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to pass to the other tables. The Court in Blathwayt, of Bryanston-square tra MS, 1820.] Incidents, Marriages, and Deathe, in London and Middlesex. 111 tables, and the attendants at them, as well Church, W. Mac Intire, esq. to Miss Mary

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which the Lord Chancellor was want to sit du. F. Cox, esg, to Mary, third daughter of the ring term-time no longer exists: the flooring, late Rey, Sir R. Sheffield, bart. The Right the benches, the seat of equity, are all gone. Hon. Robert Peel, M.P. to Miss Julia Floyd, The antique figures are covered over with youngest daughter of the late Gen. Sir J. canvass ; 'andwill speedily take their stations Floyd, bart. At St. George's, Hanoverat the side of the great window. The Court square, George Finch, esq. M.P. to Miss of King's Bench (the judges of this court Jane Halliday~At Kensington, George Lo now continuing to sit in the Exchequer) is Taylor, esq. to Miss Sibylla Neufvillenow begun to be removed; and the rooms William Q. Wright, esq. of Aspley, Bedbehind these courts are undergoing extensive fordshire, 10 Miss E. Barton-At St. Analterations, as they are to be converted into drew's, Holborn, Ri G. i Bradley, esq. of robing and retiring rooms. The extensive Gray's-inn, 10 Miss Lydia Boynton. At St. frame-work which is erected within the George's, Bloomsbury, William Powell, esq. Hall, &c. is prepared at large premises in to Miss Anna Eliza Jones, of Brunswick the Horseferry-road (Mr. Copeland's); and square-At St. Marylebone Church, Lieut.-' it is brought ready to be fixed, regularly col. W. G. Power, to Miss Maria Morris jointed and properly marked. The passing At St. George's, Hanover-square, James and repassing of the immense number of Morier, esq. to Harriet, eldest daughter of men engaged in such work gave rise to the W. F. Greville, esq. of Bruton-street--At St. rumour that the men had been discharged James's Church, P. Rose, esq. of Demerara, and the works suspended. The facts are as to Huntly, third daughter of W. Gordon, here related.

esq. of Aberdour, Aberdeenshire-At EnIn Westminster Abbey, similar progress field, Newell, second son of N. Connop, esq. attends the proceedings. The platform is of Durants, Enfield, to Charlotte Augusta, raised along the nave; the galleries are be- only daughter of the late R. Brown, esq. of ing erected in the ailes; and the elevated Windsor - At St. Mary's, Islington, R. Dastations occupying the former scene of the vidson, esq. of Highbury-park, to Miss W.. choir and altar, and where the Coronation Barkly, of Highbury-grove. will take place, are formed, and come full Died.] Capt. E. L. Graham, R. N. 38-In upon the sight as the spectator enters the Suffolk-place, Islington, Sarah, wife of Thos. grand West door,

Barry, esq.–At Heath Lodge, Hampstead, In Cotton-garden (the large open space Miss Catherine King-At Hackney, Isabella, between the House of Lords and the Thames, eldest daughter of Mr. Hippins, of that place and approached by the passage under the — Isabel, the infant daughter of J. Curwood, Piazza) are proceeding some works of a dif- esq. - In North-street, Fitzroy-square, J. ferent character, but not less essential to the Hughes, esq. 70-In Berners-street, Thomas, completion of the Coronation banquet and Wakefield, esq., formerly commander in the festivities. Here are being built a series of India Company's service, 71–At her house kite hens, &c.; there are to be twenty rooms on Richmond Hill, Mrs. Broughton, widow for the preparation of the several courses of the late Rev. T. Broughton, of Bristoland entertainments connected with the din- At Stockwell, Miss Emma Scott-In Lower, ner, banquet, and concluding festivities. In Cadogan-place, James Preston, second son these rooms and kitchens all the requisite of James S. Broadwood, esq.-At her house preparations will be made; and there is a in Portugal-street, Grosvenor-square, Mrs. passage leading to the southern window of Merrick Neville, 78— At Richmond, Miss the Hallwhich will enable the several courses Amelia Henning-In Wigmore-street, So&c. to be forwarded with great facility and phia, youngest daughter of the late Sir H. rapidity. There will be room, should so Parker, bart.-In Bedford-square, Mrs. Butmany be required, for two hundred persons, terworth, wife of J. Butterworth, esq. M. P. consisting of cooks, confectioners, and their 50-In Montague-place, Russell-square, the attendants. The spot is well adapted for the wife of Mr. Serjeant Lens-At her house in purpose : it is near the Hall, and at the same Manchester-street, the widow of the Rev. time completely separated from it.

Thomas Comyn, late vicar of Tottenham, Bitths.- In Upper Harley-street, the lady Middlesex-At Walthamstow, the widow of of D. Stuart, esq. of a son. The lady of G. Mr. Camppen, late of the same place, 81Filter, esq. of a daughter.-In York-place,' Mr. Hodge, Bethnal Green. A national Portman-square, the lady of J. Hubbard, school for the education of 200 children has esq.of a son.-- In Gloucester-place,Mrs.Dash- lately been established in the above parish, wood, of a son.-- In Devonshire-street, the and the Bishop of London undertook to lady of Capt. 'Dallas, of a daughter.---The preach the first charity-sermon for the benelady of George Hicks, esq. of a son.-In fit of the institution. The master of the Upper Berkeley-street, the lady of W.Baynes, school, Mr. Hodge, had been indefatigable esq. of a son.

in preparing the children for the occasion; Married.] At Camberwell Church, L. B. and just before the psalms commenced he Allen, esq. to Miss C. J. Romilly, niece to attempted to rise, but fell down dead in the the late Sir Samuel Romilly-At Marylebone' pew.-At her liouse in Poland street, the

widow of the låte Dr. Simmons - At his He sleeps amid the most illustrious Stateshouse in Goodman's fields, Mt. C. I Tabor, men, that have adorned the modern augals 804 The wife of E. Hansoni junl of Pudding- of this country, and the highest compliment fanewAt his house in Russell-plade, Fitzroy- that could be paid bim here was to assiga square, R. Granit, esq. 74.90: ë ell 11. bịm such a place Convinced as weare of the o, 2017 MRI GRATTANZIV Yo'y impolicy of conceding the claims which dre

The Right Hon. Henry Gractan' died on advocated, we readily admit the, sincerity Sunday nigbtz?- June 4, in Baker-street. and disinterestedness of his public conduct The event had been for some time expected It is the praise, of Grattan, and no man with mournful anxiety by his family, the needs desire a nobler epitaph, that, with whole of whom watched, with the tenderest powers supremely fitted to influence the solicitude, the death-bed of this distinguished multitude, he restrained himself from popu. character. For the last five months Mr. lar excitement, His place was in the House Grattan laboured under a severe dropsical of Commons. There he laboured, and there affliction in the chest, which, though at he lived. It was full of his trophies, He tended with acute pain, he bore with the ut- was its true architect. It might have been most resignation. The disorder had attained said of him, “Si monumentum sjus qaaras, so oppressive a height, that Mr. Grattan, for circumspice." And for this he had his te the last three months, was obliged to seek ward. The long succession of demagogues, Test in a sitting-posture ; any attenipt to sleep who each misled the public mind, and who, in any other manner, brought on an asthmatic for the time, were borne above him, peaffection, which immediately threatened fatal rished like the foam when the storm is consequences. Mr. Grattan, anticipating the done. Gractan's name always rose with the fatal result of his disorder, adopted, contrary falling of the surge, and in the returned to the advice of his friends, the determination calmness and sunshine of the great popular of making one more effort in that cause which expanse, his firm renowe stood up, like a he so long and strenuously maintained, from rock upon the bosom of the ocean.) any a conviction of its justice and policy. To use The chief instrument of those successes his own emphatic words, in reply to the ad- was his eloquence, It had the first mark of dress of the Catholics of Ireland, presented genius, originality, Buc, Grattan is defcaudto him in Dublin not many days ago, he ed of his highest praise, if his integrity is owed “his last breath to his country,"

forgotten, His powers might have com, On Friday, June 14, he was interred in manded all that ambition covets. He was Westminster Abbey, with all the solemn impregnable to place and titlo. He refused pomp suitable to the occasion. The pall all honours and emoluments, even when was supported by the Dukes of Norfolk and they were offered by hands which he he Wellington, Lord Holland, Lord William noured. He declared himself to be, the Fitzgerald, Earl of Harrowby, Marquis of purchased servant of the country, and to be Downshire, Earl of Donoughmore, and incapable of adopting another master. But Lord Castlereagh. Among the mourners, he is now gathered to the great repository of besides the afflicted relatives of Mr. Grat- the human race, and belongs to the infinite tan, were His Royal Highness the Duke assemblage of all tongues, and ages, and na of Sussex, the Marquis Wellesley, Lord Ers- tions that have been. The virtues of the

kine, Sir Benjamin Bloomfield, the Duke of dead patriot become the property of man • Devonshire, the Marquis of Lansdown, the kind. The small seed is buried in the

Marquis Conyngham, Earl of Surrey, Earls earth, but from it springs the mighty tree Cowper, Spencer, Darnley, and Rosslyn, Sir gathering the dews of heaven in its branches, John Doyle, Sir Nicholas Colthurst, and and covering the multitude with its shadera many other distinguished commoners.

SIR JOSEPH BANKS ):151 Then followed the Lords, the House of Soon after 8 o'clock this morning, May Commons, and Gentlemen of every part of 19, died, at his house in Soho-square, the the empire, amounting altogether to up: venerable President of the Royal Society, wards of five hundred.

the Right Hon. Sir Joseph Banks, G. C. B., The whole of the distinguished characters &c. The loss to Science by the demise of who compose that most respectable body, this excellent man and liberal putron will be the English Catholic Board, were also in the long and severely felt. Sir Joseph had been procession, and a number of other gentle for a long time labouring under a most dis. men of that profession.

tressing illness; for some years he had been The tomb lies nearly between the spot of deprived of the use of his lower extremities, earth which incloses all that was mortal of and rendered so feeble as to be lifted from Fox and Pite. It adjoins the grave of the his room to his carriage. He possessed å great Lord Chatham, and is surrounded by princely fortune, of which he assigned a the tombs of Lord Mansfield, and other emi large portion to the encouragement of nent public characters. The foot of Mr. Science, particularly Natural History, priGrattan's coffin nearly touched that of Mr. vate and public charities, and domestic hos. Fox. It is exactly the spot, out of his own pitality. Ip our next Number we purpose country, which we should imagine Mr. giving a copious Memoir of this distinguishGrattan would have selected for his tombed character, accompanied by a Portrait.

***2 PWOBARLITOE HAREWOOD. 20 vjet hien A - LORD DUNDAS. rl ? popa

The probate of the will of the late Right nOn Tuesday night, June 14, at his seat at Hon. Henry "Earl of Harewood, Viscount Aske, near Richmond, at an advanced age, Lascelles, and Baron Harewood, passed under Thomas Lord Dundas.-The title devolves the seal of the Prerogative Court in Doctors' upon his son (the Hon. Lawrence Dundas, Commons, 18th May; the personal estate, M.P. for York), in consequence of which, within the province of the Archbishop of thete will be a vacancy in the representation Canterbury, being sworn under 250,0001. for that city. This highly-respected noble The grant was made to the present Earl (late man was born Feb. 16, 1741 ; created a Henry Viscount Lascelles), the son and sole peer August 13, 1794; married May 24, executor. Considerable testamentary pro 1764, Charlotte, sister of Earl Fitzwilliam, visions are made, in pursuance of powers by whom he had issue, Lawrence, born created for that and other purposes, by à April 10, 1766, married in 1794, Harriet, trust deed, Dearing date 28 May; 1920; daughter of General John Hale; Charlotte, among which are, 10,000l. to Lord Lascelles; married July 8, 1806, to Lord Viscount 10,000t: to the children of Lady Frances Milton ; Frances, married to Robert ChaDouglas, (except an eldest son or daughter, loner, Esq. of Guisbrough ; and other chil, who may succeed to certain entailed estates,

dren. and except also the Countess of Aberdeen,

LORD SHERBORNE. whom the testator considers well provided Never within the memory of man has for by marriage.) To his daughter, Lady death swept with a more devastating and Mary Anne Yorke, 1000l. per annum for unsparing hand amongst the noble houses life, one half of which to be devoted to the of our land, than within the last two support and maintenance of her children; years ;--the rich and powerful have been to whom also is given the sum of 20,000l. in humbled amidst the very plenitude of equal shares, on their arrival at 21, or mar- earthly enjoyment, and silently laid in the riage. Certain freehold estates in the county lowly place of rest, with as unregarding a of York are devised to Lord Lascelles; as are sweep as has thinned the untitled and undisalso others in the islands of Jamaica, Bar- tinguished of our race. But amidst them badoes, Grenada, &c.; but upon the same all, there is none whose death will be more trusts and limitations as they were devised to truly lamented than that of Lord Sherborne: the kestator by the late Edwin, Lord Hare- This mournful event took place on Monday Wriod, the provisions of whose will are di- evening, May 22, at eight o'clock. · His rected to be fulfilled. The freehold mansion lordship had been seriously indisposed før in Hanover-square, purchased by the testator some time past, but, we believe, no idea of of the Duke of Roxburgh ; and that also in immediate danger was entertained. DistinHanover-square, purchased of Mr. Wellesley guished through a long and honourable life Pole, and in the occupation of Lord Las- by the exercise of every generous and noble celles, are given to his Lordship for life, and quality that could adorn the heart of man ultimately according to the trusts provided Lord Sherborne enjoyed, in unbounded good in the deed of May 1820. The furniture, will, the respect, the esteem, and the affecbooks, plate, pictures, jewels, &c. in these tionate regard of all to whom the many exhouses, are to remain as heir-looms. The cellent traits of his nature were known. freehold house in Hanover-square, purchased Possessing an extensive property, his first of the executors of Sir J. Earle, and that at pride was the character with which the gras Bootham, in the suburbs of the city of York, titude of his tenantry invested him ; and to are devised to Lord Lascelles absolutely, whó be known as “ a good landlord," was to him is also to have all household furniture (not the chief gratification derived from his posleft as heir-looms,) carriages, wines, &c. and sessions. When the honours of this world have live and dead stock. Miss Emily Hall, the passed away, and are forgotten, the record of niece of the late Countess, has legacies to the his Christian zeal, of his piety, and of his beamount of 6,000l. and upwards, besides an nevolence, will be greeted with a sacred enannuity; and her constant attentions to her thusiasm, and a mournful reverence insepaLadyship in her last illness are alluded to rable from the memory of worth. James with grateful acknowledgments. Legacies Dutton, Lord Sherborne, Baron of Sherto servants are large and numerous, all of borne, co. Gloucester, was born in October the upper class having about sol. per 1744, and was consequently in his 70th annum, besides immediate bequests. The year. His lordship was married July. 7, residue is directed to be applied to the pro- 1774, to Mary, daughter of Wenman Rovisions of the above-mentioned deed, Lord bert Coke, of Longford, in Derbyshire, esq. Lascelles first taking to his own use the by whom he had issue John, the present sum of 90,000l. and his children 500l. Lord Sherborne, married to the Hon. Miss each, the testator not making them a Legge, only daughter of Henry Lord Stalarger provision, as their father will have wel ;-Elizabeth Jane married January 1803, full powers for that purpose by the trust to Visc. Andover, now Earl of Suffolk and deed of May 1820. This will is dated 13th Berkshire ;---Anne Margaret married April July, 1819. also

1806, to Prince Beriatinsky, of the Russian New MONTHLY MAG.--No. 78. 1 Vol. XIV,

114 Lieut.--col, Salkeld.--- Bedfordshire Berks Bucks, &c [July 1, empire, died at Petersburg in March 1807, against the Mahrattas, &c. in 1803 and leaving issue the Princess Beriatinsky ;-and 1804, he conducted the army under the perFrances Mary, the Hon. Miss Dutton, sonal orders of the commander-in-chief,

Lord Lake, with an intelligent activity, LIEUT.-COL. SALKELD.

ability, and discrimination, that merited In Abbey-street, Carlisle, on Wednesday general confidence, and called forth the teMay 24, died Lieut.-colonel Salkeld, aged peated public acknowledgments of that dis50 years, one of his majesty's justices of the tinguished commander. ---Possessing a high peace for the county of Cumberland, and sense of honour, a well-cultivated mind, the predecessor of Wilfrid Lawson, esq. in and sound judgment, his conduct as a magisthe important office of high sheriff of the

trate was marked by an undeviating uprightcounty. Lieut.-col. Salkeld served between ness. As high sheriff, he was solicitous to 20 and 30 years in the Hon. East India maintain a due degree of splendour, com-, Company's service, on the Bengal establish- bined with that frank hospitality, peculiar nient, universally esteemed and respected by to the military man and English gentleman. all ranks, for his integrity, urbanity, and Though seldom the proposer of any new professional abilities in different departments; schemes, or public measures, whenever an, closing with the high official situation of opportunity presented itself, of carrying on quarter-master general to the Bengal army. or supporting any plan of general utility, he During the arduous and successful campaign was never the last to lend a helping hand. 118

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lington--The Rev. Wm. Smith, rector of Broughton, Married.) At Apsley, Wm. Queneborough Wright,

to Mary, youngest daughter of Samuel Ray, esq. of esq. to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John Barton, Tannington Green, Suffolk.

Died.] At Wendover, Mr. T. Mallison, 67esq. comptroller of the royal mint-At Biddenham, Mr. James Adkins, of Ravenstone Mills, Bucks, to

Thomas Wakefield, esq. formerly commander in the

East India company's service, 70-At Aylesbury, Miss Killineworth, of the former place. Died.) At Rook Farm, Wrestlingworth, Wm.

Mr. John Marlow, 78Mr. John Hatch, 25—At Ringstead Barber, esq. 41.

Great Missenden, at an advanced age, the Rev.
Robert Armstrong, vicar of that parish, distinguish.

ed for his piety and literary attainments.
A new national school has recently been opened

CAMBRIDGESHIRE. in the parish of Tilehurst. The ground is the gift The Court of Chancery has ordered that three of the rector, the building has been erected at the

Craven university scholarships 'shall be established expense of Sophia, widow of Dr. Shepherd, and its

at a stipend of 50%. each. The electors intend to repairs are provided for by an annual benefaction

proceed to an election upon this new foundation ac, for ever of 161 10s. from Magdalen college, Oxford. the usual time in January next.

The Rev. Dr. Gabell, head-master of Winchester A direct communication has just been opened school, is presented to the valuable living of Bin.

from Cambridge, Newmarket, Bury, and Ely, to field, in this county.

Wisbech, and into Lincolnshire, by a road from Births.) At the vicarage house, Hungerford, the Welney across the Wash, to the hundred feet lady of the Rev. Wm. Cookson, of a daughter-Atriver, at which a ferry-boat is established. Newtown, the lady of the Rev. C. B. Cox, of a

Married.] John Household, esq. of Norwood daughter.

Lodge, Isle of Ely, to Emma, eldest daughter of Married.) At Reading, Mr. James Spicer, of

A. Jackson, esq. of Barkway, Herts. — The Rev. Wanborough, Wilts, to Miss Martin, of Lambourn

Thomas Austin, B. A. of Trinity college, to Jane Mr. Thomas Pocock Oram, of New Windsor, to

Eliza, eldest daughter of Rev.James Tate, M.A. mas. Miss A. Hopkins, of Charlton, near Andover.

ter of the grammar school, Richmond, Yorkshire. Died,] At Sillwood Park, Sunninghill, Mary,

Died.] At Newmarket, Mr. S. Dennis-At wife of George Simson, esq. 48—At Maidenhead, 72, Soham, Marianne, wife of Mr. Thomas Seppings, Mrs. Smith-At Wallingford, Mrs. Sarah Bedford, solicitor, 33. 51-Mary Anne, wife of Charles Greenwood, esq. 50.


Birth.] At Peover Hall, Lady Mainwaring, of a The Rev. Richard Marks, of Waterbeach, Cam daughter. bridgeshire, is instituted by the bishop of Lincoln Married.] At Chester, Mr. William Williams, to the vicarage of Great Missenden; patron, James to Miss Emma Maysmore - At Stockport, JoOldham Oldham, esq.

siah Howard, esq. to Janet Buchanan, youngest Birth.) At Gayhurst, Lady Sophia Pierrepont, daughter of James Provend, esq. of Glasgow-Mr. of a daughter.

Samuel Dodge, to Miss Sarah Ramseer At DodMarried.) At Chesham, Wm. Bill Turnor, soljleston, near Chester, Mr. George Harper, of Whit. citor, of Aylesbury, to Mrs. Potter, of the former church, Shropshire, solicitor, to Mary, only daugh. place-At Ravenstone Mills, Mr. James Adkins, to ter of Mr. Wm. Johnson, of Edge Higher Hall. Miss Killineworth, of Biddenham, Bedfordshire Died.) At Chester, Mr. Joseph Newns-Mrs. At Aylesbury, Mr. Cheney, to Miss Rolles, of Is. Phenix, 22.


Anthony, of Bideford, 22-N. Hatherley, esq. 73

-The Rev. Michell Warde, rector of Ashcombe It is in contemplation to establish a society,

and ricar of Barnstaple-At Vizanagram, in the upon the model of that excellent institution, the

East Indies, Major Parminter, of the 16th native Marine Society of London, for clothing, educating,

infantry, son of the late J, V, Parminter, esq, of giving religious instruction, and fitting for sea, the

Exeter, 41-—At Crediton, the wife of the Rev, neglected children of poor sailors and fishermen in

John Russell-At Harberton, in his 89th year, the the western parts of Cornwall, to be called “The

Rev. Ralph Barnes, archdeacon of Totnes, chanMount's Bay Poor Sen Boys' Society.” The Marine cellor of the diocese, and canon residentiary of Society, since their first institution, have educated

Exeter. and sent 72,000 men and boys to sea, and they have at this time 170 stout healthy boys on board their

DORSETSHIRE. ships, either fit for the king's or merchants service. Birth.] At Farnham, the lady of Captain

Married.) At Stephens, Mr. J. N. Ashwood, Markland, R. N. of a daughter. surgeon, of Broseley, Salop, to Miss France, daugh Married.) At Tarrant Monckton, Thomas, se ter of Lieut. France, R. N.-At Redruth, Mr. John cond son of Robert Bridge, esq. of Piddletrenthide, Beran, assay master, to Miss Mary Pryce--At to Emma, 5th daughter of the late John Bridge, Mogan, Mr. Thomas Walters, of St. John's, Swan esq. of Winford, in this county. ses, to Miss Mary Reynolds, of Portreath-At Died.) At Poole, Captain Thomas Linthorne, Fowey, Mr. Broad, of Padstow, surgeon, to Miss R. N. 66, having spent 50 years in the service of Drown, of Fowey-At Penryn, James Hendy, esq, his country-At Beaminster, Mrs. Mary Carter, solicitor, of Truro, to Miss Paul, daughter of the 74–-At Wareham, Mrs. Symes. kate Rer. Richard Paul, of Magwen-At St. Winnow, Mr. John Cardell, of Lower St. Columb, to

DURHAM. Miss Sarah Wentworth.

The Rev. John Collinson, curate of Ryton, has Died.] After a lingering illness, at Newnham been licensed to the perpetual curacies of Lames. House, near Truno, Captain Woolridge, R.N.-Miss

ley and Tanfield, on the nomination of Sir Thomas Mills At Camelford, Mr. Wm. Scott-At Helston, H. Liddell, bart. Mr. Recd, 63_At Powey, Mr. Broad, of Padstow Lord Vane Stewart has presented and placed in At St. Ives, Mrs. P. Grenfell, 24At St. Teath, 93, the Exchange news-room at Sunderland, a whole. Mrs. Elizabeth Smart-At Poundsdock, Mr. Nic length portrait of the late Sir Henry Vane Tempest, bolas Penfound.

by Hayter.

Married.) At Durham, William Green, jun, esq. CUMBERLAND

to Eleanor, second daughter of the late Joseph Married.] At Carlisle, Mr. John Bowman, to

Granger, esq.-At Woden Croft-lodge, rear Bar. Miss Mary Jackson-Mr. Joseph Weall, to Miss nard Castle, Lionel Simpson, esq. to Miss Elizabeth Ehzabeth Shadwick-Mr. Edward Ridley, to Miss Birkbeck, of Spring End, Smaledale-At Heworth, Mary Rutherford-At Botcherley, John Holme, Mr. Edward Turnbull, of Lingey House, to Miss esq. to Miss Burton, of Wormanby--At Whickam, Barbara Lawson, of Lanchester. Joan Lerthwaite, esq. of Broadgate, to Miss Kirk. Died.) At Sunderland, Mr. John Reay. 63 bank, of the former place.

At Coniscliffe, 81, the Rev. Henry Richardson, vicar Died.] At Carlisle, Mr. Dundas, 46— Mrs. Fer. of that parish. guson, relict of Robert Ferguson, esq, -At Na

ESSEX. Forth Castle, 74, Thomas Ramshay, esq. upwards of

years the principal land steward and agent of the Married.] At Chigwell, John, son of John Earl of Carlisie - At Workington, Capt. Matthew Slegg, esp. of Bedford-row, to Emma, second Carley, 77-Mary, wife of Capt. William Rees, 45 daughter of John Wilkins, esq. of Chigwell-At - A Whitehaven, Anne, wife of H. Jefferson, esq.55. Havering-atte-bower, James Howe, esq. to Anna

Maria, second daughter of the Rev. J. E. Gambier, DERBYSHIRE.

rector of Langley, Kent-At Dedham, Mr. Wm. On the 12th of June, the first stone was laid of Clarke, to Miss Susan Hunt, of Iken. a new chapel at Ripley, on the principles of the Died.) At Springfield-place, Mrs. Anne Brograve, Established church.

aunt of Sir George Berney Brograve, bart, of Merried.). At Tideswell, Mr. Richard Longden, Worsted House, Suffolk---At the Hythe, Colches.. to Miss Jane Briddon, of Manchester.

ter, 50, Mrs. Holdich, relict of Mr. W. B. Holdich, Dred.) At Chadlestone, Mrs. Sarah Cholerton, 64. surgeon, late of Sible Hedingham--At Epping,

Mr. John Black, land agent and surveyor-At DEVONSHIRE.

Boxtead, Mrs. Cooke, relict of the Rev. Robert The parishioners of St. Thomas near Exeter, Cooke, formerly vicar of that parish, 89—At have unanimously resolved to enlarge their church, Chelmsford, 84, Mr. John Marryam. by building an additional aile on the north side;

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. the expense is estimated at about 3001.

The Rer. Robert Hurril Froude, A. M. rector of The act of parliament for making the new road Dartington, is collated to the archdeaconry of between Acton Turville and Downend, has been Totnes, by the Lord Bishop of the diocese.

passed, and the work will commence immediately." Birth.) At Colleton Crescent, Exeter, the On its completion, should it be determined to alter lady of Captain Burn, of a daughter.

the route of the mail from Bristol to the metropo." Marriel.) At Plymouth, William Rendell, esq. lis, it is computed that, with ease to the horses, of Vincent, to Miss Susanna Harris, of Egg Buck &c. it might arrive in that city a quarter before land-At Torrington, Dr. John Forbes, of Penzance, ten in the morning, and of course need not be dissecretary to the Royal Geological Society of Corn. patched again till five in the afternoon. wall, to Eliza Mary, eldest daughter of the late Births.] At Bilton Vicarage, the lady of the John Burgh, esq. of Calcutta,

Rer, H. T. Ellicombe, of a daughter--At Chelten Died.) At Exmouth, 47, Major Calland, formerly ham, the Hon. Mrs. Brooks, of a son--At Clear. of the 2d life guards-At Exeter, after a long ill. well Court, Mrs. Haffenden, of a daughter. ness, Mrs. Polson, wife of the Rev. J. Polson-Miss Married.) At Tetbury, the Rev. Wm. 8. Birch,

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