The Bible's Christianity

Covenant Books, 12.11.2018 - 172 Seiten

The historically often tense relationship between scripture, science, and common sense has only intensified over the past several decades. Compliments of an explosively burgeoning base of information, scientific and otherwise, any person with a computer or cell phone can access facts which seem to supplant or contradict biblical teaching. The subtlest of emotions can now be studied by their corresponding effects on the brain--visually, chemically, and electrically. Events formerly seen as miracles can be completely explained on factual grounds. It might seem that technology, along with a modern mindset over more receptive to pleasure and vanity, have wrought havoc on the Bible's claim to truth and authority.

This book is written to address these concerns and to honor individuals not prone to blindly accept church dogma and every assertion that comes forth from a pulpit. It is decidedly confrontational towards many supposed truths which, when exposed to the light of science and rationality, are perhaps not so true. This includes issues such as when life begins, the oft-proclaimed doctrine of the security of salvation, and the matter of suicide. Interdenominational courtesy and compatibility are not on the menu. This work is a wedding of scripture and seemingly opposing forces, showing that they can coexist peacefully, and that the Bible stands as tall as ever as mankind's medium into the ultimate issues of life.

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