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test of the most agonizing trials. If But for the compassion of our creditor Fiordiligi shall find consolation for my we should then have been involved in reported death before I can apprise her the utmost embarrassment: all Ferrara that 1 yet live, and live for her, then had witnessed our apparent opulence, will her love be unworthy of mine, and and it would have been extremely painthe eyes of both will be opened to our ful to our feelings to have been suddenly mutual delusion. O, that Fortune had torn, before the eyes of all, from this put me to the same test as I shall her! sphere of splendour, and plunged into ihen, indeed, things would have turned the obscurity of indigence. The alchyout better than they are now likely to mist allowed us to retain the fruit of his do!” So saying, Muzio bade adieu to economy; it was agreed that things his friends, who promised secrecy and should remain in this situation till his assistance. He picked up the sword, decease or mine; and I subscribed the which he had thrown from him. “I contract with my blood, to convince ought rather to shun thee,” said he to him that I was anxious to satisfy him of the weapon, “ but let us continue to be my integrity and gratitude. Our cares companions in misfortune, and should

were thus removed, and our joy on the thy thirst again become too vehement, occasion led us into some extravagance. I may quench it in my bosom.

We ought to have retrenched, and to The news of the catastrophe was soon have husbanded many gifts that fortune spread throughout the city. Fiordiligi, subsequently bestowed upon us, as if one moment blooming as the rose, in for the extinction of the debt that has the next lay like a lily in her mother's burdened us during our whole lives ; but

Her parents, by whom she was we would not overcast the dawn of your tenderly beloved, strove by all possible youth, my dear, by any parsimony, and means to tranquillize and console her; now the sense of this folly and shortbut all the comfort which they endea- sightedness fills us with the deepest convoured to pour into her wounded heart cern and regret; for the longer we live, rather increased than relieved the an- the more embarrassed we become, and guish of her feelings. They told her we have nothing to bequeath to you she ought to rejoice that Ergasto, whom after our death. How then could we she disliked, would no more torment have sanctioned your attachment to Muher; and as to Muzio, added they, “ hezio, and suffered matrimony to plunge was too poor for us to think of giving you into a state equally distressing? We you to hím, and therefore with so hope- intreat you then, aggravate not our sorless a passion, it is better for him to be rows by your tears !” dead than living.” They then alternately Her parents, perceiving that all their embraced and caressed their daughter, arguments were ineffectual, determined and began to relate how poor and dis- to make a last effort to cheer Fiordiligi tressed they had themselves been in the by presents, elegant trinkets, parties of days of their youthful love, to prove pleasure, dancing and music, in hopes of that it was out of pure affection they dispelling that melancholy which preyed had refused to sanction an alliance with upon her charming person and her amiMuzio, lest she should be reduced to a able soul. Her heart was racked, while similar situation. “ All that we pos- she outwardly smiled in order to please sess,” said they, “whatever gives us the her parents. The oratory became her appearance of wealth and consequence, favourite retreat; and thither she often is not our own: it belongs to a creditor, repaired to pour forth her sorrows, after whose death or ours, it will be re- which religion alone had power to alleunited to the treasures which he, an viate. alchymist of Salerno, secretly opened for Meanwhile Muzio was concealed by us at the solicitation of a friend, when the dark shade which a cliff of one of we were about to marry, and your mo- the woody mountains of the Apennines ther's covetous uncle would not give threw over him. The road wound her to any suitor who expected a dowry along at his feet among craggy precipices. with her during his life-time: so that it Şeated upon a fragment of rock on the was necessary to make a show of wealth desolate eminence, he indulged in in order to obtain her hand. Her uncle gloomy reveries, which were encouraged was deceived, but he deceived us in his by the dark tints of the wild scenery turn. We hoped that he would leave around him. He was now convinced us sufficient to discharge our debt; he that the anxiety of the eventful moment disinherited us, having doubtless dis- which banished him from Ferrara had covered the trick we had played him. misled him and his friends, and that he

could not have taken a more unfortunate tremely solicitous to learn something course than flight under the pretext of more concerning his deliverer, whose his death; and he bitterly lamented the residence in so dreary a wilderness he pain he must have given Fiordiligi by could not account for. Muzio indeed the intelligence. “Alas !” exclaimed he, felt some reluctance to disclose his situa“had pot fate been already sufficiently tion to a stranger, but he dropped many severe, but that I must complete the expressions from which the principal death-blow and aggravate the cruelty of circumstances of his story might be inthat catastrophe! How blind is man, ferred. When Bonaventura found that when most wise in his own conceit!” Muzio's seclusion from the world was At this moment he heard the sound of involuntary, and that an unfortunate acmule-bells, and very soon afterwards, cident had compelled him to quit his the clashing of weapons and an anxious country and the object of his warmest cry for help. Two robbers had attacked attachment, he rejoiced in the opportuan aged traveller, and as he and his al- nity thus afforded him to evince his gratendant strove to defend their baggage, titude. He insisted that Muzio should they had disarmed the faithful servant accompany him to Salerno, where he reand bound him to a tree, while the ex- sided. “The hand of Heaven,” said he, hausted master, mustering all his remain- " is visible in all that has happened. I ing strength to ward off the assailants, was going to Ferrara, where I have a seemed ready to fall beneath their dag- debtor, with the intention of making gers. Muzió having, like the savage in myself acquainted with him, his wife his wilderness, little to fear, as he had and daughter; and if I should find the little to lose, hastened down the hill, his latter such as she has been described to sword glistening like the silvery moun- me, to demand her as a nurse for my detain-stream tumbling from cliff to cliff

. clining age, while I, in return, would He was fortunate enough to rescue the cancel his bond, and thus relieve him old man, who had received several from heavy embarrassments. After wounds, from the hands of the robbers. spending a long life in exploring alone One of them lost his life, and the other, the silent recesses of nature, I was de pursued by Muzio and the released at- sirous of dying in the arms of a faithful tendant, saved his by plunging into the friend; and as my end is not far distant, dark recesses of the forest. The tra- it was my wish that the beauteous veller, leaning weak with his wounds on Fiordiligi should inherit my property the arm of his deliverer, raised his eyes as my widow, and in the full bloom of in gratitude towards Heaven, while his youthful charms, be rendered so much tears mingled with the blood that the happier after my death. But I am trickled from his hoary head : the de- now convinced that this was a silly plan, parting sun threw his last rays orer the and it is better for me, wounded and rewild scene, and tinged the solitary cross duced as I am, to return without acerected upon one of the crags that over- complishing my purpose, since I cannot looked the abyss. A spring descended think of again attempting to cross those from its side; and while the servant wild and dangerous mountains. Heaven fetched water from it to refresh his faint- has sent me what I wanted, if you will ing master, Muzio was engaged in but come and abide with me. Call me binding up his wounds, and rendering father, and be my beloved son and heir." him other assistance. It was as though It was not without extreme difficulty the radiance which at this moment em- that Muzio repressed his astonishment bellished the awful aspect of nature, had at all that he heard. By this extraordidispelled in some measure the gloom nary adventure he saw his love delivered that pervaded his soul, and diffused over from a new and unexpected danger, and it a new dawn of love and hope; as could not help recognizing in the whole though he had saved himself from de- chain of events a higher dispensation, to struction, as well as the stranger; and which he bowed with gratitude and rehe paused some time to survey the soli- viving hope. On their arrival in Salerno, tude, which was again involved in shade, Bonaventura strove, by every means in and where the cross alone still reflected his power, to make him comfortable ; the rays of the declining luminary. and 'if Muzio could have been happy

The old man, whose name was Bona- without Fiordiligi, he must have been ventura, having escaped the dangers so in his new abode. When the old which await the traveller in these moun- man had at length communicated all tain passes, and had his wounds dressed that had passed between himself and at the first inhabited place, was ex- Fiordiligi's parents, from which it ap

peared that, in his readiness to serve ceive others," he felt within his bosom them, he had been actuated by the all the glowing impatience of youthful purest feelings of benevolence; when love, when the splendid "structures

tof nothing of the artifice which they had groves, first met his' view. It was dark practised upon the uncle, but that he when Muzio' reached the city; the notes had never repented of what he had done, of the nightingales from the balconies since a generous action is often destined covered with Aowers, were mingled to produce results which we never con- with the sounds of many å 'song and templated, Muzio could no longer keep' many a guitar.' silence, nay, he would hare deemed At the sequestered in to which himself ungrateful, could he have longer Muzio repaired, he began to write to his concealed his secret. Bonaventura lis- beloved Fiordiligi, but he soon tore the tened to him with manifest delight. unfinished letter, and resolved to curb “As the hand of Nature,” said he, his impatience for another day, that he covers the

most rugged rock with might convince himself how Fiordiligi blooming plants, so Providence enables mourned his supposed death, and asceruş to derive fresh courage from our very tain whether it was possible that even misfortunes and distresses: what man the grave could produce any change in entangles, God alone can unravel, and her love. Her parents were not a little surhe will do it too, if we but place our prised at the appearance of the pretended confidence in him."

Bonaventura ; but the anxiety which When Muzio the next morning en- they at first felt soon subsided, when he tered Bonaventura's chamber, it appear- himself came, treated them very courteed to him to be transformed into the ously, brought with him the bond signshop of a goldsmith, and jeweller. ed with blood, and informed them of Diamonds, rubies, pearls, elegant chains the terms on which he was ready to canof the purest gold, were spread out be- cel it. They were perfectly satisfied fore him on a table of black marble, and with the conditions, and promised to the old man was surveying them with speak to their daughter on the subject. evident pleasure. At the foot of the Muzio had the greatest difficulty to table were bags of money, and letters suppress his agitation, when Fiordiligi, just written lay around. “ All this,” obedient to the summotis of her mother, said Bonaventura to Muzio, "is for you entered the apartment, and with her and Fiordiligi, to whom you shall carry own hand presented him withrices and it, if you accede to my proposal

. It is lemonade, having previously saluted him this--you shall go disguised as an old with her accustomed gentleness, and man and bearing my name, which I apparently without the slightest suspihave already given to you, to solicit of cion of his errand. He thought her Fiordiligi's parents the hand of their paler than usual, but in other respects daughter, as I had intended to do: you perceived no alteration. Muzio paused may thus venture to return undiscovered for a moment to consider whether this to Ferrara, and gain the consent of the were to be attributed to constraint imfather and mother. Reveal not yourself posed upon herself in the presence of to your mistress ; let her be united to her parents, or to indifference. He fanyou; bring her hither, and then we cied' that when he was so near to her, shall each of us be assured of the pos- the glowing breath of love could not session of what we love dearest-1 of fail to reach her and tell her who he you, Muzio, and you of Fiordiligi; was. But when the goblet trembled in while her parents,” added he, “will re- his hand, and his pallid lip seemed to tain my money, for which I now begin quiver, these tokens of advanced age, as to feel a real esteem, since it is so ser- she considered them, excited her symviceable to us all.”. Muzio acquiesced pathy, and she placed an arm-chair for with gratitude and joy in the proposal himn in which he might conveniently reof Bonaventura, and soon afterwards set pose. Muzio soon retired, that he might out with the strongest hopes of success not betray himself, and sacrifice at the and of a speedy return to his grateful same time the happiness of his life. No benefactor. He disguised his graceful sooner was he gone than Fiordiligi was person in wide garments of extraordi- apprised by her parents what good fornary make, contrived to change his tune awaited them, in case of her acqui. speech; and a white flowing beard gave escence in the proposal of the stranger. him completely the appearance of an All the caresses of parental affection aged sorcerer. However he might de- were lavished on the beloved child, but

these would perhaps have had but little served me on two occasions, shall pereffect, had she not petceived the repug- form the third and last service, and find nance of her parents to resort to com- its grave in her bosom and mine, that it pulsion, as well as their apprehensions may inflict no more such wounds as love lest she should refuse to comply with has inflicted on my heart. their ardent wishes. “Our fate," said The bloody bond was exchanged for they, “ our peace, our future happiness, the marriage contract, and the cereare in your hands; decide then whe- mony performed. The entertainment ther your parents shall die under the given on the occasion was over; the pressure of indigence, or owe to you and musicians had retired, and Muzio was your affection freedom from care during left alone with Fiordiligi. While he the remaining years of their lives. Do directed her with tremulous voice to what your own heart tells you to be extinguish the tapers and leave but a right. You have ever been a dutiful single lamp burning, he seized his sword girl-cheer then the last days of Bona- and leaned against the table on which yentura our benefactor, who will not Fiordiligi had placed her wedding jewels, himself grudge you a more suitable which glistened by the light of the iamatch after his death, for he is a good pers like dew-drops in the sun. He and pious man, who will be to you all trembled to such a degree that he could that we have been.” Her father then scarcely prevent the rattling of the sword told her that they would leave her alone in his hand from betraying his agitation. to consider of the matter; but her mo- At this moment Fiordiligi approached ther, before she followed him into the him ; bursting into tears, and throwing adjoining apartment, fell upon her knees loose her hair, covered with a white before her daughter, who raised her veil, she sünk at his feet, and thus adweeping aloud, and was near fainting in dressed him: “Gladly will I be a daughher arms. Fiordiligi, after a conflict ter to you, Bonaventura, and pay you with herself of many hours, during obedience. My heart would have browhich she deplored Muzio's fate and ken when I stood with you at the altar, her own with iorrents of tears, at length had not heaven inspired me with an inpromised compliance with the wishes expressible, a filial confidence in you. of her parents; and it was only while Do not betray it; or if you will not be a they clasped her to their bosoms in the benefactor to me as you have been to first moments of their joy that her sor- my parents, plunge ihe sword which row burst forth with vehemence. From you hold into my heart. Know then, that period her countenance wore its Bonaventura, that I am indissolubly atwonted smile in the presence of her pa- tached to a youth for whom alone is rerents, and her behaviour was just the served the flower of my love. Preserve same as before.

it, like a celestial guardian inviolate for The unexpected intelligence of Fior- him; be a tutelar angel to us all, and I diligi's consent was like a dayger to the -I will love you, as angels love !" heart of Muzio. He had not doubted Muzio dropped his sword, and raised that she would refuse the offer, and pur- Fiordiligi, exclaiming : “ But are you posed in this case to make himself certain that Muzio is clead ?”—“Muknown to her. He now resolved to zio !” repeated Fiordiligi, throwing both leave his faithless mistress to her error, her arms around him; “ how came you avoided all familiar conversation with to know his name?”-“ I know still her; and so miserable was he rendered more,” replied Muzio; “ I know that by the manifest indifference with which he lives, that you will see him again, she received his presents, that he began and that I shall be the person who will to suspect that some other object pos- bring you together."-" He lives !” exsessed her heart, and that she reckoned claimed Fiordiligi, and clasping, her upon Bonaventura's relinquishment of hands again fell upon her knees. Muzio his claim. Her apparent tranquillity, threw himself beside her, and raising her uninterrupted serenity, afflicted him his eyes towards heaven, ejaculated : Hleeply. He 'sought to accelerate the “ Bless us, and be thou blest, О eternal wedding-day, for till then he was re- God! O infinite love !"---He then rose, solved not to make himself known to re-lighted the tapers, threw off the beard her. When she is once mine, thought and strange garb, wiped the ashy cobe, nothing can then separate us; and lour from his cheeks, and Fiordiligi when I have revealed myself to her and clasped her own Muzio, glowing in manexposed her perfidy, one death shall ly beauty, to her heaving bosom. What unite us. This sword, which has already language can express their mutual feel

NEw Monthly Mag.--No. 78. VOL. XIV. H

ings, or who can conceive them but the roward of filial affection and conthose who have loved with equal stancy. Muzio and Fiordiligi repaired warmth ? Fiordiligi imagined that her to the benevolent Bonaventura, and reheart had been broken by her sorrow; mained with him till he died. Meanand that Heaven had once more united while the Duke of Ferrara, being inher to Muzio that she might share his formed of what had happened, was happiness. Muzio, however, soon re- pleased to signify, that, as the hand of called her to herself, by acknowledging Heaven was so inanifestly displayed in to his beloved all the doubts by which favour of Muzio, he should dismiss from he had been tormented : he confessed his mind, the animosity he had borne the wrong he had done her, and yielded him; upon which he returned with the prize to her piety and virtue. Fiordiligi to his dear native city, where

When Fiordiligi's parents were ap- they were received with extraordinary prised of the whole train of events, they rejoicing by her parents and the friends were transported with joy, and recog- of both parties. nized in this dispensation of Providence


THE EXISTENCE OF THE CONTINENTAL SYSTEM; PARTICULARLY WITH RESPECT TO THE BOOK TRADE. THE efforts of Buonaparte to effect llockade, or Continental system.. He the ruin of British commerce are still flattered himself that this famous meafresh in our memory, and will form an sure would exclude from the markets of important part of the history of Europe; the Continent all British merchandize, but the nature of those exemptions, particularly Colonial produce. under which the produce of the British This was an idea particularly seduc Colonies was admitted into every part of tive in theory, and very congenial with the Continent, notwithstanding the ge- the character of a man who always shut neral prohibitory system, is known com- his eyes against all obstacles. He en; paratively to few; although the licenses tertained the sanguine hope that all under which this partial and restricted Europe would, at his command, consent commerce was conducted, from the ex- to take succory for coffee, beet-root for travagant absurdity of the principles on şugar-cane, and woad for indigo; he which they were framed, and the unpre- imagined that the burning fever would cedented effects which they produced enter into his views, and suffer its fury on trade, deserve a minute and elabo- to be assuaged by gentian instead of rate history. By the artificial and ano- quinquina. But he soon found that almalous transactions which arose out of though decrees may constrain, they do these arbitrary violations of every com- not persuade; and that Colonial produce, mercial principle, the trade carried on which had become an article of absolute by, the French booksellers and pub- necessity, would continue to find its lishers was particularly affected. The way into the Continental nations of Eufollowing authentic details on this sub- rope—into France—into his own palace ject will, we think, be found particu- -in spite of his revenue-courts, and larly interesting, not only as valuable their oppressive decrees. He therefore illustrations of some leading principles relaxed the rigour of his Continental of political economy, but because they blockade, or rather permitted it to be exhibit the attainments of the Ex-empé- partially infringed, by special licenses ror in that difficult science, as well as for the importation of the prohibited his natural capacity, in a point of view articles; which permission he imagined which his admirers on this side of the he could narrow or extend, continue or British channel may perhaps consider suppress, at his pleasure. Compelled to not the most satisfactory,

acknowledge that Europe would not Buonaparte having abandoned the pro- submit to be deprived of these articles, ject, or discontinued the threat, of in- he endeavoured to monopolize the provading this country, resolved to attempt fits of their importation, not only in the ruin of our commerce; in' the de. France, but wherever his formidable instruction of which, he thought, our na- fuence extended. According to his tional existence would be involved, plans, Italy, Germany, and even the As his navy was by no means able to most Northern nations, were either to contend with ours, he invented what is dispense altogether with the productions generally known in history as the of the New World, or to consume only

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