Abbildungen der Seite

Derby At Chesterfield, Mr. Peter Littlewood, to J. B. "Thornton, of Darlington, to Miss Williams,
Miss Gosling -At Ashbourne, Mr. Roger Higham, of the former place-At Norton, Mr. Thomas Par-
to Mrs. Mary Pressford Mr. James Ford, to Miss kin, surgeon, to Mrs. A. Irvin.
Mary Johnson, of Duffield.

Died.] In Durham, at an advanced age, Mr. Died.] At Derby, Mrs. Laton-Mrs. Sarah Samuel Penman- At his seat, Ketton, near DarThorpe, 66-At Whittington, near Chesterfield, lington, the Rev. Henry Hardinge, LL.B. 66, rector Mr. Pym Denton.

of Stanhope, in this county, to which living he DEVONSHIRE.

was appointed in March 1787At Greenhead,

Mr. Robert Dove, 46--At Bishop Auckland, Mrs. A handsome monument is about to be erected Mary Thompson, 72-At Sherburn, Mr. Joseph at Ply buth, by subscription, to the memory of Robinson, 84—At Aycliffe, Mrs. Ann Simpson, his late Royal Highness the Duke of Kent.

101-At Monkwearmouth, Mr. Peter Dixon, 55, N. Brooking, jun. esq. is elected mayor of Dart ship-builder-At West Boldon, Mr. George Shemouth for the year ensuing : also John Worth, of vill, 46—At the rectory, Whitburn, in his 82d year, Worth House, esq. for Tiverton.

Benjamin Baker, esq.---At East Raynton, Mr. Births.) At Buckland Abbey, near Plymouth, George Horsington, 66. the lady of Sir John Gordon Sinclair, bart. a son and heir ---At Exeter, the lady of C. H. Collyns,

ESSEX esq, a son-At West Alvington, the lady of the The magistrates of Essex intend applying to Rev. Edward Edgell, a son.

Parliament for an Act to enable them to raise Married.) At Plymouth, Mr. Thomas Arnold, 40,0001. to defray the expenses of erecting a new of Millbay Foundery House, to Miss Westcott, of prison, and enlarging and improving the other Plymouth Dock--Mr. T. Petherbridge, to Miss prisons of the county. It is intended that no Sarah Baskerville-At Hennock, Mr. Jas. Couch, greater amount than three-pence in the pound of Ballarmarsh Barton, to Miss Mary Wotton-At shall be levied in one year; and one-half of such Kenton, Michael Francis, second son of David Gor.

rates is to be paid by the landlords, don, of Dulwich Hill, to Caroline, fifth daughter Mr. John Clay is elected mayor of Colchester of the Rev. John Swete, of Oxton House, in this for the year ensuing. county-At Stoke Canon, Mr. Edward Osmond, The Rev. Thomas Shrieber, to the rectory of of Newton St. Cyres, to Miss Sarah Rew.

Bradwell near the Sea-patron, the Rev. Sir H. Died.] At Plymouth, Vice-admiral Lindzee.

Bate Dudley, bart. He fell from his horse a few days previously, in a Births.] At Twinstead Hall, the lady of Sir ft of apoplexy : he was nephew to the late, and

George Denys, bart. a daughter-At Great Hallingçousin to the present Lord Hood-Vice-admiral

bury Parsonage, the lady of the Rev. Chas. Spencer Rowley Bulteel, 67— Miss Wilding, 54-Mrs. Ould.

Bourchier, of twins. ridge--Mr. Philip Moysey, 60-R. A. Nelson, esq. Married.) At Colchester, Mr. Joseph Cooch, of secretary of the navy-At Exeter, Charles Sanders,

Roxwell Mills, to Miss Anne Maria Crush, of Roxesq. 75At Coxside, Mrs. Sedgwick, 89.-At Heave well-At Layton, Thomas Flower Ellis, B. A, to tree, Mrs. Mary Manley, 50-At Crediton, Mr. J.

Susan, only daughter of the late M‘Taggart, of Melhuish, 44-At Witheridge, Mr. Thos. Wilcox, 79, Ardwall, N. B. esq.--At Great Baddow, James father of the celebrated Caraboo–At Chawley par Boggis, esq. to Sophia, second daughter of Wm. sonage, Elizabeth, 69, wife of the Rev. J. May.

Packer, esq-At Prittlewell, Mr. Augustus F.

Little, to Miss Jane Scratton, of Southend-At DORSETSHIRE.

Halstead, William P. Honywood, esq. M. P. of Married.] At Charmouth, J. H. White, esq. of Marks Hall, to Priscilla, daughter of Charles HanExeter, to Sarah Lewis, only. daughter of W. bury, esq. of Sloe Farm-At St. Pancras, Josiah Bragge, esq. of Race Down Lodge At Sherborne, Pryce, esq. of the commissariat department, to Mr. Edmund Ball, of Salisbury, to Miss Longman, Louisa, daughter of the Rev. Edw. Harbin, vicar of the former place-At Marnhull, Mr. William of Takeley. Cluett, of Sturminster Newton, to Hester George, Died.] At Gestingthorpe, Edward Walker, eldest daughter of the late Captain Wilson, of the esq. 76_At Southend, Sarah, wife of Mundeford Royal Marines---At Lyme Regis, J. T. Coward, Allen, esq. 50—At Bocking, Elizabeth, relict of esq. to Lucy, daughter of the late T. Bulley, esq. Joseph Bavill, esq. 73-At Earls Colne, Mr. John of Shaldon-At Stalbridge, Mr. P. Chalmers, bro Wing, in his 93d year, formerly of Greensteadther of Dr. Chalmers, of Glasgow, to Miss Carige, green, near Halstead-At Malden, Mrs. Pond, 68. of Thornhill.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Died.) At Failland House, whilst on a visit to his brother, Dr. E. B. Metford, of Flook House, Births.) At Cirencester, the lady of Charles near Taunton-At Weymouth, Susannah Mary Cripps, esq. a daughter-The lady of the Rev. E. Dehanes Henry, daughter of John Beccles, esq. his Mansfield, a daughter-The lady of Captain Rudge, majesty's attorney-general of the Island of Barba a son-At Woodchester, the lady of O, P.Wathen, does, and relict of Wm. Henry, esq. of the same esq. a son-At Eastington, the lady of J. P. island, 60.

Hickes, esq. a daughter-At Chosen House, near

Gloucester, the lady of Capt. Major, a son.

Married.) The Rev. James Edward De Visme, • The Rev. John Thornhill, M. A. is instituted to eldest son of Jas. De Visme, of New-court, Newent, the rectory of Middleton in Teasdale, void by the to Jane Sophia, eldest daughter of Lady Staines, of death of the Rev. C. B. Hamilton.

Clapham-At Henbury, John D. Pountney, esq. to Birth.) At the vicarage, Stockton, Mrs. Dar Susan, second daughter of the late Henry Fisher, nell, a son.

esq. of Westwood House, Wilts---At WesthuryMarried.] At Bishopwearmouth, J. W. C. Ro upon-Severn, Mr. John Reyley, to Miss Sarah binson, esq. to Frances Harriet Berkeley, relict of Bright-At Tetbury, G. H. Macartney, esq. of the Dr. C. J. Berkeley, and youngest daughter of the Royal Scots, to Selina Harriet Cotton, only daughlate Sir James Pennyman, bart.--At Stockton, Mr. ter of the late John Carisbrooke, esq. of Tetbury



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-Benjamin Wood, ese. to Mid M. H. Pank At the third time that civic honour has been conferred
Tewkesbury, Mr. Jannes Smith, printer, to Miss" upon him.
Eliz. Smith, of Bath. x win

Married.) At Kimbolton, J. Phillips, esq. bar.,
Died.) At his house near Gloucester, N. H. rister at law, to Clarissa, eldest daughter of tbe laie
Neale, esq.At Norton Court, near Gloucester, Wm. Palmer, esg.
Jonathan Thos. Evans, esq. 68, formerly of Bower, Died.) At Kimbolton, Mary, wife of Mr. Charles
near Ongar - At Gloucester, Miss Sankey-At Bloodworth, 64.
Tewkesbury, Mrs. Mann Robert, youngest son

KENT. of Charles E. Chandler, esq.At Cirencester, Mr. Sept. 8th. The first stone of a new gaol al Doyer, Samuel Bowly-At Cheltenham, Hannah, widow on the site of the old one, was laid by Sir Thomas of John Jones, esq. of Brunsvick-square, and Der Mantell, knt, mayor. A great concourse of the inry Ormond, Cardiganshire-At Hartpury, Mr. Pal- habitants assembled to witness the ceremony. T.e mer, surgeon--At Charlton Kings, near Chelten

stone had the following inscription ;The gaol of ham, T. Baynton, esq.-At Horton, at an advanced Dover having become dilapidated through time, age, in consequence of having run a thorn into his the inhabitants residing within the liberties of hand, which occasioned a locked jaw, Mr. John Dover caused this building to be erected. The Prout.

first stone was laid on the 8th day of September, in HAMPSHIRE.

the first year of the reign of George the Fourth,

and in the year of vur Lord 1820. Sir Thomas Mr. Stephen Lintott is chosen mayor of Southampton for the ensuing year.

Mantell, Knight, Mayor. Richard Elsam, Jobs

Horton, Architects.
Birth.) At Winchester, the lady of the Rev. J.
Scott, a daughter,

George Dell, esq. is clected mayor of Dover for (Married.] At Chelsea, Henry Rush, esq. of

the year ensuing ; Henry Butler, esq. mayor of Heckfield, to Dame Elizabeth Dorothea Cope,

Folkestone; and Alderman Warren, mayor of Can. widow of Sir Denzil Cope, bart. of Bramshill, in

terbury. this county-Sir Charles Ogle, bart. of Worthy, to

Births.] At Langley Farm, the Hon. Mrs. Col.

ville, of a daughter-At Hythe, the lady of Lieut.Letitia, daughter of Sir Wm. Borroughs, bart.

col. Goldfinch, of the royal engineers, of a daughter. Died.) At Southampton, Sir Francis Holburne, bart, brother to the late, and uncle of the present

Married.) At Canterbury, Mr. Denis Lane, to

Miss Maria Divers-At Dover, Thomas Green, esq. Earl of Harewood-Mr. Hugh Tickle, in conse

of Slyne and Cotterbam, Lancasbire, to Henrietta quence of being thrown from his gig-At Swathling, Dunimes Andrews, esq. 75-At Itchin, near South

third daughter of Sir Henry Russell, bart.-H. M. ampton, Charles, fourth son of the Rev. J. S.

Radford, M. D. to Eliza, widow of the late Capt. Ogle, canon of Salisbury At Thorley, Isle of

Clune, 55th regt. of foot-At Deal, Capt. Thomas Wight, Mrs. Mary Barton, after a virtuous and un

Oliver, R. N. to Miss Sarah Heard-At Paul's Cray, blameable life of 78 years.

Charles Rugg, esq. to Rebecca, third daughter of

the Rev. John Simons, LL. B. rector of Paul's Cray HEREFORDSHIRE.

--At Lewisham, Charles Richardson, esq. of Golden * The Rev. Thomas Wynne is presented by the Square, to Rebecca, youngest daughter of Robert Lord Chancellor to the living of St. Nicholas in Wissett, esq. of Forest-hill-Henry Joseph De Hereford.

Silva, esq. of Devonshire-square, London, to Louisa, Married.], At Brampton' Abbots, near Ross, second daughter of Charles Pratt, esq. of LewisSpencer Compton, esq. to Mrs. Llewellin, widow ham-hill-At Queenborough, Joseph Maynard, esq. of the Rey. Wm, Llewellin, late rector of Llansan. to Miss Ann Grithiths, of Sheerness. nor, Glamorganshire-At Hereford, Mr. Laurie, Died.] At Canterbury, Miss Sarah Ann Balders to Miss Alien, of Corse, near Gloucester.

ston-Miss Carter, daughter of Dr. Wm. Carter Died.] At Hereford, Mr. G. Bryder, 46-At At Maidstone, in the prime of life, Mr. James Hampton Bishop, Mrs. Margaret Tyers Fry, wife of Green, coal merchant; and the preceding week, Henry Sampson Fry, esq.

James his only son-At Margate, Ann Sarah, wife

of Mr. George Barber, of Walthamstow, and only HERTFORDSHIRE.

daughter of Dr. Kavanagh, of South Weald, Essex, ** Births.] At Sarratt, the lady of Thos. T. Bar 36At Rochester, Catherine, eldest daughter of trand, esq. a daughter--At Brook House, Ches Mr. Fletcher, 21-At Ashford, Mr. Henry Waterhunt, the lady of J. H. Fysh, esq. a daughter. man-George Jemmett, esq. 77--At Woodlands, Married.] The Rev. John Drake, of North near Canterbury, Mary, second daughter of Henry Church, to Lucy Ann, second daughter of the Rev. Wise Harvey, esq. of Harnden, 24-At Deptford, Thos.Fawcett, rector of Aynho and Greens Norton, John Oswald, esq. to Martha, eldest daughter of Northamptonshire,

Joseph Carter, esq. DiedJ Mrs. Jasper Leigh Goodwin, late of Hod. desdon, who has benevolently bequeathed the fol

LANCASHIRE. lowing sums in aid of the undermentioned humane

Married.] At Lancaster, James Atkinson, esq. institutions ; To the Clergy Orphan School, 6001.;

one of the aldermen of that borough, to Elizabeth, Bristol, Infirmary, 6001.; Asylum for Deaf and

sister of William Sharp, esq.-At Manchester, Dumb, Kent-road, 3001. ; Indigent Blind, London,

Mr. Charles Kent, of Worsley, to Miss Jane Astie, 3001, ; Indigent Blind, Bristol, 2001. ; the College

of Gatley, near Cheadle, Cheshirea-Mr. James for Clergymen's Widows, Bromley, 6001.; Strangers Wallworth, to Miss Elizabeth Buckley--Mr. James Friend Society, Bristol, 2001.; Asylum for Poor Or

Rayner, to Miss Margaret Travis-Mr. Nash Rophan Girls, Bristol, 2001, ; Marine Hospital, London, berts, to Miss Harriet Leber-At Liverpool, Richard 3001,; Mendicity Society, London, 1004–AtWatford Hall

, jun. esq. to Miss Harriet Say, of Clayton Mrs. Ann Masters, 53.--At Great Berkhampstead, Vale John Taylor, of Everton, esq. to Miss Mar. Augustus Pechell, esq. receiver-general of his ma

shall, of Winsford Peter Leicester, Esq- to Miss jesty's customs.

Mary Ann Pullan, of Harewood, Yorkshire. Si

Died.) At Manchester, Mr. Thomas Aspinwall, HUNTINGDONSHIRE.

35_At Salford, Mr. Benjamin Hartley Green, but Sir John Arundel is elected mayor of the bor At his house near Bolton, the Rey, James Folds, at rough of Huntingdon for the ensuing year, being the advanced age of 92.


Leicestershiret Lincolishirerte Monmouthshire, go. Il


*v**loc) O LEICESTERSHIRB.11.D buty sham, esq. Sir Edward Bacon, of Ravenham, pre

Married.] At Leicester, Mr. Stallard, to Miss mjer baronet of England. He was born in 1749,1 Harrison--At Great Bowden, Mr. Wm. Marstall,

succeeded his uncle in 1773, married in 1778, Anne, 1 of Northampton, to Miss Alice Slater, of the for

daughter of Sir William Beauchamp Proctor, bart.

* by wbom he had issue two sons and two daughters." mer place-At Cossington, Lieut..col. Hulse, to Frances, third daughter of the late John Minyer, his titles and estates-At Lynn, M, Folkes Riska

The eldest son, Edmund, born in 1979, srceeeds to esq. of Sinson, Berks—At Melton Mowbray, Mr. Holmes, of Eaton, near Belvoir, to Miss Boyfield,

ton, esq. 73-At Tiuleshall, Margaret, wife of the

Rev. Dixon Hoste, 63-At Great Ryburgh, Mrs. of the former place-At Loughborough, Mr. Wm. Blunt Fosbrooke, solicitor, to Miss Middleton,

Mary Kendall, 76--At Yarmouth, Mrs. Mary

Crickmay, 26 Mrs. Mary Burton, 64Me. Saddler eldest daughter of William Middleton, esq. banker.

ton, 78-Mr. John Christmas, 24Mr. John Tho. Died.] At Wymondham, Thomas Compton, gent. 72-In London, of apoplexy, Mr. William

mas, 52-Mr. Gabriel Gunton, 82-At Fordham,

Mary, relict of Anthony South Canham, esq. 77– Browne, of Stoke Goulding—At Port Antonio, Ja. maica, Joseph, youngest son of the late Mr. Alder

At Ditchingham, Mr. Joshua Cooe, 81. man Dalby, of Leicester.


Northampton, Sept. 9.–At the house in Bridge

street, in this town, known by the name of the Mr. Alderman Newcomb is chosen, for the se Three Cups, which this week has in part been cond time, to fill the office of mayor of Stamford taken down, for the purpose of being rebuilt, while for the year ensuing.

the workmen were excavating a portion of the old Sept. 12. The Hon. and Rt. Rev. George Pel.. site to make a cellar, they dug up, 'in the course ham, D.D. late bishop of Exeter, was elected bishop of Tuesday and Wednesday last, upwards of 400 of this diocese, by the dean and chapter of the ca skulls and other human bones. From the situation thedral.

in which they were discovered, and the appearance The Rev. Thomas Turner Roe, A. M. has been of the skulls strongly indicating they were those of presented to the rectory of Benington, on the re young or middle-aged persons, it fairly may be signation of the Rev. E. Hobart.

conjectured they had been deposited there after Married.] At Grantham, Mr. George Harrison, some great battle. The premises form a part of St. of Brant Broughton, to Miss F. Barston, of Gran John's hospital. tham-At Boston, Mr. Hubbard, to Miss Sarah Married.) At Aynho, the Rev. John Drake, 'of Roberts, of Frampton-At Hull, Wm. Priddon, of North Church, Herts, to Lucy Ann, second daught Grimsby, gent, to Miss Beech, of Faldingworth ter of the Rev. Thomas Fawcett, rector of Aynho At Spalding, Mr. Robinson, of Snake Hall, to Miss and Greens Norton, in this county-At Deene Park, Sarah Dandison-At Holbeach, Mr. George Peck, Henry Charles Sturt, esq. of Critchil, Dorset, to to Miss Winkley, of Gedney Hill.

the lady Charlotte Penelope Brudenell, third daughaw Died.) At Horncastle, in consequence of being ter of the Earl of Cardigan-At Manchester, Mr. thrown from his gig, the Rev. Wm. Barnes E. Fallows, jun. to Miss Martha Jolinson, , of Samuel Thompson, gent.--At Brant Broughton, Northainpton-At Spralton, Mr. Thomas Bosa the Rev. Richard Sutton, rector of that place, and worth, of Holdenby Lodge, to Harriet, only daughi, of Great Goates, also prebendary of the collegiate ter of Mr. Wm. Butlin, of the former, place-At church of Southwell, 50—At Alford, Lieut. George Whittlebury, Mr. John Wake, to Miss Frances, Bird, 67, forty-three years in his majesty's service Whitlock-At Mitcham, Surrey, the Rev. James -At Brigg, John Frith, esq. 76—At Farnsfield, D. M. Mitchell, rector of Quinton, to Miss Mary Samuel Higgs, gent. 62—At Spalding, Mr. Robert Ann Spragg, of Blandford. Tim, 68 At Sleaford, Mr. John Spencer, 56-Mrs. Died.) At Northampton, Mrs. Auld, 64-At

Daventry, Catherine, relict of H. B. Harrison, esq, MONMOUTHSHIRE.

88_Mrs. Ann Freeman, late of Whilton, 72—The

Rev. John Hebden, vicar of Norton, near Daventry Died.) At Usk, Jane, fourth daughter of the

-At Wellingborough, Mrs. Mary Keep, 67-At late Thomas Prothero, esq.

Handly, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Wm., George NORFOLK.

At Preston Capes, Mr. Richard Shepheard, 35. The Rev. Jeremy Day, A.M. is instituted to the

NORTHUMBERLAND.I., rectory of Hethersett with Canteloff, in this county, Married.] At Newcastle, Captain Stephenson, on the presentation of the master and fellows of

6th dragoon guards, to Anne, only child of Wm. Cains college, Cambridge.

Palfrey Burrell, esq.-Mr. Edward Loggan, to Scarlett Everard, esq. is elected mayor of Lynn, Miss Ann Sutherland-Mr. L. Brown, of Blyth, to and John Goat Fisher, esq. mayor of Yarmouth,

the only surviving daughter of the late William for the year ensuing.

Davidson, esq. of Durham-At Dissington Hall, Birth.) At Swaffham Priory, the lady of the Edward Collingwood, esq. to Arabella, only daughi Rev. G. B. Jermyn, of a son and heir.

ter of General Calcraft-At North Shields, Mr. Married.) At Norwich, Wm. Taylor, esq. of

Ralph Heppelwhite, to Mrs. Diana Morrison-At Yarmouth, to Rebecca, widow of George Neale, St. John Lee, Robert Lancelot Allgood, esq. of esqMr. Wm. Ingham, to Miss Caston-At

Nunwick, to Elizabeth, second daughter of John Hardley, Mr. James Leach, of Vauxhall, to Miss

Hunter, esq. of the Hermitage, near Hexham. Elizabeth Hood, of Hardley-At Lynn, Mr. Wm.

Hunt, 51.




At Clos House, Miss Sotheran, dauglio Bonner, to Miss Ann Stockdale--At Quarles, Ed.

ter of the late William Sotheran, esq. of Darringmund Hcagren Gibbs, esq. to Miss Green, of Fab ton-hall-At Bewick, Mr. James Walker, 69 -Mr. kenham-At Heacham, John Mac Gachen, esq. Charles Mowatt-At Dunston-square, neat Alh. late of the 72d regt. to Am,' daughter of the late

wick, Mr. John Henderson. ** Tomkyns Dew, ésq. of Whitney Court, Hereford

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. shire-At Ketteringham, Mr. George Read, to Miss Sarah Ann Sewell, of Wymondliam.

Destructive Fire. Nottingham, Sept. 1. A fire Dried.] * At Stratton, the seat of Robert Mar broke out at the cotton-mill' of Messrs. Hall, at

زجاج , أو تم

67 19

Basford, near this town, which, in the course of Chetwynd, Thomas Boultboe, esq. to Suban, niece an hour or two, laid the whole of that extensive of Thomas Jukes Collier, esq. of Newport-At building in ruins. Happily no lives were lost. The Southampton, St. John Chiverton Charlton, esg. of work-people in the adjoining tenements hurried out Apley Castle, to Jane Sophia, only daughter of of their habitations, with their children, in naked, Thomas Merrick, esq. of Bush Hall, Pembrokeshire ness, in the greatest terror and alarm, throwing At Hodnet, Andrew Vincent Corbet, esq. eldest their goods out at the doors and windows. The son of Sir Andrew Corbet, of Acton Reynolds, to fames illuminated the country for several miles. Miss Hill, danghter of the late Col. Hill, and grandAll the books, cash, insurance papers, &c. were daughter of Sir John Hill, uf Hawkstone, in this saved by one of the clerks, at the hazard of his life county-William Ireland, esq. of London, to The fire broke out in the spinning-room, and can, Charlotte Knight, niece of the late Thomas Knight, not be accounted for, unless by the spontaneous esq. of the Manor House, Woore, near Newport. combustion of some waste cotton. The loss of Died.] At Belmont, Shrewsbury, Mrs. Josina property is very great : it was insured, it is said, Pemberton-At Upton Magna, Mr. Haycock, 93 for 10,0001. a sum far sbort of the injury sustained. Mr. Richard Pickin, S5-A Roddington Heath,

Married.) At Nottingham, Mr. John Shelton, Mr. Thomas Fisher-At Oswestry, Mrs. Wells. to Miss Maria Gregory-Mr. John Slater Whitworth, to Miss Rebecca Marshall-Mr. Mercer, to

SOMERSETSHIRE. Miss Brighton--At Babworth, the Hon. and Rev. Births.] At Bath, the Hon. Lady Elizabeth Henry Bridgeman, to Lonisa, second daughter of Baker, of a son-the lady of Captain Palmer, R.N. the Hon. John Bridgman Simpson, of Babworth of a son. At Basford, Mr. Richard Brownlow, to Miss Mellor Married.) At Bath, Mr. Stone, to Alicia Bean,

At Clayworth, Mr. Fred. Davenport, to Mrs. daughter of the late Rev. M. U. Hopkins, rector of Frisby, of Chadwell, Leicestershire.

Wayford Mr. Henry Meade, of North Curry, tu Died.) At Nottingham, Mrs. Selby, 39 — Mr. Miss Mary Warren, of Walford Farm-At Shepton Wm. Tyre, 60At Sion Hill, Mrs. Mary Gripper, Mallet, Mr. Wason, bookseller, to Miss Foxwell 88 At West Bridgford, Mrs. Thompson, relict of At Bristol, Mr. Weaver, to Miss Mary Ann Ingram the Rey. Wm. Thompson, rector of Colwick and Mr. Wm. Taylor, of Downend, to Miss A, Lee.' Bridgford, 87-At Doddington, near Newark, Mr. Died.) At Bath, Statira, youngest daughter of

bn Chettle-At Farnsfield, after a few hours ill. the Rev. Wm. Jay, 18-Mrs. Frances Mary Hamil. ness, Samuel Higgs, gent. 61.

ton, wife of George James Hamilton, esq. Her re

mains were deposited at Bromley, Kent--Mrs. OXFORDSHIRE.

Isabella Henryson, of an ancient family in North The workmen have commenced palling down Britain, 9-Fletcher Partis, esq. 82-At Bristol, thè venerable old church of Carfax in this city : Mrs. Cantey, '97, retaining her faculties to the last the design for the new church which has been ap- At Clifton, Thomas Baynton, esq. an eminent proved of by the committee, is by Messrs. Harris surgeon Joseph Edye, esq. formerly mayor of and Plowman, who are to rebuild it.

Bristol-Maria, daughter of J. F. Luttrell, esq. of : The Rev. John Johncon, B. D. and fellow of Clifton, 23_At Storberry Hill, near Wells, P. Magdalen college, has been nominated to the dona. Sherston, esq. 75-At the Vicarage House, Congrestive of Sandford, near Oxford : patron, his Grace bury, Mary, eldest daughter of the Rev. H. Bevan, the Duke of Marlborough.

vicar of that parish-At Castle Carey, John Pey to Mr. Alderman Carter is elected mayor of Wood. Verney, Lord Willoughby de Broke, 58. He is stock for the ensuing year, after a contest among succeeded by his brother, the Hon. Henry Verney the blue party, a poll being demanded for Dr. -At the same place, Richard Clarke, youngest son Mavor, at the close of which there appeared for of the Rev. Francis Woodford, 26_At Coker Court, Alderman Carter 32, and for Alderman Dr. Mavor 4. William Helyar, esq.-At Northtown, Mr. A. Wa

John Salmon, esq. is elected mayor of Banbury terman, . to Miss Parsons, of Stepswater, near for the year ensuing.,

Taunton. Births.] The lady of the Rev. Dr. Hall, master of Pembroke college, of a daughter-At Water

STAFFORDSHIRE. stock, the lady of W. H. Ashhurst, esq. of a son. Married.) The Rev. John Halifax, master of

Married.) At Oxford, Mr. Gellert, to Miss Ney Kinfare Grammar-school, to Miss Mary Cornforth, ler, of Cheltenham-At Islip, Mr. Wells, of Lon of Chapel Ash, don, to Miss Mary Brangwin, of the former place Died.] At Lichfield, Richard Wright, M. D. 43 At Headington, John Izard Pryor, esq. of Baldock, -At Stafford, Richard Bartlam Tomlinson, of WalHerts, to Louisa, cldest daughter of the late Rev. sal, 19. He was assisting some persons in removing Robert Barker Bell, of Windlesham, Surrey.

a ladder at St. Mary's church, when a stone fell Died.) At Oxford, Mrs. Marianne Fisher, of from the roof, and fractured his skull so as to ocSt. Ebbs Mr. James Slatter, 67-Mr. T. White casion his death. horn, of St. Aldate's, 82-Mr. Joseph French, 27Miss Mary Lenthall, 14-At Thame, from an apo.

SUFFOLK plectic attack, John Hollier, esq. solicitor, 68–At The Rev. John Holmes, M. A. is instituted to Dorchester, Mr. Wootton, of the George inn. He the rectory of St. Nicholas with All Saints annex. was thrown from his horse on his return from Ox- ed, in Southelmham, on the presentation of Alex. ford, and killed on the spot-At Wigginton, Mr. ander Adair, esq. D. Samman, 65.

The Rev. Frederick Leathes, B. A, to the rec.

tories of Great and Little Livermere, on the presenSHROPSHIRE.

tation of N. Lee Acton, esq. Edward Cullis, esq. is elected mayor of Shrews. Mr. Alderman Musgrave is chosen mayor of Sud." bury and Liberties for the ensuing year,

bury, for the year ersuing. Birth.] At Apley Park, the lady of Thomas' • A new peal of eight masical bells was lately Whitmore, esq. M. P. of a daughter

opened at Bangay. Married.] Richard, Wright, esq. of the Llys, Married.] At Lawshall, Barrington Purvis, esq.', ? Oswestry, to Miss Howell, of Oswestiy--- At of Beccles, to Amy Letitia, eldest daughter of the

Rev. Dr. Colville--At vekneld, Mr. Charles Prince, were shooting, in company with each other, Mr. to Miss Boys At Eye, T. French, esq. to Sos Keay's gun accidentally went off, and shot Mr. Crook phia, sixth daughter of George Lee, esq. of Decie mortally, so that he expired in less than half an burgh, Norfolk

At Mendlesham, Mr. Tunmer, to hour afterwards In London, Francis Pender, esq. Miss Susan Haddock, of Gislingham.

of Hardenhuish House, vice-admiral of the red, 72 ** Died.] At Ipswich, Mr. Wm. Frost, 72-At At Dunington, Mary Jane, wife of Mr. Henry Southwold, Wm. Smart, esq. formerly of Lombard Bloxham, of Aldersgate-street-At Studley, near street, banker, 80-_At Eldo House, near Bury, Trowbridge, Mrs. Greenhill—At Sutton Mandeville, Anne, wife of William Hopkins, esq. 35-At Tan Mr. William Hawkins, 62—At Trowbridge, Mrs, nington Green, Jane, wife of the Rev. S. Barker, Hunter, 52-Mr. Jeffrey Moody, late of War, A. M. late of Yarmouth, 27-At Woodbridge, minster, 85—At Bradford, Mr. John Primrose, 82. Mrs. Ann Carr, 74-At Gosfeild Place, James Crowe Sparrow, eldest son of James G. Sparrow,

WORCESTERSHIRE. esq.At Needham, Mr. Samuel Hagger, 63.

Births.) At Spring Park, the lady of John Byrne, SURREY.

ésq. of a daughter.

Married.] At Hanbury Hall, John Phillips, esq. Birth.] At Willey Place, Farnham, the lady of

to Miss Weir, niece of the late John Weir, esq. of Charles Grant, esq. of a daughter.

Broughton House At Dudley, by the Rev. Luke · Married.] At Leatherhead, the Hon. Charlotte

Booker, D, D. William Bannister, esq. of that Beauclerk, fourth daughter of the late Lord Henry place, to Mary, third daughter of Mr. John Eades, Beauclerk-At Cheam, at an advanced age, Mrs.

of the Delph, near Stourbridge. Susannah Bentley, relict of Benjamin Bentley, esq.

Died.] At Worcester, Charlotte Elizabeth, wife of Sutton.

of the Rev. Wm. Digby, prebendary of Worcester SUSSEX.

-At Pershore, Mr. Thomas Hunter, 77-At Po

wick, near Worcester, Mr. Joseph Moore, 50. Birth.] At Chichester, the lady of the Rer. Mr. Tripp, of a daughter.

YORKSHIRE. Died.] At Brighton, having retired to rest in perfect health, James Redit, ésq. solicitor, of The Rev. Henry Chaloner, B. A. is instituted to King's Road, Bedford Row–Harriet, daughter of the vicarage of Alne, vacant by the resignation of C. J. Mills, esq. of Saxham Hall, Suffolk-At the Hon. and Rev. Thomas Monson: patron, the Chichester, John Quantock, esq. 80, one of his King. Majesty's justices of the peace, and deputy lieute Married.] At Ripon Minster, Charles Oxley, nant of the county of Sussex-At Hastings, Joseph esq. to Miss Waddilove, eldest daughter of the very Delafield, esq. of Cambden Hill, Kensington, 71, Rev. the Dean of Ripon-At Coxwold, Mr. Wm.

Smith, of Marton, to Miss Jane Skelton, of YearsWARWICKSHIRE.

ley, near Easingwold-At Ganton, Edward Nelson Married.) At Birmingham, Mr. William Hat

Alexander, esq. of Halifax, to Harriet, daughter of

Sir Thomas Legard, bart.-At York, Mr. William. ton, of Halifax, to Mrs. Wrightson, of the former

Hebden, to Miss Hannah Smith, of Langtonplace--At Ashton, Mr. John Wood, of Bishops

Robert Hudson, esq. of the Hon. East India sergate-street, London, to Miss Kendrick, of Maney

vice, to Miss Breary, of this city-At Ferriby, House, Sutton Coldfield.

Joseph Sykes, esq. R. N. to Miss Egginton, of Died.] At Birmingham, Mr. Thomas Lakin

Hull-At Leeds, Mr. Joseph Bentley, to Miss Hawkes.

Sarah Wilkinson-At Wakefield, James Rishworth, WESTMORELAND.

esq. to Emma, youngest daughter of the late Mr.

Holdsworth. Married.) At Kirkbythore, Mr. Law, solicitor,

Died.) At Sheffield, Mr. John Fisher, 82-At of Carlisle, to Miss Margaret Simpson, of the

years former place—At Kendal, Mr. William Bellingham, Thorp Arch, the Rev. Robert Hemington, 43 to Miss Harriet Bare-William Westall, esq. of the

vicar of that parish, 70—At Tadcaster, William

Hartley, esq.-At Carnford House, Lucas RoeRoyal Academy, to Ann, youngest daughter of the Rev. Richard Sedgwick, of Dent-At Patterdale,

buck, esq. 72–At Chapel Allerton, near Leeds,

Mr. Ralph Blakelock, 43—At the Grove, HuddersMr. John Hobson, to Miss Mary Mounsey.

field, Mrs. Atkinson-Mr. John Prior, watchDied.] At Appleby Castle, after three days' ill

maker, of Nesfield, father of Mr. Prior, watchness, Samuel Potter, esq. of Winton, in this

maker, of Leeds, 73. His abilities as an inventor county, 39 At Kendal, Mrs. Deborah Abbott, 56

and workman, in his profession, and of an enMr, Emanuel Burton, 56-Mrs. Ann Barnes, 80.

graver, will not be easily excelled. He has received WILTSHIRE.

four silver medals, and 100 guineas, for various

inventions, from the Society of Arts, &c. Adelphi, Married.] At Bishopstone, Mr. Charles Wyatt,

London; the silver medals and 20 guineas, le tó Miss D. Blanchard-At Rowde, near Derizes,

received in the last year of his life-At Hull, Mr. Mr. Joseph Dunn, of Trowbridge, to Miss Eliza

Peter Dixon, 82.
Hiscock, of the former place-At Malmsbury,
Mr. John Daniel, of Bristol, to Miss Salome Ro-

WALES. bertson, of the former place—At Corsham, Benjamin Milward, esq. of Keynsham, to Priscilla; At the bottom of a wood belonging to W. Tursecond daughter of Mr. S. Rogers, of Bristol. ton, esq. of Knowlton, in Flintshire, is a rill of

Died.) At Salisbury, Mr. Thomas Seymour water, which empties itself into the river Dee : Mr. James Burrough-At an advanced age, the and when a person strides across it, he is in the Rev. Thomas Turner, vicar of Sherston Magna and kingdom of England and the Principality of Wales ; Alderton, and rector of Luckington, in this county in the Provinces of Canterbury and York, and the --Sept. 2d, as Mr. Francis Crook, son of T. Crook, · dioceses of Chester, Lichfield, and Coventry; in esq. of Tytherton-Lucas, and Mr, Keays, sou of R, the counties of Flint and Salop; in two different Keays, esq. of Pewhill-house, near Chippenhamn, parishes; in two hundreds; in two townships ;

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