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square, William Bowles, esq. a captain in late of Marsham-street-Elizabeth, wife of the royal navy, to the Hon. Frances Temple, Mr. Green, of Clerkenwell-Richard Heaeldest daughter of the late Viscount Palmer- they, esq. of Mincing-lane, 80—At Haniston, and sister to the present-At St. Mar- mersmith, the widow of the late R. Hill, esq. garet's, Westminster, Sir John Miles Win- - Mr. Joseph Metcalfe, East Smithfield, 60nington, to Miss Henrietta Antonia, second At Hadley, the wife of John Newberry, esq. daughter of the late Bedingfield Pogson, esq. late lieut.-col. of the Sussex militia-At and great niece of the present Earl of Glen- Chelsea, the Rev. Thomas Pierson, D. D. 74 cairne-Capt. Chalmer, of the royal artil -Mr. John Rutter, of Mount-street, Groslery, to Caroline Anne, the youngest daugh- venor-square, 79–Mr. Robert Sorrell, aged ter of Keen Stables, esq. of Abingdon-street, 28, only son of Mr. Thomas Sorrell, BarWestminster-By special licence, the Hon. tholomew Close-At Enfield, Mrs. Thomas, Arthur Chichester, eldest son of the late wife of the Rev. T. Thomas-At his house Lord Spencer Chichester, to Lady Augusta in the Tower, John Urquhart, esq. of the Pagett, daughter of the Marquis of Anglesea ordnance office-At Littleton, Middlesex, -G. Evans, esq. to Susanna, only daughter Mrs. Wood, wife of Thomas Wood, esq. of John Allen, esq. Queenhithe-At Willes- At Marseilles, H. Witherby, third son of den, R. Finch, esq. of the royal mint, to Mr. Witherby, Birchin-lane-At Islington, Miss Franklyn, eldest daughter of R. Frank- aged 53, Mrs. Witherby, widow of the late lyn, esq. of the royal mint-Captain Robert G. H. Witherby, of Birchin-lane-At his Melville Grindlay, of the H. E. I. C. mili- house at Chelser, 67, John Wilson, esq. tary establishment, to Maria Susanna, eldest R. N. daughter of John Wm. Commerell, esq. of Lower Berkeley-street--At St. George's,


OF YORK. Hanover-square, Charles Brooke Hunt, esq. of Norfolk-street, Park-lane, to Margaret, This amiable Princess departed this life daughter of the late Ed. Knowles, esq. on Sunday the 6th August, a few minutes -John Haggard, LL. D. of Doctors' Com- after nine o'clock. In another part of our mons, and fellow of Trinity Hall, Cam- Miscellany will be found some particulars bridge, to Caroline, youngest daughter of of her decease (see p. 343). She was the the late Mark Hodgson, of Bromley, Middle- eldest daughter of the late King of Prussia, sex-At St. Mary-le-Bone church, C. Hud- by his first consort, Elizabeth Ulrica Chrisson, esq. to Lucy Ann, only daughter of tiana, Princess of Brunswick Wolfenbuttel. the late General Bourdrier-At Mary-le- She was born May 7, 1767, and was married Bone church, George Jenkins, of Wey- to his Royal Highness Sept. 29, 1791. Her mouth-street, Portman-place, esq. to Mary, Royal Highness was a most excellent and third daughter of N. Gow, esq.–At St. exemplary character. Her charities were Mary-le-Strand, G. Parsons, esq. surgeon numerous, though not ostentatious; and R. N. to Mary Polhill, daughter of the late the poor of the neighbourhood, as well D. Polhill, esq. builder, royal dock-yard, as many other objects of her benevolence, Chatham-Mr. Charles Pugh, of Great will have ample reason to lament her loss. Dover-street, to Miss Austin, of Highgate. Her Royal Highness did not mix much in Mr. Seddon, of Aldersgate-street, to Frances general society, but in the select circle in Nelson, eldest daughter of Mr. C.M.Thomas, which she did move, she was most sincerely of Martin's-lane, Cannon-street-At St. Pan- esteemed. Among her numerous beneficent cras church, Charles Waring, esq. of Maida acts, not a servant of her household was Hill, to Catherine, daughter of F. Dollman, married but a home was provided for the esq. of Upper Charlotte-street, Fitzroy- couple by the Princess; and the estate and square-Mr. James Wilson, haberdasher, of its neighbourhood abounded with cottages the Strand, to Miss Grace Silver, of Mar so tenanted. Her Royal Highness also gate At St. John's, Hackney, Mr. John founded two Benefit Societies for male Westlake, to Catherine Jane, daughter of adults : the one in Weybridge, and the other the late C. Metter-At Mary-le-bone church, at Walton-upon-Thames; and not only did George Wallis, esq. Hampstead-road, to she endow them liberally at the outset, but Harriet, second daughter of the late James she unceasingly watched over their progress, Robson, of Conduit-street.

and fostered their interests by her care. BeDied.] In Sackville-street, Emma Blag- sides this, she had a long list of infirm penden, eldest daughter of Richard Blagden, sioners, both male and female, in London, esq.--Mrs. Bertram, widow, New Bond- who were regularly paid out of her Royal street, 56_John Barnes, esq. at his house, Highness's funds, some five pounds, some in Lincoln's Inn-fields, in his 89th year- ten, and some twenty pounds a-year. The At Ramsgate, in consequence of being lists of public charities likewise bear testithrown from his chaise, John Child, esq. of mony to the zeal of her humanity, and Nine Elms, second son of Wm. Child, esq. afford ample proofs of the interest which she of Clapham Common, 39-At his house in took in every thing calculated to proinote Bouverie-street, of apoplexy, James Dobie, the happiness, or to alleviate the sufferings, esq. solicitor, 79—Ai Chelsea, Mrs. Evati, of her fellow-creatures.


Her Royal Highness in stature was some- dercourt house, Derby; who died not long what below the common height, and her since, leaving no issue by his Lordship. figure was formed in proportionate delicacy and softness. Her countenance was pleasing, and shone resplendent with the real Lately, at the Villa house, Bathwick, died, benevolence of her mind. Her complexion aged 85, John Trusler, LL.D. This singular was fair, and the general contour of her face character was born in London in 1735. He not unlike the other branches of the Royal had no academical education, but was bred l'amily. Her accomplishments were those to physic in a very humble line, though which usually adorn the fair sex; and al- afterwards he contrived to obtain orders, though not attached to the fine arts as a stu and for some time officiated as a curate in dent, she was remarkable for the excellence and about London. In 1771 he started a of her judgment, and the general correctness project peculiar to himself, that of abridging of her taste,

the sermons of eminent divines, and print

ing them in the form of manuscripts, so as THE MARQUESS OF ORMONDE.

not only to save clergymen the trouble of Died on the 10th August, at his seat, composing their discourses, but even of tranUlcombe Place, Kent, in the 51st year of scribing them. Dr. 'Trusler next established his age, the most Hon. Walter, Marquess and a printing and bookselling business, upon an Earl of Ormonde in Ireland, and Baron extensive and very lucrative scale, the profits Butler in England, K. P, and Governor of of which enabled him to retire with a comthe county of Kilkenny. He is succeeded petence. He resided several years at Bath, by his next brother, James, now Earl of and latterly at his estate on Englefield Green Ormonde and Ossory. This distinguished in Middlesex. This wholesale dealer in Nobleman was the head and representative compilations manufactured the following of at least the second, if not the first, noble works, several of which have the merit of and illustrious family in Ireland. He was utility: - Hogarth moralized, 8vo. 1766. the Premier Earl of that part of the United Chronology, or a Concise View of History, Kingdom; and the Marquisate of Ormonde 12mo. 1769. Principles of Politeness, ex(which, as well as the Dukedom thereof, tracted from Chesterfield's Letters, 12mo. was long held by his Lordship's ancestors) 1775. Account of the Islands lately diswas a few years since revived in his favour. covered in the South Sea, with an Account The family name was originally Fitzwalter, of the Country of Kamschatka, 8vo. 1777; but was changed for the official one of Butler, being an Abridgment of Cook's Voyages. in consequence of a grant from Henry II. tó Practical Husbandry, or the Art of Farming, Theobald Fitzwalter, of the place of Chief 8vo. 1780. The Sublime Reader, or the Butler of England. This grant was after- Morning and Evening Services of the Church wards extended, particularly in 1372, by Ed- pointed as they should be read, 12mo. 1782. ward III., who confirmed the duty granted View of the Common and Statute Law of on wines imported into Ireland to James Le England. An Abridgment of Blackstone's Botilier, Earl of Ormonde, and his heirs. It Commentaries, 4to. 1784. Compendium of has accordingly been vested in this family Useful Knowledge, 12mo. 1784. A Dicduring an interval of nearly seven hundred tionary of Rhymes, 8vo. 1784. Modern years,

with an exception of time between the Times, or the Adventures of Gabriel Outexecution of Charles I. and the restoration cast, 3 vols. 1 2mo. 1785. The London Adof Charles Il. In consequence of a patent viser and Guide, svo. 1786. The Country for the prisage of wines in Ireland, the But- Lawyer, 12mo. 1786. The Honours of the lers have sometimes levied the duty by means Table, or Rules for Behaviour during Meals; of their collector, and sometimes permitted with the Art of Carving, 12mo. 1788. Eight it to be farmed by Government, at the rate Years' Almanack, on a sheet, 1788. Sumof 4,000l. per annum. In the Spring of mary View of the Constitutional Laws of 1807, Mr. Kingston, a merchant of Dublin, England, 8vo. 1788. On the Importance of resisted the claim, and an action having a Farmer's Life, a Sermon, 8vo. 1793. The been brought, a verdict was found for the Life and Adventures of William Ramble, plaintiff, by which it was estimated the Esq. 3 vols. 12mo. 1793. The Art of Garfamily revenue would be increased from 12 dening, 8vo. Essay on Literary Property, to 15,000l. per annum. Not long after this 8vo. 1796. The Assessed Tax Act explained, decision in favour of the family took place, 8vo. 1798. A third volume of his Chronoit was purchased by the Irish Government logy, 12mo. 1805. Memoirs of his Life, for a considerable sum.-The late Marquess part 1, 4to. 1806. Detached Philosophic was born early in 1770. In January 1801 Thoughts on Man, 2 vols. 12mo. 1810. he was created a Peer of the United King- Proverbs exemplified, 12mo. 1811.- Among dom, as Baron Butler of Llanthony, in the other compilations sent forth by the Doctor, county of Monmouth. In March 1805, his we must not omit to mention one in numLordship married Anne, sole daughter and bers, entitled The Habitable World Displayheiress of Joseph Hart Pryce Clarke, esq. ed; besides a Clerical Almanack, Moore's Alformerly of Cork, in Ireland, but then of Al- manack improved, and other similar works.

New MONTALY Mag.-No. 80.


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CHESHIRE. Married.]} At Houghton / Regis, J. W. Donne, The Rev. Charles Kenrick Prescott, M. A. of esq. of London, to Miss Hasselhurst, of the former Brazen Nose college, Oxford, is presented by place.

Lord Bulkeley to the rectory of Stockport, in the Died.) At his seat at Milton-Bryan, on Mon room of his late father, the Rey. Charles Prescott. day the 21st August, Sir Hugh Inglis, bart. 78. He Births.) The lady of John Ryle, esq. of Park has left a widow; and, by a former wife, a son, now House, of a son-At Chester, the lady of Pierce Sir Robert Harry Inglis, bart. and two unmarried Wynne Yorke, esq. of Dyffryn Aled, of a daughter. danghters. Sir Hugh was many years in the East Married.) At Chester, the Rev. Thomas Moss, Indies. Soon after his return to England he was of Edinburgh, to Miss Jane Lowe, of Chester elected into the direction of the East India Com At Everton, Myles Sandys, esq. to Miss Frances pany's affairs, at the general election in April 1784. France, daughter of the late Thomas France, esq. He was created a baronet 26 June 1801; was colonel of Everton, and Bostock Hall-At Stockport, Mr. of the late 2d regt. of Royal East India Volunteers ; John Broadhurst, of Manchester, to Miss Anna was chosen chairman of the company in 1812, and Wild-Daniel Burton Mousely esq. of Chapel retired from the direction in April 1813.

Town, near Leeds, to Miss Heald, of Portwood

House, near Stockport-At Whitton, Thomas P BERKSHIRE.

Wakefield, esq. of Winnington, to Miss Filkin, of ?? Birth.] At Wakefield House, the lady of Went Northwich-At Eaton, Mr. Wm. Dod, to Miss worth Bayly, esq. of a son and heir.

Brown of Tarporley--At Prestbury, Mr. Samuel *. 'Married.) At Beenham, the Rev. W. B. Young, Hine, to Miss Malkin, both of Sutton, of Reading, M, A. to Miss Hannah Butler, of Died.] At Chester, Mr. Bailey, 80, formerly of Snelsmore.At Newbury, Mr. Charles Feilden, to the Pigeon House, Handley-Mr. Bennett-Mrs. Miss Esther Roberts, of Linfitts, Saddleworth--At Dooley, 56_At Aldford, Mrs. Ann Harrison, 83 Linslade, the Rev. James Main, vicar of Linslade, Mrs. Thomas, 78—At Stockport, Mr. Peter Wilde to Eliza Jean, fourth daughter of the late David -At Gresford, Mrs. Briggs, 77, relict of the Rer. Fell, of Caversham Grove, Oxon.At Reading, John Briggs, late chancellor of this diocese - At Mr. M. Lamb, jun. of Catesgrove, to Charlotte, Burton Hall, Mrs. Congrave, wife of Richard Condaughter of Joseph Wolfe, esq. of the former grave, esq. place-At Bray, Thomas Dew Jones, esq. of Up

CORNWALL. per Berkeley-street, London, to Miss Sarah Elizabeth Wharton, of Maidenhead-bridge-D. Bennett, Births.) At East Looe, Mrs. J. Bickford, of a esg. of Farringdon House, to Ann Elizabeth, daughter-At Boscastle, Mrs. Sloggarty of a youngest daughter of the late F. Boughton, esq. daughter. 2nd dragoon guards.

Married.] At St. Clement, L. H. Potts, esq. to Died.] At Reading, Miss Jane Phelp-At Miss Mary Ann Wright, of Lambess0_At St. Finchamstead, Mr. Goodchild, 86—At Aldermaston, Colomb, Mr. Benjamin Buin, of Gorran, to Mrs. Mrs. Hickman-At Methley, Loraine Peirse, esq.

Jewell. 78.

Died.) At East Looe, Mrs. Elizabeth Walter BUCKINGHAMSHIRE.

At West Love, Mrs. Hearle, 76_At Fuwey, Miss Married.] ' At Hughendon, Henry Dumbleton, Wolcot, the last of the family of the celebrated

Peter Pindar--At Middle Amble, St. Kew, Mrs. esq. of Marlborough Buildings, Bath, to Ellen, * eldest daughter of John Norris, esq. of Hughendon

Hambly, relict of Edmund Hambly, of Pool Hall,

Menheniot-At Padstow, Thomas Rawlings, esq. House-At Linslade, the Rev. James Main, vicar

62, one of his majesty's justices of the peace for of Linslade, to Eliza Jane, fourth daughter of the late David Fell, of Caversham Grove, Oxfordshire.

this county-At Tolvan, Miss Elizabeth O'Dogherty,

eldest daughter of the late Col. OʻDogherty. Died.] At High Wycombe, Mr. John Walduck, 77-Miss Elizabeth Go Ison, 39—At Bradenham

CUMBERLAND. Rectory, Jean, widow of the late Charles Fox, esq. of Chalcombe Priory, Northamptonshire At Chil.

The Rev. R. Rice, M. A. of Merton college, is ton Parsonage, Mrs. Kipling, 81, relict of the Rev. presented to the perpetual curacy of Hayton, and Charles Kipling, many years incumbent of that vicarage of Kirkland : patrons, the dean and chapparish.

ter of Carlisle.

Birth.] At Woodslee, the lady of George Scott CAMBRIDGESHIRE.

Elliot, esq. of Larriston, of a son. The Rev. C. G. Jackson is preferred to the Married.] At Carlisle, Mr. Joseph Cowen, to ricarage of Histon St. Andrew with Histon St. Miss Elizabeth Braithwaite-Mr. Robert Gardner, Etheldred, void by the death of the Rev. Dr. to Miss Jane Harkness-Mr. Robert Sewell, to Miss Edwards.

Catherine Kennedy-At Crosscannonley, Captain Married.] At Cambridge, J. Hitch, esq. to Miss Jeremiah Wilson, to Miss Mary Frances Hodgson, Frances Howard, of Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks-At both of Maryport-At Egremont, Mr. Wm. Beck, Chatteris, Thomas Richardson, jun. esq. to Mary, of Wood-end, to Miss Elizabeth Cooke. youngest daughter of the late J. Allpress, esq. of Died.) At Carlisle, Mr. John Matthews, 64St. Ives-At Wisbeach, Mr. J. Rumball, to Miss Mr. Henry Canwick, 66-Mr. John Hardiug, 76 Amy Stanton, of Leverington, Isle of Ely.

At Eamont Bridge, near Penrith, William Bleay. Died.] At Cambridge, Mr. John Heffer, 33— mire, esq.68-Mrs. Jane Chapelhow, 75-At MaryMr. R. Rawlings, of Rhadegund Buildings, 45-At port, Captain Wm. M‘Mellon, 63—Mr. John Col. Ely, in her 23d year, Mrs. Susan Hall-At Wis. lins-At Penrith, Mrs. Isabella Boak-At Birkley, beach, Miss Melton-At Barnwell, Mr. Robinson, 67. Mr.J. Rickaby, 61--At Armathwaite, Mr.J. Byers, 57.

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1 63-At Croft, near Darlington, Mr. Michael HamMarried.) At Ashbourn, John Windsor, esq.

mond, 37-At Hartlepool, the wife of Captain son of the late E. W. Windsor, esq. of Shrewsbury,

Swinburne, of the grenadier guards, 30-At South to Miss Ellen Webster, of Ashbourn-In London,

Shields, Mr. Wm. Clark, 38—Mrs. Smith, 84. Mr. S. J. Wright, of Derhy, to Miss Amelia Baker,

ESSEX.4.! of Newington-green-At Derby, Mr. Francis Huggins, to Miss Mary Witton—The Rev. A. Simpson,

The Rev. Shirley Western is preferred to the A. B. of Queen's coll. Cambridge, to Anne, only rectory of Rivenhall. daughter of John Borough, esq.-At Norton, Mr.

Married.] At Panfield, Mr. Clement, of Panfield Webster, of Woody Vale, to Miss Colley, of Nor Priory, to Miss Elizabeth Lambert, of Panfield ton Lees.


At Colchester, Mr. James Haddock, to Miss Died.) At Derby, Mr. Tunaley, 77.

Jane Socket, late of Rumford---At Coldhann's Hall,

Clavering, George Canning, esq. to Miss Gordon, of DEVONSHIRE.

Stansted. Wright, esq. only son of Peter Wright, The Rev. J. Rogers, rector of Mawnan, Corn. esq. of Hatfield Priory, in this county, to Mary, wall, has been installed canon residentiary of second daughter of Sir John Tyrrell, of Borebam Exeter, and the Rev. J. H. Polson to the prebendal House, bart.-At Tolleshunt Knights, Nathaniel stall in Exeter cathedral, both vacant by the death Rix, esq. of Blunderstone, Suffolk, to Miss Mary of the late Rev. Archdeacon Barnes.

Anne Wilkin, of the former place.At Greensted Births.) At Peamore, the lady of T. W. Blome Hall, Mr. Wm. Yell, to Miss Elizabeth Abrey, of field, esq. of a son-The lady of Sam. Kekewich, esq. Chelmsford. of a son--At Chawleigh, the lady of Thomas Caw. Died.] At Abridge, Charles Foster, esq. late of sey, esq. of a son and heir-At his seat, at Youls

the Contract office, Navy office, 66—At Shenfield ton, the lady of Sir Arthur Chichester, bart. of a Place, Richard Heatley, esq. 80-Suddenly, Ralph son, still-born-At Exeter, the lady of E. L. Kemp, Honywood, esq. second son of the late W. Hony. esq. of a son—At Mount Boona, the lady of Lieut. wood, esq. of Markshall--At Colchester, Mrs. col. Seale, of a son-At Bideford, the lady of Capt. Mary Munnings, 33--At Southend, Jane, wife of Bayley, R. A. of a son-At Tor Abbey, the Hon. James Browne, esq. 61At Stamford Rivers, Mr. Mrs. Clifford, of a daughter.

Mordecai Andrews, eldest son of the late Rev. M. Married.] At Topsham, the Rev. Robert Synge, Andrews, of Coggeshall, 39-At Bradwell Lodge, M.A. youngest son of the late Sir Robert Synge, the Rev. Richard Birch, M.A. rector of Bradwell bart. to Anne, eldest daughter of Benjamin Follett, and of Widdington, in this county-At Manningesq. of Topsham-At Ivy Bridge, C. Lethbridge, tree, Mr. Edward Alston, 77. esq. to Miss Milling, of Brixham-At Exeter, Mr. J. D. Osborne, to Miss Jane Rossiter, of Tiverton

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. At Cullompton, J. D. Winter, esq. of London, to

Birth.) At Cheltenham, the lady of Thomas Miss Sarah Leaman, of the former place-At Ply

Lewis Coker, esq. of a son. smouth, Mr. Hammett, to Miss Hodson-At Sid.

Married.) At Wickwer, Thomas Garlick, esq. mouth, Lieut. col. Sloper, to Charlotte Anne, se

of Stanley Wall, to Lucy, eldest daughter of Mr. cond danghter of the Rev. J. Bernard, rector of

Skey, of the former place-At Bibury, Wiliain Combeflory, Somersetshire.

Small, esq. of Weymouth, to Catherine Frances, Died.) At Exmouth, of gout in the stomach,

youngest daughter of the Rev. Charles Coxwell, of Dr. Cave-At Exeter, Mrs. E. Horrell, 81Mr. J.

Ablington House, in this county--At Stapleton, Tiler, 62_At Crediton, the Rev. Wm. Hazlitt,

Mr. Francis Gooding, of Dulverton, to Miss Eliza A. M, 8.At Buckland Filleigh, the Rev. John

Thompson, of Bristol-George Cave, esq. third son Downes, M. A. rector of that parish--At Plymouth, Mrs. Elizabeth Kingdon, 60--In Marlboro'-square,

of Stephen Cave, of Cleve Hill House, in this

county, to Anne, only daughter of Captain Michael Plymouth-dock, Thomas Frederick, esq. lieut, in

Halliday, R. N.–At Cheltenham, William Rendall, the 84th regt. 24.

esq. of New Windsor, Berks, to Frances Aue, DORSETSHIRE.

eldest daughter of the late Richard Grape, esq. Birth.) At Lyme, the lady of Peter A. Burrell,

Died.] At Cheltenham, T. B. Fitzgerald, esq.

39-At Newark House, the Rev. Lewis Clutteresq. of a son. Married.) At Weymouth, Thomas Gould Read,

buck, A. M. rector of Ozleworth, in this countyesq. of Dorchester, to Eliza, daughter of the late

At Tewkesbury, Edward Denward Copner, esg, of John Crouch, esq. of the former place— At Kenyn

Magdalon Hall, Oxford, 21-At Daglingworth, Mrs. stone, near Blandford, George Hooper, esq. to

Haines, relict of Giles Haines, esq. of that place, 89 Louisa, daughter of the late John Langton, esq. of

-At Moreton, near Thornbury, Mr. John Culli. Parnham Royal, Bucks.-At Sherborne, Thomas more, attorney at law-At Rodmarton, the infant Elliott Tucker, esq. to Miss Caroline Miles, of

son of the Rev. Daniel Lysons-At Winterbourne, Cranborne House, esq.

James, third son of the Rev. G. D'Arville, 20. Died.] At Shaftesbury, Mr. John Jeffery, 27

At Cranborne, Catherine, wife of the Rev. Henry
Donne, vicar of that parislı.

The Rev. James Towers is preferred to the vica

rage of Wherwell-The Rev. C. S. Bonnett, M. A. DURHAM.

of Sydney Sussex college, is instituted to the rectory Married.) At Bishop Wearmouth, Mr. Wm. of Avington. Stobart, jun. of Picktree House, near Chester-le Birth.) At West Hill Lodge, near Titchfield, street, to Miss Hayton, of the former place—Mr. the Right Hon. Lady Henry Paulet, of a daughter. Thomas Curtis, to Miss Ogle, of Appleby--At St. Married.] At Winchfield, the Rev. H. H. ChamHelen's Auckland, Mr. Wm. Worth, to Miss Eliza. pain, to Mary, youngest daughter of J. Wickibam, beth Gibbons At Stockton, Mr. Thoinas Cust, to esq. of Ballington-At Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, 1 Miss Vley.

the Rev. Davies Daniel, of Cwrtmawr, CardiganDied.] In Gilligate, Durham, Mr. John Haswell, shire, to Clementina, second daughter of the late 90, one of the Society of Friends--Mr.James Allen, Major Lyons.

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over it.

Died.] At Southampton, Elizabeth, daughter

LANCASHIRE. of the late Charles Bird, esq. and niece to the late

Blackfriars Bridge, Manchester.-On the first of Rev. Dr. Cooper, prebendary of Durham-Mrs.

August, in conformity with notice that this bridge Eliza Bird--Mr. Albert Wood-At Romsey, Mrs.

would be ready on that day for carriages to pass, Courtenay-At Cheriton, near Alresford, Mr.

the Liverpool and Chester mail coaches were driven Richard Fufth, 70—At Basingstoke, David Gra

The bridge is not finished; but a suffici. ham, esq. banker-Mrs. Stockwell, wife of the

ent way was cleared for the mails and some other Rev. Thomas Stockwell, of Stratford St. Anthony, near Salisbury-At Appleby House, Ryde, Isle of carriages. It is not quite nineteen months since

the first stone was laid; and it is expected to be Wight, Captain Hutt.

completed in October next. HEREFORDSHIRE.

Births.] At the Vicarage, Eccles, the lady of the

Rev. T. Blackburn, of a daughter--At Park House, The Rev. Dr. Carr, vicar of Brighton, succeeds

the lady of John Ryle, esq. of a son. to the deanery of Hereford.

Married.) At Manchester, Mr. James Hyde, of The Rev. Charles Taylor, M. A. head-master of

Stamford, to Mrs. Alice Porter, of the former place the cathedral school, is preferred to the prebend of

-Mr. George Oswald Smith, solicitor, to Miss Morton Magna, vacant by the death of the dean of

Margaret Smith-Mr. Thomas Tinling, to Miss Hereford.

Elizabeth Chew— Mr. James Buck, to Miss HanThe Rev. Edward Banks, rector of Corfe Castle,

nah Smith-At Rochdale, Sir Bagenal Wm. Bur. Dorsetshire, to the vicarage of Stoke Bliss, in this

dett, bart. to Esther, eldest daughter and one of diocese, void by the death of the Rev. Ananias

the co-heiresses of the late Thomas Smith, esq. of Brettell.

Castleton Hall, in this county-At Everton, Myles Died.) At Byford, the Rev. Lewis Maxey, M.A.

Sandys, jun, esq. to Frances, fifth daughter of rector of that parish, vicar of Bridge Sollers, Pres

the late Thomas France, esq. of Bostock Hall, ton and Blakemere, and senior minor canon of

Cheshire-At Prestbury, E. V. Fox, esq. to Anne, Hereford cathedral, 75-At the Deanery House, the

second daughter of J. S. Daintry, esq. of Foden very Rev. George Gretton, D. D. vicar of Upton

Bank, near Macclesfield-At Burnley, Septimus Bishop, near Ross, a canon residentiary and dean

Harrison, esq. of the 17th regt. of foot, to Frances of Hereford, 66. Dr. G. was educated at Cambridge,

Elizabeth, only daughter of John Shaw, esq.-At where in 1776, he graduated in the mathematical

Clithero, Mr. Jeremiah Horsefall, to Miss Anne class of Wranglers, and was elected a fellow of

Tomlin. Trinity college. He was advanced to the deanery

Died.] of Hereford on the interest of the Earl of Lonsdale

At Manchester, Mr. John Willan-The

Rev. Wm. Hawkes, minister of the dissenting - At Allensmore, the Rev. Walter Patteshall,

chapel in Mosley-street-At Liverpool, the lady of M, A. 32.

Sir Wm. Barton, 51—The celebrated Miss Margaret HERTFORDSHIRE.

M'Avoy, whose faculty of distinguishing colours by

the touch, gave rise to so much discussion in that Birth.] At Gorhambury, the Countess of Veru

town and elsewhere about three years ago-At lam, of a daughter.

Ridgefield, Martha, wife of Thomas Darwell, esq. Married.) At Hertford, Hugh Thomas James,

36——At Sutton, Mrs. Hall, widow of the Rev. esq. of Liverpool, to Miss Franklin, only daughter

Samuel Hall, minister of Macclesfield Forest, 784 of the Rev. F. W. Franklin, of Hertford.

At Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Eliza, wife of Mr. Died.] At King's Langley, Mrs. Jane Wingfield,

John M‘Intyre, merchant, and daughter of Major96.

general Ferrier, Dumbarton Castle, 32—At WestKENT.

houghton, Mr. Thomas Watmouth, 90-At Law Married.) At Broadstairs, Wm. Evans, esq.

House, Rochdale, Mr. James Holt, 74. M. P. of Darley, co. Derby, to Mary, eldest daugh

LEICESTERSHIRE. ter of the Rev. Thomas Gisborne, of Yoxall Lodge, Staffordshire-At Folkestone, Mr. Richard Hawkins,

The Hon. and Rev. A. Hobart is preferred to to Miss Hams, of Broadmead-Mr. Edward Wil. the rectory of Walton. liams, to Miss Maria Harvey-At Hollingbourne,

Died.] At Market Harborough, Thomas InkerMr. Thomas Allen, to Mrs. Wilmott, of Bearstead

sole, esq. banker, 69—At Great Dalby, near MelAt Minster, Sheppey, Mr. Joseph Gorham, of

ton Mowbray, Mr. William Adcock, 54—At Sheerness, to Miss Joanna East—At Watningbury, Wykeham, Mrs. L. Lavel, 74Mrs. Holden, wife the Rev. Robert Earle, to Eliza, only daughter of

of Rev. C. S. Holden, of Aston Hall, co. Derby. the late Rev. Miles Cooper--At Frindsbury, Mr. J.

Her death was occasioned by accidentally falling Lowdell, of Chatham, to Miss Harriet Tuff, of into the piece of water in Donnington Park, Rochester-At Chevening, the Rev. Wm. A. Fitz. whither she had gone with a party on an excursion, hugh, to Mary Anne, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Lane, esq. of Bradbourne Place, near


A beautiful monument of white statuary marble, Died.] At Crofton Place, Apne, wife of James from the chisel of the celebrated Canova, and reBurgh, exq.-At Margate, Major-general William cently imported from Italy, has been erected in Borthwick, colonel in the royal artillery, 57 Belton church, near Grantham, by Earl Brownlow, -Mr. Charles Boncey-At Folkestone, Mr. Jacob to the memory of his late lady, the daughter of Sir Squire, 74-Mr. Henry Creed, of Ashford, 75-At Abraham Hume, bart. The subject is an emble. Canterbury, Mr. George Culmer--At Ramsgate, in matic figure of Religion, standing on a basement, consequence of his horse falling with him, Mr.

the right hand pointing upwards, whilst the left is Charles Greenwood Thornton-John Child, esq. of resting on a medallion of the deceased lady, supNine Elms, 40; his death was occasioned by his ported by a fluted pedestal.--The interior of the being thrown from his chaise-At Dover, Thomas church has also been much beautified, under the Bateman Lane, esq. deputy lieut.-governor of Do. direction of his lordship; and, from the number of ver castle, and one of the treasurers of Dover the monuments it contains, is worthy the notice of harbour-Mrs. Bing, 90.

the passing traveller,

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