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[Reg. LANGLEY, fol. 130.]

In Dei nomine, Amen. xviij die mensis Aprilis, Anno Domini M.DCCCC. xxxj, Ego Robertus Conyers de Sockburn, compos mentis meæ, condo testamentum meum in hunc modum.

1 This will is, for the first time, accurately printed from the Probate in Bishop Langley's Register. It was first published by Bourne in his History of Newcastle, from whence it was copied by Hodgson; but the slightest comparison of Bourne's copy with the above will prove that he has attended merely to the substance of the record, and has totally disregarded the light which it throws upon the English language of its pericd.

2 Robert Conyers, of Sockburne, Esq., son and heir of Sir John Conyers and Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of William, second Baron de Aton, by Isabel, daughter of Henry Percy.

In primis, lego animam meam Deo omnipotenti Creatori meo, Beatæ Mariæ ejus Genetrici, et omnibus Sanctis; corpusque meum sepeliendum in Ecclesiâ Parochiali Omnium Sanctorum de Sokburn, cum mortuariis meis debitis et consuetis. Item lego in cerâ cremandâ circa corpus meum, in die sepulturæ meæ, iiij libras. Item lego summo altari iij. iiij. Item lego Ecclesiæ unam togam de serico pro vestimento faciendo. Item lego Fratribus Predicatoribus de Yarum x3. Item Fratri Johanni Leeke ejusdem Domûs vj. viijd. Item fratribus de Alverton vjs. viijd. Item Fratribus Augustini de Novo Castro vj. viija. Item Fratribus de (blank) vj3. viijd. Item lego Cristofero1 filio meo unum annulum cum diamaunt; et unum cingulum de serico cum le harnez de argento; et unum (blank) cum baselard; et meum gladium; et unum pileum de stramine, cum uno ouche. Item lego Johannæ filiæ meæ unam bursam optimam; et unum monile optimum ad modum cordis factum. Item Elizabethæ filiæ meæ unam bursam et unum monile secundum optimum. Item Isabellæ filiæ meæ3 unam bursam cum meo annulo. Item Margaretæ filiæ meæ unam bursam et unum annulum. Item Katerinæ filiæ meæ unam bursam ut unum annulum. Item Ceciliæ filiæ meæ unam bursam et unum annulum. trici filiæ meæ unam bursam et unum annulum. Item lego Johanni Laton unam bursam et unam par cirothecarum et unum annulum. Item Thomæ Clarvaux unam bursam, unum par cirothecarum et unum annulum. Item lego cuilibet Capellano existenti ad exequias xijd. Item cuilibet Clerico viijd. Item lego Cecilia et Beatrici filiabus meis utrique centum marcas pro suis maritagiis. Item volo quod omnia utensilia domûs meæ tam in Camerâ quam in Aulâ,` Pincernâ, Panetriâ, Pistrino, una cum Plaustris et Carucis cum toto apparatu, ponantur in salvâ custodiâ per avisamentum et ordinationem Executorum meorum, quousque Cristoferus filius meus ad hereditatem perveniat; et tunc deliberentur præfato Cristofero ad usum suum proprium. Si autem mors eum præveniat antequam hereditatem possideat quod tunc distribuantur inter Sorores suas ad tunc superstites existentes. Residuum vero bonorum meorum do et lego Domino Nicholao Hulme Magistro de Gre

Item Bea

1 Afterwards Sir Christopher Conyers, of Sockburne, who died in 1487, having been married by special licence in the Private Chapel of Witton Castle by Thomas Hebbeden, Dean of Auckland, to Margery, daughter of Sir William Eure, of Witton Castle, by Maud, daughter of Henry Lord Fitzhugh.

2 Johanna Conyers, afterwards wife of Sir Philip Dymoke, of Scrivelsby, Champion of England at the Coronation of King Henry VI.

3 Afterwards, perhaps even then, wife of Thomas Clervaux, (a younger son of Sir John Clervaux, of Croft, Knt.,) to whom a legacy is left below, and who witnessed the execution of the will.

tham, Rogero Aske et Johanni Laton, quos etiam constituo et ordino meos fore Executores, dans et concedens eisdem meam potestatem, ita pro omnibus Bonis meis disponere, prout eis saluti animæ meæ melius videbitur expedire. Hiis Testibus, Johanne Laton, Thomâ Clarvaux, Thomâ Orston Rectore de Hurworth, Willielmo North, Willelmo Taylor de Erehome et aliis. [Probat. coram Episcopo apud Stokton 18 Maii 1431.]

LVII. TESTAMENTUM MAGIstri t. hebbeden'.'

[Regr. LANGLEY, fol. 220.}

In dei nomine, Amen: xxj die mensis Junij. Anno Domini MCCCCXXXVto ego Thomas Hebbeden Decanus ecclesiæ Collegiatæ Sancti Andreæ de Aukland Dunelmensis dioceseos, sanus mente, sed corporis imminente langore, cujus eventus naturaliter formidatur, condo testamentum sive ordino voluntatem meam ultimam in hunc modum. In primis lego animam meam Deo omnipotenti carnis Redemptori, corpusque meum, si infra dictam diocesim me mori contigerit, in introitu chori dictæ ecclesiæ Sancti Andreæ sepeliendum. Item lego pro sumptibus meis funeralibus, in die sepulturæ meæ, circa corpus meum faciendis, x'. Ita quod commoda pars illius pecuniæ in distribucionem pauperum magis quam in pompâ cadaveris convertatur. Et si infra civitatem vel diocesim Ebor. me dissolvi contigerit, lego corpus meum coram altare beatæ Virginis Mariæ in ecclesiâ Sancti Johannis Evangelista, juxta pontem Vse, in eâdem civitate Ebor. juxta parentes meos sepeliendum. Item lego ecclesiæ Sancti Andreæ prædictæ, x marcas pro duobus gradalibus in choro ejusdem servituris emendis. Item lego ecclesiæ Sancti Johannis prædictæ optimum vestimentum meum de blodio velvet cum flour de lyce de auro; viz. tres albas, tres tunicas cum paruris, duas stolas, ij phanulas, seu manipulos, unam casu

1 Thomas Hebbeden-a native of York-occurs as a Licentiate of Laws in 1425-App. Chancellor and Examining Chaplain to Thomas Langley, Bishop of Durham, 17 Dec., 1429-presented 5 May, 1430, (then Doctor in Decretis) to the Rectory of Meldon-7th Jul. 1430, exchanged his Rectory of Boldon with Richard Kellawe, for the. Rectory of Welleton, in the Diocese of York-29 Dec., 1431, collated to the Deanery of the Collegiate Church of Auckland-30 Dec., 1431, resigned the Rectory of Meldon-married in the private chapel of Witton Castle, by special licence, Christopher, son of Robert Conyers, of Sockburne, Esq., to Marjory, daughter of Sir William Eure, of Witton, Knt. The book bequeathed to the Prior and Convent of Durham is not now in the Library of the Dean and Chapter. A goodly folio "Bartholomei de Sanctâ Concordiâ Ordinis Fratrum Pred. de Pisan Summa," was purchased of the Executors of the Testator, by Robert de Wesmorland, a Durham Monk, and is preserved in the Manuscript Closet [c. 11., 11.]

lam, duas tunicas, ejusdem sectæ, ad deserviendum ibidem ad summum altare; ut pro animâ meâ et animabus parentum meorum Deus devociùs exoretur. Item lego altari Sanctæ Katerinæ in eadem ecclesiâ unum pulcrum psalterium sh'aliter scriptum. Item lego ecclesiæ parochiali de Welton' juxta Humbriam Ebor. dioceseos unum missale, usûs Ebor. & x marcas ad faciendum descos in choro et ad pavandum chorum cum fflaundrestyll. Item lego ad immolandum crucifixo in Ecclesiâ Collegiatâ Cestriæ vj. viij. Item lego ecclesiæ parochiali de Meldon juxta Castrum super Tynam xx3. Item Collegio Sancti Johannis Beverlaci xl. Item ecclesiæ Conventuali de Brydlyngton xls. Item lego ad immolandum in Capellâ Sâncti Theobaldi vjs. viija. Item lego librariæ ecclesiæ Cathedralis Dunelm. unum librum vocatum Catho alias, Speculum Virtutis, ita quod dominus Prior jam existens habeat usum illius libri durante vitâ suâ. Item lego ecclesiæ parochiali de Boldon Dunelm.' dioc.' xl. pro una capâ emendâ. Item in distribucionem pauperum parochianorum meorum ecclesiarum Sancti Andreæ et Welton juxta discrecionem executorum meorum lego c3. Item lego iiijor. ordinibus Fratrum infra Civitatem Ebor. iiij marcas equaliter dividendas. Item lego incarceratis in Castro in Prisonâ Domini Archiepiscopi in le Kydcote xx3. equaliter dividendos. Item cuilibet domui Leprosorum in suburbiis Ebor. iij. iiijd. Item lego tribus presbyteris uno anno vel uni presbytero iij annis immediatè post obitum meum pro animâ meâ animabusque parentum meorum et benefactorum nostrorum omniumque fidelium defunctorum celebraturis xxij marcas vj. viijd. Item lego Johanni Hebbeden fratri meo seniori unum lectum meum integrum optimum, cum pertinentibus, unum ciphum argenteum et deauratum coopertum, ad modum calicis factum. Item lego Johannæ ffitlyng sorori meæ unum craterem argenti, vocatum le Rose, coopertum. Item lego Matildæ Hothom sorori meæ unum craterem argenti coopertum cum j Chapelet super coopertorium. Item lego dominæ Johanna Chawman sorori meæ Priorissæ de Chiksond in Com. Bedford, et Conventui xls. Item lego Anastasia Hebbeden meliorem penulam meam de gray.

Item lego Elizabethæ Bekwith cognatæ meæ meliorem penulam meam de puryd, exceptâ penulâ colobii mei. Item magistro Georgio Plumpton cognato meo unam peciam argenti coopertam cum rosâ in medio cifi. Item lego Johanni Burton cognato et servienti meo unam togam cum capucio, et decem marcas, et unum equum competentem. Item lego Margaretæ sorori ejusdem Johannis unam togam et xiij. iiijd. Item lego Thomæ filio ejusdem Margaretæ xx. Item lego Roberto Vavasso v marcas. Item lego Willielmo Batty famulo meo, et

pro nunc procuratori, lectum integrum qui est apud Welton, unam togam, unam cistam de Spruse existentem apud Welton', unum equum competentem, et x marcas. Item lego Johanni Hothom nepoti meo meliorem gladium meum et unam integram armaturam. Item lego domino Willielmo Rickeman' xls. Item lego Elizabethæ Glasier in Novo Castro super Tynam unam togam competentem cum capucio & xx3. Item lego Johanni Gardener et Matilda uxori suæ qui quondam fuit cocus matris meæ in Ebor. xiijs. iiijd. Item lego magistro Johanni Artays de Dunelm. unum librum voc' Guydo de Columpna cum contentis in eodem. Item lego Isabellæ Eure unum librum gallicum vocatum Launcelot. Item magistro Thomæ London Rectori ecclesiæ parochialis de Crayk xl3., si onus hujusmodi testamenti mei una cum alijs subierit, alias non. Item lego magistro Roberto Alne personæ in ecclesiâ Cath. Ebor. xl'. sub condicione consimili, alias xx". Item lego domino Johanni Spanyell de Ebor. xl. sub consimili condicione, alias nichil. Item magistro Johanni Artays xl. sub condicione consimili, alias nichil de pecuniis. Item lego cuilibet ordini Fratrum mendicancium in Novo Castro super Tynam vj. viijd. Item fratribus minoribus de Hartilpole vj3. viijd. Residuum vero omnium bonorum meorum superius non legatum do et lego executoribus meis, ut ipsi eadem bona disponant in salutem [animæ] meæ prout melius eis videbitur expedire. Hujus testamenti mei executores ordino et constituo præfatos magistros, Thomam London, Robertum Alne, Johannem Artays et dominum Johannem Spanyell. Hijs testibus domino Willielmo Rycheman, Roberto Vavasour, Johanne Burton et alijs. Data Eboraci die et anno supradictis.

[Probatio data apud Stokton 18 Jul 1435. Robertus Alne et Johannes Artays executores. Ibid. fol. 221. b.]


[Reg. LANGLEY f. 233 b.]

In dei nomine, Amen. x die mensis Julii, Anno domini Millesimo cccc xxxvj, Ego Johannes Baro de Graystok Miles condo testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis, do et lego animam meam Deo omnipotenti, beatæ Mariæ et omnibus

1 John Baron Greystock succeeded to his estates in Westmorland, Northum berland, &c., upon the death of his father 6 Ap. 1417- Governor of Roxburgh Castle in 1421 with a salary of £1,000 per ann. in time of peace, and £2,000 in time of war-frequently in commissions for truce or peace in Scotland-summoned to parliament from 7 Hen. V. to 12 Hen. VI.-married Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of Sir Robert Ferrers, of Wemme, Co. Salop-died 8th August, 1436.

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