Noble Dames of Ancient Story

Cassell, Petter, & Galpin, 1864 - 281 Seiten

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Seite 55 - the king, by the advice of his council, ordered his mother to be confined in a goodly castle, and gave her plenty of ladies to wait and attend on her, as well as knights and esquires of honour. He made her a handsome allowance to keep and maintain the state she had been used to, but forbade that she should ever go out, or...
Seite 140 - In short, everything considered, though I had before been in several courts of kings, dukes, princes, counts, and noble ladies, I was never at one which pleased me more, nor was I ever more delighted with feats of arms, than at this of the count de Foix. There were knights and squires to be seen in every chamber, hall and court, going backwards and forwards, and conversing on arms and amours.
Seite 105 - Every man regarded her marvellously : the king himself could not withhold his regarding of her ; for he thought that he never saw before so noble nor so fair a lady. He was stricken therewith to the heart with a sparkle of fine love that endured long after : he thought no lady in the world so worthy to be loved as she. Thus they entered into the castle hand in hand : the lady led him first into the hall and after into the chamber, nobly apparelled.
Seite 106 - ... and honoured prince in all Christendom. And if the King of Scots have done you any despite or damage, ye may well amend it when it shall please you, as ye have done divers times or this. Sir, leave your musing and come into the hall, if it please you ; your dinner is all ready.
Seite 88 - Ah, gentle Sir, since I have crossed the sea with great danger to see you, I have never asked you one favor; now, I most humbly ask as a gift, for the sake of the Son of the blessed Mary, and for your love to me, that you will be merciful to these six men.
Seite 85 - John Copeland, falling on one knee, replied, " If God, out of his great kindness, has given me the king of Scotland, and permitted me to conquer him in arms, no one ought to be jealous of it ; for God can, when he pleases, send his grace to a poor squire, as well as to a great lord.
Seite 88 - The king looked at her for some time in silence, and then said, 'Ah, lady, I wish you had been anywhere else than here: you have entreated in such a manner that I cannot refuse you; I therefore give them to you, to do as you please with them.
Seite 119 - ... descended, mounted her horse, armed as she was, collected three hundred horsemen, sallied out at their head by another gate that was not attacked, and galloping up to the tents of her enemies, cut them down, and set them on fire, without any loss, for there were only servants and boys, who fled upon her approach. As soon as the French saw their camp on fire, and heard the cries, they immediately hastened thither, bawling out, ' Treason ! Treason !' so that none remained at the assault.
Seite 95 - The king, with sighs and tears, replied : " Lady, ask ; whatever you request shall be granted." " My lord, I beg you will acquit me of whatever engagements I may have entered into formerly with merchants for their wares, as well on this as on the other side of the sea.

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