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eldest son of George Birch, esq. of Mona Icha, this county—At Seven Oaks, J. 11. Urquhart, esq. county Tipperary, to Anne Maria, second daugh- to Louisa, eldest daughter of the late William ter of John Paul Paul, ésq. of High Grove, in this . Spurrier, esq. of Poole, Dorset.-At Canterbury, county-At Winterbourne, the Rev. Frederic Licut. Thomas Powell, 14th infantry, to Eliza, Morgan, of Fairford, to Miss Harriet Taylor, of i second daughter of Mr. Alderman Browne John Frenchay-At Cheltenham, Mr. Henry Lucy, sur-1 Wilkes, esq. of London, solicitor, to Miss Towns. veyor, to Miss Sarah Good. of Dunswater, Here hend, daughter of the Rev. George Townshend, of fordshire-At Oxenhall, near Newent, Mr. Wm.. Ramsgate.At Deal, the Rev. Joseph Ruse, of Wood, to Miss Susanna Maddocks, of Bulley, near Northbourn, to Miss Charlotte Warden, of RichGloucester.

mond, Surrey-At Margate, Mr. George Witherden, Died.) At Cheltenham, Rachael Worsley, wife bookseller, to Miss Frances Sayer, of Ramsgate of John Ireland, esq. of Hampton Lodge, Hereford At Tunbridge, John Carnell, esq. to Miss Laura shire, and daughter of the late General Merrick, 71 Scaones-At Hastings, Charlos Willis, esq. of

- At Gloucester, William Jones, esq. of the White Cranbrook, to Mrs. Whitehead, of Jamaica. Friars_At Batsford, Mordaunt Montagu Poyntz, Died.) At Blackhead, George Hawks, esq, of esq. youngest son of the late William Poyntz, esq. Gateshead iron-works, in the co. of Durham-At of Midgham House, Berks, 36-At Bownham Deal, of a rapid decline, Lieut. Robert F. HippesHouse, the lady of J. Clerke, esq. and sister of ley, R. N. 24At Broadstairs, Captain John Cow. Lady Mildmay..

ard, 60—At Ightham, in the 102d year of her age,

Nrs. Hilder, who retained her faculties till her HAMPSHIRE.

death. Birth.) At Gatcomb House, the lady of Sir Lucius Curtis, bart. of a son.

LANCASHIRE. Married.) At Basingstoke, Mr. George Lamb, The new market in Great Charlotte-street, solicitor, to Miss Anne Workman-At St. Bartho Liverpool, the erection of which is to be comlomew Hyde, Richard, second son of William menced immediately, will be, when completed, by Barnes, esq. of Winchester, to Miss Elizabeth far the finest covered market in the kingdom. It White, of Wb' tchurch, Oxon,

will be in length 500 feet, and in breadth upwards Died.] At Wickham, near Fareham, Vice-ad of 300 feet, with a handsome elevation trwards miral Sir Richard Grindall, K. C. B, in his 70th Great Charlotte-street, and such provision for venyear-At Froxfield, William Newberry, esq.-At tilation, that there will be the most uninterrupted Darley, Mrs. Elizabeth Doughton-At Fording circulation of air through every portion of the bridge, Mrs. Sarah Chubb, 59-At Newport, Mr. building. The whole will be surrounded with Richard Read Tayler, 54.

shops, and the area divided into compartments

properly fitted up for meat, poultry, vegetables, HEREFORDSHIRE.

fish, butter, eggs, fruit, and every other description The Rev. F. H. Brickenden, B. D. vice provost

of marketable commodities. The expense of the of Worcester college, Oxford, is instituted to the

whole, it is calculated, will exceed 30,0001. vicarage of Dewsall, with the chapelry of Callow

Births.) Rochdale, the lady of Lieuto-col. annexed, and to the perpetual curacy of Acornbury, Macgreggor, 88th regt. of a son At Furness, county of Hereford, vacant by the death of the Nancy, wife of Mr. George Howard, of four male Rev. D. Rennaud : patrons, the governors of Guy's

children, two of them with the mother are doing hospital.

well, the other two died almost immediately. Birth.) At Hill House, near Ross, Mrs. Nugent,

Married.] At Lancaster, Mr. John Thompson, of a daughter.


of Manchester, solicitor, to Miss Humphreys, of Married.]At Kentchurch, Mr. John Herbert,

Lancaster-At Manchester, Mr. Thomas Pickford, to Miss Turner, of Deans Common, Gloucester.

solicitor, to Miss Amelia Timperley—At Fartworth, shire.

by the Rev. T. Kidd, T. Horsfall, of Ryshworth Died.] At Hereford, 65, Miss Ann Morgan,

Hall, Yorkshire, to Mary Anne, daughter of T. daughter of the late Rev. Charles Morgan-Ai Moss, esq. of Mossbrook, Widnes, near WarCagebrook House, near Hereford, J. M. Green, esq.

rington. 65 At Sidmouth, Joseph, second son of the Rev. Died.] At Manchester, 62, Mr. Abraham Ogden, R. Hodges, of Woolhope, 25-At Wilton, near

many years partner in the house of Cockbien and Ross, in the prime of life, Henry Platt, esq. who

Ogden—At Ashton-under-line, Mr. Wm. Taylor, in all the relative duties of life was in all respects

52__At Clayton Hall, near Manchester, Mr. Samuel exemplary-At Hall Court, Mrs. Browne, relict of

Richard Browne, esq.


The Rev. J. Davies, M. A. chaplain to the duke of The Rev. Thomas Fordham Green, A. B. is in.

Buccleugh, has been instituted to the rectory of

Staunton Wyville, on the presentation of the earl of stituted to the rectory of Gravely, in this county.

Cardigan; a dispensation has passed the great seal Died.) At Delrow, Lieut..col. Leighton Cath

to enable him to hold that living, with the rectory cart Dalrymple, of the 15th hussars, second son

of Glooston, both in this county. of General Sir Hugh Dalrymple.

The Rev. Francis Brooke Welles, M. A. scholar of

Worcester college, is instituted to the rectory of KENT.

Catthorpe. Births.) At the Admiralty House, Rochester, Married.) At Appleby, Joseph Taylor, esq. to Lady Gore, of a daughter-At Knowle Farm, near Anne Hewitt, eldest dau. of Mr. Wm. Padmore, of Tunbridge Wells, the lady of Major-general Beat. Manchester-At Sheepshead, the Rev. Matthew son, of a daughter--At Chislehurst, the lady of Drake Babington, of Rowcliffe-manor, to Miss Hubert Jenner, LL. D. of a son.

Hannah Churchill. Married.] At Woodnesborough, the

Rev. Died.) At Hinckley, Mary Anne, eldest daughter Francis Burrow, of St. John's, Thanet, to Anne of the late Sir Alexander Kinlock, bart, of Gilmer Maude, fourth daughter of John Boys, of Each, in ton, East Lothian.


Mr. James


of Magdalen college, Oxford, has been instituted." ple, 42_Tryphena, wife of 72-Mrs. Mary


ward Callow, 65—Mrs. Higgins, wife of Charles The Rev. George Grantham, B. D.,

Higginis, esq. 44-At Yarmouth, Mrs. Mary Chap

, by the Bishop of Lincoln, to the vicarage of Waith, Shepherd, 44-Miss Anne Maria Reeve, 16-In

, 42. Wigg, the presentation of Miss Borrel, of Grainsby London, the Rev. William Hendry, rector of House. scrivelsby, was lodged in Doctors' Commons on binson, surgeon.os 1 , The will of the late Lewis Dymoke, esą, of Boughton, in this county, 68-At Watton, in her


98th year, Mrs. Robinson, relict of Mr. John RoFriday the 20 June." He devises his real estates, called Scrivelsby Fen, to his nephew. Henry Dy. moke, the first son of testator's brother John; and

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. appoints John Tyrwhitt, esq. and Sir Onesiphorus The Rev. Edward Lye, A. B. is instituted to the Paull, bart. executors. The personal property is vicarage of Raunds, vacant by the resignation of sworn under 12,0001.-In the Court of Claims, con

the Rev. Wm. Roles; patron, the Lord Chancellor.. nected with the ensuing coronation, held at West.

Birth.) At Great Houghton rectory, the lady minster, Mr. Dymoke Wells claimed, by original

of the Rev. R. Williams, of a daughter. i descent from Sir Philip de Marmyon, the right of

Married.) At Northampton, William Henry being champion at the coronation, which was Fitton, M. D. to Maria, youngest daughter and counterclaimed by the Rev. Mr. Dymoke, of Scrl

co-heiress of the late Joseph James, csq. of Ad. Telsby; as lord of that manor. Mr. Dymoke Wellsbury House, Hampshire—The Rev, I. Stoddart, claimed the right as the lineal descendant from the A. M. vicar of Pattishull, to Anne, eldest daughter elder branch of that family ; but his claim was,

of Alderman Armfield, of Northampton--At Loys after some consideration, rejected by the court, and Weedon, Mr. Charles Cooper, of Aston-le-Walls, the Rev. Mr. Dymoke, of Scrivelsby, was appointed to Anne, fourth daughter of the late Mr. Aris, of the to perform the duty of champion. The commis former place. sioners observed, that the right to the office was Died.] At Hardingstone, the Rev. Ashton appurtenant to the manor of Scrivelsby, and that Vade, vicar, 57—At Brigstock, Mr. Thomas Leigh, the reason of their preference was, that the person

86—At Wellingborough, Mary, wife of Mr. John preferred' was actually in possession of the manor. White, druggist, 33-At Long Buckley, Mr, John Merried.] At Louth, John Wing, esq. of Wis

Robinson, farmer and grazier, 74–At Boughton, bech, to Miss Hannah Andrews, of Alford, in this Mr. Marriott, 77. county--At Swinderby, Mr. Hague, to Miss Mary Vickers.

NORTHUMBERLAND. Died.) At Lincoln, Mr. John James-Mrs.

Married.] At Newcastle, Francis Johnson, esq. Montgomery, 50-At Coningsby, Mr. Richard

to Eleanor, eldest daughter of Charles Bacon, esq. Bell, 84_At Louth, Mr. John Tomlinson, 35-Át Bingham, Mr. Richard Jebb, 72—Mr. Everard

of Styford-At Warkworth, Philip Dennis, esq. of

Alnwick, eldest son of the Rev. John Dennis, Little, 76-In London, the Rev. John Beevor, tector of North Claypole-At Harrowgate, whither

vicar of White Nottley, Essex, to? Anne, eldest

daughter of Thomas Bristow, of Bristow, esq.At he had gone for the benefit of his health, John

Bywell, Francis Johnson, esq. of Newcastle, to Makins, esq. of Grantham.

Eleanor, eldest daughter of Charles Bacon, esqu of


Died.] At Bagot, in the island of Jersey, Mrs.

Maria Ilderton, widow of Thomas Ilderton, of Married.) A singular marriage took place on Ilderton, esq. 77–At Newcastle, 77, Mr. Thomas the Bth at Langattock Vibonval, near Monmouth : Grey---Mr. Edward Humble, 66-At Cornbill Mr. Philip Edwards, 75 years of age, to Mrs. Powell, House, Mrs. Mills, relict of Joseph Mills, esq-At 67; and the united ages of the six persons who at Cramlington, A. M. de Cardonnel Lawson, esq. 73. tended the ceremony amounted to upwards of 400 years.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. Died.) At Monmouth, Captain Thomas Trim

Married.] At Winkburn, Mr. John Hearthson, mer, R. N.-At Chepstow, Mr. Thomas Benson, 48. At an advanced age, at Hadnock, near Mon

of Flintham, to Miss Mary Brettle, of the former mouth, Mrs. Morgan, of Penhalt.

place-The Rev. Joseph Kirkman Miller, vicar of Walkeringham, to Susanna, third daughter of the

Rev. John Wood Duppa, of Puddlestone Court, NCRFOLK.

Herefordshire-At Nottingham, Mr. Williamson,

to Miss Maria Gibson. The Rev. W. Killet is preferred to the vicarage

Died.] At Nottingham, Thomas Osborne, gent. of Kenninghal, in this county.

78—Miss Sophia Tow, 37-At Ollarton, Mr. RichHarried.] At Norwich, the Rev. J. Neville

ard Whittington, 84_At Mansfield, 79, William White, to Miss Charlotte Sewell-Mr. John Chris

Clarke, gent.--At Southwell, Mrs. Lowe, relict of tian to, Miss LambMr. John Mott, to Mary

Sherbrook Lowe, esq. 78Mr. J. Birket, jun. 33— Elizabeth Manning-Mr. Bolton, to Miss Neave,

At Long Bennington. Mr. John Rimmington, 72. of Heigham-In London, George Edward, eldest son of the late Dr. Beckwith, to Miss Martha

OXFORDSHIRE. Brown, of Norwich-At Thetford, Mr. Charles Lloyd, printer and bookseller, to Jane, second The whole number of degrees in Easter term daughter of the Rey. B. Price, of Woodbridge. was D. D. two; D. C. L. two; B. D. four; Incorp.

Died.] At Norwich, John Grenside, esq. an B. M. one; Incorp. M. A. one; M. A. fifty-one; eminent corn-factor-In her 104th


Mrs. B. A. forty-eight; Matriculations, ninety-two. Lancy, relict of the Rev. Benjamin Lancy, formerly Married.] At Ipsden, Mr. George Anthony rector of Mulbarton-Anne, wife of Wm. Unthank, Wake, of Tatchbury, Hants, to Mary Maria, only esq. 56-In the Close, Thomas Tawell, esq. 57; daughter of John Dodd, esq. of Ipsden. who having been deprived of his sight, founded Died.) At Chestleton, 90, Thomas Cranage, esq. the Blind hospital in this city in 1805_Mr. Ed -Ae Watlington, 18, Cornelia Maria, eldest daugh

ter of Mr. R. Lampitt, solicitor-At Witney, Mr. William Shawe, esq. of Downside House, to ElizaLeake, in his 88th year, formerly an eminent solici. beth Mary, youngest daughter of Lady Staines tor in that place--- After a few hours illness, John The Rev. David Stewart Moncrieffe, rector of los Hankins, a member of the society of Friends-At ton and of Weston, to Elizabeth Young, second Headington, Mrs, Martha Savage, 74 At Marsh daughter of the late George Monkland, esq, of Bela) Mills, near Henley, Miss Elizabeth House, 20- At mont, Bath - George Helyar, esq. barrister, ito Henley, Mrs. Marsh, relict of Barrett Marsh, esq. Louisa Matilda, third daughter of the late W, Rus: 59-The Rer. John Curtis, D.D. one of the senior sel, esq. of Barningham Hall, Norfolk At Crewe. fellows of Magdalen College, 74.

kerne, John Gray Draper, esq. to Martha, eldest

daughter of Samuel Sparks, esq. banker-At Shapa. SHROPSHIRE.

wick, Captain Gyles, 9th regt. of foot, to Maria, The Rev. Henry Calveley Cotton, M. A. vicar of eldest daughter of George Warry, esq. -At St. Penn, Bucks, , is instituted to the rectory of Ain Kew, William Norris, esq. youngest son of the late stock; patron, Sir C. Corbet, bart.

Rev. John Norris, of Dulverton, to Hannah, second Birth.] At Prado, the Hon. Mrs. Kenyon, of a daughter of the late James Read, M.D. of Tremear daughter."

House, Cornwall. Married.] J. N. Ashwood, of Brasley, esq. to Died,] At Bath, of a rapid decline, Christiana Miss France, daughter of Lieut. France, R.N.-At Louisa, youngest daughter of the Hon. Paul HorsDodleston, near Chester, Mr. George Harper, of ford, his majesty's attorney general for the LeeWhitchurch, solicitor, to Miss Mary Johnson, of ward Islands-Lieut. Colonel Flint, late of the Edge Higher Hall, in this county--At Shrewsbury, e. I. C.'s service on the Madras establishment James Stanley, esq. solicitor, of Market Drayton, to The Rev. Josiah Thomas, archdeacon of Bath, 61"* Mrs. Rowland Bayley-At Hanmer, Mr. Thomas Mrs. Douglas, widow of the Rev. James Douglas, Paddock, of the New Buildings, in this county, to F.A.S. of Preston, near Brighton, and whom she Miss Saralı Fhilips, of Halghton, Flintshire,

survived scarcely six months- Dr. James Sims, Died.) At his house near Oswestry, Mr. James formerly of Finsbury-square, 80_-The Hon. Miss Green, 76, twenty-four years master of the free P. H. Hutchinson, sister to the Earl of Donough: school at Clungerford, near Ludlow, and afterwards more-At Bristol, Mr. James Norton, many years master of respectable academies at Bath, and at a respectable bookseller, and a man of the strietest Runcorn in Cheshire-At Oswestry, the youngest integrity-Cept. Edward Power, 76, senior dock. daughter of Thomas Maurice, esq.-At Court of master of this port twenty-one years—At CanningHill, 73, Thomas Fowler, esq. and of Abbey Cwmhir, ton, near Bridgewater, Mary, daughter of R. Symes, in Radnorshire-At All Stretton, 65, regretted by esq. 22——The Rev. William Perkins, M.A. 75, vicar all who knew his worth, the Rev. Richard Wild of Kingsbury, in this county, and forty-five years ing, A. M. fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, curate of Twyford, Bucks, senior member of Lin. 1° rector of Easthorpe, curate of Wolstanton and coln College, Oxford, and one of the oldest chap. Smethcott, one of his majesty's justices of the lains to his present majesty, leaving a widow and peace for this county, surrogate for the diocese fourteen children. of Hereford, one of the trustees of the free grammar

STAFFORDSHIRE. school in this town, and of Church Stretton, in this county. As a magistrate, he was possessed of quick Married.] At Tamworth, Mr. Benjamin Hat: discernment, solid judgment, and strict integrity. field, to Miss Graves, of Settle, Yorkshire - At As a clergyman, he had an extensive share of learn. Wednesbury, Mr. William Jones, of Candeston ing, and was sincerely attached to the doctrines Park, Salop, to Miss Brown, of the foriner place. and discipline of the church of England. In do Died.) At Statfold Hall, Samuel Pipe Wolmestic life, he was in every relation exemplary— ferstan, esq. aged 69 — At Stafford, Mary, wife of At Norton near Shrewsbury, Mr. George, 75—At the Rev. Robert Anlezark, and eldest daughter of Condover, in his 81st year, the Rev. Edward Daker, the late Dr. Warren, rector of Ripple-At the M. A. formerly fellow of Magdalen College, Cam vicarage-house, Biddulph, Dorothy, wife of the Rev. bridge.

James Sewell.

SUFFOLK. The Rev. Dr. Moysey, rector of Walcot, has Birth.) At Mildenhall, the lady of the Rev. H. been appointed by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, G. Phillips, of a son. to the archdeaconry of Bath, vice the Rev. Josiah Married.) At Bungay, Thomas Collingwood Thomas, deceased. The Rev. Dr. Moysey has ap Hughes, esq. son of the late Rev. Sir Robert pointed the Rev. Mr. Baker, minister of Christ Hughes, bart, to Elizabeth St. John, youngest Church, vice the Rev. J. Thomas.

daughter of Robert Butcher, of Upland Grove, near The Rev. James Hooper is presented to the rec Bungay, esq.-At Blakenhain Magna, Mr. William tory of Stowell.

Waller, of Ipswich, to Miss Martha Banyard, of ** The Rev. Charles Francis Bampfylde is preferred the former place-At Ipswich, George Helyar, to the rectory of Dunkerton; patron, Sir Charles esq. barrister at law, and fellow of New College, to Warwick Bampfylde, bart.

Louisa Matilda, third daughter of the late W. R. The Rev. Thomas Oldfield Bartlett, rector of Russell, esq. of Barningham Hall, Norfolk - At Swanage, Isle of Purbeck, to the rectory of Sutton Mendlesham, the Rev. John Lucas Worship, to Montagu, void by the death of the Rev. Dr. Palmer. Frances Bridget, second daughter of the late Starl- *

Birth.) At Swanswick Cottage, the lady of G. ing Day, jun. of Norwich, esq. A. Sawyer, esq. of a son.

Died.) At Bury St. Edmunds, Charles Blachley, Married.) At Bath, John Maule, esq. son of esq. 73, paymaster of the West Suffolk militiathe Rev. John Maule, late chaplain of Greenwich At Stowmarket, Mrs. Fuller, late of Buxhall-At Hospital, to Frances Emma, youngest daughter of Sapiston, aged 63, Mr. William Farrow-At the Samuel Norinan, esq. of Taunton, Somerset-R. T. parsonage-house, Ipswich, the Rev. Baily Wallis, Bateman, esq. of Wheathills, near Derby, to Made D.D. rector of St. Mary Stoke, Ipswich, 63-0f a lina, youngest daughter of the late Robert Wil. deep decline, Henry, eldest son of James Thonloughby, esq. of Kingsbury Cliff, Warwickshire

dike, est.



M " . E

neysel Mut!* 1 91 T F serisolb

Births.) At Worcester, the lady of Jonas Mal

1 den, M.D. of a daughter---At Malvern, the lady of Merred.) At Windlesham, Richard Norris, Captain Marsden, of a son. " esq. to Wilhelmina, second daughter of Sir James Married.) Captain Herbest Brace Powell, R.N. Gambler, his majesty's consul-general in the to, Miss Eleanor Mary Bradney Marsh, of Lyde United Netherlands-At Godalming, William Pon-, House, Staffordshire. tifex, esq. to Ann, eldest daughter, and at the Died.) At Worcester, Mr. Edward Wood-Mr. same time and place, Edmund Pontifex, esq. to Samuel Overton, 61--At Evesham, Mrs. Meads Sarah, second daughter, of Robert Marshall, esq.- At Tything, Miss Eliz. Tomlinson–At Cotheridge, Mr. Thomas Horsley, of Southwark, to Miss Denyer,

of Southwark, to Miss Denyer, George Deakin, esq of Godálming. .. Diad.) At Richmond, Mrs. Broughton, widow

YORKSHIRE. of the Rev. Thomas Broughton, rector of Tiverton. On Monday the 12th ult, the foundation-stone of SUSSEX.

the new church at Bishop Burton, was laid by the

Rev. Robert Rigby, the vicar. Thirty-five years ago, the resident population of

The Rev. William Bishop is presented by the Brighton did not exceed 3000 persons; now it ex.

Rey. Henry Heap, vicar of Bradford, to the pers! ceeds 21,000,

petual curacy of Thornton, in the parish of Bradford. Birth]. At Chichester, the lady of the Rev.

Births.] At Brandsby, the lady of Francis Chol.' Bari Phipps, prebendary of Chichester, of a son.

meley, esq. of a daughter-At Hulton Lodge, near Married.] At Catsfield, the Rev. William Delves,

Malton, the lady of Colonel J. Maister, of a daugh to Mary, youngest daughter of Francis Bedingfield,

ter-At Hessle Mount, the lady of J. R. Watson eq. of Kirklinton Hall, Cumberland -At Hastings,

esq. of a son-At Hull, the lady of Dr. Bell, of Charles Willis, esq. of Cranbrook, Kent, to Mrs.

a son. Whitehead, of the former place-George Butcher,

Married.) At Ripon, Thomas Darnborough, esq. esq. of Burchet, to Miss Eliz. Lawrence, of Hyde

to Maria, only daughter of the Rev. Joshua Samp- ', Farm, Bisham, Bucks.

son, of South Otterington, near Northallerton At Died.) - At Brighton, George Knowles, esq. 47

Scarborough, the Rev. William Woodhall, rector of At Little Green, 70, Thomas Peckham Phipps, esq.

Bramston and Waltham, Leicestershire, to Miss late of Heywood House, Wilts.

Dowker, of Salton-At Doncaster, the Rev. Henry WARWICKSHIRE.

Fenton, to Dorothy-Anne, daughter of Samuel

Cooke, esq. Streetfields, Warwickshire, The Rer. Thomas Lea, A.M. of Trinity College,

Died.] At Chapel Allerton, Margaret Brogden.'' Oxford, has been collated by the Bishop of Litch

wife of Wm. Williams Brown, esq. banker, Leeds, field and Coventry, to the vicarage of Bishop's

26-Thomas Norcliffe, esq. of Langton, near MalItchington in this county.

ton, 63, one of his Majesty's justices of the peace Barths.) At Castle Bromwich, the Viscountess

for the North and East Ridings-At White Win." Newport, of a daughter-At Farnborough, of twin

dows, near Halifax, Lydia, widow of Joseph Priestdaughters, the lady of William Holbech, esq.

ley, esq. 70—At Thirsk, Lieut. D.R. Addison, of the Married.) At Aston, near Birmingham, Mr.

101st regt, of foot, son of the late Rev. Daniel Ad. William. Imms, of Bishopsfrome, to Miss Jane

dison-At Market Weighton, Mr. Bradley, the Roberts, of Groton, Salop."

Yorkshire giant : when dead, he measured 9 feet" WESTMORELAND.

in length, and 3 feet across the shoulders---At his

seat at Aske, near Richmond, at an advanced age, le has been determined by a public meeting, to

Thomas Lord Dundas. The title devolves upon his establish annual races in the vicinity of Kendal, son, the Hon. Laurence Dundas, M.P. for Yorkto continue three days. . There are to be at least At Huddersfield, Jobn, eldest son of the Rev. Dr. two plates of 501. each, besides sweepstakes, Boothroyd, 19. matches, &c. Died.) At Appleby, Captain Watson, of the

WALES. Westmoreland militia.

The foundation-stone of a new market, town hall,

and market-place was laid at Neath, GlamorganWILTSHIRE.

shire, on the 31st of May, by the Portrecve, at: The Rev. William Roles has been instituted to tended by the burgesses and gentlemen of the thé rectory of Upton Lovell, vacant by the death town, &c. of the Hon, and Rev. Edward Seymour.

The Rev. William Morgan, vicar of Llanfynydd, Birth.) At Fifehead parsonage, the lady of the to the consolidated vicarage of Cryo and Lansawel, Rev. Edward Peacock, of a son.

rice the Rev. H. Williams, deceased. Married.) At Salisbury, Mr. Henry Baker, of Married.) At Neath, William Powell, esq. to Wilton, to Miss Barrett-At Marlboro', Mr. Cliff, of Hannah Eliza, eldest daughter of the late John Woodborough, to Miss White At Trowbridge, Jones, esq. of Derry Ormond, Cardiganshire-At Ms. James Timbrell, to Miss A. Burnett, of Holt. Nantglyn, Denbighshire, A. Owen Pugh, esq. to

Died.) At his seat, Rushell, Sir John Methuen Miss Jane Lloyd. Poore, bart. 75—At Torquay, whilst in conversation Died.) At Plas ynllan, near Ruthin, in her 81st with part of his family, Henry Foot, esq. of Ber- year, Mrs. Jones, relict of Edward Jones, esq. of wick St. John's, in this county, 69 At Droxford, Llangynhafel, Denbighshire-At Neston, Elizabeth William Rogers, esq. 82-At Burbage, Thomas Agnes, wife of C, B, Trevor Roper, esq. of Plas Teg, Pearce, esq. 79.–At Pern House, in this county, Flintshire-At Gronant, 85, Mrs. Bulkeley, mother Susannah, daughter of the late Mr. John High of Capt. Bulkeley, and aunt to Sir W. Bulkeley more, of Thornford, Dorsetshire.

Hughes, of Plascoth, Anglesey-Near Haverford

west, the Rev. Thomas Phillips, M.A. rector of WORCESTERSHIRE.

Haroldston and Lambton, Pembrokeshire, and The Dean and Chapter of Worcester have ap chaplain to the bishop of St. David's-Mrs. D. pointed the Rev. Alen Wheeler, B.D. to the head Davies, relict of Hugh Davies, esq. banker, of mestership of the college school.

Machynlleth, 85.



Sir James Bond, bart. 77–At Maynooth College, The Caledonian canal, now carrying on for avoid in his 69th year, the Rev. Paul O'Brien, many ing the tedious and dangerous navigation round years profelsor of the Irish language in that estabthe Northern and Western coasts of Scotland, is fishment-At Cargustown, Alex. Macfarquhar, at truly gigantic. When completed, ships of 22 guns the great age of 103 - Also at Ballysalla, near Kitwill be able to navigate it; the depth is to be 20 kenny, aged III years, Mrs. Bridget Byrne-At feet, the width at the bottom 50, and at the surface Waterford, suddenly, W. Newport, esq. banker, of the water 110 feet; and the sluices from 162 to

and only brother of Sir John Newport, bart. M.P. 172 feet in length.

-Miss Catherine Hayden, only surviving daughter Married.) At Edinburgh, Archibald Johnston,

of Philip Hayden, esq. esq. of Pittowie, to Miss Clarkson - At Gilston House, Fifeshire, Captain John Whitehill Parsons,

DEATHS ABROAD. 10th hussars, to Mary-Elizabeth, second daughter

At St. George d'Elmina, on the gold coast of of the late Major-general Dewar, of Gilston.

Africa, F. C, E. Oldenburgh, president, governor Died.) At Edinburgh, Hugh Warrender, esq.

of that fortress, and commander-in-chief of thre of Burntsfield, his majesty's agent for Scotland,

Dutch settlements in Guinea, This gentleman and deputy-keeper of the signet--At the Manse of

was deservedly respected by all classes, and parLocalsh, Dr. Alexander Downie-At Delrow, Lieut.

ticularly so by his English neighbours, the othColonel Leighton Cathcart Dalrymple, C. B. 15th hussars, second son of General Sir Hugh Dalrymple, both in time of peace and war, on terms of per

cers of Cape Coast Castle, with whom he lived, bart.-At Milton, Ayrshire, Lady Hunter Blair

fect friendship and cordiality-At Paris, . George At Aberdeen, at the advanced age of 91, John Aber

Dering, of Barham Court, county Kent, esq.At crombie, esq. formerly chief magistrate in that city

sea, on his return from Lisbon, where he had been -At Hopeville, Caithness, Mrs. Helen Sinclair,

for benefit of climate, Thomas Stodart, esq. Carwife of David Brodie, esq.; a few hours afterwards,

drona N. B.-On the coast of Cephalonia, Mr. at Stanstill, Mrs. Henrietta Sinclair, her sister, both daughters of the late James Sinclair, of Harps- ship Glasgow, suddenly carried off by * violent

Henry Hyde Preemantle, midshipman of H. M. dale, esq.; also Jane, 2d daughter of David Brodie,

fever in the 18th year of his age. He was the esq.-At Rineton, the Rey, James Macdonald, chaplain to the late 78th regt.-At Inverness, Mrs.

third son of the late Vice Admiral Sir Thomas Free

mantle, and promised, by his devotion to his proMargery Maclean, 56-At Perth, Mrs. Pringle, wife

fession, to have made as gallant an officer as his of the Rev. Dr. Pringle.

lamented father-At Jamaica, March 27, of a fever

which has been so destructive for the last twelve IRELAND.

months throughout that island, Miss. Popham, Births. ] In Dublin, the lady of N. W. Brady, daughter of Sir Home Popham, and one of the esq. sheriff elect, of a daughter-The lady of Benj. most amiable and most accomplished of her sexRiky, esg. of a son — At Westland, county Water At Canton, on board the Vansittart, which he comford, the lady of the Rev. H. Fleury, of a daughter manded, Captain Robert Stair Dalrymple, young

- At Duckett's grove, county Carlow, the lady of est son of Sir H. Hamilton Dalrymple, bart. of John Dawson Duckett, esq. of a daughter-On Bargeny and North Berwick-On board the packet Morrison's Island, Cork, the lady of Jer. James off Madeira, Frances Theodosia Viscountess PowersMurphy, esq. of a daughter-At Beaulieu House, court, Her ladyship was eldest daughter of Robert county Louth, the lady of Henry Metcalf, esq. Earl of Roden, born in August, 1795, and married M.P. of twin daughters - In Cork, the lady of T. in February, 1813, leaving issue a son born in De Rye, esq. of Rye Court, of a son.

cember, 1813At Ratisbon, aged 84, the Right Rev. Married.] In Dublin, the Rev. George Bissh Charles Arbuthnot, lord abbot of the Scot's me. opp, archdeacon of Aghydor, to Elizabeth, the nastery and college of St. James's, in Ratisbon. This youngest daughter of Captain Sproule, R.N. - venerable prelate was born in the parish of LongNicholas Colthurst, esq. late major in the Portu side, Aberdeenshire, from whence he was sent, at guese servicce, to Harriet, youngest daughter of an early age, to the above seminary, of which, for John O'Donnell, esq. barrister-W.S, Blood, esq. considerably more than half a century, he was the to Mrs. Anne Studdert-Thomas B. Mayne, esq. to brightest ornament and guardian. He was emiCathesine, eldest daughter of James Cowley, esq. nently distinguished for his classical knowledge, The Rev. Thomas Thompson, to Louisa Charlotte, and accounted one of the best mathematicians in only daughter of Johu Metge, esq. and niece of the Germany, having repeatedly carried off the first late Baron Metge - At Castle Connel, Sir John prize from the German universities, for solving maAllen De Burghe, bart, to Miss Anna Matilda Wala thematical problems. The Abbot's funeral was ler, of Castle Waller, county Tipperary-At White solemnized with the greatest pomp, and attended Church, Henry B. Archer, esq. only son of the late by crowds of the German nobility, eager to pay Admiral Archer, to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of their last mark of respect to the remains of a man Nicholas Gifford, of Ballysop, county Wexford, esq, so universally beloved and so deeply regretted-On

Died.) At Eskar, the Rev. Edward Berwick, the 9th June, aged 69, the Princess Dowager of rector of Leixlip, county Kildare, and Clongish, in Orange, mother of the king of the Netherlands.

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