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Page Cowards

..William Shakespeare... 194 Creed, A....

Edwin Markham

147 Daffodils, The....

William Wordsworth.. 180 Days of Cheer

James W. Foley...... 178 December 31. ...S. E. Kiser...

63 De Sunflower Ain't de Daisy Anonymous .

179 Disappointed, The.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox.. 126 Duty

Ralph Waldo Emerson 47 Duty

.Edwin Markham....

207 Envoi

John G. Neihardt.... 196 Essentials

...St. Clair Adams...... 215

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Ralph Waldo Emerson 207 Fairy Song.. .John Keats

193 Faith ..S. E. Kiser.

53 Faith

..Edward Rowland Sill.. 112 Fighter, The

.S. E. Kiser

102 Fighting Failure, The...... Everard Jack Appleton 46 Firm of Grin and Barrett, The

Sam Walter Foss... 118 Four Things. .Henry Van Dyke..

3 Friends of Mine... .James W. Foley... 9 Game, The...

Grantland Rice

108 Gifts of God, The.. . George Herbert

2II Gift, The...

Robert Burns

183 Gladness

..Anna Hempstead

115 Glad Song, The..... .Joseph Morris

183 God

Gamaliel Bradford 89 Good Deeds.

William Shakespeare .. 216 Good Intentions. . St. Clair Adanis

43 Good Name, A....

William Shakespeare 109 Gradatim .J. G. Holland ..

200 Gray Days..

Griffith Alexander 134 Greatness of the Soul, The. Alfred Tennyson 169 Grief . Angela Morgan

93 Grumpy Guy, The.

Griffith Alexander 100 Page Happy Heart, The........ Thomas Dekker

149 Has-Beens, The.... Walt Mason

85 Having Done and Doing... William Shakespeare 52 Heinelet.

Gamaliel Bradford .... 169 Helpin' Out..

.William Judson Kibby. 96 Here's Hopin'

..Frank L. Stanton 164 Hero, A...

..Florence Earle Coates. 205 He Whom a Dream Hath Possessed

Sheamus O Sheel .... 160 His Ally..

William Rose Benét 154 Hoe Your Row.

. Frank L. Stanton..... 203 Hold Fast.

..Everard Jack Appleton 106 Hope . Anonymous

29 Hopeful Brother, A.. . Frank L. Stanton..... 67 House by the Side of the Road, The...

. . Sam Walter Foss..... 2 How Did You Die?.. Edmund Vance Cooke. 20 How Do You Tackle Your Work? .Edgar A. Guest

50 Hymn to Happiness, A....James W. Foley.. 222


John Kendrick Bangs.. 210 If

..Rudyard Kipling... 4 If I Should Die. .Ben King

13 If You Can't Go Over or

Under, Go Round... .Joseph Morris .... 150 I'm Glad... . Anonymous

29 Inner Light, The. .John Milton

83 Invictus

.William Ernest Henley 5 Is It Raining, Little Flower ? Anonymous

199 It Couldn't Be Done..... Edgar A. Guest. It May Be.... .S. E. Kiser...

99 It Won't Stay Blowed..... St. Clair Adams


Joy of Living, The.
Just Be Glad....
Just Whistle.

..St. Clair Adams

197 .Gamaliel Bradford 41 James Whitcomb Riley 14 Frank L. Stanton


Page Keep A-Goin'!...

Frank L. Stanton 229 Keep On Keepin' On.. Anonymous

125 Keep Sweet....

.Strickland W. Gillilan.. 220 Kingdom of Man, The.....John Kendrick Bangs.. 132 Know Thyself. . Angela Morgan


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Laugh a Little Bit.........Edmund Vance Cooke. 135 Lesson from History, A....Joseph Morris

21 Let Me Live Out My Years John G. Neihardt 127 Life

.. Griffith Alexander 202 Life

.Edward Rowland Sill.. 99 Life

Ella Wheeler Wilcox.. 139 Life and Death.. . Anna Barbauld

79 Life and Death.

.Ernest H. Crosby.. 80 Life, not Death.

Alfred Tennyson 171 Life Without Passion, The. William Shakespeare 213 Lion Path, The.... Charlotte Perkins Gil

24 Lions and Ants.... Walt Mason

171 Little Prayer, A. .S. E. Kiser

77 Little Thankful Song, A... Frank L. Stanton 181 Lose the Day Loitering.... Johann Wolfgang von




Man, Bird, and God....... Robert Browning 153
Man or Manikin... Richard Butler Glaenzer 51
Man's a Man for A' That,
Robert Burns

78 Man Who Frets at Worldly Strife, The....

Joseph Rodman Drake 163 Meetin' Trouble.... . Everard Jack Appleton 174 “Might Have Been”.. Grantland Rice

39 Mistress Fate

William Rose Benét.. 141 Morality

.Matthew Arnold

221 My Creed.... .S. E. Kiser

176 My Philosophy

James Whitcomb Riley 57 My Triumph

..John Greenleaf Whittier 90 My Wage ...

Jessie B. Rittenhouse.. 183


Page Never Trouble Trouble.... St. Clair Adams...... 143 New Duckling, The....... Alfred Noyes

34 Noble Nature, The... .Ben Jonson

177 Ode to Duty....

William Wordsworth.. 190 On Being Ready.. . Grantland Rice

81 On Down the Road. .. Grantland Rice

173 One Fight More... Theodosia Garrison

145 One of These Days. .James W. Foley

88 One, The...

Everard Jack Appleton 40 Opening Paradise. Thomas Gray

97 Opportunity .Berton Braley

15 Opportunity

John James Ingalls 54 Opportunity .Walter Malone

55 Opportunity

. Edwin Markham 223 Opportunity .William Shakespeare

54 Opportunity

.Edward Rowland Sill. Order and the Bees. William Shakespeare 75 Ownership ...

..St. Clair Adams



Painting the Lily.. William Shakespeare ..

188 Per Aspera..

.Florence Earle Coates. 129 Pessimist, The. ...Ben King

166 Philosopher, A.. .John Kendrick Bangs.. 212 Philosophy for Croakers... Joseph Morris

44 Pippa's Song. ..Robert Browning

31 Playing the Game


113 Playing the Game ...Berton Braley

70 Play the Game...

Henry Newbolt

162 Polonius's Advice to Laertes

..William Shakespeare 49 Poor Unfortunate, A......Frank L. Stanton 137 Praise the Generous Gods for Giving

William Ernest Henley 194 Prayer, A

Theodosia Garrison 156 Prayer for Pain.

.John G. Neihardt 208 Preparedness .Edwin Markham

60 Press On.... ..Park Benjamin

175 Pretty Good World, A..... Frank L. Stanton 189

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