnto me xxx". It'm I geue to Benne chesseye vj3. It'm I will that my sup'vysors of this my laste will lett my systers sonne peter tomson haue Occupye the Some of forwtye poundes duringe my childes mynoratye xl'. It'm the Resydewe of all my goodes as well movable as vnmouable withe my house and all th'appurtenances whatsoever therto belongethe or to me anye wise ap'tayninge withe all evydences therof as well as all debitoryes to me Owinge I doe geue and Bequeithe vnto my Sonne george lawsone whome I doe make my soile Executoor of all my goodes Aforsaid to dispense to the honnre of god the helthe of my Sowle and his moste profyte And I appointe m' Raulfe lawsonne of broughe Esquire And Edward lawson of bywell my brother And m' Rychard hodshone Alderman whome I doe desyere to be my sup'visors of this my laste will as my speciall truste is and haithe beine in them And further I desyer the forsaide mr Raulfe lawson Esquier to take my sonne george lawson Aforsaid my goodes I will that it be disponded Amongeste yowe thre whiche is my sup'vysors for the Bringinge vpe of my sonne duringe his minoratye in vertew and learninge In witnes of this my last will I haue sette my hande & seale the daye and yeare Aboue said. It'm Sartayne clothes which I hade by my wife margarett lawson I will that theye be restored vnto the trewe owners by the sight & discretion of my sup'visors. Alsoe if the said george dye before he be of full yeres of Age I will that all the goodes be devyded equallye Amongeste my Brethren & systeringe childringe alsoe if the said george dye without Ayres gotton of his bodye I will that my Brothers sonne James lawson haue my house in Newcastell to hime and to his heires if John dye withoute heires I geue it to my brothers sonne Robart Lawson and his heires fallinge Robarte lawson & his heires vnto Peter Tomson & his heires. Witnesses Rychard hodshon, edward lausson, henry Tennantt, Thomas Scott, georg koke, georg lambert, Rob't Jopline, ffrancys gyllson, thomas sheile.


In the name of god Amen The xviij day of Aprill anno d'ni 1580 I Edward lawsone of bywell gen' of the p'ishe of bywell androu Sick in body but hole in mynde and p'fit remembrac' thank be to god doth make my testame't wherin is contened my

last will in man' and form folowing first I geve my soull to god my maker and redem' and my body to be buryed in the churche porche in my p'ishe church with my deuties doinge. It'm I geve and bequeth prestwyck hall the demain wth the app'tenancs vnto my vj children my executors that is to say Jene James Agnes elsabethe Edward and margret duringe the tym and vnto it with my goods have maid eu'y one of my children iijxx and the' I geve it wth all the rest of my lande vnto my eldest sonne It'm I will that my wife barbary have her thirds queitlie of All my lands and goods and leasses wth one speciall token or mo by the sight of my sup'vizors. It'm I will and appount James shaftoo if he mary my dowghter Jeane to the aurtoritie wth Mr Rauff lawsonne and mhodshonne concerninge my brother Alexander lawsonns last will. It'm I geve to m' Cuth'b' carnaby of halton vjs viijd. It'm I geve my god dowghter mabell carnabye one ewe. It'm I geve to mr Rawff lawsonne x3. It'm I geve to m' henry lawsone x3. It' I give to m, Richard hodshone x3. to m' will'm hodshonne x'. to mr Robt. hodshonne x3. to mr Rob't wetherington my brother in law vjs viijd. It'm I forgeve georg lawsonne of newton hall all the debt wch he owethe me. It' I geve vnto henry nicolson vjs viijd and to his wif x3 and my brothers sonne John lawsone x3. It'm I will yt my sister Janet shall have eu'y yeare one lood of rye one booll of malt and one boole of otts during her liff. I geve vnto Rob't thomson her sonne xxs. And to Rob't lawsonn my brother sone xx3 desiring mr Rawff lawsonne to be good vnto him and help him. It'm I will that my brother martin shall have meat and drink about this hows during his liff wthout controling or checking of any p'son. It' I geve to elsabethe wetheringtonne one kow to Agnes wetherington one qwy to elsabeth sympson one qwy. It' I gev to gilbt harle one kow and iiij ewes. It'm I geve vnto my norse Janet lawson one gymm' sheap to elisabeth fostar my s'vannt one gymm' sheap to Janet harley one gymm' to my god sonne edward newtonne one gymm' to my godsonne will'm lawson of newton hall one gymm' to one of Roger fenwycke children wch I am godfather vnto one gymm' to the eldest sonne of John Robinsonn of prowdow one gymm'. It' I forgeve James lawsonne the debt that he is owen mee. It'm I geve vnto John lawson of newtonhall ijs. It' I forgeve John wilde iijs iiijd in one oxe price wch he is owen me. It' I geve vnto thom's hetheringtons wiff one bussell of whete and one bussell of malt. I geve to wm white my s'vannt oue gymm' and to thomas Jeffersonne one gymm' to mathew newton one ewe & a lambe to edward hume sonne of wm hume one gymm'. It' I geve to m'maduk fenwyck x' and to his brother Roger x'. It' I gev

vnto John thewe the black vicar vs. And I make and ordain my six childre' Jenne Agines James elsabethe edward and m'gret lawsonn my children my full and hole executors to disspose my goods to the honor of god and ther most p'fit And I appount m' Rawffe lawson esqier m' henry lawsone of measome m' wm hodshonne of the man'hous and yong James shaftoo if he mary my dowghter Jen' to be my supvizors of this my last will and to se yt my wif and children be not wronged as my speciall trust is in them. And I geve m' Rawff James and his porcion mr henry edward so sone as he be able to go to the scoole m' will'm hodshone Agnes my dowghter and m' James shafto if he mary my dowghter aforesaid elsabethe And I appount my eldest sonne John and my wif barbary lawson to be gou'ned ruled and defended by m Rawff as my speciall trust is in hime. In witnes herof I have setto my seall and subscribed my name the day and year abowsaid. It'm I geve unto my sonne James lawsonne the land wth all the appurtenancs in Corbridge And I geve to elsabethe fostar dwelling at the grange one qwye-[Seal]-by me edward lawson--Theis witness's will'm home-James tailyo-thomas tailyo'-Thomas hetheringtonne-Anthony car -Thomas Cowp-georg hume-edward hume-Thomas foderlaw-John Thew clarke-& Will'm asheton.

It'm I gev vnto Anthone cars wif one ewe and will'm hall of prestweck my hind one boole of corn.

It' I will and bequeth the leasse of helie wth this my last will vnto the custody of Mr Raphe lawson for the profit of my childre' vnto it with the other things bequeathed vnto the said childre' wch are my executoyrs have eu'y one of them have received iijxx1 and then to retern to maintaine this hous wth the rest of my land vnto my sonne John lawso'.


A trewe Inventory of all the goodes of and Chattles mouable and Inmuovable lait belonginge to Cuthberte Ellysone of the Towne of Newcastell vpon tyne marchannt deceasede praysede the Twentie and nynth day of Jenuarij anno d'ni 1580 by these fower men following viz george wheitfeilde John Sotheren george Selbye and humfrey Rey of The saide towne of newcastell upon tyne m'chaunts.

IN THE HALL-Inpmis one Chymnay with a poor xx3—two

1 Ancestor of the Ellisons of Hebburne.

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