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Acting, importance of, in Shake-
spearean drama, 13; evil effects
of long runs,
speare on, 45, 47.
Actor-manager, his merits and de-
fects, 125, 126.

Actors, training of, 139; English,
in France, 203. See also Ben-
son, Mr. F. R., and Boys.
Eschylus, statue of, 233.
Albert, Prince (consort), and
Shakespeare's birthplace, 222;
statues of, 237, 238.
Alleyn, Edward, 191, 194.
Annual Register of 1770, 194.
Aristotle, Shakespeare's mention
of, 144, 145; Bacon's study of,


Arnold, Matthew, on Shakespeare,


Astronomy, Shakespeare on, 146.
Athens, statuary at, 233.

Aubrey, John, his gossip of Shake-
speare, 66, 67.

Austria, subsidised theatres in,
131, 136.

Bacon, Anthony, in France, 203.
Bacon, Francis, philosophical
method of, 143; on memorial
monuments in New Atlantis,
234, 235.

Bacon, Sir Nicholas, his fame in
France, 204.

Badger, Mr. Richard, proposal for
a Shakespeare monument, 219.
Bannister, music for The Tempest,
106, 107.

Barker, Mr. Granville, as Richard
II., 13 n.

Basse, William, his tribute to
Shakespeare, 50.

Beeston, Christopher, Elizabethan
actor, 64.

Beeston, William the first, patron
of Nash, 63, 64; second, his the-
atrical career, 65, 66; his gos-
sip about Shakespeare, 65; his
conversation, 66; Aubrey's ac-
count of, 67.

Beethoven, statue of, 233.
Beljame, M. Alexandre, on Eng-
lish literature, 201; death of,

Benson, Mr. F. R., his company of
actors, 111; his principles, 112
seq.; list of Shakespearean plays
produced by, 114, 115 n.; his
production of Hamlet una-
bridged, 116-18; his training of
actors, 119; his services to
Shakespeare, 121; his pupils on
the London stage, 130.
Berkenhout, John, 195.
Betterton, Thomas, at Stratford-
on-Avon, 73; contributes to
Rowe's biography, 73,
his rendering of Hamlet, 101,

Biography, art of, in England,
51 seq.

Bishop, Sir William, 76.
Bishopsgate (London),

speare at, 226, 227.


Blackfriars, Shakespeare's house
at, 227.

Boileau and English literature,

Bolingbroke (in Richard II.), pa-

triotism of, 173, 174.

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Davenant, Robert, Sir William's
brother, 70.

D'Avenant, Sir William, theatri-
cal manager, 67; his youth at
Oxford, 69; relations in boyhood
with Shakespeare, 70; elegy on
Shakespeare, 71; champion of
Shakespeare's fame, 71; his
story of Shakespeare and South-
ampton, 72; his influence on
Betterton, 72; manager of the
Duke's company, 87 n.; as dram-
atist, 98; his adaptations of
Shakespeare, 103-05, 106 n.,


Deschamps, Eustace, on Chaucer,

Desportes, Philippe, and Eliza-

bethan poetry, 199.

D'Israeli, Isaac, on Steevens's for-

gery, 195.

Downes, John, prompter and stage
annalist, 63.

Dramatic societies in England,


Dress, Shakespeare on extrava-
gant, 185.

Drunkenness, Shakespeare on, 185.
Dryden, John, on William Bee-
ston, 66; as dramatist, 91; his
share in the adaptation of The
Tempest, 105.

Du Bellay, Joachim, and Eliza-
bethan poetry, 199.

Ducis, Jean François, his trans-
lation of Shakespeare, 207,

Dugdale, Sir William, 74.
Dumas père, on Shakespeare, 206;
his translation of Hamlet, 209-

Dyce, Alexander, on Steevens's for-
gery, 196, 197.

Elizabeth, Queen, summons Shake-
speare to Greenwich, 31.
Elizabethan stage society, 13 n.


England, Shakespeare on history

of, 180.

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Grenovicus," contributor to Gen-
tleman's Magazine, 195.

Hales, John, of Eton, 78.

Hall, Bp. Joseph, French transla-
tion of works by, 199.
Hart, Charles, actor and Shake-
speare's grand nephew, 59, 68.
Hauptmann, 135.

Henry V. on kingly ceremony, 157;
patriotism of, 175, 182.
Heywood, Thomas, projected Lives
of the Poets, 54 n.; his affection
for Shakespeare, 65; his Apol-
ogy for Actors, 65.

History plays of Shakespeare,
character of, 180.

Hobbes, Thomas, in France, 200.
Howe, Josias, on a Shakespeare
tradition, 77.

Hugo, Victor, on Shakespeare,

Imagination in the audience, 22,
47, 48.

Ingres, Jean, his painting of
Shakespeare, 206.

Irving, Sir Henry, experience of
Shakespearean spectacle, 10;
and the literary drama, 123;
and the municipal theatre, 132;
and French drama, 200.
Irving, Washington, and commem-
oration of Shakespeare, 215.

James I., his alleged letter to
Shakespeare, 72.

James II., statue of, 237.
John of Gaunt (in Richard II.),
dying speech of, 115-16, 181.
Johnson, Dr., on false patriots,

Jonson, Ben, testimony to Shake-
speare's popularity, 29; his
classical tragedies compared
with Shakespeare's, 30; his
elegy on Shakespeare, 50, 232;

[blocks in formation]

Lincoln's Inn Fields (Portugal

Row), Theatre of, 86, 87 and n.
Literary drama on the modern
stage, 123; antagonism of cap-
ital to, 126-28.

Lives of the Poets of the seven-

teenth century, 54 and n.
Locke, John, in France, 200.

Locke, Matthew, Shakespearean

music of, 105, 108.
Logic, Shakespeare on, 146.
London, Shakespeare's association
with, 226 seq.; statues in, 236,
237; proposed sites for Shake-
speare monument, 239.

London County Council and the
theatre, 130, 131; and subsi-
dised enlightenment, 133; and
Shakespeare monument, 219.
London Trades Council and the
theatre, 132.

Lowin, John, original actor in
Shakespeare's plays, 61; coached
by Shakespeare in part of Ham-
let, 63, 71, 73.
Lycurgus, Attic orator, 233.

Macready, W. C., his criticism of
spectacle, 14.

Marlowe, Christopher, Shake-
peare's senior by two months,
37, 193.

Massinger, Philip, his Bondman,
92, 93.

Mathews, Charles, on a monu-
ment of Shakespeare, 214.
Metaphysics, Shakespeare on, 146-

Mill, John Stuart, statue of, 237.
Milton, his elegy on Shakespeare,
51, 231.

Molière, accepted methods of pro-
ducing his plays, 16.

Montaigne, Michel de, and An-
thony Bacon, 203; his essays in
English, 204.

Moore, Thomas, and commemora-
tion of Shakespeare, 215.
More, Sir Thomas, his Utopia in
France, 204.

Municipal theatre, its justifica-
tion, 122; in Europe, 134.
Musset, Alfred de, on Shakespeare,

Nash, John, and commemoration
of Shakespeare, 215.

Nash, Thomas, 64.

Nodier, Charles, his Persées de
Shakespeare, 211-13.
Norwegian drama, 129.


Obedience, the duty of, 161.
Oldys, William, antiquary, 68, 69.
Opera in England, 131.

Oxford, the Crown Inn at, 69;
Shakespeare at, 70; visitors
from, to Stratford, 75-77.

Patriotism, Shakespeare on, 170

Peele, George, alleged letter of,
189 seq.

Pepys, Samuel, his playgoing ex-
periences, 82-87; on Eliza-
bethan and Jacobean drama,
91-93; on Shakespeare, 94 seq.;
his attitude to poetic drama, 95,
96; his musical setting of "To
be or not to be," 100.
Petrarch, his tomb at Arquà, 225.
Phelps, Samuel, at Sadler's Wells,

11; his mode of producing
Shakespeare, 12; on a state
theatre in London, 120; on pub-
lic control of theatres, 140, 141.
Philosophy, Shakespeare's


tude to, 142 seq.
Pindar, on poetic fame, 232.
Platter, Thomas, journal of his
London visit (1599), 38.
Playhouses in London, "Black-
friars," 227; Drury Lane, 86,
87, and n.; the "Globe," 227;
the "Red Bull," 86; Sadler's
Wells, 11; Salisbury Court,
Whitefriars, 66, 86;
Theatre" at Shoreditch, 37, 227.
Pope, Alexander, and French lit-
erature, 199; on the
speare cenotaph, 216.


Richardson Samuel, in France,

Robinson, Richard, actor, 68.
Ronsard, Pierre de, and Eliza-
bethan poetry, 199; in England,


Rousseau, J. J., and English lit-
erature, 200.

Rowe, Nicholas, Shakespeare's
first formal biographer, 54; his
acknowledgment to Betterton,
73; his biography of Shake-
speare, 79, 80.

Royal ceremony, irony of, 158.
Russell, Lord John, on patriotism,

Sadler's Wells Theatre, 11.
Sand, George, on Shakespeare, 206.
Sardou, M. Victorien, work of, 200.
Scenery, its purpose, 5; useless-
ness of realism, 23.
Schiller, on the German stage, 136;

monument to, 233.

Scott, Sir Walter, and commemo-
ration of Shakespeare, 215, 232;
Edinburgh monument of, 238.
Sedley, Sir Charles, 91.
Seneca, on mercy, 153 n.
Shadwell, Thomas, 67; adaptation
of The Tempest, 106 n.
Shakespeare, Gilbert, actor, 68.
Shakespeare, William, his creation
of the ghost in Hamlet, 27; con-
temporary popularity of, 29;
at Court, 31; early London
career, 32; advice to the actor,
45; his modest estimate of the
actor's powers, 47; elegies on
death of, 49; Fuller's notice of,
52; early biographies of, 54;
oral tradition of, in seventeenth
century, 55; similarity of expe-
rience with that of contempo-
rary dramatists and actors, 57;
Elizabethan players' commenda-
tion of, 60; resentment with a
publisher, 65; William Bee-
ston's reminiscences of, 67;
Stratford gossip about, 74-76;
present state of biographical
knowledge, 81; his attitude to
philosophy, 142 seq.; his intui-

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