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antecessorum meorum. Item lego Ricardo Bukley Clerico1 unum ciphum deauratum et x marcas argenti. Item lego Ricardo de Urpath capellano unum ciphum argenti et decem marResiduum vero omnium bonorum meorum non legatorum do et lego Executoribus meis, ut debita mea acquietent, et pro salute animæ meæ disponant, prout videbitur Deo placere, et saluti animæ meæ proficere. Hujus autem testamenti mei facio, ordino, et constituo prædictum Ricardum de Bukley, Ricardum de Urpath, et prædictum Willielmum Mayhu Executores meos, ac insuper Elizabetham2 uxorem Domini Johannis de Nevyll supervisorem ejusdem Testamenti. Datum die et anno supradictis. Item volo quod Executores mei inveniant duos homines ad eundum peregrè pro me et dictâ Feliciâ versus Cantuariam, sumptibus meis. Item volo quod Executores mei, quolibet anno solvant Fratri Thomæ Oxenden, durante vitâ suâ, xls. Item volo, quod si prædictus Thomas faciat leJubile3 quod ipsi ei tunc solvant cs. Item volo quod annuatim, quamdiu aliquis Executorum eorum vivit, quod ipsi vel ipse inveniant vel inveniat unum Capellanum in Ecclesiâ Beatæ Mariæ de Chestre, pro animâ meâ. Item lego Thomæ Blakburn xl. Item lego Thomæ Newsom xls. Item lego Thomæ filio meo* unum ciphum deauratum, quod Dominus meus Episcopus Dunelm. sibi dedit. Item lego Dominæ meæ Elizabethæ Nevill xx marcas argenti, unum ciphum argenti deauratum, unum fetherbed, xxiiij pilowes. Item lego Johanni Bertram x marcas.

CODICILLUM. Be it knowen till all men yat yis is ye last wille of me sir Johan of Lumley Knyght I wylle yat my testa

1 According to Mr Surtees, Dean of Chester-le-Street. At all events he was Master of Kepier Hospital in 1437.

2 Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Holland, Earl of Kent, and wife of Sir John Neville, son and heir apparent of Ralph, first Earl of Westmorland, married by the Prior of Durham, at Brancepeth, by special license from Bishop Skirlaw, 29th August, 1394. A subsequent bequest, in which the testator calls the Lady Elizabeth domina mea, proves that he had been, in his youth, trained up within the halls of Raby. Sir John Neville died before his father in 1423 or 4.

3 There was at this period celebrated at Canterbury, in every fiftieth year, a Jubilee in honour of Thomas à Becket. The first in order of time after the date of the will, was to take place in 1420, and thither the testator wishes to tempt Friar Oxenden by an additional legacy of 100s.

4 Afterwards Sir Thomas Lumley, Knight, Governor of Scarborough Castle, &c.-died in 1485.

5 Mr. Surtees remarks of this codicil, [11. 157] that it bears every mark of being, both in substance and expression, the genuine composition of the testator. It may be added, that it affords an excellent specimen of the strength and vigour of the English language at that period. It bears date at Melun-uponSeine, on the 19th August, 1420, a city which the English had beseiged from the 30th of July preceding, and which was not surrendered to them till the middle of November.

ment yat I maade in England stande in his strenth with yis that I wylle on alle wyse bee fulfillet I wille yat my brothre marmaduc1 bee oon of ye chief executors & chief surveiour not withstonding any othir surueiour maade before yis tyme And as touchant ye goodes of myn in Normandy and in ffrance I wille yat yei be disposet and gouernet bee ye avice and ordinance of my brothir marmaduke & of Mathew Pacok my s’uant and I wille yat my sustre Elizabeth haue sufficient goode till her mariage if she wille bee mariet bee ye avice of my brothre marmaduke & of William Mahu And also I wille yat my brothre marmaduke haue ye litle Jnne in Wodstrete durant his lyve or ellys if it be sehen by ye auyce of my brothre marmeduke and of William Mayhu yat ye hauyng of yat place bee hyndryng to myn entent maade in England yat ny forsaide brothir marmed. haue yat place of myn withowten Aldryggate Also I wille in alle haste yat may bee yat yere be maade an ende betwix Sr peres Tyliole & me Also I wille yat yere be maade an end betwix Johan Wodcok & me if he wille drawe till any resonable ende alway if any ende bee maade with ye forsaide Wodcok yat it bee maade so siker yat it lye not in his power to aliene yat lande and rentys away Also I wille yat if it be soo yat ye forsaide Wodcock and myn executours maye not accorde I wille yat my thre William haue ye forsaide landes and rentys bettir chepe yen any othir man by a reasonable some aftre ye discrec❜on of myn executoures And yat yis abouen written is my last wille I shal close it and sett to ye seale of myn armes. Writen at Mylon' ye xix day of August ye viij zere of ye reigne of Kyng Henri the fifte [1420].


[Hoc testamentum cum codicillo probatum apud Castrum de Lomley cum administratione concessâ ij die Sept. A. D. M.CCCC.XXI.]



[Reg. LANGLEY, f. 109.]

In Dei nomine, Amen. xvj die mensis Januarii, anno Domini

Master of Trinity College, Cambridge-Chancellor of the University in 1428-Bishop of Carlisle in 1430-of Lincoln in 1450-Lord High Treasurer of England-ob. 18th Dec. 1451.

2 Sir Peter Tylliol possessed lands in Great Lumley in right of his wife. There was evidently a dispute, perhaps a law-suit, pending between him and the Testator.

3 Matilda, Lady of Dalden, daughter and sole heir of Robert de Dalden, and

Millesimo cccc. xx. Ego Matildis, quondam uxor Willielmi del Bowes Ch'lr, condo testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis, lego animam meam Deo et beatæ Mariæ et omnibus sanctis ejus; et corpus meum sepeliendum in Ecclesià de Dalton in le Dale, cum optimo animali nomine mortuarii. Item do et lego Ecclesiæ de Dalton vj torches, et in quâlibet torche vj libras ceræ. Item do et lego Ecclesiæ de Seam unum torche de vj libris ceræ. Item do et lego Luminari Beatæ Mariæ de Dalton ij quarteria frumenti. Item do et lego fabricæ Ecclesiæ Castribernardi vj. viija. Item do et lego cuilibet Capellano Castribernardi præsenti apud Stretlame ad missam xijd. Item do et lego Fraternitati gildæ de Stayndrop vj. viija. Item cuilibet capellano ibidem moranti xijd. Item do et lego Fraternitati Gilda Sancti Nicholai in Duresme j pece de argento et aurato cum opertorio ejusdem. Item lego Willielmo de Bowes ch'lr filio Roberti de Bowes principalem lectum. Item do et lego eidem Willielmo j pece de Argento cum opertorio habentem in le frounte caput sagittæ. Item do et lego Matildi filiæ Rogeri de Bowes xxvj1. xiij3. iiijd. ad recipiendum in firmis de Chilton Dalden et Lambton. Item do et lego Agneti de Shillington ad maritagium suum cvj. viij. quos mater prædictæ Agnetis habuit de me ex mutuo. Item do et lego Johanni Dalton de Castrobernardi capellano j quarterium frumenti et j salmonem salsum. Item do et lego cuilibet ordini Fratrum Novi Castri super Tynam j quarterium frumenti. Item do et lego Fratribus de Hertilpole j quarterium frumenti. Item lego Johanni Forster vij'. quos mihi debet pro firmâ unius tenementi in Seton juxta Seam de ultimo anno. Item do et lego dictum reditum vijs. in Seton quatuor Ordinibus Fratrum Novi Castri super Tynam, durante termino meo, et postea rectis heredibus. Item do et lego Galfrido Mawer meliorem cobyll Item lego uxori Johannis Yole alium cobyll.' Item do et lego Radulpho Yole iiij acras frumenti modo seminatas in campo de Dalden. Item do et lego Willielmo de Bowes filio meo omnia terras et burgagia quæ Willielmus de Bowes maritus meus adquisivit de Thomâ Claxton pro j marcâ in Dunelm. Item do et lego Willielmo filio meo unum burgagium in Sadlergate et unum gardinum in tenurâ Ricardi Arnald juxta Paradys emptum de Johanne Cuthbert, et unam relaxationem de Willielmo Morle in Duresme, et omnia alia burgagia rectis heredibus

wife of Sir William Bowes, Knight. Their only son was Sir Robert Bowes, Knight, who fell at the battle of Baugy Bridge, in Anjou, in 1421, with Sir John Lumley, whose Will is given above, leaving a son William, afterwards Sir William Bowes, of Streatlanı and Dalden.

1 The Lady of Dalden had, as it appears, two fishing-boats.

Willielmi Bowes ch'lr, mariti mei. Item do et lego Georgio de Bowes et heredibus ejus unum messuagium cum pertinentiis quod emi de Alano de Newsom in Bereforth super le More. İtem do et lego Willielmo de Bowes ch'lr unuin messuagium cum pertinentiis in Bireside, sibi et heredibus suis ex parte dictæ Matildis exeuntibus. Item do et lego uxori Johannis de Fraunce unam vaccam. Item lego Isabella Mawere unam vaccam. Item do et lego Willielmo Ponder de Seam j stott. Item do et lego Vicario de Dalton linthiamina quæ sunt circa corpus meum cum sex couerchiefs die sepulturæ meæ, ut habeat me in memoriam suam ad terminum vitæ suæ. Item lego Roberto Harwod capellano xls. Item do et lego Matildi Yole fi liolæ meæ duas oves. Item do et lego Matildi Stikley filiolæ meæ duas oves. Item do et lego Matildi Lyndley filiolæ meæ duas oves. Item lego Matildi filiæ Baronis de Hilton filiolæ meæ j romance boke is called ye gospelles. Item lego Matildi filiæ Roberti de Hilton ch'lr filiolæ meæ unum romance boke. Item lego Dame Elinoræ de Wessyngton ye boke with ye knotts. Item lego Elizabethæ filiæ Whitchestre unum librum yat is called Trystram.3 Item do et lego Elizabethæ filiæ meæ j blak primer. Item do et lego Adæ filio Thome Gudegrome totam firmam quam Thomas mihi dedit ad inveniendum dictum Adam ad scholas. Item do et lego Roberto Martyn totam firmam quam mihi debet in Dalden. Item lego quatuor filiis Thomæ Pise iiijs. Item volo quod si bona et catalla mea non possint satisfacere debita mea et ultimam voluntatem, quod Willielmus de Bowes ch'lr, filius meus, perimpleat de terris et tenementis meis in Dalden. Residuum-do et lego Georgio Bowesfacio Willielmum de Bowes ch'lr filium meum et Thomam Holden Executores. Hiis testibus Roberto Mennell, Johanne Vesy, Roberto de Harwod capellano, Roberto Tod, Roberto Warmere et aliis. Datum apud Stretlame hall die et anno supradictis.

1 The word filiola seems to imply a god-daughter. The term is applied to five children, who are called after the testatrix.

2 Mr Surtees, when noticing this bequest, [I. 11. 5] asks, “Did a Romance ever actually exist under this strange title? or had the Lady of Dalden met with one of Wycliffe's Bibles, and conceived the Gospels to be a series of fabulous adventures?" Perhaps nothing more is meant than the Gospels in English, of Wycliffe's translation.

3 Here is a romance in earnest, the Sir Tristrem of Thomas the Rhymer, which was edited, in 1804, by Sir Walter Scott, from a MS. in the Advocates' Library.

• Thomas Holden was senescall under Bishop Langley, in 1422.


[Reg. LANGLEY, f. 278–b.]

In Dei nomine, Amen. Anno Domini Millesimo, ccccxx1, quarto die ejusdem mensis, Ego Willielmus Hoton de Est brandon condo testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis lego animam meam Deo, Beatæ Mariæ, et omnibus Sanctis ; corpusque meum sepeliendum in Ecclesia parochiali de Braunspath, juxta corpus Agnetis quondam uxoris meæ, cum mortuariis meis consuetis. Item lego summo altari Sanctæ Katerinæ j tabillett cum ymagine de visione Sancti Gregorii Papæ ; et tres ymagines de Allabastro, videlicet unam de Sancto Michaele, unam de Sancto Christofero, et unam de Sanctâ Katerinâ; et unum vestimentum vetus de panno blodio, de burdealisaundre. Item lego fabricæ antedictæ vj. viij. Item lego Capellano parochiali dictæ ecclesiæ xijd. Item lego clerico parochiali dicta ecclesiæ iiijd. Item lego Roberto Hoton nepoti meo duas vaccas, si, post debita mea persoluta possit fieri. Item lego Agneti Talior unam juvencam non cornutam. Residuum-Johanni uxori meæ cum supervisione dominæ meæ Comitissa Westmerlandiæ [Prob. 5 Jan. 1422.]


[Reg. LANGLEY fol. 115.]

In Dei nomine, Amen. Octavo die mensis Septembris, Anno Domini Millesimo cccc vicesimo tercio, Ego Robertus de Wyclyf, Rector Ecclesia parrochialis de Rudby, Eboracensis Dioceseos, sanæ memoriæ, omnes donationes causâ mortis per

1 Joan, illegitimate daughter of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, by Catharine Swinford, and second wife of Ralph Neville, first Earl of Westmorland.

2 Of the family of Wycliffe, of Wycliffe-a near relation, probably nephew, of Wycliffe, the Reformer-Rector of Wycliffe 1362 res. 1363-Rector of Hutton Rudby, in Cleveland, from 1377 till the time of his death-Rector of Kirby Ravensworth in 1379 res. 1382-Rector of St. Crux, in York, res. 1391Rector of Romaldkirk 17th January, 1382, by the King, as Guardian of the heir of Lord Fitzhugh, res. 1391-Master of Kepier Hospital before 1405Temporal Chancellor and Receiver-General of the Bishopric, and Constable of Durham Castle from 1390 to 1405-one of the executors of Bishop Skirlawdied at Kepier in 1423. His armorial bearings, argent, a chevron sable between three cross crosslets gules, occur in the Cloister of Durham Cathedral, the building of which was begun by Bishop Skirlaw, his patron, and finished by his executors, of whom Wycliffe was one.

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