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and in the grounds of Mr. Turton and his neigh- Manse, the Rev. James Leeke-At Muirkirk Iron bours.

Works, at the house of his son-in-law, the Rev. Married.]' At Cappel Garmon, Captain Nenb- Dr. Wm. Rutherford. hard, to Mrs. Jane Jones, of Plas Madoc--At Bangor, Mr. Isaac Jones, of Plasgwyn, Minera, to

IRELAND. Miss Bird, of Park Eaton, near Wrexham-At Births.] At Glentown, near Cork, the lady of Swansea, Mr. Samuel Harmsworth, to Miss Ca- Major-general Sir Thomas Brisbane, K. C. B. of a therine Richards--At Newcastle, Glamorganshire, daughter-At Taurin, the lady of R. Musgrave, James Moody, esq. of Queen-square, London, to esq. high sheriff co. Waterford, of a son and heir Mary, fourth danghter of the late Rev. S. Price, of At Ballynahinch, co. Clare, the lady of Cornelius New House, Glamorganshire-At Llanddulas, John O’Callaghan, esq. of a son and heir-At GarryhunRowlands, esq. lieut, in the royal navy, to Miss den, co. Carlow, the lady of Sir Thomas Butler, Wright, of Denbigh-At Llanllwchaiarn, Nathan bart. of a son—At Heathfield, co. Limerick, the Tipson, esq. late of the 53d regt. to Mary, eldest lady of Edward Lloyd, esq. of a son and heir. daughter of William Tilsley, esq. of Severn Side, Married.) At Limerick, Captain Prosser, 3d Montgomeryshire--Edward Forinan, esq. of Peny- dragoons, to Miss Jane Whitaker, of the theatre dai ran Iron Works, Glamorganshire, to Elizabeth, royal, Dublin-At Dublin, Captain Edward Francis eldest daughter of Richard Fothergill, esq. of Caer. French, 82d regt. to Frances, daughter of Alexander leon, Monmouthshire-At Neston, H. L. Rigby, Law, of Cork, esq.-In London, Robert Stearne esq. of Hawarden, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter Tighe, esq. of South Hill, co. Westmeath, to Miss of C. B. Trevor Roper, esq. of Plas Teg Park, Flint- Dilkes, daughter of the late Thomas Dilkes, esq. of shire.

Upper Seymour-street-Eneas M‘Donnell, esq. Died.) At Wrexham, Mr. E. Randles, organist, barrister at law, to Catherine, eldest daughter of 60. He was one of the first performers on the harp Loftus F. Fraser, esq. of Money moling, co. Werin the kingdom. Mr. R. was the lyrist mentioned ford-At Temple Martin, co. Cork, Nicholas by Miss Seward in her poem called Llangollen Wrixon, esq. to Miss Mary Popham, of KilmoreVale. He was a pupil of the celebrated Parry, At Rathfarnham, G. E. Bevan, esq. R. N. to Claharper to the late Sir W. W. Wynne, who, with his rissa, daughter of James Hozier, esq. of Ballysalson, used to perform Handel's Choruses, in a most lagh, co. Carlow, and granddaughter of Lord masterly style, on two Welsh harps, to our late la- Ventry. mented sovereign-At Cogan Pill, near Cardiff, Died.) At Dublin, Mrs. Ramsey, relict of AlderAnne, wife of Thomas Le Briton, esq.

man Ramsey, of Waterford-In Newtown Park

Avenue, Mrs. Griffith, daughter of the late Chief SCOTLAND.

Baron Burgh, 46~At Leiras, co. Cork, Philip Married.] At Edinburgh, John Jeffrey, esq. to

Oliver Ellard, esq.--At Carrick on Suir, the Rev. Elizabeth Helen, eldest daughter of Dr. James

Wm. O'Brien--At Glasnevin, Thomas Dix, esq. Hunter, professor of logic in the university of St.

captain in the 57th regt. Andrew-- At Aberdeen, Alexander Dunlop, esq. advo.

MARRIAGE ABROAD. cate, Edinburgh, to Margaret Clementina, youngest daughter of the late James Gordon, esq. Bamff- At Paris, Earl Poulett, to Charlotte, daughter At Feddle, John Graham, esq. to Isabella, second of the Hon. Mr. Portman, and now of Lord daughter of the late Captain Robert Campbell, of Dormer. Kippendavie-At Flatt, Liddisdale, Robert Elliott,

DEATHS ABROAD. esq. of Redheugh and Tarras, to Jessie, eldest daughter of Jolin Elliott, esq.-At Montrose, Mr. At Baden, Aug. 14th, John, eldest son of the Wm. Morris, bookseller, to Miss Jane Milne-At Hon. John Spencer, and grandson of the late Duke Irving, Stewart Murray Fullarton, of Fullarton, of Marlborough-In France, Aug. 18th, Georgiana esq. to Isabella Buchanan, only daughter of the Sarab, fourth daughter of the late Vice-admiral late James Muir, esq. of Glasgow-At Manse of Lechmere-On his passage from Penang to BomLumphanan, Harry Lamond, esq. of Pitmurchie, bay, the Rev. Richard Jackson, 47, one of the to Margaret, youngest daughter of the Rev. Wm. chaplains on that establishment, and son of the Shand, Lumphanan.

late vicar of Christ church, Hants-At Brussels, Died.) At Lathrisk, Charles Maitland, esq. of Lieut.-gen. Sir Ewan Baillie, bart. 77–At AstraRankeilour, one of his majesty's deputy lieutenants chan, Edward James Peters, esq. 26, late of the 7th for Fifeshire-At Clova, Lady Niven Lumsden, of hussars, and son of H. Peters, esq. of Betchworth Auchindoir-Whilst on a tour between Edinburgh Castle, Surrey-At Brussels, Major-gen. Sir Wm. and Stirling, the Rev. Dr. William Beaumont Nicholson, bart.-In Tobago, James Scobey, esq. Busby, dean of Rochester-At Musselburgh, the master of the ordnance department-At Jamaica, Rev. John Taylor, 67, master of the grammar- Marmaduke Forster, esq. of Brunton, Northumschool-At Glasgow, Charles Wilsone, esq. surgeon berland-At Paris, Wm. Thomas Sandiford, esq. -At the Manse of Kincardine, the Rev. Alexander formerly major in the Bombay military establishMac Bean, minister of that parish-At Greenlaw ment, 57.



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No. 82.]

NOVEMBER 1. 1820.

[Vol. XIV.


(WITH A PORTRAIT.) To the lovers of poetry, that is, to all Family connection early determined who have the smallest share of taste or that Winchester should be the place of feeling, the life of a poet is always in his education ; to which school he was teresting. Like other lives of private sent in 1776. An uncle of his father's men, it may produce no striking inci had long been a fellow of that college, dents, no remarkable turns or vicissi- contemporary with Lowth, and other tudes of fortune ; yet will it exhibit the distinguished men; of whose kind athistory of a fertile mind, and of a pe- tention to himself, with some pleasing riod in which the production of cele- 'account of the singularities of his chabrated works will form the distinguish- racter, Mr. B. has gratefully spoken in ed æras. The life of Mr. Bowles, as far a very late publication.t Bowles was as poetry is not concerned, will be that not to be overlooked, even where he of a private clergyman, attentive to the had so many competitors as at Winchesduties of his ministry, studious of the ter, and he was soon particularly noticed welfare of his flock, and watchful to pre- by Dr. Warton. By the year 1781, he vent the inroads of fanaticism among had risen to be the senior boy of that them; making it at the same time, his illustrious seminary. In that situation, pleasure and amusement to do justice to he would infallibly have succeeded to the rural beauties of his parsonage, and New College, having been sent first on to improve them by tasteful embellish- the roll, to the two foundations, had it ments. Even this picture of tranquil not happened that no vacancy occurred usefulness and simple pleasures is not in his year, excepting what were of without its charms, bui is not suffici- necessity reserved for the founder's kin. ently varied to command the continued He was entered therefore at Trinity attention of the reader; it is as a poet college, Oxford, where his master's that Mr. B. demands the pen of a bio- brother, the celebrated Thomas Wargrapher, though finally his least con- ton, was fellow and tutor. These were spicuous labours may prove to have auspicious beginnings for a poetical been the most truly valuable.

mind; and they certainly produced their Mr. Bowles's family has been clerical due effect upon (B. who, in his first for at least three generations; his father, year, obtained the chancellor's prize, for William Thomas Bowles, being the a Latin composition on the siege of only son of Dr. Bowles, vicar of Brack- Gibraltar I, which was accordingly reley in Northamptonshire. But, though cited in the theatre. It is still extant moved by preferment into different situ- in the collection of Oxford Prize Poems, ations, the family is originally of Wilts, published by Mr. Valpy; and in the and ancient in that county. The Rev. second volume of the author's poems. William Thomas Bowles married Brid- It is a composition of extraordinary get, one of the three daughters of Dr. merit, and classical beauty, for so young Grey, author of Memoria Technica and a writer. other well-known works. By her he Mr. Bowles was already a scholar of had seven children, of whom the eldest Trinity, for which foundation as well as son was William Lisle* Bowles, for Winchester, like every worthy pupil the subject of the present memoir. of a worthy seminary, he has felt through

life a constant and increasing affection; The name of Lisle was given to him, strongly expressed, with respect to the in honour of that ancient family of Everley, Wilts, into which Dr. Bowles, his grand- † Vindiciæ Wykehamicæ, further noticed father, married : a family originally of Nor- below. thumberland, but now, we believe, extinct. # Calpe obsessa. New MONTHLY MAG.-No. 82. Vol. XIV.


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