The history of the boroughs and municipal corporations of the United Kingdom, by H.A. Merewether and A.J. Stephens, Band 3


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Seite 1827 - with perpetual succession and a Common Seal, and may assume Armorial bearings (which shall be duly enrolled in the Heralds...
Seite 1690 - An Act for taking away the Court of wards and liveries and tenures in capite, and by knights service, and purveyance, and for settling a revenue upon his Majesty in lieu thereof...
Seite 1631 - Statutum de tallagio non concedendo, that no tallage or aid shall be laid or levied by the king or his heirs in this realm, without the good will and assent of the archbishops, bishops, earls, barons, knights, burgesses, and other the freemen of the commonalty of this realm ; and by authority of parliament holden in the five and twentieth year of the reign of king Edward III.
Seite 1593 - James proceeded in this work by a steady, regular, and well concerted plan ; and in the space of nine years, according to sir John Davis, he made greater advances towards the reformation of that kingdom, than had been made in the four hundred and forty years which had elapsed since the conquest was first attempted5'2.
Seite 1646 - ... ought to be tried and determined in the ordinary Courts of Justice and by the ordinary course of the law.
Seite 1820 - I shall make it my endeavour to preserve this government, both in church and state, as it is now by law established.
Seite 1692 - ... petitions, complaints, remonstrances, and declarations, and other addresses to the King or to both or either Houses of Parliament, for alteration of matters established by law, or redress of alleged grievances in Church and State, may be made use of to serve the ends of factious and seditious persons...
Seite 2048 - Hartley to show cause why an information in the nature of a quo warranto should not be...
Seite 1820 - I am now to succeed so good and gracious a king, as well as so very kind a brother, I think it fit to declare to you that I will endeavour to follow his example, and most especially in that of his great clemency and tenderness to his people.
Seite 2234 - Bye-law, the mayor, bailiff's, and burgesses made a bye-law (not now extant in -writing, )-\ for the better rule and government of the borough, touching and concerning the election of the burgesses, for the time then to come, in order to avoid popular confusion and disorder^, in such elections ; whereby it was ordained, that from thenceforth, the mayor and common council, should at all times thereafter, by themselves, and without the concurrence or assistance of the rest of the burgesses, Burgesses,...

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